Aubrey - drums or electric guitar Kel - kazoo Hero - either piano (to get closer to Mari) or guitar Basil - flute


sunny and mari: pretty self explanatory aubrey: electric guitar (pretty violent, which matches her well) kel: drums (idk kel just looks like he would enjoy hitting them, whether aimlessly or as intended) hero: acoustic guitar (sounds really comforting, and i like to imagine that it was mari who taught him so they can play duets together) basil: flute (maybe even harp, both match his calmer nature)


Like Sigma said, Electric guitar for Aubrey,Drums for Kel will most likely just hit it. Piano for Hero >!There's even a scene where he plays the piano :)!< .. For Basil it's the Clarinet with a sad sound, and finally Sunny, you already know.


Basil: flute - it is known for sounding pure and poetic and is linked with spiritual creatures as well as death. It also symbolizes nature and rural life. (I can also see Basil playing the harp) Aubrey: French horn I guess. Kel: trumpet - it is associated with power and strength, it is also very loud and is able to get a lot of attention. (idk why, but imagine if Kel plays the otamatone and treat it like a serious instrument) Hero: Casanets - I can see him playing it while doing a dance, it also symbolizes pairs/unity which works for Hero, I think. (though I think it would be funny if he likes to play romantic songs on the accordion)


Looking at the comments, kinda interesting how some of the answers are close or almost the same. Guess you could say the instrument is a reflection of a character's personality, huh? I actually had my own answers before posting this, but it was interesting to see the result. Here's what I actually thought for the main cast: Kel for drums (and for some reason maracas too). Hero is guitar. Aubrey is singing. Or drums. Basil is harp. Or triangle.