A combination of exercise, melatonin, and listening to ASMR has worked wonders for my sleep.


Hello, here are some things that help me. I stick to a regular sleep schedule, giving myself an hour before and after to wind down and wake up. This prevents being pressured or rushed. I do not rely on melatonin long term, only the smallest dose when I need extra help. I exercise before dinner, never after. No screens in the hour before sleep. Only 1 cup of coffee in the morning and no more caffeine after, plus plenty of water. If I am ruminating I listen to instrumental music, try a mindfulness exercise, or write in very dim light if I absolutely cannot relax. I use a happy light in the morning for half an hour. I track my sleep quality with a fitbit and abstain from alcohol. Since I have become strict about my sleep habits I have seen a reduction in insomnia and OCD symptoms overall. It did take some time and patience to get here. I hope this helps, it is so frustrating not to be able to fall asleep.