Why are playstation players mad that xbox is having good exclusives now?

Why are playstation players mad that xbox is having good exclusives now?


Are you asking why people are mad they don't get to play games they want to? Because they want to play those games, and they can't.


Well for a long time many toxic PS fans lorded over xbox they had better games and didn't see the problem with exclusivity


I don't know anything about toxic PS fans or whatever, but people who like games want to be able to play games. If they can play those games, it's not a problem. If they can't, it is.


There's always fan boy banter between the consoles.


I don't know if I'd say there's a fanboy environment around anything Microsoft, just a perception that it's an equally quality product without the glitz and glam of the competitor.


Huh? No way! Tons of Xbox fanboys/stans


People have their console wars though I don't see many people angry at those Xbox exclusives.


Do you have an examples where a significant number of people are actually upset about this? Because outside of a handful of whiney forum posts from a couple people, this seems unlikely.


System: gets exclusive games PS owners: Should bought playstation. Wait what?


Anyone who gets mad about video game console brands is a child.


What are these xbox games? I want to get mad


Sea of theives a pirates life, any bethesda game now has exclusive content just for xbox such as the new starfeild game coming out, Halo infinite.


"PlayStation fanboys" you mean. Normal players (majority) dont give a damn about it.. xbox players dont care what sony has, nor ps players care about xbox..