How do you tell a guy no when asking you to send pics

How do you tell a guy no when asking you to send pics




"No" And if he persists, block his ass.


I came to say exactly this!


Just tell him no. There is nothing wrong with not wanting pics of you out there, last flings and relationships I was in I never asked for pics because I too did not want pics of me out there potentially existing. You should not have to explain yourself either. If they do not respect you saying no, they do not respect you as a person.


Literally just tell him no. Say the things you mean. If you still wanna fuck this guy and just don't want to do the nudes thing then like "oh i'll keep it a surprise, no spoilers" etc. or something.


You just say no. If they keep asking, you say "No, and do not ask again." If they ask again after that, you tell them to go fuck themselves and block them.


There should be no need for anything beyond "no". It's not a negotiation over a used car, it's asking you to share something personal and possibly very easy to distribute without your permission. If you aren't comfortable, then you don't have to explain yourself. Just like with sex, if both people aren't enthusiastically consenting, then it is no fun anyhow.


“No I’m not comfortable”


As a guy myself, I'd like to think it's a rather simple answer. "No", should suffice.


"Hard pass" "lol nah" "fuck off with yo horny ass" "bitch please" "not for nothing" "no thanks" [the block button] "not now, I'm in church / mosque / temple / etc" "I don't have genitals and I'm really self conscious about it" "I'm actually 15 and you're on To Catch A Predator" "Fuck off, pervert" "That's gonna be a no from me, dawg"


Lol, I love these Especially the 3rd to last one. 💀


You can just say no if you want, but if that is a bit much to manage you can say I don’t send pics for safety reasons. A no should be enough, if they pressure you after you’ve said no I would say that don’t respect you and they shouldn’t be around you at all


May I ask, why do you seem to have trouble telling him no? I think if we know the reason why, a better answer than “just say no” can be given. I know it’s probably not that black and white. No wrong answer here!


Say what you mean. No need to dance around it.


If he doesn't take no, start spamming him with disgusting NSFL shock images.


Just say no. It's that simple. 2 letters. If they keep bugging you, block them.


Nah I'm good


Just tell him no. Set boundaries. If he can't accept them, find a new guy.




“I’m not comfortable with that.”


I don’t understand why this is now something that is seen as acceptable. That would be something you would do only when you know the person intimately, and even then, such a vulnerable position to put yourself into.


Block him it worked for me when a guy tried doing that (I am a guy too)


Send pics.. but not your pics..




It is all about respecting boundaries. If an individual is willing to ignore your wishes in this area, it is a good indicator that it will stretch into other areas as well. Big things like sex, but also little things like food. A relationship is a partnership and if you are not being treated like a full and valued partner, that is not likely to change. So no. Firm no. Why not? "I'm uncomfortable doing so at this time." No further explanation is necessary. If asked or demanded you can explain that the desire to see you does not ever get to outweigh your desire for safety, privacy, or discretion.


'No, that makes me uncomfortable.' - they shouldn't require anything else. If they persist then they don't deserve your friendship or anything else for that matter.


"No". Do you mean how do you tell him no and ensure he does not have a problem with that? If so, that's not possible. If no is a problem for him, move on.


Block them.