Why do many of the things people were obsessed with when young become useless junk to them when they are older?

Why do they go from wanting the item so badly to wanting to get rid of it so badly years later?


The priorities change as you grow up and learn more.


Most people go thru a time in life when they think "If only I had a *this* or *that* I'd be happy and popular." Maybe as one gets 'older and wiser' they see that happiness does not depend on junk n stuff which clogs the premises and may require dusting. Some seem not to ever outgrow it tho.


Hey I still have my soft lion. And don't you dare say anything or take him away from me


Unless you have a specific example, the obvious answer is that people haven’t figured themselves out yet when young, so lots of things they used to enjoy no longer interest them. Then there’s also things that might carry unwanted emotional memories that they want to heal from.


As you age, your values change. You realize that today's high-tech will be obsolete in ten years time. For many young people, life is about conforming to a perceived image. As you age, you question these values and realize you had been manipulated.


I was thinking about this the other day. I used to obsess over pinball machines, jukeboxes, etc. Now I really don't feel like I would want to fool with one, even if it was offered to me. It makes me sad, because I miss that old enthusiasm. I think over time we just realize that they are just material objects and other things like family and experiences are more important.