This week its been non stop questions like "As an American, are we the bad guys?"


99% of what is being bitched about isn’t even being taught in public schools.


Or WAY over conflated. Taking “some kids have two moms, and that’s okay. We’re all different” and conflating it to “ThEy’rE TeAcHing HoW GaYs HavE SEx!!!!”


I went to public school in a very liberal state and when I got my first job, (don’t know how the conversation came up), but a guy few years older than me just did not understand how it worked so I had to explain to a 21 year old man how both gay and lesbian sex works since he never figured it out; he went to school in this state too, so even in sex Ed they didn’t teach it


Of course they didn't teach it - if they even mentioned it they'd have pitchforks from the right, as they do now when they mention "some kids have two moms. ok now back to the names of family members, this is a brother, this is a sister, this would be a cousin..." Gay people don't exist unless you talk about them, obviously. Can't have any boys considering being gay or a girl doing anything but serving a man now can we?


It's a very pernicious way to vilify LGBT people. Our mere existence is considered a "sexual act" and telling kids "gay and trans people exist" is propagandized as "sexualizing children". Same game of telephone with Tucker Carlson describing "sexual mutilation of children" to make it seem like 10 year old children are getting bottom surgery, a thing that is absolutely not happening to anyone under the age of 18. A few rare instances where a 16 year old trans boy might get top surgery. But because these transphobes don't approve of the surgery, suddenly it's "mutilation".


My friend got top surgery at 16 because he had a BRCA gene mutation and had a 60-80% chance of developing breast cancer without it. He just didn't opt for reconstruction afterwards.


My neighbor’s kid dropped out of a great college after the first week. He told everyone that they were “teaching homosexuality,” and I guarantee that there was an orientation where they mentioned a zero tolerance policy for discrimination against gays and lesbians. He also said that he heard some lady say that she wished her daughter had been a lesbian because she wouldn’t have to deal with men. And I guess he felt like it wasn’t a place where he could be comfortable. Conservatives are little bitches.


And they think WE'RE the snowflakes


It's honestly the most hilarious thing about them. We're snowflakes for getting mad when they call us racial slurs because "they're just words" but when we even go so far as to ask them their gender, mention the existence of gay people, or not print their precious holiday slogan on a cup, they explode into a million pieces.


Bingo. At one of our school board meetings last year, we had five people come up and rail against CRT. Our district has never even brought that curriculum up for discussion, let alone put it in place. Also, none of those idiots had a kid in our district. People like this talk about a woke agenda while ironically being manipulated into working towards a hard right agenda.


Omg we just had school board elections and they were all campaigning against CRT. Not one of them even asked the school if they were considering teaching it, or any questions at all. it's literally people reading BS on Facebook then running for a position based on a problem that doesn't exist. But they get elected because everyone else is also on Facebook and not trying to get actual information. It's scary. Also the fake rumor of putting litter boxes in the bathroom, literally has not happened but no one bothers to ask the principal first, just registered to run for office to protect the children....??


My issue is that CRT is not being taught in schools. I learned about it in college. What’s worse is that it’s just a framework to analyze things. It’s be like analyzing things from any other persoective


It's crazy. I've always considered myself very racially aware, but the last 10 years or so has really opened my eyes to how shallow racism is in so many people, and how tightly people cling to racist traditions, even if they know they are racist. Like I'm from New Orleans. In the middle of the city there used to be a huge statue of Robert E. Lee. I've personally always hated it. It was a daily reminder that my ancestors were enslaved and a bunch of people fought a nasty, brutal war to try to preserve that way of life. But if you would have asked me in 2012, I would have thought I had stronger feelings on it than most white people around. Robert E Lee has *nothing* to do with New Orleans. And the city wasn't even a significant Confederate stronghold in the war. Oh how wrong I was...


I work for a Florida school system, and shoot you not, got a call from a dad who said crt was being taught in his kid's school. I asked for the materials so he sent them to me. One was an article that discussed blm. I asked what about the article was crt. He said to me with a straight face (I assume, we were on the phone), "When I see black lives matter, I think crt." Funny enough, if you look at the actual law, it is at the same time entirely too broad, AND entirely too specific. The language specifies the 1619 project, which includes like 19 sources or something like that, and the law ALSO says anything that might make someone think the country was founded on anything other than all men being equal, which if you're teaching literally anything civil rights related, is literally impossible to do.


>says anything that might make someone think the country was founded on anything other than all men being equal So.... can't teach the US Constitution, Federalist 54, or the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision? We can have our discussion about what it really means, but it clearly "might make someone" think some men were not treated as equals.


Yep. It's just whatever pundits and politicians are telling them to be upset about. They mindlessly believe it all, with no concern for reality, because they *feel* like they're being left behind (which is true) and they want a scapegoat to be angry at. I think it must offer some sense of control and rightness in a changing world that they find too terrifying to confront.


Litter boxes in school bathrooms!


The worst part is, they never feel like fucking idiots afterwords. They're constantly wrong! And continue with the bs.


What bliss it must be to harbor no shame.


Pundits=Fox hosts


I'm faculty at a state university, and am subject to the "Stop Woke" statute in Florida. The "Woke Propaganda" I'm having to teach around is anything that might hurt someone's feelings that's negative about the USA. Because we are all such fragile special snowflakes. So earlier this semester, I had an example that was based on the potential idea that the US may (or may not, do you own research and draw your own conclusions) have engaged in slavery, because that was an assumption of the source being discussed. So by law I phrase it just like that, maybe this happened or maybe not, draw your own conclusions. I have students whose ancestors were slaves. It feels very shitty to have to say things that way. But I also want to keep my job. So yes, most of what's usually considered "Woke" isn't remotely part of my classes. But that law (HB 7) is very broad and very vague. It only takes one student to flush my career.


My FL professor last year had us watch “13th” on Netflix. It’s about how our current justice system is still basically slavery because the 13th amendment made slaves free *except when they break the law.


This really pisses me off. The history of my people, who were enslaved in the US, can't be properly taught because it *might* hurt White kids' feelings.


> It only takes one student to flush my career. And unlike a lot of things, this is a real risk. A kid that brings down a prof is guaranteed at least their 15 mins of fame as a right wing celeb, and they know it.


More than that. It's most likely a lifetime ticket on the grift train, so long as you don't go full Josh Duggar.


Looking at you, kyle rittenhouse, you republican catamite


"Toddlers and young children are being taught about sex" when actually we're just teaching them the Actual Names of their body parts so that if they report someone touching them inappropriately to an adult, there's no confusion or ignorance like there would be if a child said, "Someone touched my cookie."


My wife and I have talked about this. Our daughter will refer to them by the scientific name. So she can be like, why do you need to touch my vagina? Or whatever the case may be.


Same here. One conservative family member was absolutely appalled when my two year old said penis while talking about how his diaper bothered him or something... I straight up told her the reason I taught him that instead of pee pee was for this exact reason. She went ghost white and shut the fuck up.


My daughter started getting UTIs when she was little and it was extremely helpful when she could tell me exactly what part of her body hurt and when. The pediatrician was able to talk to her in plain terms about wiping properly etc. Teaching them proper terminology literally has no down side.


All the parts. They need to know the names to all of the parts, not just “vagina” for example. When I was a kid, I was suffering from vulvodynia. I did not have the vocabulary to describe what I was dealing with, so I would get taken to the doctor and given uti meds. And then eventually, yeast infection meds. I had cliterodynia. I did not understand that the pain I had was clitoral pain, not urinary pain. I also didn’t understand why people said UTIs made them burn when they peed, when I had sharp pain when I walked The pain came back in my 30’s and that was when I spent thousands of dollars on specialists, surgeries, nerve blocks, physical therapy, an MRI, and I can tell you that shit was not a urinary tract infection I get so upset when my father watches say, Tucker Carlson, who bitches and moans about education of this nature towards children being “grooming.” How does he forget that I was being taken from doctor to doctor, being given rounds of medication, how I was on the floor of the kitchen screaming in pain, and I could not verbalize why?


> How does he forget that I was being taken from doctor to doctor, being given rounds of medication, how I was on the floor of the kitchen screaming in pain, and I could not verbalize why? He likely either doesn't connect the two thoughts in his head (because Cucker Tarlson doesn't know how to be honest about any story while on the air, so he probably thinks this is BDSM instructional hour not learning proper terms for their bodies), or is performing mental gymnastics a la ["the only moral abortion"](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/) to make the situations different in his head to deal with any cognitive dissonance.


I love that she could have that conversation with both you and the Pediatrician! She could have had some really bad problems later on if she hadn't been able to.


Teaching more scientific terms from a young age just makes me thing we're building to some sort of Star Trek future where the kids are doing crazy complex maths and physics and shit when they're turning 18, lol. If we infantilise them less, treat them as what they are - adults in training - we can really push them beyond what we previously thought kids were capable of.


It’s a good reason!


If conservatives asked questions about their ourtrage, there would be no outrage. Or no conservatives.


It makes the classroom easier to teach, too. Less kids laughing every time the word penis or vagina is said make it very tough to teach anatomy and have kids retain the knowledge. Just look at how many adult men think that women pee from their vaginas. In most cases they were taught this wasn't true, but were too busy laughing to actually pay attention to the diagrams.


That is basically the gold standard advice any and everyone involved with child development gives. People avoiding anatomic terms only opens up children to confusion/shame and makes them more susceptible to people who might abuse them.


I don’t worry at all about my niece being assaulted and not being able to talk about it. My brother and SIL have taught her all the words, what’s appropriate, how to say “no” if she’s uncomfortable, that she will never get into trouble, etc. It’s amazing to see a kid with such confidence and body autonomy!!


A friend of mine's sister has been off the rails nuts for a while; gone full anti-vax, anti-immigrant, anti-liberal, etc. My friend doesn't even talk to her anymore, but has shared things she's seen her sister post on social media just out of "Can you believe this?"-type exhaustion, and one of the things her sister has talked about is how schools are teaching kids about sex and this and that and how it's all wrong. The Tuesday after Halloween, my friend sent a recorded video to our group chat she took of her sister's Instagram story, where her sister filmed her daughter, who is like 9 or 10, in her Halloween costume dancing to Nicki Minaj's "Super Freaky Girl" while *both* of them were singing the lyrics. Not that I give a shit about the song, but it's that fundamental kind of hypocrisy in these people that blows my mind. Bitching about kids *possibly* being taught about sex in school, meanwhile it's somehow totally okay for her super underage daughter to be dancing and singing to a song that starts with "I can lick it, I can ride it, while you slipping and sliding; I can do all them little tricks and keep the dick up inside it" without a single drop of self-awareness.


It's interesting that you mentioned ancient religions. I always thought it was strange that we differenciated "mytholgy" and religion, and when I taught it I thought it was important to have real discussions of how important the religions of the time were to the people of the time and discuss who benefited from the beliefs and how societal structers were altered by them to help kids understand different times and places. I haven't taught for over 15 years but it's crazy to think I'd catch hell for doing that now as I saw it as the essence of my job as a history teacher.


It's mythology if no one believes it anymore and religion if they do. Still ridiculous.


Mythology is the collection of (usually supernatural) narratives. Religion includes mythology, rituals, theology etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_and_mythology For example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_mythology


That is what I'm trying to say, but lacking the words for. The stories of dead religions are always regarded mythology. Active religions (all religions) also have their own mythology, but we tend to think of those differently. Most people do not regard the story of Jesus on the same level they regard the story of Zeus. But, the way the actual lessons and practices of religions, even dead ones, are *not* part of the mythology. Kind of. Like, no one will ever consider "love thy neighbor" to be a myth...just the story surrounding the lesson. I don't have a degree in mythology or theology, so I don't know all the terms for things.


> “Can you believe this?”-type exhaustion, I overheard a conversation between my boss and a patron of our store a few weeks ago. The customer was saying it was terrible how “Confused kids are going to their school counselors asking to be a girl, and counselors are just giving them ‘*hard drugs*’ called puberty blockers without telling parents.” My boss responds, “It’s awful. I heard they just passed a law in *random Blue state* that they’re legally allowing 16 year olds to castrate themselves and chop their boobs off without parental consent. It’s crazy.” It’s like they’ve lost the ability to critically think. They don’t think for themselves they just think about the scary thing Tucker Carlson said last night on Fox News.


A friend of mine literally just moved out of CA, where she’s lived for the last 16 years, because the straw that broke the camel’s back was that her daughter (who recently said she might be trans) could go out and have surgery without parental consent. Her spouse spent HOURS researching it so they had to move. They now live in SC. 🤯🤯🤯


If we're talking about SB 107, that's not what it says. It basically allows one parent to bring their kid to CA to seek gender affirming care, then lets the CA courts decide if care can be given. This is assuming that one parent consents and the other does not consent. It brings the matter to CA courts, like any other custody issue. But one of the parents still need to consent. Yes, minors can access certain healthcare without parents consent, gender affirming care is not one of them.


I have no idea what rabbit hole of research they went down, but I’m sure a lot of it wasn’t based in realism.


Thank you. Yeah, I understand that ideally kids shouldn't need to know or think about this yet, but kids are victims of SA every day. Education is the difference between them telling a trusted adult and getting help, and keeping the secret (because the adult abuser told them to) until they're adults themselves. My mother was SA'd by her uncle from age 5 to 13. When she was 18 she had her first mandatory sex ed class, and went home and told her mom everything. Her youngest sister at the time had just turned 11. If my mom had been educated younger, she would have told someone at the start. Her younger siblings would have been safe. Age appropriate sex ed and teaching kids to express their bodily autonomy, and to tell someone when they are touched inappropriately quite literally saves lives.


Meanwhile, churches all over the Bible Belt are telling little elementary and middle school girls how they have to remain virgins until they meet their husbands or they’ll be worthless whores.


Mom never taught us the appropriate word, let alone sex ed - I suppose that's what school was for. (Thank god we were "smart" kids who wanted to learn anyway.) Anyway one day my parents were watching my sister's kids & I was there as well. My mom found it "hilarious" (the way people find things hilarious but really you can tell it bothers them) that my nephew randomly said "I have a penis!" at the table during lunch, and that "he has one but mommy doesn't." I could tell she was goading me to say something negative but I just said something like "that's good that he knows his body parts! (My sister) must have taught her the appropriate names; she always told me she wants them to know the correct names for them." My sister used to work for foster care kids in our area, and she's seen enough sexual abuse cases to impact the way she raised her kids - she wants no room for confusion to be there at all.


When my wife was pregnant with #3, our oldest wanted to know "How did the baby get in there?" We told her it was complicated as a way to stall, and then my sister, who is a midwife, told us to get the book *It's So Amazing!* I remember her saying that facts of where people come from are just facts, there's nothing bad or shameful about it, and if you act as if where she came from is bad she'll think she is bad. So we got the book and read it to her. And my sister was right. Nothing scandalous or horrible happened. Daughter wasn't scarred for life. Ended up reading the book to #2 when he wanted to know how baby #4 got in there. We also got *It's Perfectly Normal*, by the same authors, when the kids got older. If they're old enough for kindergarten, they're old enough for the basic facts of where babies come from. Kids in the old days who grew up on farms knew all about penises by the time they were five, having seen horses and cattle and dogs and all kinds of other animals mating. Weird how people who idolize the old ways hate things that would have been very common then.


I’m a fourth grade teacher. When my conservative mom asks me if I’ve taught CRT. I say, “I don’t know. Could you explain CRT to me? Then I’ll tell you if I teach it to nine year olds.” She never has an answer.


I read a thing somewhere of the OP's daughter was running as some chair and a parent asked about banning books. The daughter would tell the parent to read the book and mark the exact places with explanations for the reasons to ban them. Apparently complaints rapidly decreased




Reminds me of that politician who was showing a group a book she claimed to be child porn (who knows if she read it or just looked at the pictures) and someone called the cops on her for possession of child porn.


Our 10th grade English class was almost finished with Catcher in the Rye when the school board banned it. Our teacher was temporarily suspended for teaching something that was now considered obscene even though it had been on his reading list for over 10 years. The following day the replacement teacher along with the Principal demanded that we surrender our copies. We had purchased them at the beginning of the year and offered to sell them back which he refused which in turn got him a collective chorus of "FUCK YOU." In the end he returned and we finished the book without learning what was supposed to be obscene.




The should ban Catcher in the Rye because Holden Caulfield is a little bitch and surely someone has written a more modern book with more relatable characters dealing with teenage angst.


I hated him even as a teen, which made me dislike the book. Everyone told me I was crazy at the time, but as I got older I felt vindicated.


Homie, you’re supposed to hate him


My favorite thing I've done also made the largest amount of my family members block me on FB in one single post. I posted about this "CRAZY" new book I'm reading from the Middle East that has people follow this cult leader. I then paraphrased this story about this dude raping a young woman and when her dad found out, he just told the guy to buy the girl from him and forced her to marry him! WTF! And then paraphrased another story about how this old prostitute fantasized about her younger years and all the guys she slept with who had donkey-sized penises then shot horse-sized loads. I finished the post off asking how this horrible book wasn't banned yet and worse yet, people actually made their kids read it! Waited a while until after several of the more conservative relatives commented about how it was BS and the book was dangerous, etc. Then I posted a picture of the cover of the Bible, and of the pages those stories were on, making sure to tag all of those relatives so they would see. Edit: Deuteronomy 22:28-29 and Ezekial 23:19-20


Going for the throat, I see. Well, it worked for the Jabberwock.


Up until his vorpal blade went snicker snack.


Don't forget about the lovely story of sodam and gommorah! (Genesis 19:24) Like today's version of Las Vegas! Also, good job. Hit them where it counts.


Exactly, they're basically just parrots. They have these "facts" but no reasoning behind them. It's manic! It's like talking to NPCs with limited scripts


Cause that’s how their sources are. I have the misfortune of watching a little Tucker every now and then. His “experts” that he has on don’t quote studies or articles when they talk, they always start every statement with “my sources say” and never cite the source


And they call us sheep…


Pretty based to teach them about cathode ray tubes😳


the science behind cathode ray tubes is _nuts_. we really should be teaching it to kids. Get this, I'm going to make a beam of electrons, but it's going to be so small and precise that it's only going to hit a space about .2mm wide by about .3mm tall. And when it hits that spot, it's going to light up. And then I'm going to use motherfucking *magnets* to deflect that beam so it can move around and hit different spots to make them light up. But wait, there's more- I'll have *two more* of these beams that hit slightly different spots, that light up in different colors. And then I'll have these beams sweep across an area up to about 32 inches diagonal, *59 times a second*, hitting about 300,000 different little spots every time they go. think about that: 300,000 dots 59 times a second. And then these tiny, tiny, super precise beams of electrons will turn on and off hundreds of times in each row as they go to turn the lit-up spots on and off and they'll make a picture. And then they'll do it again, but slightly different, so it looks like the picture is moving. And then they'll do that for thousands of hours at a time without fail. Yeah, CRT displays are crazy and cool. Kids should learn about them.


As amazing as the digital revolution has been, I'm consistently stunned by the cleverness and creativity of people who designed analog electronics. So much of what they accomplished seems impossible without digital technology.


That's the feeling I get when I read [this article about developing Crash Bandicoot](https://all-things-andy-gavin.com/2011/02/02/making-crash-bandicoot-part-1/). The stuff we do in software engineering today is cool and complex, but it feels like child's play compared to what they used to have to do (without Stack Overflow, to boot).


Or sheesh, even Chris Sawyer creating the first two Roller Coaster Tycoon games completely in assembly language (and I feel like that's a tame comparison to some of the stuff that came before him). Bonkers


Omg thanks for bringing back memories of roller coaster tycoon by mentioning it!! I haven’t heard that game or even remembered it in so many years.


Well, you taught me about them, so thanks! Very interesting.


You reminded me of a uni lab trip I took in grade 12 physics. We got to play with this dome that shot a single electron beam and had a slalom and targets in it. You had to figure out how much magnetic field to apply to bend around a certain gate or hit a certain target. Then, when the 30 physics formulas were always out, they told you "yeah, that's because we didn't tell you about cancelling Earth's magnetic field with the Helmholtz coil, you goober. Everything you've been told is a goddamn lie." Then when I got to uni, I learned regular lab TAs are the goobers and the bullshit lab writeups suck the fun out of everything. d/dt my balls ya nerd.


Agreed. Science is incredibly interesting and fundamentally important.


Ugh, they obviously mean crazy racing turtles 🙄


Yes! My favorite tweet about this was something along these lines. Evidently parents were calling the school that the twitter user worked at demanding to know if they taught critical race theory. According to the tweet, the response was, "Tell me what you think that means, and I can tell you if we teach that."


It's about the dangers of CRT monitors and to never open them up or place a magnet near them!


“I don’t have the slightest idea what that is but Fox News says it’s very, very bad.”


Brilliant. That’s how we should respond to right wing disinformation and conspiracies. Instead of trying to discuss it or correct them, simply ask them to explain it. My sister was ranting about Benghazi, but couldn’t find it on a map and couldn’t explain anything about it. She was the same with Obamacare. Ranting without a clue.




We had "bad touch" education when I was younger. For reference I'm 39 and graduated high school in '01. We had a guidance consular who did puppet shows about these subjects with a blue and white dragon named "Mupfsey" or close to that. She not only talked about how to deal with emotions but also covered "bad touch" and said to tell an adult you trusted if it happened. This was back when I was like 8, so early 90's. We didnt have a problem with that kind of education then. Now its suddenly taboo and harmful and I think it's because of what you said. Its teaching children to recognize abuse and say NO and then seek help. This makes it more difficult for these mediocre predators to get what they want. It ain't drag queens and wokeness that you need to worry about, it's the ones who bitch the loudest about those subjects.


The only thing you have to be worried about around a drag queen is not getting your feet crunched to death by 8 inch heels


Drag queens are dangerous to modern society! Can you imagine how much damage they could do if we let them off the stage and into a crowd?


When my kids were that age I found myself in a situation where I had to tell them that other people shouldn't touch you on the part of your body that fits into your underwear. Sometimes, it is necessary. Also there are sexually abused children in many schools.


I remember when I was a kid my dad just did a broad subject on it. Instead of telling me to tell him if someone touched my private areas, he told us, "If any adult ever tells you not to tell anyone something because you'll get in trouble, you IMMEDIATELY come and tell me."


We told our son that grown ups should never ask a kid to keep a secret so it was ALWAY ok to tell Mom and Dad anything and no one would ever be mad. We also taught him that if grown ups need help they should ask another grown up not a kid.


We do this with our kids too. And always use the word surprise instead of secret. Eg. “Don’t tell Daddy what we bought him for Xmas it’s a surprise.”


Thats a good one. Thats much better than the clunky verbiage that I heard about some secrets being good and some bad and then explaining that.


Surprises have an end date, secrets do not. So asking a kid to keep a surprise is fine, because others will find out at the birthday, special event, the weekend, etc. Secrets are for forever (in theory).


thats actually a great explanation for adults too.


Wow, thank you, this is great. We're in the planning stages of family planning and I'm trying to build a bit of a mental repository of how to handle sensitive situations/questions/topics. This is the best answer I've seen to date. Seriously, thank you.


Ikr? This thread was a great read. I will use "surprise" from now on and basically apply these comments!




I've heard it's important to teach kids the difference. A surprise has a reveal date, a secret doesn't.


As a new father thanks for sharing this, I'll be stealing this as he gets older.


That whole hug aggressively comment, that one's huge. My dad always hugged me when he'd picked me up and drop me off (divorce and custody stuff) but like he passed when I was around 20 and just those hugs are such a big thing I remember from him, it's the one thing I always wish I could have in this world over anything else and know I'll never get again.


Hugging can't really be overrated. Having a mom that that was not big on hugging or feelings- it was missed as a child, and I knew the difference. I had friends with parents that were able to express that and I pined for it. As an adult I can clearly see expressing love (hugs) makes a generational difference with individuals and their overall family togetherness in a positive way. Hugs you give your kids matter more than you think!


Don't forget to *constantly* tell them *out loud* that you love them! Hug aggressively lol And provide more reminders than necessary that if they are EVER in a tough spot with a boyfriend, peer pressuring friends, have drank too much, had a run in with the cops, done too many drugs, broke the law, crashed the family car when they took it for a joyride, etc., that they can ALWAYS call you at whatever hour and you will come pick them up and not be mad. I hesitate to say there won't ever be ANY consequences depending on the action (especially involving the law), but *generally* there won't be any consequences, you won't be mad, you won't overreact, and they can always trust you to do your best to help them out of a jam if they have trapped themselves between a rock and a hard place.


My mom wasn’t the greatest in terms of parenting, but she did instill the “you can always call me any time of night if you feel unsafe, need a ride, etc.” Took her up on it twice. Never spoke about either incident.


We always told our son that if he found himself in a bad place, he could call a cab and we'd pay. No questions asked.


It's even easier now, you can have uber/lyft on their phone and have it tied to your account. It's not to be used for everything but in a sketchy situation they can use it to get home or somewhere safe and we won't be mad.


My parents always told me that I could always "blame them"/say my parents won't let me/I'll get in trouble/etc if I was asked to do something I felt uncomfortable doing. They said they would always back me up, no matter what it was. (Obviously within reason...drinking, drugs, etc. English homework, not so much. :) )


My son used this recently to get out of a safe, but very awkward situation he didn’t know how to navigate. He called with the code word and I was picking him within ten minutes - solid story at the ready as to why he had to come home. I cherish his trust and am so proud that he knows to come to me when things aren’t right. It could literally be a life or death situation, at the very least he’s learning how to recognize and trust his instinct to leave a situation.


Only do respect boundaries like if they don’t want to be hugged, don’t hug them anyway. I was that kid that didn’t like being hugged. I’m glad my parents respected that boundary. We came to a compromise that if a family member, or really anybody wanted to hug me, I could say no, ask for a handshake instead, do a side hug, or do an air hug without physical contact. And it was my choice. I could simply say no if I didn’t want a hug but I usually chose one of the other options.


Same! I always ask my kids if I can give them a hug. Most of the time they say yea. Sometimes they say no. And that is perfectly fine.


Also, make sure you teach them the proper terms for genitals. I read a story about a child who was taught to call her vagina her cookie and when she told a teacher that her grandpa was touching her cookie the teacher didn’t realize what the child actually was telling her


YES. My grandma got very upset when she found out we weren't teaching our daughter to call it a "peach" or "Lala." she actually buried her face in her hands and acted like it was this huge tragedy, she's scandalized by the words for some reason. I explained why and she seemed to somewhat get it. I wish she had taught her kids the same thing because 2 out of her 3 kids were sexually abused as kids and they never came to her or my grandpa.


I like teaching the difference between surprises and secrets. Surprises are fun things that we need to keep to ourselves until everyone finds out. Secrets are things that you’re not supposed to tell anybody. We keep surprises, but tell your grown up if someone wants you to keep a secret.


> if grown ups need help they should ask another grown up not a kid The exception being technology.


The asking for help one is sometimes true but it depends. When I was with my grandparents, they often needed help with things from me because I was young and could do things they couldn’t do or struggled with like if they dropped something, or couldn’t find something on the bottom shelf of the cupboard. I was also more technologically and mechanically inclined than my grandma ever was and I’d help her with putting things together or figuring out how things worked. Even before I started kindergarten I helped her with things like setting up a new desk or putting together toys she got me. If she was watching me and my grandpa was at work or out with friends, there was no other grown up. I was the one who knew how to switch the tv from vcr to regular tv. I was the one who could plug in the vacuum behind the couch cause it was hard for her to reach but I was small enough to crawl behind the couch. Anyway, sometimes little kids can help grown ups and its not bad. It can also be a teaching moment. My dad would ask for my help when fixing things around the house and I learned how to use tools. My mom would ask me to help her cook and bake. I learned how to make cookies (minus the oven part) and simple things like sandwiches before even starting school. My neighbor had me help her with her garden and I learned how to weed and when things were ready to harvest and how to identify different plants.


I taught my gramma how to use her computer when I was 5. The first thing I had to show her was how to turn it on.


When I was 6 or so I taught my aunt how to use her childproof lighter. The rest of the family still makes fun of her for it.


I did this with my kids along with the touching places that are covered by your bathing suit, and also threats. If someone says something bad will happen to so and so, or I will hurt your mom etc. BE A TATTLETALE.


I really like another commenters slightly different approach, where if an adult EVER said to keep something a secret to tell Mom and Dad. Then for things like birthday presents or whatever only use the word "surprise" if you want them to shut up about it. Dunno how effective it actually would be, kids *love* the idea of secrets, but this in conjunction with the classic "bathing suit area" or "underwear area" conversation might be a good idea.


Absolutely. Even toddlers understand this concept.


That was our rule too! Dad promised to keep the secret, And we wouldn’t get in trouble for telling, no matter what. I did ruin his Christmas surprise one year. “Mommy said not to tell you we got you a tent”


It's a new dress, Timmy, not a tent! Dammit.


Yes, this is a good broad-strokes strategy instead of saying things that they may be too immature to process.


And, unfortunately, abused kids often abuse other kids. It’s really important to educate kids on these things to protect them


Yeah that would have been useful information when I was around 10. My neighbor's cousin might have ben stopped.


It's always necessary. Why wouldn't you want kids knowing that unless you on molesting kids?


I believe Biscotti was saying, people are calling kids being taught to report molestation, "sex ed for 3 year olds," and demonizing that, like it's immoral for little kids to learn anything relating to sex.


My wife is a pediatrician and taught them about sex before they could read. She'd buy kid-friendly sex ed books and read them to them. They all grew up "always" knowing where babies came from.


Suggestions for those books? I've got a three year old and I'm trying to same approach, but combating my own mountain of hangups so I don't know how to go about it.


There is a great kids series with several titles for different ages. The one aimed at younger children is called “[It’s not the stork](https://www.amazon.com/Its-Not-Stork-Families-Friends/dp/0763633313)”.


Robie Harris has a series of books, I own three and they're great. There's one for preschoolers, one for elementary kids, etc. They go over puberty and the biology of babies and families. They have a little cartoon bird and a bee and one is a bit precocious/ interested in asking followup questions, and the other is a bit young for age, thinking it's all a bit yucky. So there's multiple viewpoints for a kid to see being ok. There's an embedded narrative about body autonomy and not submitting to unwanted touch. https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/robie-h-harris/202418/?gclid=CjwKCAiA7IGcBhA8EiwAFfUDsSg5L1KbGp6jL2SmK9y-S11PTNmXlKlsb8s3J-OrZljDYPh7DawpnRoCN4EQAvD_BwE


Not about sex specifically, but I highly recommend Bodies are Cool. Edit: for sex books that aren't appropriate for three year olds, Im giving a gold star super recommendation to Heather Corinna's S.E.X. book. Get the latest edition - it's more up to date on things like gender identity. My mom gave me this book because she knew she wouldn't be able to give me THE TALK and I learned more than she ever knew from it. Sex positive but realistic. Has checklists like are you emotionally ready for a relationship? Are you financially and emotionally ready for sex (cost of barriers/birth control plus potential cost of abortion or pelvic care, STDS)? Along with how to navigate puberty, sex toys, sexuality, casual vs. relationship sex, kink... It has everything presented in a friendly and non-judgmental way that still encourages the proper amount of safety and responsibility.


My sister and I were raised the same way, plus often seeing our mom naked. Aside from my sister horrifying her classmates by telling them where babies come from, the outcomes for us have been only positive. Mostly healthy body image (I had some issues for a while but seeing my mom honestly helped with that as I had a realistic image of what a grown woman looks like), and healthy relationships with sexuality and boundaries. Additionally, I knew I could go to my parents for help if anything ever went wrong! The one time I needed it my mom went with me to buy plan B and took care of me through the side effects. No questions asked and no negative reactions, only gratitude that I came to her to ask for help. Eternally grateful to have grown up in a household where sexuality and the human body are natural and not shameful things.


SA of children is more common then society would like to admit. 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys to be specific. Actual numbers thought to be higher due to lack of reporting. Part of the reason this is common, is because we make it taboo to be a victim of sexual abuse.


Society places more shame on victims than predators.


We teach them that the only people allowed to touch their genitals are their parents or their doctor and only if it’s for a health or safety related reason


As a child that was sexually abused. I wish someone had taught me to describe what was happening to me. I’m sorry if your “untraumatized children” have to hear words you may think are inappropriate, but look at the numbers. Look at the number of children who have things happen that they have no idea how to describe.


This. If I had been able to verbalise what my father did to me so much would be different. I knew something felt really wrong and it got to the point where I refused to stay with him anymore. My sister ended up also being abused. Because of that I live with so much trauma and guilt. The fact that there are people against children being able to keep themselves safe is disgusting to me.


Well the rate is one in ten so every school has some child being or have been abused.


And not just in schools. For me it happened in a 7-11 bathroom with a stranger when I was 6.


It is absolutely necessary. A servey from Allmänna barnahuset (a foundation in Sweden) shows that 1 out of 4 children in EVERY school class has been, or will be, sexually abused or sexually harassed at some point during their childhood. 10 years ago when I studied human behaviour I got the chance to interview "secret phedophiles", and that really fucked me up. The only phedophiles we know about is the ones that get cought, and the ones who end up in prison is just a tiny fraction of them. 1 out of 4 children, in every school class, everywhere. That means that every one of us knows someone who has, or will, molest a child. We just don't know about it, there are no "signs", because the children who don't know what to do or who to tell when something happens, those are the children who will remain silent.


Just this. My niece is 7 and had some teaching at school about private areas that no one should be touching. My dad was quite upset by this “woke teaching” until I told him it’s literally there to help prevent kids from being molested. Sadly, bad people exist. It can’t hurt to teach kids what no one should be doing to them.




Which is ridiculous because 30 years ago in Kindergarten we were also taught that. "My body's nobody's body but mine" was the song they used to teach us. Still remember it to this day


1st grade in the 80's, I remember watching a cartoon film in public school about how people shouldn't touch you on your private parts, and it then explained that "private parts" were anything covered by your underwear. Seemed like a normal enough thing to learn, to me.


There’s a story floating around the internet, not sure if it’s real or not, about a teacher who had a student who kept complaining about her uncle touching her cookie. Later teacher learned that the word ‘cookie’ was used in the girl’s family as another word for her privates. I’m pretty sure the girl in the story was in pre-school.


I love when kids at the preschool I work at use proper anatomy terms for their personal areas. It helps know what the issue is in potty breaks and diaper changes. Nothing made me choke harder than when a girl said her needed to wipe her "hooha".


My daughter called it her front butt


Weird phrasing but yeah. Three year olds are being taught proper anatomical terms so that there is no mixup if someone touches them inappropriately


For any parent reading this, it is super important and can also give you an early warning system. I have taught my son anatomically correct language and a few weeks ago he referred to his penis as his "willy", which means *someone taught him that*. We found out later it was taught by nana when she was giving him a bath, so it was a simple conversation of "we say it this way for these reasons, please use the correct language". But we immediately knew someone had been talking to him about his penis, which is invaluable information to have.


That’s such a genius system


I’ve also heard in court sometime people get away with touching kids because the kids use non anatomically correct language and those other words don’t hold in court for some reason


The legal system requires precision of language, for hopefully obvious reasons. If you can't get a kid to be clear about what happened, it's really hard to prove. (Not saying this is a good thing! We all know what a peepee is. It's a very unfortunate consequence of the system.)


I've heard this as well. The story I've heard so many times that I don't know if it's just repeated or if it's actually common is about a young girl telling her teacher that her uncle was touching or licking her cookie and the teacher tells her to quit being so selfish and share with him. She keeps bringing it up and after a fair amount of time has passed, they finally realize that she is saying "cookie" instead of vulva or vagina and he has been molesting her.


I don't want woke groomers grooming my children! The lesson: What to do when you're molested


Every accusation is a confession. see: Lauren Boebert's groomer husband, Matt Gaetz sex trafficking minors, Gym Jordan protecting groomers, Ronald DeSantis grooming his students


I could definitely see how pedophiles would be angry about this. Not really sure about anyone else though


I suppose a lot of people want to imagine there could never be pedophiles in their community, and that they could never be stupid enough not to see things in time.


And here in reality, kids are significantly more likely to get molested by someone they know than a stranger, despite what gets dramatized or reported


I can't, for the love of me, figure out why sexuality/sexal health is a taboo subject for kids in America Edit: spelling


I'd suggest keeping an eye on those people that complain about that, that's mad sus


It’s just ignorance. They don’t know the whole story and are just complaining about the things they’re told to complain about. A right wing commentator tells them that the woke pedophile left are teaching sex ed to 7 year olds and that they should be upset. The part where it’s actually to identify predators is left out to drive anger, and therefore engagement.


Well of course they don't want to make it easier for themselves to get caught.


History/Education Major Here… I grew up in a family of teachers. My brother teaches in the Bronx, as does his wife. My sister teaches in Tennessee. I live in Texas. Mostly “woke propaganda” refers to the teaching of any American Atrocities. The slaughter of Native Americans, Slavery, The Middle Passage, Trail of Tears. Most of the courses targeted are history electives offered to high schoolers with a focus on history. But they also, state by state, try to remove language regarding these events in the middle school history curriculum It’s literally just American History, to put it gently, that does not make White People look great. It’s the forced deletion of the fact that the country was built, literally by the work done for free, by humans who were expendable. Edit - Since this post blew up a bit, I wanted to expand my answer with the insider perspective of “Why this is happening right now” In high school I took many history electives, “Studies in the Holocaust” being one of them. These same people claiming “woke propaganda” don’t target that class because America was not at direct fault. The real agenda, is that the GOP want to eliminate public education. This is one of the attacks they are using. Create warring factions of voters yelling about what is being taught. So they can point and say “schools don’t work, Americans are unhappy” Sex Ed, Anything acknowledging that homosexuals exist, Womens Rights, Slavery, Treatment of Native Americas. Science. Putting “in god we trust” in Texas schools…. Anything they can rally a base around and get people arguing and yelling. “Teachers are bad, schools groom your children, colleges are liberal grooming facilities… “ those are the most recent talking points, but they’ve been at it for decades. They push the voucher system which is categorically racist and guarantee affluent families will have the best schooling. The end game is just a complete defunding of public education. Russia did it in the 1880s to keep the population uneducated and mailable. A dumb populous is easier to control.


Don’t forget the Tulsa bombings where white police killed an entire block of black people and dropped bombs on their houses.


It wasn't just the police. It wasn't a block, it was thousands... And it wasn't just ok., there were dozens of mass slaughters.


I was gonna say, that description made me think of MOVE in Philadelphia in the 80s.


Sorry, THAT atrocity was in Philadelphia. You're thinking of a DIFFERENT atrocity. > The Tulsa race massacre, also known as the Tulsa race riot or the Black Wall Street massacre,[12] was a two-day-long massacre[13] that took place between May 31 – June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents, some of whom had been appointed as deputies and armed by city officials,[14] attacked black residents and destroyed homes and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_massacre > The 1985 MOVE bombing was the destruction by the Philadelphia Police Department of 61 residential homes in the West Philadelphia Osage Neighborhood.Two explosive devices were dropped by a police helicopter on the roof of the house that was occupied by MOVE, causing a fire which the Philadelphia Fire Department subsequently let burn out of control, destroying 61 previously evacuated neighboring houses over two city blocks, and leaving 250 people homeless. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_MOVE_bombing


My gf’s school was threatened to get sued in Oklahoma because a parent heard a teacher taught the Tulsa race massacre to their son. I remember my gf coming back home as I was playing Bloodborne crying her eyes out due to the fact that said parent screamed, spat, and pointed a gun at her colleagues after school, in the dark, last winter. In the parking lot. When they were going to their cars to head home.


In my experience, parents typically mean anything having to do with slavery or the native american experience and social emotional skills. The biggest issue comes when kids start making connections to why things are structured today. For example a parent was really mad at me when we learned about redlining and gentrification during our civil rights section because their connected that house and their cousin's were in 2 different areas and how that mirrored the economic divides from back in the 50's. Now I didn't tell the kid that but when they made that connection the parent was mad at me for essentially teaching critical thinking. Teaching forgiveness (parents really don't like when their kid is being told to forgive something unless the other kid has been punished). Religion outside of christianity or catholicism, i get a lot of complaints when we look at the religions of different regions to get a better cultural understanding. Especially when we're in the Egypt or any part of the middle east. A lot of social emotional skills like apologizing, acceptance and really keeping comments to yourselves gets a lot of flack too. We get a lot of "my kid has free speech or your denying their rights or talk shit get hit" when its literally about their kid bullying another student. Or cussing out another teacher "you can't force them to apologize". Hell I got called a groomer one year for calling a kid their preferred name (one of their siblings snitched) when as far as I had been told the kid went by their middle name. Anything can set some people off. Now I work with older kids so maybe the complaints are different for younger kids but that's usually what I get yelled about for woke indoctrination. It mostly feels like parents getting defensive about their kids thinking differently than them and maybe losing that. connection as they come to them for answers less. Or even that they aren't just mini-copies of the parents. But yea its really annoying times to be in.


Thank you for being a teacher. That is all.


This makes me so mad because I took critical thinking in collage and it was one of the most useful classes ever.


So they don’t want to teach their children to be regulated, kind, functioning members of a healthy society.


Yeah they'd rather they turn out like they did.


How dare you teach my child critical thinking!!! How am I supposed to control/manipulate them if they can poke holes in my logic?!?!?! /s


The literal actual 2012 Texas GOP platform: >Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.


Reading this makes me want to vomit. They think it's acceptable to cripple children's minds using our own tax dollars. I don't even have kids but this infuriates me on a cellular level.


[full text](https://s3.amazonaws.com/texasgop_pre/assets/original/2012Platform_Final.pdf) That is not even the most appalling thing in the document. They're literally calling for the end of the separation between church and state: >Safeguarding Our Religious Liberties – We affirm that the public acknowledgement of God is undeniable in our history and is vital to our freedom, prosperity and strength. We pledge our influence toward a return to the original intent of the First Amendment and toward dispelling the myth of separation of church and state. We urge the Legislature to increase the ability of faith-based institutions and other organizations to assist the needy and to reduce regulation of such organizations. Regarding education, they also support teaching both creationism and climate change denial as legitimate scientific theories and encouraging their discussion in science classes. >Controversial Theories – We support objective teaching and equal treatment of all sides of scientific theories. We believe theories such as life origins and environmental change should be taught as challengeable scientific theories subject to change as new data is produced. Teachers and students should be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these theories openly and without fear of retribution or discrimination of any kind.


>Teachers and students should be able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these theories openly and without fear of retribution or discrimination of any kind. This is actually a good idea. Kids should feel like they can discuss ideas publicly, and be able to have it’s strengths and weaknesses discussed without worry of retribution, and a teacher should be able to facilitate that discussion without catching hell. It’s beneficial to students to have to critically think about their positions while in an open forum. Have someone try and compare the strengths of Creationism to the Strengths of evolution. Don’t be a dick about it, but actually discuss it and you will not be hard pressed to show the flaws in this thinking. They want it discussed alongside it? Cool, use it to leverage more school funding and have it discussed directly alongside the other material. Give them what they want and watch as people quickly start rejecting those ideas because they’re actually fucking stupid ideas with evidence so thin paper looks fat. It’s kind of silly to not give them what they want here.


You’re not wrong BUT it’s tough and a slippery slope because then that means it’s okay to debate whether the holocaust was real or not, and in a way that gives equal footing to both of those viewpoints. This has actually been a problem in states where it became law to have to offer opposing viewpoints in schools. Teachers were literally confused about what to teach when it came time to the holocaust part of their history lesson plan.


>Now I didn't tell the kid that but when they made that connection the parent was mad at me for essentially teaching critical thinking. Holy hell, this is actually really funny.


I learned about slavery in fourth grade and they introduced some of the darker ideas about the native american experience as young as first grade at my school. Obviously nothing too dark but they taught us things like how columbus actually invaded the americans and didn’t respect them but didn’t go too deep into that. They taught us how the europeans pushed the native americans out of their homeland and considered them as less civilised. They didn’t go into detail about how the europeans pushed out the native americans, just that they did. My school was able to introduce complex topics to us from an early age in an age appropriate way that we understood and were able to digest without going into anything too mature or dark for our age and without teaching us intentionally inaccurate information. I say intentionally because its not possible to know for certain that everything they taught was entirely accurate but they did their best to try to not give us false information. I really think people underestimate but children and teachers sometimes. I also think that parents don’t like their children learning things that they didn’t. Critical thinking skills also go against the very black and white hierarchical culture that places high importance on obeying rules and considers disobedience as sinful. Critical thinking teaches people to think instead of blindly follow. It makes those people difficult to control. Many parents don’t know how to deal with their children without controlling them. The whole ‘because I said so’ kind of parenting. Critical thinking provides children with the skills to ask why and question the status quo.


>A lot of social emotional skills like apologizing, acceptance and really keeping comments to yourselves **Communication Skills and Social Norms:** \*exist\* **Some People:** "Is this self-censorship and totalitarian silencing of opposing viewpoints? Free speech isn't just about legal rights! We need a 'culture of free speech' where I can take my social privileges for granted too! It's not enough for me to be able to say offensive things. I also need to be able to say offensive things and for other people to not be offended, and not express how what I said made them offended, and not demand that I stop saying offensive things, and not treat me like a bad person for being inconsiderate of them."


i’m a 14 y/o grade 9 student in Canada. This is a list of some things i’ve learned/am learning about in the last couple years of school by subject, you can decide if they’re “woke” or not: Citizenship - political perspectives and parties, how the government works, rights and laws, social and economic issues, oppression and discrimination, voting, history and how it relates to current issues etc. Math - Budgeting, taxes, percentages, the stock market, cost of living (obviously just normal math as well like stupid long division lol) Healthy Living - writing a resume/cover letter, work safety, mental health and how/where to seek support, addiction, birth control methods, the biological, social and economic aspects of pregnancy (for example calculating how much it costs to have a baby), consent, sex trafficking and sexual crimes, physical health and nutrition i could go on but you get it. i thought this was normal everywhere but i’ve heard some people say they weren’t even taught sex ed.


i’m also grade 9 from canada, and yeah, it’s just this, nothing super “woke” or whatever. my stepmom still believes all of that nonsense though no matter how many times i tell her it’s all bs. people need to listen to students and teachers about what kids are learning, rather than politicians


Grade 11 from Canada, only class so far this year that touches on this stuff is English but I really don't have any other classes that would besides math where we do interest rates and all that. But as far as I know there's no problems with "woke" stuff


33 year old Canadian here, never was taught any of that in school. I'm a bit jealous now


For real. It sounds like they're teaching some really useful life skills these days!


This is about as woke as Rip Van Winkle. I wish they had taught us some of this stuff in school instead of how to make a gumball machine


I grew up when the Roots miniseries was unbelievably impactful, Gandhi won best picture, I remember how Rambo showed how corruption and power can take away our basic rights. In fifth grade, my teacher read us the Underground Railroad about Harriet Tubman at a school where we maybe had 7-10 African American kids total. We always discussed in great detail Martin Luther King, Jr. around MLK day leading into Black History Month. We learned about Emmett Till and we talked a lot about segregation. And that’s just elementary. Malcolm X came out when when I was in middle school, my teacher took us to watch “When We Were Kings” the Muhammad Ali documentary at the theater. Forrest Gump came out in the next few years. I feel like all of that would try and be described as “woke” by these clowns. I do wish I didn’t only learn about the Tulsa Massacre a few years ago. It was eye opening for sure and that’s what these people want. Knowledge is power.


The 90's were great weren't they? I remember thinking about The Magic School Bus and how it was effortlessly a multi-ethnic classroom. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a show everyone watched. And then.... well I haven't done any research but I suspect it started going downhill with 9/11.


The recent flack my district had to deal with was showing a 5 minute YouTube video on taking ownership and responsibility for your actions. Parents were pissed.


Remember, if you want to see the answers from conservatives in this chain, sort by controversial


What is particularly interesting is "woke propaganda" as both sides understand it is vastly different. As reflected in the comments.


According to conservatives I know, it’s that liberals want schools to provide litter boxes for kids that identify as cats. I’m sure many other similar lies.


My coworkers in our deep red state bring this dumb shit up all the time. I finally challenged one of them to connect me to their “friend who’s a teacher who knows.” Never happened, so I pestered and pestered. Eventually the “friend who’s a teacher” recanted their story I was told, BUT that friend knows another teacher who swears it happens. Again, I was denied the contact info or even the school of that friend. My boss finally told me to knock it off after a while which I agreed to do if I either quit hearing about it *or* got to speak directly to the teacher friend. Haven’t heard a thing since.


>My coworkers in our deep red state bring this dumb shit up all the time. I finally challenged one of them to connect me to their “friend who’s a teacher who knows.” Never happened, so I pestered and pestered. Eventually the “friend who’s a teacher” recanted their story I was told, BUT that friend knows another teacher who swears it happens. Again, I was denied the contact info or even the school of that friend. Your friend sounds like Joe Rogan. Same story.


My father in law was talking about the don’t say gay bill and how teachers are teaching kids to be trans. He didn’t bother asking my wife ,who is a primary school teacher, if that is true


Ironically, some classrooms do indeed have litter for use in case of prolonged lockdowns in active shooter situations. Classrooms also have med kids for treating gun wounds. Words cannot describe how much more I'd prefer litter boxes for furries.