I couldnt care less about the upgrades. My beef is the custom game modes allowed on Survival mode. Basically cheat codes that you can switch on and off in your game play. Ruins my survival mode immersion.


…Don’t use them, then?


Thats not the point. I know i can simply not use them. Its the fact that I am able to that is the problem. If i am playing a survival game, i dont want to be tempted to cheat. Being tempted is what ruins it for me. Yes i can simply not use them but im sure other survival players would agree that its just not the same anymore. Alot of people have issues with giving in to temptation. Yes its a me problem. Im just saying personally it ruins it and i wouldnt be surprised if others felt the same.


I don’t understand how simply ignoring these gameplay options ruins gameplay. You can dupe quite easily, do you dupe? You can use save editors quite easily. Do you save edit? You can exploit bugs for unlimited money and ship mods. Do you exploit the bugs? How are these gameplay options any different?


Im on xbox so i cant use editor. I mentioned in another persons post about how it was extremely hard for me to resist the urge to use a dupe method so far and the custom game mode made it worse for me. Lets just say some human beings find it hard not to give in to temptation basically. I find it hard not to use tools that are given to me to make life easier. This is why i chose survival and not normal in the first place. I was forced to use the tools i was given. I enjoyed the survival aspects. Now when things get tough or if im in a pickle all i have to do is flick a switch.


I rather see the difficulty settings as a means to set the rule of the game for yourself. I've set it up the way i like it and then quickly forgot about it. I'm having a blast again.


Exactly and everyone here just says "How does that effect YOUR gameplay?".


For me personally they messed with the inventory and I had multiple ships and my exosuit packed full. I looked everywhere and it appears I've lost an absurd amount of materials I was going to use for crafting. Like it gone, probably a bug but either way really really REALLY frustrating. Additionally I liked being able to leave PVP on. Made everything just slightly more tense. But now that will have to be permanently turned off


People are mad that they can't install the 6 upgrades they grinded for, that's the problem Aside from that people don't really have much issues with the update


There was a bug that allowed people to have 6 (3+3) upgrades to ships and exosuits but the new inventory system restricts you to 3. Also mineral farming got a huge nerf, so it’s harder to make money.


Strange I’ve installed 4 upgrade for jet pack plus the jet pack item itself


The limit applies to the procedural upgrade modules that you find or buy. The ones you can construct from blueprints have never been subject to the limit.


I think the jetpack has multiple upgrades that don’t count towards the 3 limit. S class upgrades that you purchase from the vendor will turn red if you install a 4th.


What about the farming? What is the new limitation? I’ve found several very good farm and I think it is a good part of the game


The limit wasn’t nerfed, the cost of minerals was. My activated copper farm used to get 6mil from a sale, now it gets less than a mill


farming? There's not real point anymore.


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Not getting it either, I'm shocking at combat but even earlier in the game I wasn't being killed so regularly that it was impossible to play because I didn't have six S class upgrades. As for mining for money being nerfed. Coming back after a break for a year I didn't know what Indium farming was. This rebalance of what makes money fast has has happened at least three other times in the past. Definitely built huge farms in the past on my own before you could visit others farms to get rich. Give it a week and the next new best scheme will rise to the top. Starting to hear about gold mining already