What if everyone was made to wear a camera at work?

For what purpose?


For what purpose?


The data storage costs would be insane.


No one in my profession shoots and brutalizes people on the job and lies aboit it. I would not agree to it.


Have fun watching that boring fuck but I guess it can be useful if you want to see how some things are done, can we all see what other do? Awful for some things I do, like inventing stuff and fuck that gives a competitive advantage or the work I have done on and in infrastructure that is better not leaked. (Banks, Police, Hospitals, Army bases, stuff like that)


You would have less criminal activity. Also it’s already starting to happen. It started with cops, then firefighters, professional security, even Walmart grocery delivery ppl that walk into your home. Next group are probably school staff, and repairman who enter into your home. Eventually a lot of industries will wear a camera and everything will be recorded


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