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In prison: "So what happened to you?" "I came on to my gay brother's traumatized boyfriend, and my brother beat the shit out of me." She would never, ever live it down.


She literally got Fivetupple-Whammied. 1. Gets the snot beaten out of her 2. Incarnated for 60 days 3. On the sex offender list for 10 years (possibly more) 4. Owes 25k to her brother 5. 200 hours of community service Bet she regrets her couple minutes of actions. Jeez.


Like Brock Turner the dumpster rapist but a chick


Are you talking about Brock “The Rapist” Turner? The former Stanford University star swimmer convicted of rape? That Brock Turner?


Yes, they’re talking about Brock Turner, who is a rapist. Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman. That’s why Brock Turner is a rapist.


I heard he had great swim times. Even better when Brock “loves to rape” Turner (as he was affectionately known on the team) wasn’t spending all his time out raping.


Judge didn’t want to ruin his life for 30 mins of Fun. He should not be a judge.


You're right. The judge in the Brock Turner rape case didn't give Brock Turner an appropriate sentence for raping an unconscious woman.


And now infamous swimmer and rapist Brock “the women raper” Turner is in prison for raping a women


But actually got time and punishment for it and lost her family


Unfortunately broke turner got NO Repercussions from raping a women. He is still the face of mens rights. It’s fucking disgusting he gets to walk around free while that ooor girls life is completely changed. Fuck broke turner. I hope someone does to him what he did to women.


MRA's like "COURTS FAVOUR WOMEN" sure jan here's proof they definitely don't


sextuple . 6. Cut off from family.


The "sextuple" is very fitting.


Couple minutes of actions, but obviously something that was thought out and planned for awhile. What a creep.


~~Isn't it 250 hours of community service? 200nto OP's boyfriend, and 50 hours to OP?~~ I just realized I read the end of the post wrong. I apologize. Please, continue as you were.


That's not what she'll say, though. "I was just trying to comfort my brother's boyfriend when he got upset, then my brother came home, beat me for no reason, and I am the one who got arrested. Ain't that some shit?" Source: spent time in jail. Everyone is not guilty, and half of them are "misunderstood victims".


“Everyone in here is innocent” - Red


There are ways people have in there of getting sex offenders files.. she can say it but it’ll come out


To put it lightly, Rapists don’t get treated well in prison, she’s getting everything she deserves in there


Does that stuff happen in Female jails?


My sister was in a woman's jail a few years ago. I don't know all the details, but she was raped by a group of women in the bathroom and then put on suicide watch, which is solitary confinement essentially. She was really messed up about it.


I know they won't put women who kill their children in general population. Most people,, even hardened criminals, draw the line with the death of your child. don't know wtf to think, was this a munchausen by proxy abuse case? It almost sounds like it because of the depth of his abuse


Oh yes they do.. I spent time in a women's prison for a crazy past life(well away from it now!) They had numerous kid killers, and kid diddlers in with G.P. , the thing is they all stuck together...so it was always a big group of them. Safety in numbers I guess. I seen a kid killer get her face sliced over and over with a razor my first day😳


That gave me the chills. I can’t say I blame the assaulter, I probably would’ve done something similar because you don’t fuck with kids, but that’s CRAZY that people find out what people get put in for. I’ve heard that some guards/officers actually tell the people in there and then they decide how to punish them


Absolutely! We had some guards that didn't give AF about the pedos and would let some of us know what their charges were... especially the really bad ones. Fuck them bitches, fr fr. I got sick when they would be in the lunchroom with us. I couldn't help just staring at them and thinking o er and over what they did. I would shake with rage. Some bitch was in there for microwaving her baby. Like... WTF!? They didn't have a easy time in there, but I wish it would have been much worse.


That’s horrible, I hope she got the help she needed


Hate to say it, but she hasn't. She's had various probation requirements over the years, including going to group and individual therapy, and she's had some horrible counselors/therapists. I remember one told her she was a prostitute because her boyfriends have given her money, drugs, or other presents while she dated them. She does seem to be doing okay currently, but with all the issues she had with substance abuse and her mental health prior to this event, it seems like a matter of time before she starts spiraling again. She usually says she never wants to go to jail again after she gets released, but she eventually ends up back in one again. We need better rehabilitation programs.


My heart broke reading this. I completely agree we need better programs. Have you guys thought of a “go funded me” to get her in a home, and better therapy. I would love to help donate.


I've actually never thought of that. I'm not sure my sister would go even if we raised money. My mom takes care of her daughter primarily so I think any money received would be put toward her daughter.


Yeah that’s also a great idea!


From what I've heard, yes it does. A woman in my county killed her 4yr old twins and the county jail had to keep her in isolation for her own protection. It's my understanding that she was getting regular threats from the other inmates, and county jail is a daycare compared to the state prison.


That's a mother murdering her kids though. It's perceived completely different from a woman sexually assaulting a man. Doubly true when he's gay and her own worldview is twisted enough that she thought she could "fix" him.


Yes. In fact, the prevalence rate for inmate-on-inmate sexual assault was two times higher for inmates in female facilities than male facilities (39 per 1,000 vs. 16 per 1,000, with 95% CI 28–50 vs. 13–19), and the comparable staff-on-inmate rate is 1.6 times higher (53 per 1,000 vs. 34 per 1,000, with 95% CI 41–68 vs. 30–38). Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2438589/#:~:text=The%20prevalence%20rate%20for%20inmate,higher%20(53%20per%201%2C000%20vs.


Yeah as it turns out women are very rapey. It goes hand in hands with the NCADV's statistics that 42% or so of domestic abuse victims are male.


Rough gender symmetry (last 12 months figures) with regards to both victims and perpetrators of sexual violence is often found in the NISVS too.


Yes. I'll just put it that way. We all already know.


Well. The rape rate in women's prisons can reach upwards of three times that of men's prisons according to some studies so... Yes, even more so than mens jails.


I somehow missed the part where OP was a man, the ending had me worried for their relationship!! Thank goodness!


Any form of SA would get her ass beat again


“She thought she could change his mind” tells you everything you need to know about this woman


That she is a raging homophobe - just like those exhibits that think that assaulting a lesbian will 'turn them straight'...


Not only that, there is a blatant level of entitlement. If I want it I can get it, I am owed it. You can't reject me! ***Incoherent screeching*** No reason my ass, you just shouldn't.


More like a raging narcissist that knows better than any and everybody around her


Possible. Or both.


> I have a Great Dane ... who likes to get EVERYWHERE Ah, yes, the ole' lack of intimacy when taking a dump


My Dane was bigger than me, and "his spot" was my left rib cage. Its okay, I don't need to breathe anyway.


My friend has a Dane who thinks he's a lap dog. Whenever she sits in her chair he sits on her. She's 5"1' and 115lbs soaking wet. All you hear when asking if she's okay is "I can breathe, I'm good"


My sister’s pit Bull weighs as much as I do, and thinks he’s a lap dog. If you’re sitting on the couch, prepare to have all your organs stomped on by a 105 pound giant baby. Meanwhile, our neighbor’s Pomeranian thinks he’s the same size. He tries to fight our pittie, who just stares in utter confusion.


had an English Mastiff who loved laying on my ribcage... all my ribcage... He weighed 154lbs, I weighed 94lbs


My chihuahua is only 15 pounds but his spot is also my rib cage, and I couldn't imagine a great Dane claiming it. Damn.


I have no sympathy for this woman. I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Reading about his trauma is just heart-wrenching. A child deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a child. I hope he gets full recovery and back on his feet.


OK, I usually come out of reading these stories nauseated by the extent of the revenge, but this wasn't some intricately planned evil thing you did to her. You defended your boyfriend as best as you could, and I'm glad you did, he deserves someone finally defending him. Tell him this reddit stranger wishes him all the best, you two sound like you're very good for each other. <3 Also give Butler a hug, he sounds adorable.


Thank you, I will :)


This brought tears to my eyes. So true.


An abuser being beaten is 100% justice. It is 100% fair that she got beaten. It is very rewarding to hear she got beaten. AND it’s so good that the courts actually did their job correctly in this case and they put the abuser behind bars, and let you off the hook. When you were telling your story, I was mentally preparing myself for the outcome of “the abuser got away scratch free, and I got punished for defending the innocent victim.” Because sadly, that’s how these cases often go. I was SO RELIEVED it didn’t go that way for you! You did the right thing.


There was a moment where we thought I would get in trouble because I “Assaulted her when she wasn’t making advances. but I had a wonderful lawyer who explained that I had no way of knowing if she was going to do something else, therefore I acted out in self defense of someone who couldn’t protect themselves


Whew. Sounds like a great lawyer indeed. A good lawyer is really the difference between life in jail and freedom. It’s so sad for people who cannot afford a good lawyer.


I'm in shock like you wouldn't believe that the Police & Courts did the right thing!! All I've ever seen or heard of in my life is The Male Is the one going to jail! An the Police always believe the Female over any male!!




Even knowing what mark went through, I can’t believe she still did this. She deserves hell for what she did.


There’s a special place in hell for her




We never really got along. She wasn’t mean growing up but she always had her own interests and didn’t really venture from them. She’s the youngest, and it’s only us two so because she’s the baby girl my dad tended to spoil her, but it wasn’t favoritism he spoiled me in different ways as well. We are just very different and have very different interests. My sister is very pretty and knows it and growing up she always had a lot of male attention whether or not they were in a relationship, nothing too serious she never went after taken man but I think that’s where a lot of things started. Ironic that the first time she would try to go after a taken man would be my own boyfriend




We’ve never put hands on each other besides the occasional sibling cat fights. I’m lucky to have a family that knows right from wrong. Were they happy of what I did, no but they also understood why I reacted that way.


Even if he hadn’t gone through something so horrible you still don’t do that to anyone, but especially not your brothers partner and especially not when that partner is gay. What the fuck did she think would happen?


I usually abhor violence, but there are always exceptions and this was absolutely one of them. Although gender means nothing when it comes to abusers, I'm a woman, and a feminist, and despite the strength difference, in my eyes you were still wholly justified here. No peace and no forgiveness for people as disgusting as her. I hope your partner can heal and live the life he deserves, and I wish you recovery as well. You clearly are an incredible boyfriend but please take care of yourself, too. You have also experienced deep trauma.


Exactly my feelings. The assault victim was paralyzed by his traumas, unable to defend himself and out of his mind from fear of being raped yet again. Yet assualter found it a sign to continue.


I agree. This was a situation that basically screamed "Violence is a question and the answer is YES!"


I feel exactly the same. I'm surprised and my stance coz in the end yeah he shouldn't of beat her up. But fuck her. I'm not defending a piece shit like her.


Absolutely. Especially as the assult was literally still happening when he arrived. I don't think many of us could hold in that sort of rage and hurt.


You could say sis was lucky it was what it was. If someone would really fly into a 'seeing red rage' - it could have ended worse for her.


The sister deserves more than 60 days in jail especially after she brought back more trauma to Mark. It’s a good thing op set up cameras around the house and exposed his sister’s true colors


The awful thing is how must Mark feel, knowing that for that happening, she got two months of jail time... knowing what would have happened if he'd done the same to her instead, and had the shit beat out of him? The social invalidation must be crippling... I joined the White Ribbon Society, to prevent sexual assault and violence when I was younger- the group in my country had a completely myopic focus on female victims and male sexual violence perpetrators. It's been something I've fought for equality in for the last twelve years. Girls and guys should be allied in calling out how real this is- yes it got appropriated by redpill assholes, but the reality is it's a real problem and guys like Mark typically never see any justice at all, and OP would have gone to jail if not for the cameras.


Hopefully the news gets out in there about what she did then she might end up with a life sentence who knows


I went into this thinking that you'd be at fault here... But, fuck your sister. She's a creep and deserved what she got. I would say this about a man as well, before I get pounced on in the comments. I hope your SO can slowly heal, and I feel sorry for your parents too. What a mess.


Wording! I wouldn’t recommend fucking OP’s sister. You know, don’t stick your dick in crazy and stuff like that


Lol... Noted, but I think most people got the gist of what I was saying.


I read the title and thought "now this guy is an asshole". I opened the post and I fully agree with how you went nuclear.


I first thought you went overboard with your response to your sister. But then I read how mark has regressed even further and how he's still fucked up and not recovered from it. God dammit sister. I fucking hope she learned her lesson.


He has these moments when his eyes glass over and he gets this far away look. It’s something I’ve never seen before and I just know that he’s reliving everything. Sometimes there’s nothing I can do and I have to watch him cry until he tires himself out and falls asleep.


I have PTSD, but that... That isn't a level I can even imagine. You're a fantastic and brave human being and a true hero for your boyfriend. He's in wonderful hands with you. I wish him a smooth and steady paced recovery and I give you both nothing but love. I hope she rots forever for what she fucking did. Hell isn't deep enough for scum like that.


Thanks so much :)


it's not like you can force him to self improve, but that sounds like really tramatic PTSD where he's living through it again. has he tried any grounding techniques to bring himself back to the present? i'm not well versed in any of this, but something about sensory/sensation things to help remind him of his present/physical surroundings.


His therapist does EMDR at every one of his sessions as far as I know. Usually he can get himself out of an episode by doing his breathing exercises but it doesn’t always work.


EMDR is a great help. My psych uses it too (I have cPTSD as well). I hope he continues his recovery. Best wishes for you both!


Thank you :)


Tldr you beat a rapist for attacking your partner. Good job.


This is... horrible... she knew, she freaking knew, and she used it to try to abuse him as well. Your sister is a predator, I feel it's so unfair that in ten years she can be removed, she should always stay with the consequences of her acts. I wish the best for you and your boyfriend, everyday he will be a little better, it's day by day. Luckily, you have each other to go through this.


Part of me feels like it’s my fault. While I talked to her about how her flirting was inappropriate and made both Mark and I feel uncomfortable, I sometimes let it slide because Mark would ignore her and remove himself. I never thought it would get that bad. I feel like I should have been more mean in my telling her to back off.


Ok, you both need to cut that thoughts out. It will never be your fault, even in the cases were the victims flirt, the moment they say no, it's attempted rape or worse. She escalated, and she would have done it no matter what you did, because she has something wrong inside of her that made her feel justificated to abuse a person with s trauma of being abused. She saw that she had power, and she used. The same as pedophiles know that they are stronger than their victims, or people that know that a drunk man/woman won't put that much of a fight. They are the same kind of monsters, and it will never be the victims fault.


Thank you for your kind words :)


IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT YOUR FAULT. This was your sister. Of COURSE you didn’t think she would do something like this. You cannot see the future, and flirting, while inappropriate, does not indicate much in the way of sexual assault. Hindsight is always 20/20. Also, rapists rape. You didn’t commit this act. You didn’t cause it. Mark didn’t cause it. Your sister committed this act, point blank period. This is solely on her. Period. I am wishing you and Mark well and am sending kind thoughts your way.


Thank you :)


Fuck I was absolutely horrified for everything Mark went through and then you mention you are a gay couple and my heart just dropped. That makes this so so much worse. I am so sorry for everything you both went through. I am glad your family still supports you both and I hope Mark is able to obtain some peace again.


Thank you. That means a lot. Believe it or not I’ve had some (ex)friends who took my sisters side.


Glad to see that ex bit. Gentle love and healing light to you and Mark. Neither of you deserved this.


Dude any friends who would take your sister's side on something this appalling were NEVER your friends from jump street




That's so low for freaking attempted rape. Bar is so low for women


She deserved what she got.


She deserved more than what she got, but the system is skewed differently for women attacking men. I’m sure she only got what she did because of the video footage and the past trauma, but she deserved a hell of a lot more especially with the “I thought I could change his mind” attitude.


That excuse got me. Like, did you read a Law & Order script to come up with that defense?


You're right. The rapist Brock Turner was handed a pretty stiff sentence. Oh wait...


You mean Brock Turner, the rapist who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster in 2015 and then was given a ridiculously light sentence by a judge who was more concerned about the bright future of of promising young rapist Brock Turner than about justice for the woman Brock Turner raped? *That* rapist Brock Turner?


You mean the convicted rapist brock turner.. But yeah - rich privileged kid. Just hope that name will never be forgotten and he'll enjoy the fruits of his 'few minutes of action ' forever.


I have a similar story (2-13) but my brother was my attacker. I know exactly what your wonderful bf experienced that night except I had no one to save me. This set me up for 3 separate adult rapes. You are my damned hero for stepping in a saving someone who was being attacked in the worst possible way. I’m so sorry you all went through this maddening experience. You did the right thing. I’m f(45).


I’m so sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves what you’ve gone through. You are a trooper and an incredibly strong person. My heart goes out to you!


I really tought OP was a woman until the last lines 😅 OP being able to beat the shit out of his sister makes more sense (though it didn’t surprise me because I have some pretty violent and strong girl friends when angry lol) But OP’s bf being gay on top of it makes the sister’s attempt even worse


Your own flesh and blood betrayed you. People suck. I hope your boyfriend can find some semblance of peace and normalcy one day, OP.


I'm so glad you saved your SO. Holy shit your sister knew about his trauma right? And she still tries to take advantage of him? Trying to "change" him? That's so fucking disgusting. I feel bad for Mark, I hope he'll get therapy and recover soon. Can't imagine him reliving his own trauma. I would literally kill her right then and there if it happened to my own SO. Glad she got all of those punishments tho. Really glad your parents took you and your boyfriend's side rather than your disgusting sister. And OP, you are really lucky you have it recorded cuz I felt like a lot of cases where men get SA'ed are getting brushed off and pretty much unbelievable. I still feel her punishment is a bit too light ngl. Really wish for both of you to have a nice life and get through this together. Trauma is no joke. Oh and wish both of you also the happiest and best marriage in the future.


Thank you :) I wish it was talked about more but a lot of people actually think that they can change the minds of homosexuals. While I do have some attraction to girls I am definitely more attracted to men however some girls see that is a challenge. They’ve never taken it to the point my sister has but I have had some girls who have flirted with me while knowing that I am mostly attracted to men. Vice versa too, a lot of men think they can try to get with lesbians, it’s really sad


True lol. At first i denied i actually love men because of reasons. But now i happily with my SO for 7 months and I hope i can be with him forever. Damn about the lesbian part, actually reminds me of that one video where jojo shiwa came out and there's this one comment on twitter from some random dude which was like. "You just haven't find the right man ;)" Ew. Would love to hear some more updates about you, mark, and your sister. Wish both of you well ☺️☺️☺️


as someone with ptsd, let me just say you did an amazing thing. mark was paralyzed by fear, just like i have been many times before. you’re his hero. and i hope your sister served every day of her sentence and not a minute less. she deserved everything she got. i hope you and your boyfriend are doing well now. take care and hold on to each other 💚💐


My heart breaks for your boyfriend 😢 as a fellow survivor I can understand how damaging that was for him. He doesn't deserve the pain she caused. I hope she learned her fuckin lesson. Much love to you and your boyfriend


holy fuck, this definitely is nuclear...woah


Lmao my first thought reading title, "did this asshole really proudly exclaim he beat the shit out of his sister?" After reading : understandable, carry on


You might not be proud of what you did, but I am. Good for you.


Am so sorry for what you both went through but very glad you had your family support you both through this. Some people are so ridiculously confident that they can have anything they want they go beyond normal boundaries, hopefully your sister can now understand she was in the wrong and that no means no. Am so happy that your court system recognised what she did as a sexual assault and punished her for it. She should have spent longer in jail but knowing she has the tag of a sex offender and no support from the family will sting just as much. Good luck to you both for the future


Thank you :)


There is no way this is true


Actually the sentencing she received makes this story even more realistic in my opinion.


i would have used the great dane on the sister personally but what u did works too ig


Butler is a big scaredy-cat 🥴


Jesus, that is horrible. I hope your partner pursues a civil case against your sister considering the regression.


The title made me go “whoa, man” at first, but having read it I have to admit I probably would have done the same thing.


When I read the part where you said you bulked up I just thought Oh shit we are gonna get a Baki level beating on that MF


Sadly over the course of the proceedings I haven’t been able to work out as much so I’ve lost some of my bulk :(


Still from how you have described the beating I can only picture one fight like that look up handyman vs Speck because if I assume correctly it went with you beating you sister’s face in almost


Violence isn’t the answer…. Except for this. It’s the only answer, actually.


Hey man I hope you're doing better now, fuck the people who are defending this literal SA-er just because of her gender. Hope your boyfriend is doing better tho man, and I hope you two make it out of this alright. All the love and support to you two, you deserve it


Also, not to prod into it too deep because I don't want to make you reveal things you don't want too, but how did your family take it? Like thier opinions and stuff. Anyways hope your boyfriend knows there's thousands of people who support him through his journey


Thank you for your kind words! My family has been super supportive through everything and even helped us pay with all the legal stuff. Mark‘s two older sisters and grandma have also been really involved in helping him heal. His older sister staying with us for Easter! None of us talk to my sister, our whole entire family have cut her off. It’s been hard on my mom because she and my sister have always been really close but she said she cannot look over what she did. Overall we’re all doing better and slowly healing :)


I've been lurking on this but I just wanted to say that I am so happy to hear that your entire family is standing by you. It's sad to know that that isn't automatically the case in a lot of situations. I'm so glad to hear your family isn't excusing your sister's predatory behavior.


She got everything she deserved. As a woman, I am appalled at her behavior and she is very lucky you stopped beating her, I don't know if I could've shown the same restraint.


I found this post through a screenshot of some feminazi Instagram post which had a screenshot of this story and said some shit to the affect of "there is no reason for a man to ever hit a woman" like wtf, I am a feminist myself but Jesus. I think a good way to see if it is logic or bias is to think of it the other way around, if a man sexually harassed a woman in her home knowing she already has trauma, that same Instagram account would have been advocating murder like wtf.in generally men shouldn't hit women, but in a case of defending yourself or someone else it's warranted.


I'm proud of you OP!! Not only for defending Mark, but for not killing Sally. If that had been me, she most likely would not have been alive. My anger is excessive when it comes to stuff like that. But I'm also a victim, so it makes sense. Give Mark this reddit strangers love, and tell him that he can definitely get past this. It is possible to heal. I did. ♥️ Give butler loves, and give yourself some grace, because Sally absolutely deserves every punch and hit she got. Good on you!!


What a nasty person she is. * she knew your partner gay. * she knew of his trauma. * she selfishly decided to try and change him because she wanted him. * she had no problems with morals. Not thinking, "oh, that's my brothers boyfriend" * so untrustworthy.


She ruined her life because she was "trying to change his mind" that is a bs excuse your sister was probably trying to have sex with him the sue him for rape keep the baby and get child support. OP your reaction is 100% understandable I hope it didn't have any negative impacts for you and Mark


I'm surprised by your lack of legal trouble It seemed to move well past self defence and into that of an aggressor Are you not located in the US and face a jurisdiction with a more lineient scale? I know in Australia you'd be charged with serious assault charges


Depending on the state he could have called upon the Castle Doctrine? Because it happened in his own home and there was a dangerous situation he could have shot her and still gotten away with it reasonably fine. But given that OP's language is not primarily English, i would guess that this happened somewhere outside the US


Stand your ground/castle doctrine defense requires a reasonable belief that deadly force is necessary in the moment. You’re right that he almost definitely could have shot her and gotten away with it, because it would have been over with the shot. But most prosecutors would likely see the beating scenario differently. The initial use of force would be justified, but once she was subdued and the threat neutralized, continuing the beating would probably rate an aggravated assault charge. With mitigating circumstances, of course, and probably (hopefully) a pretty light sentence.


Yeah nah, in australia he wouldn't be charged as he was defending a sexual assault victim, and they've got her offending on video.


what you did was right and it was natural instinct. I would have done the same . I think you both are lucky to have each other . You are a great partner .




I'm surprised by your lack of legal trouble It seemed to move well past self defence and into that of an aggressor Are you not located in the US and face a jurisdiction with a more lineient scale? I know in Australia you'd be charged with serious assault charges


She deserved every swing you gave her. Fuck her for her selfish behavior.


Not really revenge just a lashed out moment.


Except they pressed charges, she has to pay them, and she's now a registered ... offender, and has (had) to spend time in prison. Idk, sounds like revenge to me.


This is so satisfying. Question, has she tried to contact you? What has been her reaction ?


I cut her out of my life the night everything happened. Any contact we had was through our lawyers. Now, I have her blocked on everything.


Normally I do not condone violence and hope people can change but your sister sounds like a grad A psychopath incapable of remorse or change. I completely understand why you did what you did. Your a good man and honestly I'm surprised she's facing consequences most women fly under the radar for things like this.


I'm so sorry for what happened to Mark and you and I am so happy you got to beat the shit out of your sister. I hope you'll both heal (you and Mark) and I hope she burns in hell.


Thank you for your kind words :)


> r*ape You're doing it wrong


I pray for Mark's recovery and health. Your sister should be happy she got out alive!


Don’t know how I stumbled across your story but itn was very interesting and obviously tragic. thank you for sharing. After everything I hope you and “Mark” are okay. All the best for the future


dang, thats brutal but deserved... not sure how i feel about this


The outcome of this post restores my faith in humanity


I'm so relieved everyone took this case of sexual assault seriously, sadly not a common thing when it's a male victim.


She got what she deserved and then some, sending positive vibes to you and your partner hoping he recovers soon.


If you are okay with me asking, how are you and Mark doing now? Is he okay(or well, as okay as you can be in this scenario), is his therapy going okay?


We’re healing slowly. Mark’s getting better day by day. His older sister is actually staying with us for Easter. He still has a long way to go but he’s making progress and I’m really proud of him. I showed him the comments and he’s so incredibly thankful for all the support.


I wish you both all the best! Hope everything coming your way will be good


I feel so bad for Mark and what he has been through. I really hope that things get better and you two always stay strong


You are absolutely in the right for how you handled that situation. I hope you and your boyfriend are doing okay!


Man I’m very sorry you have the displeasure to have this person As a “sister”. I hope your BF heals and wish lots of happiness to you both.


You are amazing! I'm so happy with how you handled it. I dont condone violence but this time im so damn happy. I'm so happy she got the justice she deserves. I really hope Mark is going to be okay! His very strong and I'm so sorry for what you both have been through. What his been through is awful and when I read it I actually cried I wish you both the best and I hope you can both recover from a disgusting situation ❤


What makes this even worse (but either way it is really messed up) is that even after he started screaming and crying she still tried to get with him, that’ s what makes my blood boil.


Be proud, you did the right thing. Its gonna be okay.


I read this yesterday and was horrified, and then I suddenly remembered that both OP and partner are male. Not only was this sexual assault, but the sister was probably one of those people who "try to make people straight".


I think she got exactly what she deserved


Holy shit only 60 days??? Man, she deserves at least 8 years in prison 😕


I personally believe she deserves a lifetime. She only got 60 days because there was no “penetration of any kind.”


she totally deserves life, anyone who does that deserves the worst fucking punishment known to man, but sadly that is almost impossible, the court would never allow it. 8-10 years is the max i believe they would give her, and even now, we can see they only gave her 60 days, its fucking pathetic how little they care about the trauma side of crimes. its truly disguisting


I totally agree


Wow, your sister is a piece of shit. I don’t blame you at all for beating her within an inch of her life…you did the right thing.


I'm giving you and mark hugs from afar. You are unforgettable


God, i just wanted to say I'm so sorry this happened to you. Especially Mark, even if this was awhile ago, you both have my condolences. Your Sister is very much in the wrong Op and what you did was veey much necessary. I hope your healing well and have a good day :)


M8 u shouldent be sorry and that bitch got what she had coming.


Wowww, your sister is a piece of shit. She deserved that ass beatin


Her life is destroyed. She had the tittle of sex offender and who will marry her till 10 years and then she hits the wall it's over but she deserves it..


I was kinda confused until I saw they were both men and gay. LOL Sister deserved it.Btw its horrible she would say she was tryna change his mind after knowing mark found it disturbing


You were trying to protect someone that had been through the horrible experience of sexual assault, parental assault has to be a very different type of hell on earth. I'm sorry this event even happened as his ptsd has to be a bitch. This whole thing sucked, there is no winning OP. I would have done the same thing!


I'm not saying she deserved it (I am, I am saying that) but she 100% deserved it.


Wow i am seathing at the moment I wish i could say something about her but the mods would send me into the 7th layer of hell


You did everything correctly. I’m so sorry for your partner Mark. I also suffered sexual abuse and completely feel the terror of these actions from your sister and the terrifying paralyzing fear he must have felt… Fuck Sally she got what she deserves. Man or women you NEVER get to touch someone who doesn’t want to be touched. Don’t touch people without their consent, that is sexual assault. I don’t care if you have a penis or not. Don’t touch someone without consent.


The HELL was that girl thinking???? Doesn't EVERYONE know that "conversion therapy" doesn't work??? You say you're not proud of what you did, but what you actually did was to protect your partner. I might be wrong, but I think protecting anyone from sexual assault is heroic, no matter who the attacker is. I'm sure Mark agrees. Also, your sister didn't have a "crush" on Mark. She was a predator stalking a victim.


I have to say, its refreshing to see a famoly back up the abused boyfriend instead of their daughter. OP has good parents.


I hope Mark is doing better. Thinking good thoughts for both of you!


As someone who had a family member do that to one of my family members, you did what you had to do. And upon reading the update, I felt sick just reading what she did


Proud of you OP. Violence isn’t always the answer, but she was a predator and you protected your boyfriend. “Thought I could change his mind” WTF.


OP, I’d just like to suggest maybe looking into EMDR therapy for Mark. It sounds too good to be true but I can honestly say it does work. Hope you are all doing well.


I don’t condone violence. But I condone love and protecting. I pray therapy is helping him as I see this has been a while since it was posted. Good bless you and your boyfriend/fiancé(?!)/wishful thinking husband (?!!!!).


I generally don’t condone violence but sometimes you just need to beat the crap out of someone.