Female judge reduces sentence for rapist, because the rape 'only' lasted 11 minutes...

Female judge reduces sentence for rapist, because the rape 'only' lasted 11 minutes...


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the fact that the judge thought the crime was less severe over how long it lasted even though it's literally rape makes me want to vomit out my organs.


It's like giving a murderer a reduced sentence because they "killed them quickly" smh...


I dont think 11 minutes are very quick when youre being raped


I can tell you from experience even 5 minutes feels like an eternity. This post literally made me feel sick n I see a lot of garbage on this sub.


And that's saying nothing of the lifelong period of trauma afterwards..


to be fair you'll get a longer sentence if you torture someone before killing them


Rape lasted 11 minutes. Trauma is a lifetime


According to [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/NoahGetTheBoat/comments/p2zhil/female_judge_reduces_sentence_for_rapist_because/h8pnorz/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) it wasn’t the judge’s fault - she followed the law by the book.


Female judge too.


The fuck, give him a year for every minute!


are you an absolute fool, a decade for every minute


Are you a fool? A life sentence for every minute


Nah screw all that a death sentence for every minute.


your an idiot, an absolute idiot. a century in ***B R A Z I L*** for every minute.


I don't know enough about Brazil to understand if this is a even worse punishment than death


Basically, the joke is that people always tell others to come to Brazil. However, they have recently gained the power to make us come to Brazil


If you just enter Brazil into Reddit’s search bar I guarantee you will find some undercover cop shooting some criminal.


come to the Philippines then, our cops just shoot anyone, beat criminals they don't. No going undercover. if you look and sound foreign, people are more inclined to swindle you.


Life in person anywhere is WAY worse than death. Do you not understand some people don’t fear death? Death is a way out, short, sweet & too the point. Now life in prison ... that’s a mental punishment and a much longer lasting one. The end result is the same too, they die in prison from rather old age or they get brutally raped/murdered. Life in prison is 1,000 times worse than giving someone the death sentence. Plus, unfortunately, it’s cheaper to house someone for life than it is to pay all the legal court fees of putting them on death row. Not to mention it could take YEARS of being on death row before you are actually executed. TL:DR - life in any prison, any where, is a much worse and lasting mental & physical punishment than simply putting someone to death. Time is torture, death is short.


well, actually the prisons here in germany, especially in berlin are very.... comfortable. You have tv, playstation, tablets, internet access, you can buy nearly any food you want... and so on.


I’m American, so this is a genuine question. Does what you say go for all prisoners/prisons within your country regardless of their offenses? Because while we don’t have THAT much luxury within our prisons, there most definitely are ‘better’ & ‘worse’ ones to be housed in. It sorta depends on how bad of a crime the person committed/how often/etc...


First of all, I’m no native English speaker so my English will not be the best… 😊 I can only speak for berlin because I worked there in a jail for more than 10 years. All those benefits were granted regardless of the offense. The mentality here is that the imprisonment is the punishment and that every prisoner should get the chance of social rehabilitation. When we introduced the tablets and internet access to the prisoners, we of course only picked a small group of them to test it. And they were picked in regard of their behavior in jail. The plan was that later every prisoner should get it, but at this time I already quit the job. Every prisoner was getting a tv if he was able to afford it. Though the prisoners had only to pay for the tv connection. The tv itself was granted by the jail. And nearly all of them had enough money. Every prisoner had a bank account in jail and everyone from outside was able to transfer money to it. With this money they could pay all the electronic stuff (we had a list which electronics they were allowed to get, they then had to buy it and get it checked by a company and then they got it), they were also allowed to buy books, clothes from amazon and otto and they were allowed to buy 2 times in a month from a grocery store which delivered the stuff right to the jail. They had big common kitchens with a big screen flat tv, an oven with cooking plates, a big refrigerator where all prisoners could store their food and they were allowed most of the time to move freely on their floor. On every floor we had 4 wings with 18 prisoners each. Every wing had 1 common kitchen. They also had table tennis rooms, and a fitness room. Every evening they did big cooking sessions in the kitchens.


No, those are for minor offenses


Time is money, American prisons are far less accomodating then Swiss prisons (from what I have seen). Quick math in American prisons. Feed an inmate a meal that after the food costs + labor to prepare and serve costs $2.50 3 times a day for 30 years will cost about $82,181. Now add on medical costs, water usage for toilets, showers, and laundry, guard pay for supervison and security, expenses for matresses and rec yard supplies. That is just the expenses at an American detention center. Assuming the Swiss have a higher quality of life in their prisons, the expenses would be even higher. I personally say execute him and save tax payer money, but Swiss laws ban capitol punishment. So either pay a fortune to detain him indefinitely (if thats even an option) or save money and cut him loose after some amount of time they believe (hope) is enough to rehabilitate him. It's a bad call no matter what.


#You are brilliant


Administer lethal injection... He's gone, Call it, 3:22PM *CLEAR!* ⚡***BZZZZZZZZZT***⚡ Administer lethal injection... He's gone, Call it, 3:23PM *CLEAR!* ⚡***BZZZZZZZZZT***⚡ Administer lethal injection... He's gone, Call it, 3:24PM *CLEAR!* ⚡***BZZZZZZZZZT***⚡ • • •


That is to humane. Consider mustard gas


A life sentence for the first minute, after that replace a piece of his bone with hard tack biscuit for each of the remaining minutes.


Your hired


how about a session with the health [inspector](https://youtu.be/GfMUDlpTk-k) for every second


An extra decade for every second


The story is supposedly that a female rapist with even more disturbing crimes was given a very light sentence and apparently the female judge is for equality....so...let a chick rapist off light...expect gender equality on the next male rapist in her court.....not sure how true it is...but it makes sense that RAPE IS RAPE...BE IT A MALE OR FEMALE PERPETRATOR ...MALE OR FEMALE VICTIM...AND A MALE RAPIST SHOULD GET THE SAME TIME THAT A FEMALE RAPIST GETS AND VICE VERSA


I don't care what's in a rapist pants, the time in jail should be the same.


True 100%... Unfortunately there are lots of people that believe a female cant molest or rape anyone.... Delusional yea.... Almost like the saying black people cant be racist... Anyone can degrade or take advantage of anyone else...and no matter who the color or sex of the person...their capabilities are identical in that aspect


Fine. Both need to get a longer time then.


They absolutely should.


I still think that both victims got the worst of the whole situation... In my eyes i can see that the judge was trying to do right..but none the less two rapists were given minimal punishment for heinous crimes....and are probably gonna be repeat offenders ruining even more lives


>fuck I have to treat women and men equal or people will think i'm sexist *gives rapists of both genders light sentences* Sigh




The attorney general (?) has appealed over the public outrage. Also, he has to leave the country once his sentence is over.


This has to be fake right? Cant be real i refuse to believe this.


[Unfortunately](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wionews.com/world/rape-took-only-11-minutes-swiss-court-cuts-jail-term-for-culprit-women-protest-404501/amp) it doesn't look like it's fake.


It's not fake. I was at the protest in Basel.


Du au e Basler?


O gott, basler? Schnäu wägg, dä ghüder muäs i mir nid gä /s


How is this a real language


Someone was like “how do we make sure they REALLY don’t understand this”


The Romans asked the same thing and tried to correct it. They failed due to cold and Huns


Is the judge a Muslim, or from his family or something? Why would they do this for a rapist? What the fuck?


The judge is a swiss woman.


How many times has she been raped for this to be considered normal for her...?


Maybe she has a rape fetish. What a combo, a judge with a rape fetish lmao


I know you were joking but I’ll just that I’m a woman with a rape fetish. Its not ok at all. The judge doesn’t sound like they have a rape fetish to me. Rape is not the same as CNC. In short, the biggest difference between rape and rape fetish is that I want it. Im consenting to feeling vulnerable with a partner and I trust them. I talk with my partner about everything I want and everything I’m not ok with. The judge seemed like one of those “good ol boys” that blame the victim for getting raped. In the article the judge also said they the victim was “playing with fire” because she was kissing a man at the nightclub which apparently justified why the rapist (and apparently a young 17 year old rapist) went to her apartment and raped her. Rape is rape.


Is this a regular occurrence in Sweden lately? Where even Swiss judges are just giving immigrants way smaller sentences than an actual Swiss citizen would get? I've been seeing a lot of the same in America, and the double standard is getting really old. If I immigrated to another country, I would not expect to have MORE legal freedoms, I would expect to have ***way less***. I would not take a plane to China, or Chile, or Russia, and expect them to give me shorter sentences for crimes than any of the people that grew up and live there. Wtf is going on with both of our legal systems...


Swiss people are from Switzerland. Swedish people are from Sweden.


Sorry, dumb mistake. Thanks for correcting. The question still stands, Is this a regular occurrence in Sweden or Switzerland lately? What about Germany? France? Where even judges are just giving immigrants way smaller sentences than an actual citizen would get? This seems to be a problem in most western nations that accept massive amounts of immigrants in a way that hasn't been done before in history. (There weren't as many people on earth, to begin with).


Hard to tell, but in France we had a Muslim who beat the shit out of a Jewish mother in front of her children for 30 minutes and then threw her out of the window, killing her. He avoided jail because he smoked weed before doing so, and has been sentenced to follow therapy. But that’s one exemple, so that’s worth what it’s worth.


So you can get away with assault and serious injury to another person, and MURDERING A MOTHER IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN in France, **AS LONG AS:** you're an immigrant, and smoked weed recently...? _______ What an ass-backwards, disgusting perversion of the law. Who allows things like this to happen? Who is appointing these judges? This is just so wrong. God, that's disgusting. I'm sorry. I'm surprised there weren't riots protesting against this BS. This needs to be stopped.


It's got nothing to do with him being an immigrant, it's because Switzerland is a *very* conservative country, with some very backwards laws. Reminder: this is a country where women got the right to vote in federal elections [only in 1971](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_suffrage_in_Switzerland), and in some areas they *still* couldn't vote until 1990.


I don't understand the correlation between a conservative country and letting rapists go free, or shorten their sentence. Actual Conservatives would give him life in prison, or death.


Just a small info Islamic punishment for such act is throwing stones to death


Ironic. Well, that's what they may claim. It's still a constant issue among their (and many other religions) communities.. or it's just accepted and treated as normal. Bacha Bazi. Choir Boys. Invisible children.


I have no idea why you brought Muslims into this. The guy is Portuguese.


Because this sub hates Muslims. I have seen countless comments calling Muslims “a blight on Earth” or “barbaric people who worship a pedo.” It’s really sad that people can hate 1.6 billion people simply because of a vocal minority that is racist and ultra right wing.


No, she's a Swiss Christian by the looks of it. Does that make the sentence OK, if a Christian does it instead of a Muslim? Take your time, I know your tiny prejudiced brain can't handle more than one thought at a time


Well, she sounds like a horrible person with no morals and a lack of common decency. I know you assumed I was a Christian, but you'd be wrong. Sexual abuse happens in many religions still, and it's fucked. Why are you okay with it at all, in any religion? Catholicism is one of the worst by far. Same with Muslim.


Pissful religion


I can't find the rapist's name anywhere. Can I presume that [Coulter's Law](https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/coulters-law/) is in effect?


No, this was in Switzerland. The rapist is Portuguese. And it was not a mass shooting. This law does not apply at all.


That website is shady af man wtf is that lol


There's tweets in that article that links [here](https://www.bzbasel.ch/basel/basel-stadt/elsaesserstrasse-basler-appellationsgericht-reduziert-strafe-fuer-vergewaltiger-wegen-den-signalen-die-das-opfer-auf-maenner-aussendet-ld.2168774) It says the sentence got reduced from 4 years and 3 months to one and a half. The main reasons by the judge "she was sending out signals" and "she was playing with fire". Basically victim blaming her. The duration of the rape was also stated to be short, and therefore mitigating punishment. It seems she had sex with a guy in a club, but was raped by two different guys when she entered here home. Somehow that mitigates punishment. Rightfully there are protests now.


four years and three months already isnt enough wtf


ProGreSSivE rEfoRm


dear motherfucking god WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE


They have a popular YouTube channel


Thanks for the link, mine didn't work because of ad blocker.


I live in the City where this happened, Basel, Switzerland... Its real unfortunately. But I didn't expect this to hit the global news lol


With titles like that of course it makes the news. Nevermind the fact that the judge followed the law by the book. That law is underway for an overhaul that was started quite some time ago (but it takes time to get things agreed on and legislated). Other judges came forward and say don't hate the judge, hate the law. Also every single citizen above 18 has been able to initiate a binding referendum to ask for the law to be changed. It's the ONLY country in the entire World where the people have the power to do this. Have they done it the past decades? Nope. Fortunately the politicians are finally doing it on their own.


it’s not, i’m from switzerland and it’s currently all over the news


Nah, shit like this has been happening in Sweden now for a while.


[Here](https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/swiss-protest-court-ruling-reducing-rapists-sentence-79351129) is a source from ABC news.


Rape: 11 minutes. After-effects of rape: Lifetime.


For everything else, there’s MasterCard


Something tells me he had more than one victim...


The 11 minutes must have felt like hours for the girl. Give him whatever is the maximum sentence


It’ll likely be a lifetime of trauma for her unfortunately


It feels like 11 minutes for the rapist but every seconds of what he had done feels like forever for the victim. This is so unfair.


So what it was only 11 minutes, it could be 1 minute and still effect that woman for the rest of her life!!


I wonder what is an "appropriate" amount of time for a fkn rape to occur and receive a legitimate punishment from this judge. What an absolute travesty.


Tbh 11 minutes is actually a pretty long time


Agree. Must've felt like an eternity.


"Only lasted 11 minutes." Because it clearly has no long lasting psychological effects /s


And I bet being in that situation, it probably felt like hours to the victim


I think the rape scene in Irreversible was about 11 minutes and it definitely felt like hours just watching it


Here I am, a man, thinking that 11 minutes is a pretty good go of it with my wife.... Jesus fucking christ.


It’s this retarded “as long as life was preserved” logic probably. Same trash logic that gives you shit like “not allowed to carry anything for self defense so the criminal doesn’t get hurt” or “good thing nobody had a gun, even though you got beat into a coma, as long as you are alive though!” Dumb ass pretentious logic masquerading as altruism and virtue.


couldn't frame it better myself


Hello fellow shadow avatar. Love how yours somehow has a neatly combed hair outline.


So by that logic an instasquirter would get off with a day and a half?


A two-pump chump gets 2 days.


Why is the rapist's identity being protected?


Maybe against gangmob mentality but it would be interesting to know for sure.


Rape is viewed as very terrible crime by many people, some of which may want to attack his family as revenge. Obviously, this is not right. There could be other reasons, but this is one that I can think of.


Why blur his face?


I'm curious as well. Either ethics, principles or laws.


because of the internet, those hundreds protesting will multiply to thousands


Reminds me of the rapist “Brock Turner”, who got only a few DAYS of jail time because he only had “20 minutes of action”.


And he swims real good! Fucking scumbag and scumbag judge. And his dad too.


"yes I shot the guy but the shooting only lasted for 1 second so I should face 20 minutes in prison max"


So with your logic, all homicides should get the same punishment? The most gruesome vs the involuntary?


It only takes a few seconds to pull out a gun and shoot someone dead. By her logic, the appropriate punishment for that would be a stern talking-to.


The judge should be forced to face something equally as horrific for 11 minutes and report back if it's still "not too bad" and see if she holds herself equally to blame for what she goes through.


The heck!? since when did rape had a required time frame!?


Why are you asking as if you already knew Swiss law? Anyway, you don't feel homicides and such should have some vector when it comes to the gruesomeness? 24h rape that physically injures the person should get as much? That would be an even worse lunatic and should get more. Now if the punishment range goes too low is another matter.


What’s the rapists name


These 11 minutes probably felt like an eternity. The judge needs to be fired and that piece of shit has to facr a full judgment.


"Yeah I killed him but I should get a shorter sentence because I killed him really fast"


bruh... this implies many things: 1: rape is better when it's shorter 2: the judge is a gold digger. like damn bruh why u gotta think "man 11 minutes is short" fuck that judge. just 1 action has implied 2 very bad things about society and the judge.


I’m sorry what?!? So do murderers that make it quick and painless deserve less jail time? This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard SMH


I wonder what the maximum amount of pain he could endure in 11 minutes supposedly boiling is most painful but then he’d just die but castration soldering maybe a hint of molten tar AND to top that of ten thousand years in eight minutes could do something


That’s 11 minutes too long


> had lowered the 33-year-old defendant's prison sentence from 4 years and three months to three years It sounds like the original sentence was on the light side as well. > In last month's ruling, the judge also said the female rape victim had sent out “certain signals,” Swiss media reported. A spokeswoman for the court refused to further explain that statement by the judge. She seems to be explicitly blaming the rape on the victim. As a side note, why are rapes called "sex[ual] assault"? If it's rape, say rape with the full power behind the word established. Sexual assault sounds more like someone started touching someone sexually than it sounds like rape.


I was sexually assaulted for 20 seconds. Not raped but still assaulted and it was pure hell.


It could only take a murderer a few seconds to shoot somebody. The fuck kind of logic is that? “Yeah I might have shot the guard and stole all the money in the armored car but your honor, it only took me like, 3 minutes”


…bruh imma bout be a full fledged rapist cause I KNOW I can do it in 10-30 seconds


10-30? 1 is enough for me


Don’t be shy!! Show his face :)


How is the judges sex relevant, anyway it’s a stupid ass decision


Rape is rape, on that note give him a decade long sentence for every minute and at the beginning of every year remove a bit of his PP and balls until they are all gone


Someone rape him for 11 minutes and let’s see how long that 11 minutes really feels to him.


Why is it that European countries give such lax sentences on "immigrants" that commit heinous crimes? What? So they don't seem racist?


The guy is from Portugal, you absolute retard.


Umm.... Since when is Portugal apart of Switzerland?


The point is that nobody thinks a judge would be racist for severely sentencing a Portuguese guy.


Now, I'm not a woman, but I gotta say that I feel like having anything inserted into my body against my will for even a few seconds would be absolutely horrible. I don't think I'd ever recover from that, tbh. Ok, see, that right there, that I just did, that's called *empathy*. What the actual fuck is wrong with that judge?!


What the holy ever lovin hell?!


Fuck these assholes


Eleven minutes is so fucking long. It’s so fucking long. Bruh. Wtaf. I don’t see why it’s necessary to point out that it was a female judge, but still so fucked.


this happened in basel and as a swiss i‘m outraged


Hopefully he gets a taste of his own medicine in there. Maybe he’ll see how long 11 minutes feels then.


It's amazing how little some people care for stuff happening to people of the same gender as them.


11 fukin minutes, that's a lifetime, stupid mad bitch


Is this guy rich or has he a relative with political pull? I bet it’s one of those for sure, does anyone have more details?


Let's just place a cinder block on his member and hammer it for 11 minutes. If time is all we're concerned about.


11 minutes may not seem like a long time. But you bet your ass that it feels like an eternity when you’re being raped. Wtf is this judge smoking?


is there a time requirement for rape now?


I guess if you are a premature ejaculator you can become a rapist in Switzerland and not face much jail time


Oh no. Oh hell no. Give him life for all I care.


So if I rob a bank in under 11 minutes she will let me go?




Time is irrelevant in a rape case you cunt Rape is rape, I can't believe how many people fail to understand that. This is the "Only 20 minutes of action" incident all over again.




The rice gum defence


I can kinda understand this, their are minimum and maximum sentences for crimes and a set of rules that you need to follow to determine sentencing. That being said, this doesn't look great from the outside.


My sentence got reduced because I only cannibalized “one” person


The average UFC match lasts [9 minutes,](https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1094785-ufc-why-a-seven-fight-main-card-is-the-right-move)maybe add a minute or two for time in between rounds. They should step in the ring with a heavy weight fighter. Most heavy weights are 6ft 3 or taller and weigh 240-260 lbs. don’t worry, it’s only 11 minutes.


Rape is still rape, but Damn, it would be 1000 times worse if it lasted like 1-2 hours.


There should be no black box over the bastard’s eyes. Rapists lose all privileges.


it doesn’t matter how long the assault lasts. for the victim it’s like a terrifying eternity.


The absolute state of Europe today. "11 minutes isn't that long, just lie back and think of the benefits of diversity".


It's got nothing to do with "the absolute state of Europe". It used to be *much worse*. Switzerland is a very conserbitive country with some very backwards laws. Women only got the vote there in 1971 and in some cantons they only got it in 1990. This sentence is a result of outdated rape laws, that indeed judge that assault by how long it took.


Oooohhh Mr pornstar lasting 11minutes


So if i shoot this POS, the shooting will last less than a second so i get my sentence reduced to nothing?


Sounds good to me


The situation is ridiculous, but why was it important to mention the gender of the judge. Ross, is it because she\`s a female, so you couldn\`t resist to mention that just to prove to your hidden misogyny that women shouldn\`t have such high job positions.


Maybe see how the judge likes 11 minutes?


Surprise surprise, the rapist is a "refugee."


Surprise surprise, yet another comment that assumes he is an Arab even thought he's Portuguese, because people like you don't actually care two shits about women being raped, you just want to justify your racism. Get fucked.


No, he's from Portugal.


I wasn't surprised at all


Does anybody have a credible source for this and not some weird spammy “news” stations? I don’t think this is really what went down.


It is what happened. I was there, at the protest. A female judge in Basel Switzerland reduced the sentence of a rapist because the rape was "only" 11 minutes. She also said the victim was asking for it because she kissed another guy earlier in the evening.


Can you send me the court documents or a link? There are always more than one reason to do stuff like this in law. I’m really curious rn








Do you have a website with official court hearing and cases? My govt releases those always idk how it is in swiss


I dont think so. Im an American in Switzerland so I dont know the news system well enough but I guarantee you this is what happened. Like I said, I was there at the protest. I can literally see myself in one of the photos.


I believe you but I really want to know what went on there and what was taken in consideration by the judge. Not defending or denying anything


Why wouldn’t you believe this is what happened after a judge in that other country said it couldn’t be rape because the victim was wearing red underwear? After Brock turner served 3 whole months? “Unbelievable” on netflix? I could go on and on forever. Rape victims are treated like they’re nothing and their trauma is compounded on by how they’re treated afterwards, while the rapists get off easy


“Could go on forever” yeah based on a couple of cases you should mistrust everything generations of our country fought for. I went to lawschool for a year and almost everybody do everything to make it as fair as possible. Not everybody is evil in this world, i don’t jump on bandwagons as easily and protest without reading the reliable sources (and not daily mail and spam news who post headlines to shock people and click on it for ad money). That’s how you get capitol situations like in the usa


First of all, this particular case is in Switzerland so idk who you’re referring to when it comes to our country. But Considering that rapes that are reported in the United States at least rarely ever go to trial and when they do rarely ever result in a conviction, and when they do if it’s one victim it’s usually for a few months to a couple years, yeah I’m pretty fucking jaded when it comes to the American justice system. I’m sure it’s even worse in some other countries. You also said “I don’t think this is what really went down,” but how would you know? What makes you think that’s not what went down? Sex crimes are often treated like they’re pretty fucking minor unfortunately


To date, there is still no written verdict with reasons for the verdict (but this will come). These headlines refer to an alleged statement made by a female judge (out of 3 at the trial). Laymen therefore get upset about individual words without knowing the facts of the case or the legal reasoning.


He sure looks Swiss.


He's from Portugal. Also, do you actually think that all Swiss people are blonde with blue eyes? As someone who has family there and has been to Switzerland *quite a lot* I can tell you there are many 100% "pure-bred" Swiss with dark hair.


What a shame that the punishment is so low!


I was at this protest. Very powerful.


It’s even worse it came by a female judge, you would at least think they would have sympathy


The keyword here is "female". (run u/Ah3_, run)


Finally my power to cum in two minutes pay of


Should rape the judge and see how she feels


He looks about how I would expect


*Oh Boy those immigrants are sure helpful*


Let’s put the judges balls in a clamp for 11 minutes and see how long that feels.


That judge is probably going to die if she doesn't go into hiding... Hopefully someone doesn't take things to the extreme but who knows