Lynn valley winners is a 2/5


Everyone’s mad and I’m over here like I love winners !!!!!


There are plenty of old timer shore people raging about this on social media. The hilarious thing is where were these people when the theatre was open? I always visited it when there was barely any people going. I grew up down the road from this cinema, my teenaged years were filled with opening that side door for friends when nobody was looking. The last time I visited it was pretty clear the theatre was showing it's age and on it's last legs. No offense to the people who wanna go on a nostalgia trip, but the park royal VIP theatre is just a better experience now that there's no going back from. I don't wanna sit in those old tiny little seats anymore. The heated wide recliners are great at Park Royal. Location-wise, there's much more to choose from for restaurants and it's a short walk from the beach before heading to a movie. Sorry to say, but some things get left in the past for a reason. Didn't miss it when the old P&T theatre closed and don't really care that it's now opening as a Winners, either.


Someone downvoted you. But that was not deserved. I upvoted you because you are right.


Sorry not sorry. The Park Royal VIP experience is just better than whatever was at Park and Tilford Cineplex. The seats are wider, the sound system is better and you can order booze directly to your seat. Not to mention more places for dinner in the area either before or after a show. In the summer time I loved having dinner at the nearby beach before a movie then getting boozed up at the Taphouse afterwards when it was dark. Some people just wanna cry and whine about everything I guess.


A few comments in relation to this post. People should be aware that when a grocery store and a drug store are leasing space within a shopping centre their leases typically have restrictions on the owner leasing space to another same use (i.e. Bulk Barn, WF, No Frills & LD therefore not viable options). Liquor stores have radius restrictions they can't move within a 1 km radius of another unless already in that radius and cannot move closer to another if they relocate within that 1 km radius (this centre already has a liquor store). The conversion of a sloped floor theatre space with cement walls costs in the millions to convert therefore cost needs to align with the rent a tenant can pay... Tenants are also a deciding factor in a landlords option for space, one may think a tenant is a good fit however if they feel they serve a market between Park Royal and Brentwood unfortunately the landlord is out of luck. People are quite opinionated about what is the "right" fit but are unfortunately not aware of the restrictions that could be impacting the property.


Yeah who needs competition and lower prices.


Another wasted opportunity.


Hoping to see a No Frills on the North Shore or a Bulk Barn . The Bulk barn is in a poor location right now on the north shore


I was hoping city market would have been a no frills.


Need a London Drugs


Oh good this should be great for the otherwise already overcrowded parking lot…. Also fuck fast fashion


Have you parked in that parking lot recently? There's always spots open and lots of them at all times of the day. Lol


Agreed I’ve never seen it full


I miss Esplanade


Yeah wtf




Disappointing. Hopefully Cineplex opens a new location in North Van in the near future


All the one at park royal isn't too far I guess


Winners fucking sucks! Did you know that they mostly stock items that have been produced with the intention of selling them at these places? So when you think you are buying discounted goods, you are just paying for lower quality items.


I heard a rumour it was going to be a Rec Room. Disappointing!!


That's disappointing. So many memories there


That was a Loser move by Winners.


I was hoping for a night club or bowling alley or some other fun thing to do. There's a really limited amount of entertainment value standing in line for ice cream...


King pin on 13th. I was hoping for an arcade


We absolutely need more than King Pin. King Pin is fine. But it take about an hour to actually get a lane. That sucks.


Wow I was anticipating something interesting. But par for the course north shore adds something that we already have and adds no value


They should put another kick 🦵 ass Whole Foods in !


I love browsing in SF... There are 360 brand is good value also.... Just with inflation now it's just so cost prohibitive ...I mean before it was already known as "whole paycheck"... now it's "whole paycheck and a half"




I miss that movie theatre so much, there was nothing better than randomly going in at 9 PM and just finding a spot for any movie playing. I really don’t think the spot needs a Winners…


I feel like it's a bit of a weird spot for a Winners, but I'm not complaining too much. I love Winners. I'm wondering what else they would've used the space for... I can't think of many other large retailers besides another grocery store going into a space like that. Large spaces nowadays are exclusively being taken over by grocery stores or Winners/Homesense, lol! Or they're being chopped up into multiple smaller retail spaces.


When I looked up the building permits one morning I thought it had BCL as the permit taker. I realize now that it was probably the permit for the BC cannabis I was looking at but I imagined that space to be the perfect spot for a giant BCL cold zone with tons of storage for distribution to other liquor stores. Not going to lie, I’m sort of disappointed with another winners but that’s really only because they don’t ever have what I’m looking for.


Ooof that would've been legit. A mega hub BCL in the community that is...ironically....lacking a BCL


What a complete waste when there’s already 2 others on the north shore :/


Likely going to lose the one up in Lynn Valley in the next stage of mall re-construction. That's a reason why they'd open a new one so close by.


wish there was a 2nd cineplex on the north shore, not just at park royal in west van. the ones that used to be at esplanade/chesterfield and park & tilford were convenient alternatives. has anyone heard of any other plans for another one in the works or being considered?


No it's not their business model. Their model is 1 mega to serve a wider community not multiple smaller to serve local communities. The next closest build would be something like Squamish. Or downtown/Coquitlam but those exist already.


Considering cineplex purposefully shut this one down, and bought Esplanade and shut it down, I think that we’re sadly stuck with just park royal unless an independent theatre opens up.


I seriously wished north van had a theatre, but it's not too bad that park royal is not too far of a drive or bus ride. We lack a lot of the popular businesses that every other city has at least one location of.


I miss the vibe at the Esplanade one. Just felt relaxed and cozy.


The fact the we could just walk to the movies was really something


Not the store I was expecting to move in, but not the worst one either. I've actually been shopping there a bit more often than normal lately. Especially considering other value alternatives like Value Village are skyrocketing in price and are far away.


Well that’s lame.


Is Park and Tilford now just an open concept version of Lynn Valley Mall?


Lynn Valley Mall is terrible. The whole thing has been taken over by services rather than stores. Services don’t draw in people just window shopping and it seems every time I go in there there’s less and less people in it. I was there right before Christmas when you think a mall would be busy and it was a ghost town.


Lynn Valley Mall is in the process of being redeveloped into a new High Density residential complex with a support mall in the base. At least they are doing it in stages. Our Oakridge Mall near us was just plain shut down except for the medical dental offices and a Crate and Barrel. Everything else was just cratered and is being rebuilt now.


Lynn valley center is great for people who live nearby. Save on, winners, Lynn valley bakery , BCL, banks, shoppers, butcher shops, dollar store, kins market, Starbucks, fresh slice, A&W, cannabis store might be coming soon.


I’ve lived in Lynn Valley my entire life. It also used to have a bookstore, a gift shop, a toy store, a European Deli, and a coffee shop. Hell, there use to be a Zellers too. I’m not saying what you’ve listed isn’t good, but they aren’t new, and you’re going there specifically for those places, not for window shopping. Lynn Valley mall is just catering to needs, which don’t draw shoppers. If you want to be a successful mall you need a larger variety of places for people to browse.


Well Amazon has taken over book stores, perhaps even gift shops.... Do you still see potential for that area with nicer restaurants and shops with all the build-up they have going on there?


If that was the route they were going? Yeah that’d be great. But they don’t seem to be. You’d think with brand new developments there’s be at least a somewhat nice quality restaurant. What have we gotten from the new development? Dominos and Quesada, a realtor and a daycare. I’d love to see even a small gift shop with local handmade products or a shoe store. Somewhere that would draw people to browse, but the mall seems to be going in the opposite direction


Mall are dying and have been for a while now. We shop different now. And malls don't have the same draw currency that they used to.


Don't get me started. Lynn valley mall is a joke. They put in all these new condo buildings and the new businesses are lame. No new restaurants, just a Browns and Black Bear ( both lame, the Bear is on the chopping block) for condos with no replacement. Putting in 2000+ new units in the area and thats all we have. Pathetic. DNV is a joke