Why people are angry at puns?

Why people are angry at puns?


Because puns are sort of low hanging fruit in terms of comedy. While they are often funny, they are just so cheesy you almost feel wrong thinking they are in the first place.


Don't play with your fruit, got it.


Puns are cheesy? Hah! You’ve got to brie kidding me, I love ‘em!


That's a gouda one.


You're really starting to grate on me


must be the American again. Havarti told him to stop but he won't!


I personally say I hate puns, when in all reality I love them. I'm just mad I can't keep up with people who can rattle off puns faster than a pizza order they haven't changed in 10 years 😂


Puns require a sharp wit and a mastery of language, and not everyone has both those things in sufficient quantity to chain puns together like others.


They should be pun-ished.


I think it's because they tend to inject unexpected levity into a conversation and a large portion of the Reddit audience seems to be utterly devoid of appreciation for it, either because of differences in culture or because they are on the autism spectrum or just simply being your regular every day killjoys.


I think they really do actually like them. Like, they’re not actually angry.


I actually wrote my college thesis on humor (you know, like an asshole). I think it would be helpful to consider puns when contrasted with another type of humor: satire. In satire, it is the audience's job to discern where the joke lies. The performer is trusting you to figure out why this impression or whatever it is is funny, relevant, or extreme. With puns, it is the total opposite. The audience is spoon-fed the joke; it only takes fluency in the language to understand. The groans we know and love come from the idea that the performer is almost "talking down" to the listener; there's no nuance.


yeah most people like to groan at dad jokes but it ALWAYS makes everyone smile :)


**Like everything else**, they can be overdone. WAYYYYY overdone. Exhibit A: *Pearls Before Swine*. Pastis needs to take a sabbatical, recharge his batteries, find a new muse, whatever it takes to refresh the strip. (Anybody remember two **weeks** worth of *The Dumb Guys Convention*? What happened to story lines? When was the last time anybody saw Little Guard Duck?)