Nurses of reddit, how often are you sexually harassed by your patients and doctors?

Nurses of reddit, how often are you sexually harassed by your patients and doctors?


When I was younger in nursing school and worked with adults it was constant. Older men every shift every day. Some who knew better and others who weren’t as aware. I never had any incidents that made me feel unsafe, but it was definitely always there. I work in peds now so the “sexual harassment” consists of 5 year olds telling me I’m very pretty and inviting me to come play at their house 😂


I would have such a hard time turning those kiddos down, ngl.


Some of those little guys are so smooth I’m like man you must have all the girls chasing you on the playground!


I have my peds clinical in the fall. Guess we're gonna play a game called, "Don't Get Kicked Out for Stealing the Patients." 😅


Same. But have had some parents try to hit on me (when I was younger) it has happened to other nurses I work with as well. And I am in a PICU - I mean their kid is sick as sh#t and they want to try to hit on the nurse who is keeping their kid alive. Usually not the docs. Although we did have one physician who would try to flirt with the new grads if they were blond and well- endowed. Luckily I was neither. Nothing too obscene and never enough to get anything to happen if reported. we always warned and protected the new grads. he is now retired.


I get asked a lot if I'm married, and "why not? you're so pretty". Plenty of "whoopsies" where patients "accidentally" cop a feel. On the wards men used to suddenly lose their ability to independently use a urinal and need the assistance of our student nurses. I was told by a patient that he needed a "semi" for me to apply a condom catheter. Able bodied men asking for sponge baths; it's gross. Honestly, I can't think of a time I felt harassed by doctors, PAs, or NPs.


Sounds very frustrating to be doing your professional job and having to deal with this. In my job if people ask if I'm married or other personal information, I just say something like "oh we don't get into our own personal stuff here, we need to focus on you to give the best care."


It is. I always re-direct the conversation away from me and my personal life, too.


Whenever patients would do this (ask for help with a urinal or constant reapplication of a condom cath) I asked the female nurses to tell me (a 40 yo M) so I could take of it... and I would not be gentle. I wasn't abusive or anything, I just handled it like my own... NBD. They usually didn't ask for help a 2nd time.


Thank you for all of us harassed females!!!


Same, but I will 100% act like I belong on Queer Eye.


I love this. Next time we get patients that should be able to use their own urinals and still ask for help, I’m going to ask the big 6’3 black super intimidating takes no shit from anyone nurse to help them


Able bodied men who want sponge baths. I remember the first time. Now, it was a looong time ago when I was a student. But I remember telling the nurse I was assisting that pt x said he cant get up to shower and needs me to help him with a sponge bath????? The look on her face scared me as a student. She went in and set him straight. Took me a minute... then ewwwwwwwwww.


YES!!! Omg, the urinal. It's pretty astounding how they're able to do it themselves sigh male nurses but as soon as a female comes on shift "I need you to put it in for me and hold it there, I'm sooooo helpless!" I will call them out on their bullshit 100% of the time.


Holy shit, the amount of independent alert and oriented men asking me for bed baths. I had only been a tech for 6 ish months (just graduated, haven’t started working yet) and this would happen all the time.


I am single but always lie to my patients about the bf/husband question. It usually shuts them down. If I'm honest then I get asked out on dates 🙄


What does “you are pretty” have to do with being married?? Those 2 don’t correlate…we need to stop doing this to women


I'm kinda scared of having to deal with this. Haven't had it happen in clinical yet, but I have a lot more this next semester and I'm sure it will happen at least once. I'm happy I worked in a nursing home with memory care patients and learned to handle those creepy old guys, but not a guy who knows what he's doing. It doesn't help that I'm blond and look pretty with the mask on. According to creepy old guys I have a nice butt, and scrubs can only hide so much.


Doctors almost never and if it is it's basically one comment that may be an attempt to flirt and a "that's not appropriate" and that's the end. Patients every damn day and there ain't shit getting done or changing about that. Have literally called patients out on it and gotten in trouble myself because the patient "wasn't comfortable" anymore with me as a nurse


RN here and I wish that I could say I was surprised by that last bit. Hospitals will forgive anything patients do to us.


I was less than a year in when a 20 something male flashed his penis to a half dozen coworkers. I took shift report and was told to ignore the room until the door was opened. Turns out my manager had come in on a Saturday to escort a local police officer into the patient's room. The cop told him that he was going to be referred to a detective when discharged, and would be arrested and taken from the hospital in handcuffs if one more flash complaint was filed.


Wow I’m shocked they did that. For decades we were told to put up with that shit.


Good, fuck that guy.


I wonder if this is the states? Where I work patient complaints don’t get taken seriously if the patient themselves is a total quack and it’s a known fact between all the other nurses. I know 100% a patient is / has already wrote a complaint against me to my manager because I set some firm boundaries with him and told him that him making comments about me through the curtain while I’m providing care to another patient is not appropriate and will not be tolerated . He was just a vile miserable human being who loved to pull the “ you treat me like this because I’m trans” no hunni , you are treated the way that you are because you abuse your patient card and make racist comments about other nurses and then pull the victim card when you get called out. I know for a fact that is my manager even decides to take that seriously she will 100% give me the benefit of the doubt ask me about my side of the story , if absolutely needed get confirmation from other nurses that indeed yes this patient was horrible to everyone and then send that email in the trash .


another male here and it’s been pretty few and far between but god damn do my female coworkers have to deal with such bullshit and harassment from patients on a daily basis. i get asked to go into patient rooms either with a female coworker or in their place just so they won’t have to deal with it. as for doctors, there’s definitely blatant sexism more so then sexual harassment from what i’ve seen. there are several doctors that my female coworkers will have me call because they’ll take my assessment seriously where if they called for the exact same thing for the exact same reasons they’d be waved away and ignored. it’s bullshit.


Man, you pretty much said it. All of the above is my experience as well. Once was asked to give a guy meds because he was being boldly flirtatious with another nurse. I walk in and he's masturbating. He sees it's me, a man, and shamefully tucks his member back where it belongs.


When I worked the floor, about once a week I would be asked to take a specific patient who was causing problems for others. Men, usually but not always older, were sexually predating females. I'm a former infantry marine with a piecing stare. I occasionally had the joy of informing an asshole that his behavior was 100% the reason for being denied female caregivers. When a huge muscular male nurse twice my size hired in, we teamed up and had a code to use in front of problem patients. Think "I need help giving this bath, can you send cute Jenny in to help?" and my 6 ft 7 bodybuilder buddy shows up.


I'm currently waiting to be accepted into the nursing program. I'm a male and I go to the gym 5x a week. I currently work as a patient transporter, and I was hired primarily because I "look big." I can't wait to be that nurse that walks into a problem pt room and just looks intimidating without doing anything lol. At my previous job, I was the biggest guy there and I worked with mostly women. They liked working with me for the same reason.


I’m in a slump right now, but this inspires me to get back in shape. Thanks


honestly a lot of times its not always size. Im a tall lanky guy but I don't put up with bs and have had huge crazy patients try stuff and the fact that i was willing to raise my voice and tell them to back the fuck up when they get hostile would shock them back and keep them at bay. And if a guy is being inappropriate with the females I go in and tell them to cut that shit out and if they don't they can leave the hospital because I wont take my nurses getting harassed. I guess its the attitude you go in with because we have some females that scare the shit out of some patients when they get out of hand too.


There are some females that scare the shit out of me ngl


haha oh yea, most of ours have learned that i just don't care and dont try to scare me anymore. I'm not tough I just dont care haha


I’m a 4’11 woman and I don’t take any shit from the patients. If someone gets rowdy I call security.


yea our security likes to take their time getting up to our unit. Usually by the time they get here i got the patient calmed down, family member kicked out or the situation resolved.


I had a situation where a person who had taken some drugs was completely out of his mind, urinated on me, pulled my hair, total shit show. A family member on the other side of the unit thought I was at fault without actually checking, and decided to report me to my manager because I was “abusing “ him. I truly did not lay a hand on this man in anger, and seven months later our completely incompetent critical care director hauled me into her office and reported me to the nursing board for patient abuse. My manager had quit without resolving paperwork and it looked like he didn’t address it, though I talked to him and explained what happened. Learned my lesson, I get security whenever someone gets out of control, because I’m not going through that bullshit again


oh no we call security, but they are usually really slow but I always have at least one coworker as a witness when things start going down. I did feel like i was going to lose my license once when a boyfriend of my patient started getting abusive towards my patient and when I told him to leave he tried to attack me but stopped in time, must have seen the pure rage in my eyes and left all while screaming obscenities' but by that time i had several other nurses calling security.


I'm a weightlifter who works in psych - it's a handy quality, the more aggro patients who feel safe enough to lunge at a female or come nose-to-nose with a smaller male never feel safe enough to pull that shit with me. It can be a bummer at times, though - I work very well with adolescent and borderline clients and have done a lot of training to specialise in those areas, but I'll automatically get allocated the creeps and the forensic types instead (rewarding in its own right, mind you). Also, prepare to have your arms felt and ass slapped by female patients, and for your managers to brush it off


Wait, what? Why is that ok?


I love working with male nurses/ aids for this very reason! Stops alot of bs when a creep figures out the "big ex-army guy" will be taking care of him on my shift for the foreseeable future. It does suck having to switch a patient, my supervisor always has a WONDERFUL person he cant wait to trade me for!


Did you say anything to him about it or just kinda give him the eye of disapproval?


There was a palpable air of shame and embarrassment. I could tell he knew exactly why I was there.


I like to think he learned from the experience


He didn’t.


Well no probably not, but a girl can dream


they never do.


I agree that the ladies deal with it much more than a male nurse but that doesn't mean I don't get my butt slapped by a nasty old lady from time to time 😅


The old ladies invite me in bed a lot; "oh, I can make room for you, honey." Sheesh...


I get comments occasionally. It doesn’t bother me as long as they are just joking, complimenting, or light flirting (compliment). I think I’ve only ever met one perv female patient, and a few males.


hahaha some of my coworkers don't believe me when I say that its happened before. Honestly i usually just brush it off but i had one lady get really weird one time and I honestly felt super weirded out when i walked out of her room.


Yes, definitely misogynistic doctors more often then ones who sexual harass. I work in CVICU and the surgeons are very buddy buddy with our male nurses and treat the female nurses like dumb, little girls.


As a student i had been precepted by both male and female nurses. The male nurses were treated with much more respect by physicians than were the female nurses


I have noticed that some doctors seem to treat me with more respect, and take more notice of my opinion than the women I work with. This is made more embarrassing by the fact that I'm an enrolled nurse (possibly more like a LPN than RN?).


I mean personally I had an old hispanic lady grab my ass one time. But she was a DNR so I was kinda like whatever’s. But it happens like a lot a lot. The hospital or at least my hospital really does not care if it’s the patients doing it. And the patients do it all the time. I end up taking care of them most of the time One time they gave me this patient because he started jacking off in front of the nurse and then want the nurse to do it for him. They called security and it was a big deal. They gave him to me the next day and I said, “What you think I’m not pretty even to jerk off to?!?”. But seriously like people suck.


Bless. I’m so happy more men are becoming nurses just because of stuff like this. Men can be harassed too, definitely! And as a women I’d happily take on that patient (I dont feel as unsafe with women…could be a bias that bites me in the butt someday). But your response 👏👏👏


Male RN here. We all go through this shit and we help each other out. If there's a woman who makes a pass at me, I give that patient to a female RN and we make it a No Male Staff room. If a female nurse has a creepy old guy who wants to be bathed (and they don't need to be) or they try copping a feel, I'll happily take that patient off their hands. You want a shower? Now all your showers are with a 6'4" bearded guy. Congratulations, you played yourself. Bitch.


Love it. Teamwork makes the dream work baby!


Male nurse. Including inappropriate comments, and inappropriate touching I would say weekly at least.


from men, women, both?


Men only a handful of times and only residents (LTC). Women residents and other staff.


Ive never personally had a groping other than people pulling at my hands or grabbing for my neck to bring me in for a kiss. But my male cohorts seem to get crotch grabbed relatively frequently


Yeah sometimes when you are turning a patient, you just have to say sorry lass it's not a handle try the bedrail.


Not that often, but I'm a man so it throws me off on the rare occasion it happens. Every single one of my coworkers has at some point been sexually harassed by a patient, I have never heard of a physician doing this though.


Really! Then things have improved since I was a young nurse 40 years ago. The doctors were the main perpetrators back then. Of course sexual harassment wasn’t even a term that was used yet, although it was very common in most workplaces. Probably nursing was worse than most though. The assumption seemed to be that since nurses often had to deal with male body parts, we must be quite comfortable with said parts and know what to do with them better than our non-nursing peers. Most nurses were female and most doctors were male and the power differential was vaster from a cultural perspective. I once complained to the nun that ran our department because one of the physicians had basically asked for a blow job in the subroom before the case, and I was so appalled and terrified that I could hardly circulate it. The nun said “if you are going to work in the OR that’s how it will be and you will have to learn to deal with.” However, she did agree that I should not have to give him the requested blowjob; a term which I learned for the very first time that day, and I was a married woman with 2 children at the time.


That's pretty nasty. If this were to happen where I work, the physician would not have a job by the end of the day.


And that’s the way it should be. Those were Definitely not the good old days. And to make it even worse, if you did complain and try to carry it further, you were going to be the one with no job because nurses were a dime a dozen in the hospital needed the doctor. Plus complaining would mean that your own behavior was going to be closely examined because the assumption would be that you did some thing to invite that sort of behavior.And I totally bought into it at the time. I spent a lot of sleepless nights wondering what in the world I had done to invite such behavior. Because if I couldn’t figure it out it was likely to happen again. Things were pretty messed up in the old days




I agree. I think that sometimes when old people such as myself say that they long for the old days , they really mean parts of their own childhood or young adulthood that were particularly memorable or peaceful. When we are young, we don’t really think about or understand what is going on the world, but only about our own lives, because that’s all we know. So I think that’s what old people are really trying to say.


That's pretty fucked. For all of the problems in this profession, it seems we've still come a long way.


I enjoy taking the violent and the creeps. They don’t like seeing the burly bearded bald man come in to clean them up.


. I've seen some alert/oriented patients say some pretty heinous shit to women on the floor. I've also seen some family members make inappropriate comments to the nurses as well. As a dude who looks like a pro wrestler from the 90's, I'm always happy to take over the care of these patients from my colleagues. Case in point, one guy kept telling telling the women on the unit over and over that he needed to have a prostate exam, and giggling about it. I went into the room with his assigned nurse and told him that I was here to perform it, as the thin, delicate fingers of a lady might not be able to adequately assess the prostate of a man of his size. All of a sudden he wasn't as interested. I've also seen issues of frontally contused individuals acting inappropriately, but that was an individual who had wernicke's aphasia and wasn't able to control himself or act appropriately.


Just went through this with a patient recently. Mind you I’m a nurse of 22 years, medical field 30. Starts with inappropriate comments about the women on TV. Then: how old are you? Me: too old to answer that question. “You don’t look that old. You married? Me: happily, thanks. Whoah whoah you just jumped on that answer girl gimme a minute. (Meanwhile I’m trying to draw his labs & give him his medicine). I bet a lot of people hit on you, you sure are pretty. Me: nope, too old for that. Oh baby my side hurts I need it massaged me: here how about we reposition you. There you go. *starts to whine about his leg while stroking it* who else is working tonight? Me: just the other guy nurses and my son the tech. Him; oh my thigh hurts I just really need someone to rub it. Me: oh here’s your oxy I’m sure it will be fine. Mind you my kid gave me a heads up about this jerk and how he was on the other floor with nurses. He tried to convince people he needed us to hold his urinal. He tried to get us to shave his back and convinced some naive nurse that this was a legit request which she tried to pass off to night shift. He would masturbate in front of people. The thing that made me angry was my young male coworkers not listening to me when I said he made me uncomfortable and I am an experienced nurse who won’t take shit off anyone. That he needs to have a male nurse, and I got blown off “well we don’t have any tomorrow”. Told it wasn’t a big deal, they didn’t really think he was doing that. When your female coworkers tell you they are uncomfortable, don’t minimize it. Then there are the patients who are just dicks to the female nurses, no please or thank you, talking to us like we are dirt but all buddy buddy talking sports and laughing with the male nurses. My last day as a tech after I graduated nursing school it was me and all female nurses working, and a patient we were trying to take to the quiet room (psych, old man) in addition to stomping on my foot, looked me dead in the eye, reached out & grabbed my nipple & twisted and wouldn’t let go. They had to pry him off me and I had to report a work injury. I got stalked by a patient caretaker. I’ve known nurses threatened and harassed and assaulted in parking lots. It happens all the time. I think this is why the pandemic finally pushed so many of us over the edge. The constant stress, short staffing, screaming family members, just trying to do our jobs- then to deal with the public spitting in our faces telling us we are “fear mongering”, or politicians saying we don’t deserve unemployment or PPE cause we are stealing it and selling it or we will just be incentivized to stay home off work. I love being a nurse I love making a difference but fuck I’m tired of the crap.


Oh dear, I can’t even imagine. I work in peds luckily but as a student nurse I got a glimpse of this. I would be done too.


Oooh I can’t do peds I will go to jail with the first abused child. I’m afraid to say what kind of patient I have tonight for fear of confidentiality reprisal issues but it’s someone who has done bad things to kids and I’m just sick.


Luckily the hospital I’m at is in a very nice part of town so most of those cases go to the other hospitals. I haven’t had one yet but let’s hope I don’t go to jail either haha. I hope your shift goes by quickly!


Male nurse here Worst patient was a hard stick female whom I was able to establish IV access on and thereafter would only allow me to start an IV but she was very in appropriate. And I quote “make sure you stick it hard and deep”. As I’m prepping my syringe and saline comes out she says “oh no you are squirting all over me”. Those were just a few. I always made sure I brought a female nurse in the room with me but she didn’t let up. Among staff it’s just a lot of what I thought was inappropriate touching and sexual innuendo TV doesn’t help by stereotyping and normalizing this behavior.


Oh that’s awful. I feel like women get a free pass on harassing male health care workers. I’ve seen it happen to a number of our doctors who had female patients harass them.


I had a male nursing supervisor on 3-11 who said he was gonna slash my tires so I’d have to ask him for a ride home. I reported him. Nothing happened. Few weeks later he cornered another nurse and had her against the wall. When he didn’t relent she kicked him in the balls. Management suspended her for 3 days and kept him. I left a few weeks later, fuck that place.


Holy shit. I can't believe he is still employed. So sorry 💔


Doctors never, patients constantly


Myself and colleagues have all had to deal with this several times. Unless my employer see’s it as serious, basically if the nurse gets really quite upset, they don’t do much. It’s scenario I feel I’m my experience is not talked about or even handled. It’s so backward, because your in a position where you are limited to how much you can say with the nurse-patient relationship, along with a lot of blame culture. But there is a very much toxic environment of thinking oh they don’t mean it ect. I suffer with PTSD, and through counselling have learnt I’m in control and am able to walk away. I can find comments/certain behaviours triggering. Yet due to patient safety it doesn’t always make me feel I’m in control as I’m not able to leave if patient safety is at risk. Leaving me feeling like I have to just take it, and I’m not about to pass that inappropriate patient behaviour off to another nurse, when it happens so much. I know this is an extreme example, but in my 10 years experience I have never had a positive outcome with bringing this subject up. I now work in a field that I only primarily work with females due to this effecting my ability to handle my PTSD symptoms in work. Along with no support.


I'm super concerned about this too. In retail I was able to give some sass but obviously it's different as a nurse. I'm still in school and don't know where I'll end up yet of course but I always wondered how other nurses dealt with it as I knew I couldn't be the ONLY one with sexual based ptsd


You are defiantly not the only one, by a long shot. The role of the nurse and the triggers of managing sexual based PTSD is something I still struggle with. Something I learnt in counselling is simply noticing the differences and similarities, yes someone May had touched me or made a comment. But the setting is different, they might have different hair colour ect. Although it goes without saying a bit of professional support would go along way from employers. All I can say, is you’ve absolutely got this. You can’t control other people’s behaviour, and we are not to blame for how that makes us feel even in a nursing setting


Most recently a male patient kept asking me to take off my mask so he could “see my pretty face.” He was so persistent that it felt so dirty and worse than the times I’ve been physically harassed.


Legit every shift I get some type of abuse from patients. Sexual abuse though, probably 90% of my shifts. Leaving bedside because it’s not taken seriously enough. I currently have a denture and awaiting and implant after getting punch in the face by a patient withdrawing.


I had an 88 yo male with a penile pump that called me into his room to “show me what he had waiting for me”. It made me cry and feel like shit for a few days. I didn’t say anything to him but I wouldn’t go in there alone and I did tell the other nurses so they would have a heads up. Edit: I’m a 31 yo female, not that it matters. Still really fucked up.


Male nurse here, probably twice a week.


Im a Male nurse and I see my coworkers get harassed and sexually assaulted all the time. The higher ups, and family of harassers just blow it off because, "they're old" or "they don't know better" As a Male nurse I get more of the physical assaults. Was punched in the chest by this 92 year old just last week. Turns out he didn't like guys taking care of him.


Before I became a nurse,I worked as a CNA in a SNF on swing shift 3-11. Our head nurse was male,ex Military and man he was so inappropriate to us! I was the youngest at only 18 and a senior in HS. He messed with me until I recorded what he said to me and requested a male orderly on every shift. I threatened to sue the place! He was fired a few months later for raping one of the CNAs! It could have been me! He didn’t know I was the one who reported him!They should have done something about him sooner!!!


I did 9 years homecare as a nurse assistant. Within the first year of being a CNA I was showering a male patient and if course you wash all the bits! As I'm washing his periarea he proceeds to say, "if you want you can play with it" I explained that's what his wife was for. That's where it started. I was almost raped by a patient. I had a patient who insisted on playing grab ass while receiving card. I've had doctors tell me "you're a woman you wouldn't understand" I've been called a slut, bitch, C U Next Tuesday by patients. etcetera So yeah. It sucks.


Patients - all the freaking time. “You can just put your head to my chest if you need a better listen” as they try to touch my wrist as I’m holding my stethoscope. I had one 50 something year old patient that kept trying to tell me he wanted to take me to Applebee’s when he got discharged and maybe he and I would get on quite well with a wink. I was a 20 something nursing student. He was constantly making comments about his catheter and needing it checked (it was fine). One of the times - I became visibly flustered which seemed to egg him on more. I walked out of the room to a group of interns chuckling at the situation. Doctors - never been sexually harassed by a doctor. I did need to retrieve a cell phone from a doctor’s pocket during a procedure once and he said “be careful what you grab” which turned me about twenty shades of red.


I work in a NICU so that would be weird if the patients harassed me


Had a patient who I think had a vendetta against me because he got me confused with the dayshift nurse (as evidenced by saying things like "well this morning at 11am I asked you!" Well I wasnt there this morning..) anywho..he called me into the room and I asked him what he needed and he said his legs were cramping. I asked if he tried repositioning or needed a muscle relaxer..he was a lumbar spine patient and their legs are often a source of pain. He said he needed a leg message. His wife (yup) got up and said "oh honey I can do that.." to which he quickly shut her up but putting his hand up to her mouth and said "NO. I. WANT. MY. NURSE. to do it" "Im paying her check, she can message my legs" Complete creeper. Absolute risiculous. Still riles me up. I stumbled over saying "Im not a trained masseuse" and ran out. I wish I had some nasty witty comeback I could have thrown at him. For the record. The hospital pays my check. Wtf. Ive had my butt recorded (smartphones) while I bend over. Ive been catcalled. Ive had my neck grabbed to pull me in close for a kiss. Had my hands kissed a lot. My other biggest creeper wasnt a patient but a family member to another nurses patient. Ive told this story before but long story short he kept making "call me" hand signals in the hallway and Id ignore him as I had my own patients I was dealing with. Im charting in the hallway and suddenly my little 5'4 body is surrounded by this really tall 6ft something man from behind and he says in my ear something to the effect of "no baby, why you do me like that. Im serious, I wanna take you to dinner and I wanna hear that kitty purrrrrrrrrrr" I ducked out and ran to my male charge nurse that I needed an adult and he got escorted out. Oh and that time I had a young 20 something post op lap appy insistent he couldnt pee and needed help. I did my job and put a in and out cath and he said he felt better. About an hour later called me back in saying he needed help again. I called to the floor below me and asked for a male nurse to do it. Miraculously the patient could pee. His ability to walk dramatically improved too. Gag ugh


That creepy guy getting behind you. That’s so disturbing! I’m a 6’ foot guy myself and I would’ve been freaked out. So inappropriate. Sorry that happened to you!


Most of the time that has happened to me, the patients had dementia or some other sort of issue that lead to altered mental status (hepatic encephalopathy, etc). I just firmly but calmly redirect their hands and explain that it's inappropriate. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable pressing charges in that situation. For patients who aren't altered, obviously moved their hands too; at the time I was a CNA and the patient was a nurse's grandfather, everyone knew he did that but no one did anything about it. So I felt like I just had to deal. Baby CNA and all. For comments, they are usually requests for number/asking me out. As long as they're not being... Gross lol... I just say hey, I'm flattered but I cant ethically give you my number as I'm your nurse. My facility does seem to take it seriously and I've had security come tell me hey we will intervene if you need us, you can press charges, etc and just being super supportive. As far as frequency, the patients who have AMS it does happen more... Maybe once a month or every other? Generally during sundowning, hygiene, or Foley cares. Not AMS patients, three times in about 2 years. I work med surg, we get a lot more patients who arent A&O than who are.


A lot of the comments on this thread are making me second-guess going into nursing as a career…


From a doctor, never. From patients, all the time.


Yes- I’ve been a nurse over 20 years so I’ve had my share. Some mild things like “your ID doesn’t do you justice, you’re so much more attractive than that picture”. I’ve had more violence perpetrated than sexual harassment as much of my career has been in women’s health. But I had one guy at a more recent job who was my age and made it very clear that he wanted “personal” nursing services. He was someone with a multitude of issues so was in our office multiple times a week- ans required some heavy duty nursing care (wound stuff). It got to the point I stopped participating in his care unless our male PA went with me.


Almost 20 yrs ago, I had a patient's husband go way. Too. Far. It was known that this man had given other nurses or aids money, a vehicle, a washing machine, etc He would walk around showing off cash, would call multiple times a day to talk to the nurses but avoid talking to his wife. I have never been a person flattered by inappropriate (or often, just plain old regular) male attention. I've also always been outspoken about how I was creeped out and disgusted by it. Everyone down played it all and basically told me to take advantage and enjoy the reward. Because of course my dignity and my worth and.... yea. After this man followed me from room to room (I was basically going in, shutting the door, taking extra time with my patients trying to avoid him), I had enough. I went to the administrator and basically told her I was DONE playing games. At that point I didn't care about my license, my job, none of it was worth being degraded, stalked, or dismissed. I told her if I had to deal with that shit for one more second of one more day, my husband (then bf) would be outside waiting for that man the next time he was at the facility. I let it be known that my bf had NO problem going to jail for me, and had been itching to do so. I also made it known that I would go as far as I could reporting all of the things that other staff members had accepted from this man, and all of the things that I was expected to put up with so others could continue to receive those things. Thankfully, that was the end of it. Suddenly administration and the social workers found that they COULD do something about the harrassment, and they contacted that man. He never bothered me again, I never heard anything else about him gifting more than Christmas cards. I still have to interact with him- nothing but polite and appropriate interactions. I still cant believe women were flattered and encouraged that shit!!!!!


I’m a male RN and it’s crazy how continent male patients all of a sudden become incontinent so the female RN or CNA can clean them up. At that point I will step in and do the job. Once they realize they’re not gonna get a female to clean them, they all of a sudden learn how to use the urinal and bedside commode. It’s terrible that female staff go through and there is no support from management because patient satisfaction is more important to them.


Had a patient offer the nurses on our floor candy. Without prompting, after he offered me one, he said, "I just like knowing you girls are sucking on something of mine." As I'm kneeling to empty a guy's Foley bag, he says, "I bet you got a real nice body under those scrubs." In both instances, when I called these guys on them being inappropriate, they played it off like it was a joke and I was being uptight.


That last part is creepy.


I once had a patient who was incarcerated for life for violently raping a teenage girl with Down Syndrome. He was admitted to the hospital after becoming unresponsive in prison after the guards ignored his claims of having chest pain. Massive STEMI. The resulting anoxic brain injury caused him to become incredibly impulsive and sexually aggressive. I’m not sure what his baseline was because clearly he was already a fucking monster, but he was absolutely terrifying. Luckily he had two guards with him at all times. He visibly drooled when I came into his room and his favorite phrase was “give me your pussy” while grabbing for me, although that was probably the least disgusting of all the things he would say. He tried to grab me quite a few times but was restrained for the most part. Why he was assigned to me, a 26 year old female (at the time), while there were multiple male nurses on that shift is beyond me.


It happens with patients sometimes, not too often. My work place is really good supporting staff when it happens, and will create safety plans that show up every time the patient’s chart is opened. Physicians never. It would be completely unacceptable and I would take it to my union if it happened.


I work in dementia care. It. Happens. Daily. I know, I know. The patients aren't exactly in their right minds, but it's getting annoying having my breasts and buttocks grabbed daily.


I also work in dementia care (resident aide, not a nurse), but where I work, if they are that bad, they get put on the drugs that make them not horny. It's also for the other residents' safety, we had a guy wandering into nonverbal wheelchair-bound lady's room on 3rd shift ..... yeah. That's an issue. Is this not normal policy? We have to get the family's approval. Or have I just been very lucky with the residents I've gotten so far?


It depends on the patient? Our physicians are hesitant to prescripe those drugs. Most of our patients don't have the physical capacity to really attack other patients- but we have medicated some younger, stronger patients. It's getting awfully tiresome to get groped while doing their care. Management just says "it's part of the job".


In the beginning- a lot. Daily? That stupid animaniacs “helllloooooo nurse” what a new thing when I started. It was so so so annoying. Every 3rd room, patient, MD would say that. To this day it annoys me to no end.


Male nurse. We have a pretty large population of patients with behavioral flags that necessitate a male nurse. While straight, I happen to love rainbows. And wear them often. Which gets many a patient to think I am homosexual. They get real uncomfortable when I come in. Kind of great. I fix behaviors


Male nurse here. Inappropriate comments from female nurses. I’m always flattered and I take them as complements but if it was the other way around I’d be jobless


I get asked all the time if I'm married and have kids. I had a patient grab my butt and tell me to kiss his penis.


As a guy I do not receive anything as much as my coworkers. Quite often though mid transfer my AO 2-3 patients decide its a good idea to grab my junk aggressively. There was one last weekend that I was aiding in a clean up of the aftermath of a burp during a bolas feed. Rolled the lady towards me and she wide eyed and grabbed on. I took a step back and stated "You do not want to do that." She then responded with "Oh I know I do." I looked at her square in the face with the most dead pan expression I can give with just my eyes. "No, you don't understand. You really do not want to do that. My Fiancé is **crazy**." I have never seen an elderly bed bound lady pull her arms back so fast away from my crotch. My coworker on the other side of the bed couldn't contain herself which in turn caused the patient to start laughing. ​ To answer your question though posed in your post. Almost every shift by at least one horny elderly women, and one time months ago a elderly gentleman.


As a nursing student I was bent over a bed caring for a male patient. All of the sudden I hear this wap, wap, fap noise coming from the bed behind me. I turn around and there was Mr. C pulling his pud ferociously while staring at my ass. I finished what I was doing and left the room shaking my head. The guy wasn't with it at all and when that happens the brains "Filter" of what is and isn't appropriate tends to be greatly diminished. Story two, not necessarily sexual harassment but oddly weird nonetheless. As I was on my floor getting meds out of the med cart for a patient I hear this barely audible chuckle behind me and a second later there was a warm stream of liquid running down the back of my legs. I turn around and there is Mr T, no not That Mr T, with his pecker out pissing on my legs. A hop into the shower and a spare set of scrubs and slipper socks and I was back to my med pass. I kind of needed new Nursing Shoes anyway but I never took my eye off of Mr. T when he was around again. Also to boot the guy used to be a mobster. More than once we found all the missing female's purses and pocketbooks in his closet, so many that they fell out when we opened the door!


That is wack as hell! What a fucking pig. Jesus Christ!


All day. Every day. Gotta shut that down fast/early in the day. My favorite is asking a patient WHY their joke is funny... it's suddenly not funny.


Female Nurse Here. Daily. It’s one of the few things I hate… Patients think they have a right to make comments or touch us… and they don’t… As far as Doctors, only one NP that I can think of…


I’ve seen both my male and female coworkers get harassed by the opposite sex (coworkers) and I’ve stood up to a few, for someone else being harassed. Patients…yeah, meh mostly the mentally unstable and dementia. I don’t do urinal for you if you’ve got hands. I don’t play “I’m helpless” games. And I will tell them off if they try anything. But then I’ve been in nursing for a good while now. No one even dares tell me “smile, you’ll look better” - used to get that a lot when younger.


Never. I’m too gross lol


Old men and women are the worst for this. I have received a couple of ER 360s where people complained after I called them out for sexual harassment. Luckily an over abundance of charting and open notes covers my end.


I had an old lady with dementia grab my dick once


User name checks out.


Same here, she was trying to grab the side rail and grabbed me instead


I’m only a student, but was showering a man and he told me I could get in too. I told him not to make jokes like that and he apologised. I then put the water on his back and he told me It was very “sensual”. I turned off the water, asked him if he would like to continue the shower. When he said yes I asked the male assistant to help. I’m saying all of this - I am a thirty something year old woman who knows how to deal with this shit. I don’t think the younger girls would know what to do :(


You have to put them in their place at the earliest signs. I will usually speak for myself, but also my coworkers. Something like: “I don’t want to hear you act like this AT ALL while we are taking care of you or we will be having a conversation with the police. You cannot act like this. It is unacceptable.” I usually give them one chance to correct their behavior and if they don’t, I file a complaint with the police and tell me management.


Capable men asking to be washed- especially their genitals. “I’ll need help with that, I can’t reach” 🤮🤮


"who washes it for you at home?"


You misspelled doujin lad


nah it was some serious shit I was reading. Not hentai.


Not a nurse yet, but have been sexually harassed once by a patient’s visitor (pre-COVID) & was recently sexually assaulted by a patient (a fully oriented young adult). I basically couldn’t do anything except passing off the patient’s care to a co-worker, not go in the room alone, and file a report through our incident reporting system.


When I was bedside it was the typical ‘are you married?’ Or ‘do you have a boyfriend?’ etc and older men being too hands on, rubbing my back or my arse, taking my hand and not letting go, asking for a kiss goodnight. When I was a student, the school leavers (17,18,19 years old) would sometimes have difficulty with the older paeds patients (same age as them) and that was handled in a particular way (I was a mature student so didn’t apply to me). Never had an issue with a colleague thankfully.


I get asked all the time if I'm married and have kids. I had a patient grab my butt and tell me to kiss his penis.


I have only ever been really offended by one patient. He was a pervert who harassed every female nurse that came into his room. This man was completly aware of his actions, no confusion, no dementia. He liked to sit at the edge of the bed near the doorway with his gown was pulled up and his penis exposed to everyone who walked past his room or all the nurses at the desk. He hit his call light every 15 minutes. In our facility the only way to cancle the light is from inside the room so someone would have to go in there. He would flash them and make rude comments. He would ask why none of the nurses would smile while they were helping him, then complain that we had terrible service. The charge nurses decided they would only assign a male nurse to him. The first time they did that the patient refused the nurse within minutes of the change of shift. The manager had to come in and explain to him that he would not have a female nurse the rest of his stay. He was furious, started screaming and cursing. If a female nurse even walked by his room he would yell at them to come in. Yell that he could see them out there and knew we were refusing to help him. He stayed multiple weeks, we were all really glad when he was discharged.


In nursing school, I think there were two. Since working, maybe a handful. They were all patients/clients and it was mostly verbal.


My dad is a psych nurse and says he gets elicited by patients for some form of sex at least once a week, usually by male patients too. He always tells them that’s inappropriate and that they need to knock it off lol; but since they’re mental patients there’s not much you can do action wise besides verbal warnings, unless it’s continuous.


Literally, I was always prepared for violence working in psych, but the sexual harassment, blindsided me the first time it happened, i got stuck specialing on a shift, the patient was a risk to females, well low in behold he was also a risk to make staff, as he spent the entire shift masturbating etc - regardless of direction or disengagement - violence is one thing, but you add a sexual component too it and it really just makes it all the more traumatic


Male nurse here. Very few times by patients or doctors. Every month female nurses harass me somehow. 🙄


I had a patient of mine tell me if I gave him a foot massage it would make him horny amongst other disgusting things. I work in dialysis and see this guy three times a week for four hours at a time.


Guess he ain't gettin no foot massage!!


I’m currently a tech while completing my BSN and it happens almost on a daily basis with both men and women. The first time it happened was an older man with moderate dementia and he tried to grab my crotch while trying to solicit me for sex and I just slapped his hand away as quickly as I could and told him no, then continued to feed him his dinner. I can still remember his name. I did not cry but I definitely wanted to, I felt so violated.


I was a very young nurse hired at a Catholic hospital. One of the first things we were taught by the nuns who ran the place was how to avoid getting attacked by Drs, patients, visitors, MEN, in elevators, dark corners, patient rooms, stairwells. ! It was a real problem in 1972 !


I’ve learned to wear really tight sports bras/compression undershirts to make myself less “accessible” to grabbers.


On a lighter note, there is a male nurse on my unit who goes out of his way to tell all the ladies how good looking they are and he will whistle and smile and all, really going overboard, some female nurses will laugh and hug him (female initiates, he is usually hands off)but we all know it’s just in fun. However, I know it’s still inappropriate and could be construed/considered harassment. It helps lighten the mood in an otherwise tense stressful situation. (Operating room) I’ve never felt threatened or uncomfortable around him, but I’m an older nurse.


Male nurse here. Happens every now and then both from patients and female coworkers, however I don't consider it harassment from my perspective, but others might. Now that the ratio is 1/3 physicians newly educated is male it's more women, but they hav not come strong yet.


Eh I get hit on regularly by old women at work. I just ignore it. Getting hit on is part of life. It's a minor inconvenience.


never by a doctor frequently by patients i'm a dude


When I worked on the medical floor patients were verbally and sexually abusive all the time.


It was male patients for a few years, and then it was a doctor in a clinic I worked at. I reported it, nothing got done except move me to another team in the clinic. Guy is still working there


When I worked in long term care, a handful of the elderly patients (often with some sort of dementia) would make inappropriate comments, slap the nurse’s bum as they walked by, make really inappropriate comments while being washed, etc. Lots of them trying to hook you up with their son or grandson. My default for the “are you married” question was “Yes, happily.”


Never by my doctors. Often by my patients. Probably once a week.


Negev by mine own doctors. Oft by mine own patients. Belike once a week *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


I have been hit, kicked, and verbally assaulted countless times by patients. Honestly it’s part of the job when they are altered. It rarely happens to me with coherent patients. Never had a doctor do anything. Honestly the worst was from a coworker (also a female nurse) who sexually assaulted me and many others who did it in the name of humor. Unfortunately I’m ashamed to say I did nothing about it at the time. I was new to the unit, this particular nurse has been there ages, and I was struggling with my mental health anyway and had trouble knowing how to take care of myself. I know it’s probably still not too late, but I believe it might have been handled because this person hasn’t been seen doing it anymore and keeps to herself. She did it quite regularly when I started.


I worked in a small community hospital and there’s an older doctor who’s known to be a creep to all the young nurses. He once whispered in my ear something perverted and was so close his lips touched my ears. I didn’t do anything at the time but I regret not going to admin and filing a sexual harassment case on him.


I had multiple experiences with a coworker (male nurse). Unasked for shoulder rubs. I cut my hair and wore it down, when he walked by he said in my ear that I shouldn’t wear my hair down because it’s too distracting. The same nurse caught me in the hallway one time and told me that if I shook my ass any more when I walked, I was going to pop a hip out. He then winked and kept walking. I was like 21, he was in his 50s. Just last week I had a patient who made multiple comments that made me uncomfortable. He was telling me how beautiful I was and I awkwardly started talking about my husband, hoping he’d get the hint. He then asked me if I had any kids, I said no, and he said he hoped I got lots of practice, and winked.


Inappropriate comments or questions would occur on at least a weekly basis. Grabbing and groping has only happened to me a handful of a times by coherent patients. I don’t count the times when it comes from a patient that isn’t all there 😂 I have been spit on, pissed on, coughed on, etc on purpose by many patients. Non sexual verbal harassment occurs on a daily basis.


Happens at least once a week but for frequent fliers it's more often. No harassment from doctors in my experience but a couple of them have been very condescending and sexist.


LoL. While working at hospice, I had a little 90+ y/o lady I visited in place of her assigned nurse who couldn’t make it out. The visit was uneventful for me – just a routine assessment. However, when I saw her assigned nurse several days later, she accosted me stating, “what did you do to her?!“ I looked startled and denied it was anything but a typical visit. The assigned nurse said that when she went to see this pt several days later, she would not shut up about me. Every chance she got this patient brought me up, talking about how great I was. She laughed about it but I really thought she was serious at first. I ended up taking over her care a couple weeks later due to geographic placement of pts. What makes this even funnier is that her husband was a Pentecostal preacher and she knew she was too “fond” of me. lol. She also couldn’t hear much at all so I would occasionally put my stethoscope in her ears and speak into the bell. It helped some but she was a failure-to-thrive pt and so emaciated that the plugs hurt her ears. RIP my sweet lady.


Male nurse here. Getting hit on is common, and groping occasionally happens, and it's not ok (and it's never gentle). I'm in home health now, so less common, but once in a while a female patient gets attached to you in a way that isn't healthy and you need to give that patient to another (female) nurse or things get weird quickly. I had to do this a couple times recently. This is definitely more common for female nurses, of course, but it happens to us all because people of all walks of life are horrible sometimes (not to mention the patients who are confused/disoriented and don't know any better). Edit: As for coworkers, I've never been harrased as far as I can recall, but it seems a common thing for female nurses to think it's ok to be touchy. Makes me uncomfortable, but I know they don't mean anything by it so I only mention it if it really gets out of hand and that settles it. Mostly older nurses do this in my experience.


It happen to guys to. Not just inappropriate comments & touching by little old ladies. I have had occasional harassment by male patients & visitors. One in particular, patient was flaming gay with pink hair. His last name was uncommon but my first wife's maiden name. After hitting on me for 5 minutes I asked if he had an 'uncle xxxxx. That's my father in law. ' He was speechless & everything stopped. There's a stereotype that's been there a long time.


Work in very busy ER. Great relationship between the nurses and docs so no issues there. I don’t think I’ve gone a shift without being sexually harassed, been here for 8 years. Some more vile than others, and we usually just take it on the chin, unfortunately.


Doctors, never. Patients quite often.


I work night shift so I don't have much contact with doctors. Patients make sexual comments frequently, but not the doctors. What I HAVE encountered is verbal and borderline physical abuse from doctors, especially a certain one. I almost cried when I found out that he was fired.... For soliciting a prostitute. He'll never scream at me or threaten me again.


I have been a nurse for 8 years. For me personally, I feel like it happens mostly with patients and rarely with doctors. It usually happens with middle aged to older men too (50's-80's). The worst is when their wives were just visiting and as soon as they leave, they try to grab you or say things like "Just give me a little kiss". So gross. I was actually shocked by how much the nursing profession is still so sexualized. It is pretty disturbing.


I'm a guy and I've been sexually harrassed and I'm nothing great.


I currently only have a couple of flirts but that’s about it. At previous work place we had a bit more of a handsy flirt. 85yo with a bit of dementia. He’d stop if you told him off though.


Never by a doctor, but when I worked in SNFs it was multiple times a day, now working out of a clinic, once every month or so, never when I worked pediatric psych. It depends on what field you are in.


I had a patient’s friend tell him to get out of his bed so he could get in and have me bathe him (he was in his 50s). Kept commenting on my hair, asking me really personal questions, etc. When I brought it up to management, they laughed at me and said, “Just ignore it.” I’ve also been asked to hold urinals for men, a man grabbed my butt to “balance”, and all sorts of other fun things!


I was sexually assaulted by a patient when I was a PCA. There were four nurses to 28 patients and a secretary. I couldn’t escape. I tried, but couldn’t get away. My manager told me that this is part of nursing and I should expect it. I put my two weeks in immediately. I suffered through panic attacks and increased anxiety for months. Thankfully, I’m working on a floor where I feel safe and know that my coworkers and manager have my back. Other than that awful experience, I usually get the whole “you’d be a lot prettier without that mask” or that my boyfriend is “very lucky.” Sir, it’s a pandemic and you don’t have a WBC so nah, I’ll keep the mask.


As a nurse for 40 years in Er the stories won’t fit here. PTSD is real. Black humor is for a reason. The amount of inappropriate comments are astronomical. The swear words , the threats. Physical violence is real and consistent.let me be clear, it’s always been the patients . I have never had a md issue. Men are not the only issue. Women are horrible and abusive. I have been hit, kicked, bit, threatened. I have installed security.


I’m almost 50. When I was younger it was constant. Once a house doctor refused to come check on my patient with chest pain unless I agree to a date with him. I called the nursing supervisor who urged me to to agree to the date so the patient (who was having a heart attack) would be assessed and treated. This was 1995, small urban hospital.


I’ve been told I have pretty hands and what they would like me to put them on, so gross. Asked if I was married. One old man asked me to turn around, told me I had something on my back but then he started telling me how much he liked my rear end. Throw things on the floor to watch you bend over for it. It’s like a death by a thousand cuts.


Doctor's? Never Creepy old dudes? Every fucking day.


Male nurse here. Everything I read so far is real and happens. I wish we could sue every one if them. Props to all nurses... female and male.


Male nurse here. I've had too many incidents to count but a couple of the more blatant ones being.... 1. Being asked if my wife knew I was spending the night with me (the patients daughter in her 40s). Later she said she needed to return to the hotel but wanted me to swing by in the morning to give her a status update. She handed me the card key to her room at a local hotel and said "just let yourself in." 2. Taking a male patient to CT. Full package check. I secured his wrist and removed his hand. He said... "sorry, I am not gay." Paused for about 10 seconds and then added "my hand is." 3. I was graphically asked perform oral sex on a early 20s female in front of her entire family. Mostly I laugh it off. Threatening to hunt me down and kill my family.... that makes me a little mad.


Funny you mention it, a patient actually grabbed me by the pussy today! Good times


The confused dementia patients constantly. The worst are the alert, orientated men. One night I introduced myself as the nurse that was there that night (ward room with four patients) and one of them replied “ so your here for anything we need huh, I think I will need a bed time buddy and a nice tuck in.” Mind you I was 35 weeks pregnant and done with everyone’s shit and after I went into how that was super inappropriate and not acceptable I didn’t hear from anyone in the room the rest of the night.


If I’m harassed from coworkers/doctors it’s typically more subtle. Little comments here and there or trying to rub my shoulders… things like that. Harassment from patients, now that’s something else entirely. One time a patient literally grabbed me, doing the scoop thing with his hands on both of my butt cheeks, pulled me flush against him, and sucked on my neck. This man was 40 years old, independent, ambulatory, and A/O x4. No diagnosed mental health issues. I have a lot of stories like that. Edit: Not that this *should* matter, but I feel like it does play a part, but my waist is 24 inches and my hips are 39. I have a big ole’ booty. I have been asked countless times if I have butt implants. No joke. I also am a 32DD. Being curvy is dangerous, man. Another nurse I know has a similar shape and she was always on the receiving end of physical harassment/assault too. Much more than the average nurse it seemed. It’s like they think because we have an ass they are entitled to touch it 🤷🏼‍♀️


Oh HELL no. I hope someone did something about that. Ew


I was 23 and so surprised/startled that I just pushed away from him and left. He was being discharged that morning and moving back to Cuba. I thought I would never see him again. 🤷🏼‍♀️ ha! He ended up being a frequent flier and was there at least 5 more times over the next 12 months. I DID end up telling my charge nurse when I came in one day and saw him on my assignment.


I’ll put it this way: If a patient asks you if you’re married, the answer is always yes.


An old male coworker, also a nurse, would make a lot of dark jokes. They were mainly sexual harassment jokes that I would laugh off, I never thought to report him during those times. Probably related to my CSA, honestly, as I would disassociate or laugh off to have it done as quick as possible. I eventually left that job. I promised myself I would report the next coworker/person who harrasses me...so I hope I keep my promise. I've had patients, only dementia patients so far, touch me inappropriately. I have been able to reorient them so far though.


We have a doc that is the definition of a sexual predator. He was walking once and came to a full stop looked me very obviously up and down and said "Wow!" He also once told me he wanted to "spank" me because I'm "a naughty nurse". But as HR said, he brings patients ($$$) to the hospital and I don't. Patients and family members? That's just every day Recently, I had a patient tell me I "would make good children" as if he was sizing up a heifer for breeding. Another patient told a coworker he wanted to stare into her eyes as he fucked her. I've had multiple marriage proposals and a few people trying to fix me up with their family members. I told a patient to stop being inappropriate (he kept asking nurses to suck his dick) and he called me a "dumb n* bitch". I also got called a smart-ass, to which I replied "better than being a dumb ass".... so I'm not mad about that one, he was right.


While in charge one busy night in the middle of an ongoing patient safety crisis, the resident on call yelled his cell phone number at me and said “in case you need it” with a creepy smile, followed by a wink. That same night of the alcohol withdrawal patients begged me to get on his bed with him. Whaaaat a merry Christmas.


Patients? Probably 1-2 times a month. Considerably less now that I’m pregnant. I’m not exactly what most guys would consider particularly attractive and I certainly don’t put any effort into my appearance beyond being clean and brushing my hair for work. Doctors, really never.


Female RN here, I’ve been a nurse for 2 years. Shit happens all the time. One guy I specifically remember was this older man constantly commenting on my ass and trying to cop a feel when I leaned over his bed. He kept asking me stuff like if I’m innocent or a “bad girl” etc. Lots of alert and oriented men with full use of their arms ask me to hold their urinal for them. We had one guy tell myself and my coworker should bring a pole into his room to keep him entertained. All sorts of stuff, happens to me and my coworkers all the time.


I’ve had patients jerk off staring at me more times than I can count.


I’m a pediatric nurse so luckily very rare when I work my unit. Once in a blue moon I’ll get a teenage boy being inappropriate, and that’s usually verbal and can be addressed quickly. When I float to an adult unit though, it’s almost every single time.


Patients grab my big juicy ass all the time 💯


Male here, working with many female nurses. I have seen many of them been mistreated by patients and doctors. Sadly the doctor part is the worst because I work with patients low insight. Doctors should know better, complaints have been made and yet the worst doctors are still there.


Rarely, and I feel very lucky and thankful for this. I worked with adult men and women for a year and a half, and can't recall any stand-out harassment situations. Now I work in L&D so my patients are primarily women, and I haven't experienced any sexual harassment. The male doctors I work with are respectful.


It happens to male nurses sometimes too. When I was a student, I had an adolescent former patient stalk me, and then my wife on Facebook for a bit (took a lot of phone calls to my uni and the hospital to get that sorted out). Working in adult psych now, female patients occasionally comment about my body or try to touch me every now and then - also had an ANUM make a couple of drunken passes at me at our last Christmas Party (to be fair, one of the male ANUMs tried to kiss a female ANUM, that got very awkward). It makes me very uncomfortable and I get the impression it's not taken as seriously (sometimes I'd get allocated the same patients I've complained in the past about sexually harassing me), but at least it's not a regular or normal occurrence - some of our disinhibited male patients simply cannot ever be trusted around a female nurse again.


Doctors never. Patients basically weekly. Most recently. Fully oriented, calling the previous nurse a "bitch" and then grabbed my hand unexpectedly and kissed it. I told him he was gonna have another bitch of a nurse and to not touch me again or we would get security involved. Had someone outside the door every time I went in after that. Fucking weirdo.


I work with TBIs so inappropriate is the name of the game. It helps because I know my pop isn’t doing it knowing better, they just have no filter. We explain to our staff to correct the behavior which could be every 5 mins with some injuries. So sometimes we just move on to get the work done. Thankfully it usually isn’t grabbing or groping just wildly inappropriate unedited comments or they are hyper sexual with themselves. Lots of team work of using the buddy system or indicating male/female only if things are really aggressive or bad. We’ve filed police reports too on especially bad incidents. So bottom line is have a plan and don’t take no shit. The hospital isn’t gonna love to you back for just accepting these things, however context really does apply here.


My wife quit because the surgeon she worked for wouldn’t stop shoving his hands into her scrubs. She went to HR. Apparently he had been fired from another place for the same thing. He was doing it to all the nurses. He did not get fired.


Happened to me first as a student nurse where I was bringing a man to the toilet and he then positioned himself along side the door so I couldnt get out and grabbed my ass. I think I was in shock when he let the door go cause I just walked him back to bed and then tried avoiding him after that. It wasn't until it was a reoccurring thing did I mention it to other nurses who were like yeah that happens.


I found when I worked in a rehome that the men were the worst. I don't know if it was that they felt like they had nothing to lose or if it was a generational thing, but they were shameless. Assisting certain men in the showers was just awful. I remember an old guy got angry because I refused to clean him "there". He nearly fell over trying to yank my hand towards him, the dirty old creep. I complained and refused to ever work with him again.




Male nurse here. I can only think of 3 instances over the last 4 years.


Working with adult patients about once a week as a male nurse, my wife however gets at least a few sexual comments at minimum from patients every week. From doctors I have never witnessed or heard about sexual harassment and only a few stories about nurses dating doctors.


Male nurse, never really had any sexual harassment. The usual old ladies calling me handsome and sweet, but that's harmless. Had another male nurse buddy who had his ass groped while we were in clinical training, by another female student in our class. She got punished for it, and I'm proud of my school for doing that because a lot of people dont take sexual harassment on males seriously. Feel bad reading all the female nurses comments here who have suffered from regular sexual harassment. You don't deserve that kind of treatment and I hope you are finding ways to stay safe at work.