Why do people sometimes comment "I'm not reading all that" on a post when they can just ignore it?

Why they go out of their way to comment when they don't actually need to?


Sometimes, it's to let the commenter know that it should be more concise to allow more people to read it. I usually only tell this to friends I'm close to though, not strangers on the internet.


It's a statement of an opinion like any other.


Sometimes when I wonder why some people are so annoying I think it may because nobody ever came out and said "Hey, I know you probably won't like hearing this but you are rather annoying." If you have an irritating habit then the social pressure to change it can be a good thing. If someone writes a novel it can help them develop by letting them most people won't read more than the first paragraph.


Same reason why most people comment. Just to say something, or just to get a response.


Their just being assholes and messing with you because they think your being pretentious and smarter than them.


If he actually is precocious and smarter than them, are they still assholes?