I used to be a happy drunk and now I become raging mad, why is that?

I used to be a happy drunk and now I become raging mad, why is that?


Alcohol usually makes you feel everything more intensely. You used to be a happy guy and a happy drunk, now you are a angry guy and a raging mad drunk. Stop drinking till you get over this bad chapter. No one likes a angry/mean drunk.. specially the angry drunk himself, if you keep doing it you'll end up despising yourself for being toxic and ruining everyone's fun.


Add to that alcohol can be unpredictable. You can't always say for certain how you will turn out after getting drunk.


Real Life experience tarnishes rose tinted experience


You have unresolved issues which you are angry about and drinking doesn't solve them or make them better and in fact makes them worse.


Chances are you're having a bad time in life, don't drink when you are already sad or angry, you have probably been pushing down these emotions and they come out when you are drunk. Sincerely; someone who has spent a month in a psyche ward because of this.


Alcohol brings out whats brewing on the inside. You need to heal what ever is hurting your core. I used to be a depressed drunk. Once I sorted my shit out, I'm now a happy drunk.


>I went through a break to four months ago and now anytime I drink and think about it This is why.


You grew up an saw life and the world for what it is.


What are you getting angry about?


Alcohol amplifies your emotions. If you're drinking while happy, like at a party, you get happier. If you're drinking while angry about a break up, you get angrier. The solution is to process your feelings about your ex, with professional aid if necessary, so that those emotions aren't the ones getting amplified when you drink.


Withdrawal effects from the alcohol. They should ware down within a couple months if you stop drinking altogether. It’s common I think.