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For the first 10-20 seconds I was audibly saying "oh no, oh no what's gonna happen to them?" As if I didn't already know. Still shocking.


I turned it off before anything happened thankfully wtf


After they are ground like that do they throw it away or use it for something?


Dog food or animal feed. These are egg chickens, not meat chickens, they end up thin and useless to the industry, so this way they can use them for something and they are instantly killed.


they aren’t egg chickens. that’s why they’re getting killed in the first place because they’re male and can’t lay eggs


Well sorta, the females are geneticly engineered to lay bigger and better eggs, the males can't and are not usefull as meat chickens.


As an FYI, there is no genetic engineering in poultry. All of it has been done via selective breeding and nutritional improvements (the latter becoming more important as we improve at the former). No spliced genes or anything too weird. Source: 4+ years in poultry research.


How could you work here though? They’re so cute. How are you able to just grind them alive


There is an initial shock factor, and then people become numb to it. They disassociate the logic and emotion.


A lot of them are depressed too


Simple answer is you're poor and don't have the privilege to find another job


Well, if you are eating eggs of any kind, you are actually paying the chicken factories to do this. It's your funding paying their wages.


NOT excess chicks. Male chicks. Chicks that won't lay eggs if they are left to live.


Thanks for clarifying, makes more sense


The males are also not meat chickens, they end up thin and unless to the industry. When they are shredded like this they end up as some sort of animal feed or dog food, so nothing ends up wasted. This is also a lot better than the alternative methods of killing these chick's, which is suffocation by gas chamber, or crushing them under the weight of hundreds more in a massive plastic bag. This way death is instant and relatively painless.


Even small hobby farmers have to do this. We use ye ol' cloth and hammer. If you don't like it, stop eating eggs. Because there is no world in which eggs exist but culling roosters doesn't.


there are people working on ways to identify the eggs that will hatch males but it is till some ways off


They are already in the process of being mandatory in some countries like Germany and France.


Some of the eggs also specify that they raise roosters


I haven't found any yet where I live, and I always look when a new egg brand comes out. I always look for humane certifications and do pasture raised, but my family is so weird that they don't like the taste of the pasture raised eggs. I used to live on a few farms so I love the rich taste of eggs from chickens that eat bugs and live outside, but they are so used to the pale yolk sickly eggs that it's become standard. Not advocating for the false dyed yolks either, but a yolk from a healthy chicken is quite delicious. I used to pick them out of the nest and walk to the kitchen and fry them. We never had to kill chicks, the roosters would eventually take out ones they didn't want around unfortunately. Not my system, but that's how it went. Always the biggest guy who did that, he would keep other males around though. I was working once and found a chick I thought escaped, I chased him (?) around awhile and scooped him up, gave him a snuggle, and took him to the herd and to the mama whose little flock had chicks that seemed that exact age. He looked a tiny bit different as far as coloration, but I didn't think too much of it. Turns out it was a lost chick from a nearby jungle chicken. The rooster saw the mama chicken reject him, through all the chaos of their giant run, and went to the chick. After sniffing him a few times he started to peck him, and him and 2 other roosters pecked and clawed the baby to death. I couldn't even stop them, the big guy did not care. I felt so guilty. I have a lot of chicken stories. Its always life or death with chickens, it's weird but that's where you learn those lessons.


That was a horrifying read


Yay, we can bring selective abortion to chickens but not abortion for whatever reason to humans (in the USA). Great News!


>This way death is instant and relatively painless. Well most of them at least. As the video clearly showed. Some of them miraculously survive the meat grinders for a short time at least.


Yah some of them hit it or get stuck on the edge for a second or two. That's still very fast when you compare it to slaughter houses.


It's a slomo video at that point


Chicken sorting system 💀


Does that one have balls? Hmmmm looks like it doesn’t ok into the coop Does that one have balls? Oop looks like it doesn’t ok into the breeder you go Does that one have balls? Oop, it appears it does, into the paper shredder with you


This is unironically how it works, chicken sexer is an actual job just inspecting chicken genitals all day


Vent Sexing was discovered by the Japanese in 1920 as a reliable and novel approach to determining the sex of day-old chickens. In 1933, Professors Masui and Hashimoto published “Sexing Baby Chickens” in English. In 1934 Dr. Kiyoshi Oxawa visited North America and taught the method in Queensland. From 1935 onward, this method of how to tell the sex of baby chicks was quickly adopted by large-scale poultry companies across North America. It was the first reliable method of determining the sex of chicks and hatcheries use this method even today. Vent sexing is a procedure of holding the day-old chick in one hand, spreading open the vent, and viewing the copulatory organs to determine sex based on shape. Warning: there are 18 different shapes possible with a two female and two male shapes that will appear as close matches for the opposite sex. Essentially, the view reveals a shape much like a necklace with “beads” of different sizes, largest in the center. The males have a round/globe-like center “bead”; the females have a flat or concave center “bead.” Skilled vent sexers historically have had a 90% success ratio, with some modern reports claiming a success ratio of 95%. In any case, this method of how to tell the sex of baby chicks does work very well, but requires skill and training.


Haha now I can’t be yelled at by the bot that removes joke comments


It also pays exceptionally well and is highly in demand.


You'd be surprised but most of that is still done by humans, it's a highly trained and well paying job apparently. It's called being a 'chicken sexer', and I can't even think of another legitimate career that looks worse on your resume.


And even if this seem cruel, these chicks probably have a more peaceful life than any of the females will ever get.


Correct, I still can't belive how industrial egg farms aren't considered animal abuse


Most jurisdictional animal abuse laws specifically exempt livestock


Same with pest animals, which is why stuff like glue traps for mice doesn't run afoul of animal cruelty laws.




Agreed except it doesn’t seem cruel, it is. Only one of those lines had a gassing chamber to knock out the chicks before they were crushed.


They are the same thing. Male chicks are the excess chicks when it comes to hatcheries (which is what the video shows). But I accept your point, the title would have been clearer if it stated they are males.


There is a dirty jobs episode in the first season that covers this. Even small farms will get their egg layers from factory farms like this. They get sent in the USPS in cardboard boxes. Apparently the chick's don't need food or water for the first 72 hours post hatch making fairly easy. The male chick's get get ground up for animal feed. There is some footage used here that the episode uses as well.


The early seasons of Dirty Jobs were honestly so amazing. On paper, it just looked like a show about Mike Rowe doing “nasty and gross” jobs but it was so educational seeing him hop around to various businesses and lifestyles from farms, sewer management and to even coal mining.


Regardless of how you view him, he definitely showed work you’ll never see, and how hard it is.


Definitely weird he ended up on the side opposing worker protections and fair compensation for those jobs


[Citations Needed Episode 64: Mike Rowe’s Koch-Backed Working Man Affectation](https://citationsneeded.libsyn.com/episode-64-mike-rowes-koch-backed-working-man-affectation) >In recent years, television personality Mike Rowe has amassed a wildly popular following due to alleged working-class straight talk about topics ranging from the affordability of college to reasserting a culture of pride in craftsmanship and labor. From his 5.2 million Facebook followers to his cable programs, his everyman schtick, on its surface, can be very appealing: after all, who doesn’t love a hard day’s work and loathe detached, ivory tower eggheads? >But hiding under his superficially appealing blue-collar façade is dangerous ideology, one funded by the Koch Brothers and other far-right, anti-labor corporate interests and specifically tailored to pick off a certain constituency of Home Depot Democrats while pushing political impotence, anti-union narratives and anti-intellectualism. Through a clever combination of working class affectation and folksy charm – often exploiting real fears about a decline in industrialization – Rowe has cultivated an image that claims to be pro-worker, but primarily exists to line the pockets of their boss.


Yea almost as weird as how most people on the other side tend to be bottle fed aristocrat wannabes who make all their money by manipulating numbers.


The real conflict is between workers and the people that exploit them, not republicans and democrats (who are typically only negligibly better).


I wonder how many female chicks get accidentally culled. No way humans are processing that many chicks without missing a bunch.


Being able to immediately tell male from female chicks (called “sexing”) is a valuable and fairly lucrative skill, especially for farm work. They don’t make too many mistakes — a qualified sexed identifies the chick’s sex correctly at least 98% of the time — and they are well paid for it. If you’re really interested: https://psmag.com/.amp/magazine/the-lucrative-art-of-chicken-sexing


In one of the games I played, one of the villagers could join you with the job "chicken sexer". For a while he was one of the highest paid people in the town. No wonder.


Yeah, it’s not easy. I never figured it out while I was working in an Immunology lab. Chickens are excellent subjects for studying how our organs (in our case the immune system obviously) develops in an embryo into the fully functioning adult organs. Chicken embryos can be studied in the egg without harming the chick, and are therefore very useful. But I bet I’ve crack more eggs than most short-order cooks.


I work in industrial automation and worked on a project using specialized lighting and cameras to determine if the egg is a male or a female before it's hatched. Success rate, >99%.


In my experience, a good sexer is about 95+% accurate. Theyre pretty phenomenal. I'd hate the job, knowing that im sorting thousands of animals per day to their doom.


Those are males they are killing not excess chicks. I’ve seen this documentary before


Exactly. And it’s part of the chicken raising industry, not eggs to be sold. Eggs to be sold are not fertilized and they are taken immediately after being laid.


Where do you think they get the females that lay the eggs???


Don't cows just shit them out, fully formed?


yes but they get energy by eating trees from the actual rainforest.


Which is why there's a bubblegum shortage because most of those trees are rubber trees.


Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.


Dominion? My god that was a hard watch


they didn't show this part in the chicken episode of how it's made :c


This is the type of shit that gets people to become vegan >!and the shit that crazy extremists use as an excuse to call meat eaters monsters.!<


Meat eaters aren't monsters. Just cognitively dissonant. [watchdominion.org](https://watchdominion.org/) If you don't think there's anything wrong with where your food came from, you should be able to sit through Dominion without any issues.


You see, you’re the pieces of ass that I’m talking about. You’ve made 2 assumptions about me based off of my single comment. 1: You assumed that I eat meat, and 2: you assumed that I don’t think the shit that goes down in meat production companies aren’t fucked up. You’re the crazy extremists I’m talking about. You’re the dissonant one here. I don’t care if you’re vegan or why you are. I don’t respect people like you who use animal abuse as an excuse to call people who’ve done nothing to harm animals monsters. There are companies that produce their meat products with as little harm towards the animals as possible, and there are meat eaters who are not only aware of the companies that do abuse the animals being sent to be eaten, but **literally fucking avoid buying food from them**. You’re the reason vegans are so looked down upon by society. People like you who force shit down people’s throats cause so many people to generalize for no good reason.


I wonder, where did I call meat eaters monsters? I used to be one. I wasn't heartless, I just didn't face what I was paying for. Killing sentient beings for our tastebuds is wrong, in and of itself. And how many people actually buy their meat from 'responsible' companies? A tiny fraction. Most of the meat people buy in supermarkets come from industry farms with horrific conditions. What about dog meat? It's absolutely unjustifiable to eat dogs. And so it is with pigs, cows, chickens, or any farm animal. They're all sentient beings. Would it be justified to eat dog meat if it came from a 'responsible' source? But sure, keep hating on the vegans who unveil your cognitive dissonance.


>I wonder, where did I call meat eaters monsters? You don’t need to directly say it to convey the opinion and have the belief, and trust me, you’re fooling no one. >I used to be one. I wasn't heartless, I just didn't face what I was paying for. Well now you have, and if it makes you vegan, go on, power to you. **Shut the fuck up and stop forcing shit down peoples’ throats.** >Killing sentient beings for our tastebuds is wrong, in and of itself. People have killed animals for thousands of years. I think being killed in a factory is a lot less painful than any method weave had up until now. And I’m sure there’re animals in the wild who like the taste of meat and eat when they aren’t hungry because of it. But that doesn’t make them monsters in your eyes. If your response to that would be “well they need to eat to survive”, you’re not reading my comment. >And how many people actually buy their meat from 'responsible' companies? A tiny fraction. Prove it then, if you’re so sure. >Most of the meat people buy in supermarkets come from industry farms with horrific conditions. Prove that to me too, all you’ve told me is that every single meat eater is “cognitively dissonant”, and showed me that dominion is fucked up. No links. No sources. All bullshit until you prove it. >What about dog meat? It's absolutely unjustifiable to eat dogs. And so it is with pigs, cows, chickens, or any farm animal. They're all sentient beings. Wild animals don’t care. Should we tell them to stop eating meat too? Moreover, if people didn’t have dogs as pets, we’d probably eat them too, and you wouldn’t use it as a weapon against meat eaters. >Would it be justified to eat dog meat if it came from a 'responsible' source? Because of how commonly we have them as pets, even meat eaters would be quick to label companies that did that as monsters ignoring whether or not they abuse their animals like you are right now. >But sure, keep hating on the vegans who unveil your cognitive dissonance. I hate on dissonant vegans who’re too blinded by their own ignorance.


> You don’t need to directly say it to convey the opinion and have the belief, and trust me, you’re fooling no one. Sounds like projection. > Well now you have, and if it makes you vegan, go on, power to you. Shut the fuck up and stop forcing shit down peoples’ throats. Is opposing dog meat forcing shit down the throats of people participating in Yulin? What makes dogs deserving of life but not farm animals, aside from our favoritism, choosing them as companion animals? Pigs, for one, are as sentient and capable of thought and emotion as dogs. > People have killed animals for thousands of years. I think being killed in a factory is a lot less painful than any method weave had up until now. And I’m sure there’re animals in the wild who like the taste of meat and eat when they aren’t hungry because of it. But that doesn’t make them monsters in your eyes. If your response to that would be “well they need to eat to survive”, you’re not reading my comment. You lead me to a good point. Nowadays, humans are able to live healthily on a plant based diet, so there is no need to harm animals for food aside from taste. Carnivorous animals aren't monsters, because they do not have moral agency as humans do. Hamsters eat their own babies, male lions kill the cubs of their mates that aren't their own (and this is not necessary for their survival). Is it therefore OK if humans do the same? Why not? Because humans have moral agency. > Prove it then, if you’re so sure. [US Factory Farming Estimates](https://www.sentienceinstitute.org/us-factory-farming-estimates) Now why don't you show me your source for how many people buy their meat from humane companies? > Prove that to me too, all you’ve told me is that every single meat eater is “cognitively dissonant”, and showed me that dominion is fucked up. No links. No sources. All bullshit until you prove it. See above. You have also provided 0 sources for your claims so far. > Wild animals don’t care. Should we tell them to stop eating meat too? Moreover, if people didn’t have dogs as pets, we’d probably eat them too, and you wouldn’t use it as a weapon against meat eaters. Wild animals have no moral agency unlike humans, that's the point. People would eat dogs if they weren't pets, that's the point. Again, that's my point, your position of meat eating would be a tiny bit more respectable if you showed some consistency. What makes dogs superior to other animals? Nothing except we have them as companions. > Because of how commonly we have them as pets, even meat eaters would be quick to label companies that did that as monsters ignoring whether or not they abuse their animals like you are right now. Yes, proving my point. They are against killing dogs for meat but not animals in general, because of favoritism. > I hate on dissonant vegans who’re too blinded by their own ignorance. Oh yes, I'm the ignorant one because I oppose other people killing sentient beings for their tastebuds.


Worst. Amusement. Park. Ride. Ever. One star.




Try *gushing grannies*


I heard this in comic book guys voice


Holy shit!


Working here would totally make you a shell of a person


Good fucking LORD. I knew there was fucked up shit that came with eating farmed animals but this fucked my brain.


Watch Dominion, if you think this is bad you truly have no idea where your food comes from.




Holy shit I couldn't last 6 minutes


Then you should go vegan :)


Dominion is the newer version of Earthlings isn’t it?


In terms of visuals and up to date footage, yes. But I personally like Earthlings better due to its hard-hitting and moving narration. Since people started saying that Earthlings footage is now "outdated" or old and that all this doesn't happen in modern animal ag. these days, new documentaries like Dominion are being made.


this comment made me watch earthlings. I think I am genuinely a vegetarian now. Thank you for sharing this.


If you (or anyone else) are looking for any plant-based recipes or help/support with the change, feel free to DM me. It can be a tough thing to do depending on where you live and your support system.


Don’t stop at vegetarian! The egg ^^, dairy, leather, and wool industries are all part of the same system. Supporting any one is supporting the meat industry. Almost a quarter of all beef in this country comes from dairy cows. All dairy cows are slaughtered at 3-5 years of age, less than a quarter of their lifespan. They are truly truly tortured. Veganism means taking a stand and voting three times a day that you don’t support what happens to the most helpless and innocent victims on our planet. Thank you for caring and making a change!


Beautiful comment.


Thank you for the information. I watched earthlings years ago so I don’t remember everything but the fur from the fox scene will stay with me for life. Truly horrific.


Where can I watch that?


https://watchdominion.org/ Here ya go


I tell all my friends if they can watch all of Dominion I’ll take them out to a steak dinner on me. … only one fucked up guy I worked with actually did. He was a weird mortuary science major.


It was a tricky wank, but I got there! In all seriousness though it made me stop eating meat.


this is horrific but not even the tip of the iceberg of how terrible the farming industry really is.


Oh, so this is what happens when I transfer my extra pokemon. RIP


I feel like there should be more blood…


Not really, new born chicks dont have much capacity for blood




Bro 💀




Most of it is probably absorbed by the feathers when they are crushed


indeed. the last clip in slow motion depicts exactly this, as soon as the blood appears, its gone with the rest.


Feathers aren't absorbent to water based fluids. Imagine if they were, wet birds couldn't do anything.


Every duck would fucking sink and drown 🤣


Is this legal ?


At least in Germany, there are some initiatives to force the farms to get the technical machines to detect the gender before they are born, so they do not need them to shred them alive. This method is of course more expensive, so most farms will just shred them after they are born to save money. But yes, this is legal.


Yeah I think France might be doing similar to Germany, but elsewhere it's legal and standard practice.


This practice will be illegal in France at the end of this year.


As far as i know its illegal in Germany since the start of this year. But we can all guess what happens next- we just export em to countries where its legal, pay them and get the female chicks back- probably still cheaper than the alternatives. Same thing with halal meat. Halal butchering is illegal in Germany - so they buy halal meat in France. Goose liver is illegal in Germany (well the process used to create these huge livers which is basically feeding them threw a tube 5 times per day until the liver is 5 times as big as normal). What do we do - we buy these livers from Poland and the check republic. Its a joke Food industry in itself is a joke. How can it be legal that we collect crabs (edit: shrimps) in Germany, send them to Thailand and Vietnam (or nowederdays morroco) where they get processed and they ship us the processed product back. Just because labor is expensive in Germany. Edit : damn autocorrect. Czech republic - not check republic


What already is happening is that due to the new laws which forbid male chicks to be killed here in Germany there is a shortage of feed for birds and reptiles in zoos or wild bird sanctuaries. So they‘re importing dead chicks from other countries. Given that most of the chicks ended up as animal food and we still keep animals who would like to not starve, I can see exponential growth of the dead chick import business in the future. Not sure if the law intended that to happen, but here we are.


Not only legal but standard practice


Its actually the better option for "culling". They used to just put the baby chicks in airtight containers or w/e to suffocate them slowly to death instead of instantly mincing them, not sure about the whole terrifying death treadmill though, still is unfortunate.


well. that's grim.


The grim dark present.


www.watchdominion.org Make informed choices.


Full disclosure, I hunt probably 60% of the meat I eat, in no small part due to ethical reasons This really shouldn't surprise anybody, and frankly this is about the most ethical way you can cull chicks. When you look at the alternatives, almost all of them involve some from suffocation, which is many times more horrific than the almost instantaneous death the chicks received here. You should absolutely strive to be more ethical and responsible in the production farming industry, but pretending that this is somehow worse merely because they're using a grinder as opposed to a captive bolt gun is stupid and disingenuous. Moreover, it's not like these chicks are being wasted. If you have a cat or dog, there's every chance on the world this is how their food is made.


Suffocation with CO2 is definitely worse, but Argon or an Argon/CO2 mix is better because the suffocated animal doesn't experience choking. It just 'dozes off'. Another method would be to kill the embryo before it can feel pain, but the prohibitive factor in this approach is currently that the embryo's sex can only determined after the ninth day while the killing would be considered humane up to the seventh.


Finally someone who has some sense.




Yup, I'm definitely going to hell for laughing at this


Quite literally, yes.


“Mechanically separated” chicken was an ingredient in nuggets I bought years ago.. I think this is what they meant. Edit: I was only joking.


Mechanically separated chicken is where they feed the remaining carcass after the good parts come off through a machine that strips every remaining bit of edible material from the chicken.


This has nothing to do with mechanically separated chicken.


i was literally talking about this with my mom a few hours ago. the egg industry is absolutely disgusting.


A lot of people, mostly young or the ignorant, think veganism is about a diet. And they don't understand why vegans care about what they eat. This is what veganism is about. Simply leaving the animals alone, not exploiting them. Remember this footage when you're having an egg. Babies grinded to death, and adult females that went through generations of genetic breeding to lay an absurd amount of eggs, in a cage no larger than itself. There is nothing in an egg you can't get from a non-animal source.




the worst part is, compared to most other animals raised for meat, these chicks probably have the easiest, cleanest, and most painless death. the pigs have it about 10 times worse and those things have intelligence around the same level as dogs iirc.


They are actually much smarter


the ones that we elected arent


All animals are equal, but some are more equal.


Pigs have intelligence of toddlers. I stopped eating all pig products when I found that one out.


Yeah pigs are actually smarter than dogs.


The smartest dogs have an equivalent of a 3 year old


A lot of animals you eat are significantly smarter than we give them credit for. That being said eating them isn't the issue, we're omnivores and meat comes from living creatures, it's how we treat them in life and how we eventually euthanize them when the time comes to collect their meat. If you're at all able to buy meat from sustainable, humane farming practices, by all means, do.


A pig would no qualms about eating you alive


Neither would a toddler. Coincidence?


We gotta take them out before they come for us. Reckon I can take about 20 athletic toddlers solo.


i... i didnt even think about that... o. o


Yeah pigs are so smart but we treat them the worst of any farmed animal. https://eatfair.org/welfare/united-kingdom#pork (NSFW)


Well, my day is certainly ruined after looking at the horrific things animals go through on that website…


Seeing the awful things that farmed animals go through is typically the biggest reason people become vegetarians, so you're definitely not alone.


Death isn't wrong. Suffering is


But vegans bad amiright?


me: hehe funny little fluffy chicks Also me 5 seconds later: NO NO NO NO! STOP IT! NOOOOO!


I'm not a PETA supporter and love poultry as much as the next person but this just makes me sad.


This only happens because you pay to have it done. You don't need eggs. You can stop this with a simple choice. Choose compassion. Go vegan.


I was not expecting to see anything even relatively humane, but holy shit they just throw them into a meat grinder. I need to go lay down.


I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit, but this…I physically felt the heat from inside


"Sanctity of life". Life is precious only if you are human...


The value of life is a scale from human life at the top down to microbes.


Its not even for humans either, it's just a bullshit lie we tell each other because deep down we are afraid that if we dont then someone might decide to kill us.




At least it’s a quick death :/


Humans as a species are disgusting


I honestly believe that any species that rises to the top to reshape the world in an attempt to progress and advance will engage in this kind of behaviour until science and technology have caught up enough to avoid killing other species. And until recently, none of this was even of any concern because the assumption was that apart from homo sapiens, all other species are inferior in pretty much all aspects, and incapable of experiencing pain or emotions. People who grew up with that assumption are still alive and well today. It takes some time for society to transition from "killing animals is totally fine, it doesn't affect them in any way" to "maybe we should take animal consciousness/sentience seriously". Just 100 years ago, we assumed that other humans were inferior, treating them even worse than animals. As much as it hurts to see these things, what do you expect from homo sapiens? Not just since the dawn of civilization, but hundreds of thousands of years before that, our ancestors have been killing to survive. I'm not saying it's deeply encoded into our DNA, but I also don't think it's possible to just stop over night. The loss of life, be it human or other lifeforms throughout the last few million years is inconceivable. And that's ignoring all the long winded suffering that did not result in death, but rape, torture, oppression, exploitation, etc. Our entire existence is built on blood and tears. We literally just started to question this approach, trying to free ourselves from our primitive ways. I just don't think there was any other way to get to this point, not without the necessary insights to understand the horrors of our (in)actions. We simply did not have the mental capacity (or the luxury) to ponder if it is ok to kill in order to eat until a few centuries ago. And even then, it was more about philosophy, not ethics.


It shouldn’t shock any of us but it does because seeing them like that knowing it’s a life and innocent life all so we can have a variety of foods to eat just ridiculous but we can’t complain because either go vegan and be broke or deal with the guilt EDIT- I’m not literally saying you’ll go broke going vegan people it’s a joke because where I live in the uk it’s expensive buying vegan products, I don’t physically mean you’ll go broke. Depending where you are in the world yes it might not be that way but where I am it’s not cheap.


At my local supermarket right now a 400g tin of beans costs less than £1. Meanwhile 400g of chicken is £3.40 so idk what you're talking about going broke lol.


10-15 years ago it was very expensive to be fully vegan as it was tougher to figure out what to eat and the meatless alternatives were more expensive. People still use this excuse but in truth it's 2022 and a pack of vegan nuggets, tofu, etc is cheaper than meat now, and finding out how to eat a proper vegan diet is easy. I am vegetarian only cause I'm weak for the dairy and eggs, but otherwise it's cheaper not buying meat.


Wtf? It’s way cheaper to be vegan unless you buy a bunch of meat-substitutes.


I am vegan and i dont spend over 300$ a month on food even with my large calorie and protein needs to support my gymgoing


Hold on! Going vegan won’t make you broke. There are cheap ways of going vegan. And you can still get all your nutritions and vitamins. Yes, there are tons of vegan products that are trendy and expensive but that’s because: companies. Some of that stuff is tasty and looks good but you don’t need them. Sadly, I do like eggs and milk - which is ironic to admit in a thread like this. I also like honey and cheese. So yeah, I’m an asshole but I eat or drink these things hardly ever. But I just can’t let go.


How the fuck is vegetable more expensive than meat ?


Industrial spawn camping lmao


Omfg right they couldn't even get to a weapons cache


The way they just dump them into a grinder, humanity really is a horribly cruel species.


Every time i look up a movie or series scene with aliens doing all sorts of crazy shit to humans there is allways a bunch of comments about how a species could be so cruel to another. Then i remember we do exactly the same shit on Earth right *now*.


Serious question, since everyone is happy to joke about this: what can consumers do to curb this?


Honestly, the only real way to actually curb it is to go vegan. Most people are not willing—although usually able to buy beans, bread, veggies, fruit, and a $2 block of tofu—to go vegan though. Frozen veggies work too; you can even get bags of them at Dollar Tree for $1.25.


My momma should have told me to think about the male chicks, not the African children when I wouldn't finish my food as a kid.


Those are the male. No eggs, no need. Terrible. There's laws in Europe to prevent that now


Wow.. that’s brutal


ah sweet man made horrors beyond comprehension 😎👍




I get your point about cruelty, at least kill them before you put them in a wood chipper, but what’s the alternative? Farms don’t have the capacity to have countless millions of male chickens running around and doing so would strain their resources even more. Releasing that many chicks into the wild would disrupt the local ecology. So I ask again, what’s the alternative? Don’t just post “meat-eaters bad” content for the sake of it, try to present a viable solution as well.




One solution is too support local farms and stop sourcing from industrial companies. Back when I was a child my father would always come back home with a slaughtered chicken, and right now some local farms slaughter, pack them, and deliver straight to your house.


Why is this so shocking and why are people pretending to be shocked? There is 8 billion people on this planet that need to be fed with hundreds of thousands of McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, subway, Taco Bell, dominos etc fast food places not including the major shopping stores that also sell food wether it be food, clothing, medication, shampoo conditioner, body wash something has to die for us to survive it doesn’t matter what you do something will suffer for you to have something you need


People don’t pretend to be shocked. They either don’t think about it or they would prefer if their meat was slaughtered humanely. I don’t have a problem eating chicken, but putting a live chick through a meat grinder is still pretty shocking for me to see. There’s a butcher at my local farmers market who has records on every animal, so we can know that they lived and died under humane conditions. I don’t have the resources to take this level of care with all my meat, but I certainly would if I could. I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way


Assume for a second it is otherwise humane to have them born, and then kill them[1] Why is a shredder not humane? I mean, certainly it *looks* violent, but it is complete and instantaneous. Isn't that humane? Most other mechanisms seem like they would have a much higher risk of leaving not-quite-dead chicks. [1] there are machines that can detect sex/terminate before they are even medically alive, they just are expensive and rarely used right now


I’d certainly rather they be terminated prior, but I understand that it may be expensive. In the environment we have where that option is not readily available, I think a violent death does make a difference even if it is instantaneous. Functionally the result is the same, but the process is what gets me. I’m personally an animal lover. I will still eat meat and don’t think I should stop doing so, but I also do genuinely love caring for animals. I have family who keeps chickens, and I will help care for them. If the death is instant and non violent, I would have much less concern


While very unpleasant to watch - this is literally the most instantaneous death any farmed animal will receive. I doubt the chicks are even aware of their fate at any point. The non violent alternatives like gassing, drowning, sticking in a sealed plastic bag e.t.c are far more horrific from a suffering point of view.


I've been eating fruits, veggies, nuts, granola, oats, and beans the past 3 months and am not looking back. I'm sure some of that stuff came from the not the best of circumstances but it's better then chewing on flesh.


On today's episode of "Will It Shred.."


How is this legal and ok but abortion is not. Humans make no sense at all




Yeah my mom, who is Christian and raised us that way, literally told me that dogs do not have souls, and she owns dogs. I’m like wtf. They are living beings just like us.


Bro just give them to me


Now I am hungry for chicken :)


Woww, so edgy and cool


Fuck me I wasn't expecting them to just blend live chicks like this fuckkkk I thought they atleast gas killed them before doing so or something


Ah hell nah, I thought they are having a ride but they didn't


This might be horrible, but you gotta admit that seeing thousands of chicks moving on a conveyor belt is pretty goofy


What did you expect? What are they supposed to do with them?


I don’t care who That Vegan Teacher sends, I’m still eating chicken nuggets


We really are a diabolical species aren’t we


I’m not vegan and I find this downright disturbing If you have to kill to eat meat, kill them in a humane and painless method


Yeah it's disgusting. Imagine supporting this. Fucking hell.


Definitely not the brightest part of our history, it's not gonna get better once these factories get fully automated, we'll be able to just forget they even exist.


Yeah maybe vegans are onto something


Stop supporting this murderous industry, you can do it.


People use them as food for .falcons cats ferrets ..


Now THIS belongs on the sub!