Is nursing school really as difficult as people say?

Is nursing school really as difficult as people say?


I think it depends on the person. I am currently a second semester junior in nursing school, and it is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Mentally, physically and emotionally it takes a serious toll. I think it is something you have to really want to do in order to get through it and just know that it will end eventually (thats what's helping me). But, just because I am saying this means it could be totally different for someone else. Find what works for you when it comes to studying, and always keep your eye on the prize (which is graduation and passing NCLEX!) If you have any questions lmk :)


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It’s not one of the most demanding majors. It’s slightly above average. It’s competitive because a lot of people want the pay and job security/portability, but difficulty-wise it’s not like getting a degree in chemical engineering or something. I did an ABSN. The content wasn’t harder than anything from my first bachelor’s and was certainly easier than some of it. I didn’t find it particularly difficult overall. Frustrating, occasionally, with all the pointless discussion posts and inane theory papers/projects. But it wasn’t *hard* to do, just annoying. I had plenty of free time and a social life and all that jazz. But it’s probably highly dependent on how good your student/study skills are. Over 40% of my cohort dropped back a semester or failed out entirely and some of the people who did make it through were overwhelmed by the program—stressed, no free time, barely scraping by. I’d bet most of them are probably great nurses in their fields now because they clearly weren’t afraid to work their butts off. But they weren’t great *students* which is a slightly different skill set (although plenty overlaps like time management and critical thinking). Edit: grammar


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I'm in my 4th of 4 semesters of an accelerated BSN program. The content and concepts aren't difficult. It's the sheer volume of material to learn and the workload (projects, reading, pre- & post- clinical workload, along with rather class times and clinical schedule) that make it hard.


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No. It's really not. It's a lot of work, that's all. Be organized and get help early if you dont get it and then work hard and you'll be fine. Written while in class.


Hardest thing I've ever done. Requires all of your attention.


It's demanding but your attitude is going to dictate a lot of your experience. I had a lot of the "this isn't fair" type in my class and they only made it harder for themselves.


I hear the pass marks only 40%. I know 2 nurses and its worrying they have actually passed, no common sense or sense of direction out taking drugs every weekend posting about hoes on their facebooks. I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine!


I think the job is harder !


It depends on you and what you like to study. Personally I didn't think the course materials were hard, but sheer volume of papers, reports, group projects was what made it challenging.