As long as you dont watch the same thing over and over and leave your tv on all day everyday you should be fine? They have pixel refresh and other software for burn in care? Im 3 yrs in on my CX and its goin strong without 1 single issue?


The fact that nearly all Electric products nowsaday are manufactured with less and less lifespan on purpose (for customer to rebuy, change them faster) ...


You really think they werent doing that 20 years ago? It all depends on the company you buy from


They started doing it long ago yes but there are more and more brands now do it


I highly doubt you'll get 10 years with OLED if you use it often at all. You can get a burn-in warranty for 4-5 years and be certain to get that long though.


How many hours do you use your tv a month?


If you're maximizing the usage of it, it is likely to fail way before 10 years due to the lack of a heatsink on the LG C series. Though you can probably get a longer lifespan if you always run it at a low brightness setting. Otherwise, you could try your luck with the Sony A90j panels which do have a heatsink or wait for the newer 2022 LGs G series that might pack a heatsink which will significantly improve longevity of the panel. Otherwise LG Smart TVs are basically expected to be treated as a consumable electronic that you will want to replace as frequently as a smart phone.