Instead of jerking off, I took a picture to remind myself how much of a loser I look

Some advice: you're not a loser. mistakes were made, but you do not need to think of yourself that way. If you're struggling with anything, reach out. Find a brother, find someone who will challenge you to look at yourself and not see a loser but see an opportunity. You have the ability to change how you see yourself, brother. Strength is a journey


Some advice: you're not a loser. mistakes were made, but you do not need to think of yourself that way. If you're struggling with anything, reach out. Find a brother, find someone who will challenge you to look at yourself and not see a loser but see an opportunity. You have the ability to change how you see yourself, brother. Strength is a journey


I completely agree with you Losers DO exist but if you acknowledge that there is somthing wrong you are DEFENITLY not one of those losers The one who make mistakes and then realizes them isn't weak he is the strongest for admiting there is somthing wrong which is completely against human nature which is to justify it


A person is a loser if that person gives up.


Quote of the day !


You're right. thank you. Let's fight this shit!


Losers are people who think they are both miserable and think they're fine as they are. The mental gymnastics in some people are insane, even in some aspects myself included.


I think the real losers are the people that think porn and masturbation are “healthy.”


I came in to say something similar. No matter where you are, don't use negative speak, it fucks with your head.


Yes you are not a loser accepting your reality is the first step toward self improvement the real losers are those who accept their fate as universal & didn't take any action against it


Man im struggling the same problem, i feel lonely and a loser. Im a big dissapointment to my parents and also my friends. I have dissapointed those who blieves in me. I want to earn that trust again but simply i cant change. I dont have the ability to change. Everytime i tried i end failing over and over again until im exhausted or maybe i havent tried it yet. Its really hard to open up to the people around you because you know that everyone will judge the way you are. I even tried myself to fit in by simply being the loser or "punching bag" to be called names such as "blackface", "stupid". The worst thing is i thought that it is normal for people to be treated this way. So tried doing it to other people. I became the worst person i never wanted to be. My intention is to just fit in with them but now it got worst because im just hurting other people for my own benefit. Im slowly starting to take that away from me. Im now disregarding the fact that i know people will not accept me by having change. But i know for myself that it is right to be that way. But anyways being a loser is tough and everyone will laugh at you and pick you names. But being a loser is not you fault but staying as a loser is your choice.


Thanks bro, I've felt disappointed and down right now, your words hit me, it reminded me how to look at myself, from now on, I'm gonna see it as an opportunity. I've made some mistakes before and I'll never do them again.


This is shit advice. What this man needs is to be told he’s a fat fucking loser, he needs to get up off his ass and do some work if he wants to live a better life. Stop treating men like they’re weak and need comfort to feel & be better.


There's a difference between recognizing that something needs to change, and calling yourself a loser. Yes, this brother has a problem. HOWEVER, merely putting him down and calling him names cannot and will not help him in any way. If he doesn't believe that he can change, *then he can't change.* I would like to draw your attention to rule #14


People get motivated by different things. Some may feel challenged by your words and succssed others may break because of it. You feel proud kicking a fallen man?


Bro ur one of these guys that transform their lives and suddenly turn into a shredded sexy millionaire, I just know it.


I wish that guy all the best, but he should probably have more realistic expectations. He clearly doesn’t have the right genetics to maintain a shredded physique, and that’s totally ok. Being at a healthy bodyfat% (usually around 15% for males) is where the body functions best. The key to happiness is to not compare yourself to others, so if he can just be the best version of himself, there’s no need for him to compare his physique or bank account to somebody else’s. Dream big, but have realistic expectations of what you can accomplish. edit: Clearly nobody on this subreddit can read lmao. When did I ever say that he should let his genetics decide how much self-worth he has. However, he should be aware that he might not have the genetics to be shredded, and he doesn’t need to. As long as he is able to maintain a level of bodyfat that’s healthy for him (it might be 20% bodyfat for him) there’s no need to get further. You don’t need to be single digit bodyfat to look good and be happy (in fact, that shit will make you miserable and have no energy to do anything). Be kind to yourselves and don’t set unrealistic expectations on what you can accomplish. That also applies to nofap as well. If you relapse, so fucking what, just keep going and don’t beat yourselves down for doing it. Strive to be better than you are, not to become perfect, because nobody is, and nobody can become perfect.


That’s total bullshit man. I’m sure you mean well but we have no idea how much of it is genetics and how much of it is dietary poison when it comes to obesity. People can become obese on surprisingly little food due to how awful modern food can be. You don’t need to stuff yourself. Malnourishment can cause obesity. Look into it, very counterintuitive.


If you’re gaining weight you are not in a calorie deficit.


You oversee that your metabolism is also a variable affected by awful modern fold. If are in a caloric deficit, then you lose weight (by definition). It is just that the minuend is not fixed or set in stone. Your coke zero might have zero calories, but insulin spikes, thus decreasing your metabolism.


> People can become obese on caloric deficits No, you can’t, unless you’re from a universe where the first law of thermodynamics doesn’t apply. His obesity is probably because of a combination of genetics, poor diet and lack of exercise. That said, just because he most likely has poor genetics, doesn’t mean that he should let that stop him from achieving his goals. I wish him all the best, he deserves love and happiness, but lying to him isn’t gonna solve his problems.


This is the dumbest shit I've ever read. Anyone can literally accomplish anything. Is it much more difficult for some people? Of course, but NEVER impossible. And for you to come on here and cut this guy down by talking about genetics and being realistic about what he can accomplish is fucking pathetic. Honestly this guy is obviously in a low point in his life and this is what you thought was a constructive thing to say? I hope you find happiness somewhere in life man, because cutting people down in need of a little pep talk is some pretty low life shit.


Having realistic goal is the way to great mind and great physical body though. Think of your dream physique and go half way there FIRST. Then after that, you do another half.


Did you even read my comment bro? I can’t see where I said that he didn’t deserve love, happiness and success. I also never said that he couldn’t accomplish anything he set his mind to. I just said that setting expectations on yourself that almost nobody in the world can fulfill will only cause one thing: he’ll look at himself and be disappointed that he didn’t accomplish it. And even if he accomplished being shredded and a millionaire, do you think he would be happy? No, he would be miserable, have no energy, low testosterone, constantly hungry, and always chasing more and more money. Happiness doesn’t come from external factors, it comes from within. What I meant by setting realistic expectations is something like this: “I can lose 75lbs (34 kg) in 1 year and earn enough money to buy a car”. This is what unrealistic expectations look like: “I will be single digit bodyfat and a millionaire in 3 years”.


Yea the part about genetics was triggering af. Total bs. Anyone can get shredded with the right diet and consistent workout.


The best version of himself. This is such a weird concept, cause what does it even mean? How does one know what the best version of oneself is? What if I say that his current state is his best version? You'll of course come at me and say, of course not, he can take steps to improve and be better than this. Well, I can just clip this exact quote and throw it right back at you when he reaches the supposed "best version of himself".


Time to make a change my friend: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hPV21Ofrb4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hPV21Ofrb4) All the best 👊


Screw NoFap do NoEat


That honestly made me laugh.


You can DM me if ya want a workout routine or something. I have extensive experience in gyms. So I can give you a routine.


can you share it here




Can I get one?


Hahahahha bro that made me laugh


aka r/fasting :)




Hey.. how about you do NoTalk




Lol on the plus side you got good looking nipples bro 😎


you can change, theres a lot of people with a worse situation and they overcome it, why you think you are different, dont be a pussy, you fucking can, you are not a loser


You're 24 years old?!






a year is all it takes to completely change your life. He can drop 50KG. But he has to start right now, no tommorow, no next Monday. Right now, he can take back his life day by day.


Fuck yeah


I’m 23 and I feel like I wasted my life already


I'm 17 and feeling the same way!


18 also and I feel like I’m so far behind everyone else my age


There is no “behind” in life. There is no written timeline. Everyone experiences life at a different pace. Some get married at 18, some at 60, some never. I wish I could tell 18 year old me, what I know now (31y.o). Even though I probably wouldn’t listen to myself.


You’re right man other people older than me have said this too, you are correct I compare myself to others too much sometimes, thanks for that 👍




Jeez man. We're the same age... I can assure you that cleaning up your diet will make it much easier to clean up bad habits. So does working out a bit. Your body and mind are greatly influenced by each other, after all


Run, drink water, run, stop eating American shit food, run, drink water


Yes. To add on, cook your own food. “Healthy” takeout is mostly a myth.


Yes this guy is rifht


Heavily disagree with this one. Trying to cook is when I've been the most discouraged with fitness and nutrition. I pretty much don't cook at all and I'm really happy with where I'm at. Forcing people to cook, when it's very doable to get ripped without cooking, is counterproductive


OP you're only 24. You are still young. Your testosterone is at your natural peak for years to come. You should use it to your advantage and build a solid foundation for your body that your future self will be thankful for. Get a gym membership or start with basic home exercises if you feel intimidated by the gym.




I approve! Intermittent fasting is effective as hell if you couple it with healthy food and walking. I don't try to eat less and i am not hungry, yet I lost a good chunk of fat.


I’m mean, it’s 2023, everyone is fat these days. Don’t worry about your body, just eat real food and move around and let the rest take care of itself. As someone who’s been thin and fat, I can assure you no one cares, they got their own issues to worry about. You’re only a loser if you think so, so don’t think you’re one, I don’t.


Your not a loser if your still in the game. Your just someone who has yet to win. Life will surprise you. Hang in there my dude 💯💯😤


You have some fine corners




This is the first photo in your body transformation journey. Use it as fuel to get into shape. Continue to take photos. One day you'll look back on this one and you'll be overcome with joy. Little steps at a time. You will fall, but you'll also win.


Get into fasting bro. It will help with discipline, personal spirituality (whatever that means to whoever it means it to), and you’ll lose a lot of weight. After a 48hr or 72hr fast you feel like you can conquer the world and fapping is the last thing on your mind.


trust in yourself my friend . you can make it . workout . eat healthy . read books and enjoy nature . and you will find your true soul


Nobody is a loser, bro you're still young, don't underestimate yourself.


Hit the gym and throw out the shit food.


You’re only competing with yourself from yesterday. At this point, small and consistent changes week after week will bring you to improve yourself. Like cutting out soda/takeout, going on a 15 minute walk every day, starting to cook for yourself, etc.


(M19 6ft) Last year i was 182lib skinny fat . I dieted for 8 months lost 30 pounds it wasn’t strict at all i . I lost a lot of muscle then i started hitting the gym . Took me a lot to start really getting into it like 4 months. Now i’m 160 . 9 months of consistent lifting . I believe if you have enough motivation you can do it i found my motivation from wanting to shock everyone and watching anime and gaming. If you want anything dm


You're not a loser. Nobody is. That's just a label that society has imposed on you to get you to live up to its standards. Instead, you should choose what you value and make up your standards. But I do recommend hitting the gym, not because of your physical appearance, but exercise is a significant pillar of your mental well being.


At least you're here on this subreddit. That's much more than most people can say


The best thing about being fat is how easy it can be to fix, and how amazing the rewards are. I would know, I took the journey. If you’d like diet advice or anything like that please let me know.


You’re not a loser ,you can turn your life around . Quit porn ,start working out and set your life on a new path to freedom and happiness


Instead of jerking off, I laughed at this post. Stay motivated man, the discipline from this journey will carry across others facets of your life.




self humiliation is not the way brother. self improvement is impossible unless you think you are worthy of becoming better (this means self-care and self-esteem are essential). wishing you a beautiful life


And the journey begins..


When are we going to see you post "Instead of jerking off, I got motivated and became fucking jacked"?


1. Document your obesity 2. Do a calorie deficit and lift weights 3. Make tiktok transformation videos when you get ripped 4. Leave some bitches for us bro


Not a loser bro. Acknowledging you want to change is about as cool as you can be.


Aww dude dont do/say that to yourself. I’f you’re not where you want to be in life that’s fine, happens to all of us at some point. Just make a plan on what you’d like to see for yourself in the next 5 months, next year and go from there. Let me ask you something, what’s the difference between a failure and a work in progress? Go easy on yourself.


that's not a good way to treat yourself, my man. you are improving yourself, you know there are some things to work on. that gives you a purpose. calling yourself a loser does not quench that purpose, if anything, it's like saying "I will do it tomorrow". You got this. Stay consistent, build good habits during your journey, and remember that what you are doing now is something no loser will ever do.


To be clear OP did not call himself a loser, he said he looks like one, which is accurate. OP, you need to completely change your diet and get some exercize. You need that even more than you need NoFap to be frank. Get off all junk food and sodas. You should probably cut your carbs heavily unless/until you become very active. You don't need to eat perfectly by any means but anyone can look better than that. What do you eat in a typical day? Edit: the good news is that you can make a lot of improvement. I’ve been fat before (nothing like you, but I was approaching obesity and not due to any muscle) and just cutting out some junk really got off a lot of pounds. When you are this fat even a few small changes will really help and you will see progress. It’s great that you recognize a problem; now start fixing it. You can do it.


You gotta think of this body as a machine, a meat machine. This body is our “car” that your driving through this reality we’re experiencing. Ans just like any vehicle you need to keep up maintenance, keep your fluids clean and healthy, and treat it right so it doesnt break down on you.


Ur 24. Very young. Get on a calorie deficit. Hit the gym lift weights. Stop eating junk. Eat clean foods. Ur 24!! Start now


Intermittent Fasting has helped me stay focused


I cannot disagree more with you here you are NOT a loser Losers DO exist but if you acknowledge that there is somthing wrong you are DEFENITLY not one of those losers The one who make mistakes and then realizes them isn't weak he is the strongest for admiting there is somthing wrong which is completely against human nature which is to justify it


Your not a loser your a fighter for a better future of yourself remember that


You’re not a loser, you’ve decided to make change. You’re only a loser when you quit. You got this bro


You’re not a loser. You’re taking the courageous step to trying to become better. Being a winner or loser doesn’t have to do with your weight. It’s the content of your heart. But if you want to lose weight too that’s good and healthy. You can go to the gym daily which is already a miracle cure for NoFap anyways. Try to learn to count your calories and get a personal trainer. Love and be kind to yourself OP!


Don’t call yourself a loser. Demeaning yourself like that will only deteriorate your self esteem and will most likely lead you to going back to old habits. Constantly tell yourself positive things about yourself, and eventually you will believe it and not fapping will be much easier.


First off, you posted a pic of yourself when not a lot of others would do the same, think about that, you should be proud of yourself for that alone. They say the first step to changing is to notice the problem, so I am sure you will lose it with due time and a conscious mind. Right now, use your pains and regrets to get you there, whatever dark times you have in your head. (Take that frustration you feel out on some light weights, but prioritize eating less right now, a little cardio wouldn’t hurt, but if you cut back effectively it should all drop off you quick enough). https://tdeecalculator.net/ Get started here, use this link to estimate your metabolic rate, and cut 500 off the total, now eat at that rate for a while.


Being fat is not being a loser, being fit doesn't make you a winner. Just know yourself better, love yourself and people around you, live every day to the fullest and you're a winner. :)


Your body doesn't define if you're a loser or not, only your conduct can define that.


Bro look at yourself......you are trying to change YOU ARE NOT A LOSER...💪🏻🔥


Don’t give up hope you can still change you have to be disciplined, focus and patient. Start as soon as you can.


Don’t let all of these expectations overwhelm you. The journey if you decide to take it is a long and amazing one. Don’t burn yourself out over it and you’ll start to enjoy it. You took a big step many aren’t willing to take


You’re making progress by making an effort to quit masturbating. Growth and experience will pick up eventually, and you’ll have more energy eventually. Just keep at it, and you’ll be sexier than everyone in this subreddit soon enough 😩


Well, that's the before pic - lets work on the 'after' pic. I remember walking, then running, then one day - many many months later - almost crying as I put on a shirt (a Xmas present) that I'd never been able to wear. You can do it.


You only become a loser when you give up.


Fix your diet, get on keto. Take care of your hygiene. Start walking alot then add running later on.


You're not a loser if you're on this sub 💪🏻 I am also fat bro that doesn't mean i am a loser in lockdown i did workout and i am fat but not that and it doesn't mean you are a loser bud don't be ashamed just take care of your body and again you're not a loser cause who thought of practising no fap


You are nor a loser neither winner you are just a traveller . Don't compare others with you rather because they are illusions of mind created by light In your brain .the real you is innocent , brave , resilient and strong


Reality is that I want your type of body as I am slim , people who are tall want short , fat wants thin, thin wants fat bt the reality is that one should be themselves and do their best accordingly


Go to the gym, work hard, make money, show gratitude to the one god...you will see changes


Nah, fuck that. A real loser is someone who doesn’t even try and who blames others for their circumstances. You’re a champion and we’re all rooting for you.


To me it looks like a futur winner


No to jerk off, yes to chasing women.


You are not a loser. A loser is someone who knows they have a problem but doesn’t try to fix it. However, you do know you have a problem and you are making any attempt to fix it! That is a winner! Not a loser


Don't be so hard on yourself, it's not realistic nor useful.


You're not a loser. Forgive yourself, and go seek stronger wisdom and spirit power. <3


It's not about what you are. It's about the direction you are going in.


Do you know what you just did ? You just pulled yourself out of a mind controlling urge to fap and did something else instead. You broke the curse. You are free now. And it takes immense strength to do this and you think you're a loser ? Think again. This is your first step in becoming better. There will be days when you might relapse but once you have fund this strength you'll find it again and eventually win. More power to you brother


I know a guy who looked just like you and became jacked in 2 years. Not abs but definitely good looking, don't give up man


Fucking 24 years old man. You got a whole future ahead of you to achieve epic shit. We’re with you on this journey!


nah bruh wtf


Buddy go on a crash diet eat about 1000 calories a day avoid sugar and oily stuff and dont eat anything after 8 pm you'll lose atleast 5-8 kg a month


Your appearance has nothing to do with your value as a person. We're all trying our best to live life to the fullest. Be kind to yourself, work towards your objects and, if you are unhappy with your fitness levels, do something about.


It's never too late to make positive changes. You can do it. You're not a loser!


Dream big my guy. I was once like you. Changed work places to a highly physical one, and better wage of course. Just try to want it more and more and try not to fail, if you do, then start again!


Use that shit as motivation brother. Hate the loser and get on the Long march towards the champion you Can be. Stay strong g


How's that better then jerking off


This is not going to work. Reward yourself but taking a picture of yourself smiling. Remember how it feels to be happy as much as you can so you make a continuous effort to be just that. If you are concerned about your appearance, research ways to achieve your goals of what you desire in life. Find purpose.


You can do whatever the fuck you want. Work smart and hard. Get on a good diet. Exercise. First, start of slowly, then, as you get into better shape, have more more intense workouts. Reminder, you can do whatever the fuck you want. You'll see progress in no time.


It's not impossible to lose the weight, i wish you the best of luck. You might be a loser now but you can always bounce back as long as you don't have certain conditions. Even people who lost limb managed to get in shape.


I see a blank canvas from which a king can be sculpted. First step is always the hardest, god speed brother, I’m praying for you and hope to see you become the animal which I know you can be


There is for sure gonna be a subreddit to help you like r/fatloss or something like that.




Hey OP, I was 22 when I started losing weight and I got off 65 pounds in about a year and a half. It’s easier when you’re younger, your transformation will be glorious!


Do you eat sugar?I know it's a stupid question ,but I mean no offence.I consider myself a loser too,but recently I cut down sugar out of my life,I'm currently on a 30 days of NoSugar.And I'm telling you,I feel better and look better.


Hit the gym


Losing weight is easy. It's staying that way is what's hard. I lost 15 kg (33 lbs) in the span of 6 months, then gained it all back in a year. 😭 Demotivating shit, and i never got the motivation to try again. It's a life long commitment to lose weight and then stay that way.


if that's the fucking mindset you have you will never succeed and remain a looser


U have a fine looking house. Its a start


While self deprication may seem like motivation at first, in reality it's usually part of the problem. If all you do is tear yourself down, the self-inflicted misery will only drive you to the very things that make you hate yourself in the first place. This creates a cycle of despair and sin that feeds itself, as the tool you use to deal with the anguish is the same thing that causes the pain. In other words, addiction. Now, I can say from experience that the best way to deal with this is to turn your life over to Jesus. It helped me when nothing else could, because the cross doesn't just save - it takes away the unhealthy guilt, so that we can be free to grow. Freedom from porn, or any kind of self-distructive habits, is a positive process, not a negative one. It's not enough to just get rid of the bad habits, you must replace it with what supports and builds up. A man who drives out demons but does nothing to replace them with something good will only see his demons come back with friends. You're not a loser. You are a man trying to grow, and that already makes you a champion.


The only loser here bro is the addiction. You took time for yourself. As long as we live we can always change. Remember that


You’re a king


You are courageous, sir. For reference, I am an actual loser, but I look pretty. I would show you, but I’m too chicken to put myself out there. Once people realize I’m a douche, very few stick around, it’s hard to build upon poorly sought and rarely practiced social skills. Don’t be so hung up on looks.


You're only a loser if you give up. If you can glean helpful information from a perceived failure then you're still making progress, which is a small victory in of itself. Keep a detailed journal and frame yourself within your journey as either winning or learning. Hang in there, brother!


Your not a loser! Your probably depressed man. Hmu WHENEVER you need to talk friend.


Hey man, I was where you were. Extremely obese but I started working out and I'm looking ripped now Never give up, it just takes dedication


how do you even allow this to happen to yourself? did you just forget to look down or into the mirror for a few years? honestly bro, it’s shameful. good luck with fixing yourself though.


You're not a loser bro, this is the first step that you are taking to a fulfilled life you can be proud of, many people won't even think of doing what you are doing right now, and I am very proud of you for that.


Damn that bad


Not a loser bud. I see potential. Time to sculpt your way into your ideal body!


Not a loser bro. One day at a time.


Step 1 Completed Go for step 2 now, exercise and diet We are with you


Just being here makes you not a loser. Sure, you’ve made fucked up mistakes, but we’re all here which means we’ve made the same ones. The best thing you can do now is make some great decisions and change your life.


Well, better make sure to be the biggest loser and profit.


I feel you !!!


All I see is *huge* potential for a soldier arc this summer.


Go for a walk bro, it looks sunny outside!


Just do intermittent fasting. Fat is fuel, use it up. Everything is solvable here.


Agreed. You are a loser. But the only thing that matters now after you've announced this is whether you choose to remain this way , say , 6 months from now. You should post again in 6 months.


Snake diet. It's longer fasts. You'll shed weight like a mf. Fastic app is good.


Don't call yourself a loser rather you're human that makes mistakes. Think of yourself as a king and you'll become a king




Good, now make that gym programme and go kill it, day after days, and also find a couple hobbies to feel good and not wasting time


Not a loser but just a man tired of making mistakes


Look at all that energy, waiting to be harnessed! I am jealous of you ser…for if you want to and are motivated, you could be embarking on a glorious…GLORIOUS journey of self discovery and Gains. Whats more…we are here to support you, brother…to gas you up! Don’t Lee us waiting too long for an update


Eat healthier and watch your calories I'd say. When I stopped eating processed junk my health became a look better


Shaming yourself will only make it worse trust me


You made me relapse


you were a loser . now you are not. let the workout begin


Dad? Why you here 😭. I’m kidding you got this dawg! I know you can make a change and lastly you’re not loser.


Son? Why are you here?


Being a loser is not failure. Not striving to succeed is the real failure.


This month I’m doing no masturbation may y’all should join me 😎


Well instead of fapping, try working out, walking your dog or the neighbors. Turn that energy you would've used into some more


“Yo cannot fail unless you quit”. Go for it man. Small habit changes. If you can, Start by walking 20 minutes tomorrow. Do something that gives you some control.


Hit the gym dude… You need to respect yourself more


stay focused and get in the gym


wow! i think all of the guys that are addicted to porn look like this 🤣 no wonder theyve never felt a woman in real life


Self aware is first win


Damn this is bad. It is positive that you have acknowledged you have work to do. Time for action.


You aren't a loser. You just don't have a support network to help you out. That's what it is. So make it your mission to find one


We’re in the same boat man. I started my diet today and are on day 2 of no fap


Hit the gym buddy , you'll change in no time , maybe in a year you'll feel muchh better


It's important to notice what's wrong in our life and have a desire to correct it. Because my friend always flexing his fat tummy to me and justify that his fatty tummy is much better than mine. For me I'm lucky that I discovered self-improvement because it will bring my life for better


Always think of your self loser, it helps it motivates to become what we want to.


It's okay to be weak, but what's not ok is staying weak.


Hit the gym, eat less, keep hydrated (and maybe use electrolytes, kills hunger), take walks, your condition is reversible. Try some kind of fasting + gym to reabsorb the skin .


bro treat yourself like how you would treat another person after making mistakes( brother, friend...etc)


My brother in Christ, you are not a loser


Gym arc. Incoming!


A one line advice that has pretty much helped me go through some of my worst moments, "There's no shame in being weak, the shame is in staying weak." People relate it to the gym more often, but I believe it's just as suitable for one's mentality. Remind yourself everyday of the reason why you want to change and work on yourself, just stay as consistent and disciplined as much as you can be, make a small target of doing that for a month, then another month and so on, even in a short time span of a month, you can change yourself A LOT, be it physically or mentally or both. Another thing, never talk negatively about yourself, even if you do, spin it off in a positive way, for ex instead of saying "I look like a loser" say "I will be better tomorrow than I am today." There'll be hard days, you might relapse or you'll feel down but just remember to pull yourself back again. At the end of the day what really matters more than anything else is your ability to pull yourself out of a negative mindset.


Show them you're not a loser, make them regret not being close to you in the beginning.


JUST LOOK AT THIS GUY: [https://ultimateperformance.com/testimonial/dans-40kg-weight-loss-helps-him-beat-high-blood-pressure-and-get-abs/](https://ultimateperformance.com/testimonial/dans-40kg-weight-loss-helps-him-beat-high-blood-pressure-and-get-abs/) Have faith in yourself. Go on one of these programmes. You can completely transform your physique. Nothing to do with genetics.


The greatest love of all is love for yourself accepting yourself just the way you are no matter what. Of course we want to be X or Y but the reality of reality is the present moment, a foundation, a starting point. You are awesome bro good luck on your no fap journey!


Yes you are indeed a loser, everyone in here says you are not is lying. Im just being real with you. Start to be hard with yourself and get to work. Start working to not be a loser. But till then yes you are a loser


Nothing is final




I have a gym at home. I’m going to be using that. I don’t want to waste money for a gym membership.