Dekudeals says this is the lowest price ever for Gold edition of Fenyx Rising. (FYI)


The price of the gold editions sale is usually the sale for the normal version, so yes, probably worth checking out I think.


How’s this compare to BOTW? I finished that and am itching for more open world rpg in the same arena


Posted this earlier today on the subreddit for the game: Compared to BoTW it's... * Less fighting * More puzzles * Actually has dialog * No food, buffs are just 4 types * Based on standard Greek heroic lore over Zelda lore * Awfully colorful * Takes itself much less seriously * Much easier to pick up for short playtimes * Travel mechanics much simplier * Has about as much depth as a pothole, but never pretends to be more * Puzzles get very repetitive quickly (pro or con, depending how you look at it) Paid $15US for it and I well got my money's worth.


I think I’m definitely going to pick it up just trying to decide on the good version or not


There is a demo! Mind you, it's completely unattached to the main game and instead is just super thick saracastic chatter with the player in a late game level of power, but you will decide if you like it or not from it. If you like it, gold might be better.


I got bored in the second major area. Maybe it was my fault for almost clearing the entire first area. You have an ability that can identify points of interest so you can walk around and clear all of those easily (BOTW you have to actually explore to find stuff). I ended up with tons of armor and upgrades before I even entered the second area, which made fighting pretty trivial. Also, you can get the best mounts in the game in the starter or first areas. That said, I still put 20 hours into the game.


It’s got a similar gameplay loop, but has some Ubi humor to the story. I personally didn’t care for that, but it is what it is. Also, seemed to play pretty choppy on the switch, I’d recommend another console or PC to play.


I paid full price for it and the dlc and don’t regret it. It was a lot of fun.


There's a demo you can try. I did, and hated it. The humor is beyond cringe-inducing. The puzzles were dumb block-pushing deals. The graphics were hideous--the water was a flat, featureless, opaque swatch of blue. I understand the hiccuppy performance was fixed in the actual game. I will say that the combat was pretty decent, but even with the ability to mix up combos a bit, it still felt pretty boring. (Launch, mash attack until you land, launch again, occasionally dodge.)


Currently playing and it’s really good! Ticking all my BOTW boxes


It’s a mashup of Assassin’s Creed and BotW. I played it on my PS5 and absolutely loved it. 100% the game in 40 hrs or so. It was simply delightful. Story is okay and the humor is very cheesy and somewhat dad joke-y, but the game is just *fun*. I highly recommend it. Not sure about switch performance though.


The atmosphere and art direction are amazing, the humor is subjective, the gameplay is a joy, the puzzles and power set are okay to amazing... Personally I liked that it was waaaay more straightforward compared to BotW. Instead of "figure it out" it actually points you in the direction of where to go. Appreciated that greatly.


I thought it was good. Especially for handheld. Not as good as BOTW but still fun. Same gameplay basically with few differences. Goofy ubi storyline. I loved it.


I was actually surprised at how different it was. The combat feels fucking amazing and you can cancel animations. Lots of puzzles, but they’re a lot of fun. And the humor, while not everyone’s cup of tea, is fantastic. The world feels insanely established. My only recommendation, if you have a series X or ps5 (or pc), play it there. It looks and feels amazing at a higher frame rate and resolution.


It is


Hopefully hits same price on ps too


I wish it wasn't standard practice to never give the season pass a reasonable sale. Like, I was willing to buy the base game a few months ago, but I wasn't going to drop more money on extra content until I was sure I enjoyed playing it enough to make it worthwhile. Now that I've played it and would be willing to play through the extra DLC, I have to buy the full game again to get the best price. Ugh...


I bought it for $20 not long after release.


What’s the difference between monopoly madness and regular ole monopoly? Lookin for good couch co op so we don’t keep losing board game pieces


Monopoly Madness is a Monopoly *themed* video game, not the actual board game. https://youtu.be/_VJkNFWPsAg Monopoly is the actual board game. Lots of settings options to make it more fun.


Thank you! I’ll pick up monopoly tonight


If you didn't buy it yet, I'd recommend instead you pick up Family Game Night. https://www.dekudeals.com/items/hasbro-game-night For $5 more you get physical plus Trivial Pursuit and Risk.


Monopoly Madness is an arcade type game built specifically from the ground-up to combat the perception that normal Monopoly takes a long time to complete. Madness is all about keeping it quick, but in my opinion it only bears a passing resemblance to Monopoly. It's more of a resource management/co-op versus game than Monopoly, which is more about money management. All of this is not to say that it isn't a fun game or that you shouldn't buy it, but don't get it expecting a Monopoly experience. I got the cartridge containing both games and Madness is meant to be more 'play a quick game' type, while Monopoly is Monopoly. Note: Monopoly does NOT have a single player mode where you can play against the computer, while Madness has computer opponents. Both offer local and online multiplayer (with NSO subscription). Whether this is an issue, is up to you.


Immortals for 14,99 is a steal. Great game , tons of content. Huge world but a bit repetitive. Great value


It’s a bit repetitive but in a way I’m completely fine with, because all of the activities in that game are really fun. One of the easiest platinum trophies I’ve gotten on PS5 and not because of the difficulty, but because I didn’t dread doing any of it.


100% this.


Good price for scot pilgrin


Is the dlc worth or not?




It's best to play the game (at least the demo) first before buying it. The DLC was done a little strangely and a bit too focused imo. Like one of them is entirely about doing the challenges where you shoot and then control an arrow to go through checkpoints/hoops. It's just good to know what you're going into in this case.




Just so you know what the DLC is.. First is extra puzzle rooms basically Second is a new character and entire world but with the same gameplay premise. And third is a new character but it changes to a top down view. Personally I loved the game, as I do most repetitive Ubisoft third person projects for some reason, but I didn't play the 2nd or 3rd dlc beyond an hour each


The game has lots of IAP for coins. That usually turns me away from games. How did you feel about the IAP for coins (or whatever currency it is)


What is IAP for coins? Like, spend real money for specific in game currency?


Yeah I looked it up. It says you can buy 6500 credits for $65. It's like a DLC where you buy it though the Nintendo shop.


Ah okay gotcha. Yes, all Ubisoft games seem to have this now, I first noticed it while playing Assassin's Creed Origins. You can spend the money on like special skins, in game currency, and quick XP. I think it's dumb but if people want to spend money on it then more power to them. I'll never spend money on that stuff though because it doesn't appeal to me I'll buy that kind of extras when I play super cheap indie games or AA games that I love. Like I spent extra money on Junk Jack and Deep Rock Galactic. None of it is required to play the game so honestly it doesn't bother me. More power to em, make that moneys


Ahh thanks. Haven't played any Ubisoft games recently but some companies push the extra currency a lot harder (albeit they're generally ftp games). For only $15 I'll check it out thanks.


My fiancee absolutely loves it. She's never played BOTW mind you, so hopefully she's as big into the shrines and exploring in BOTW as she is in Immortals.


It's the price I've been waiting for. Knowing Ubisoft I had a feeling they'd get here eventually


I’ve been on the fence with the AC: Rebel Collection. Can anyone give me a nudge one way or the other?


I have AC4 Black Flag on both PS4 and Switch, and it's pretty great. I'm always a little conflicted about AC games because I like the historical world and the gameplay, but I hate the future elements and the story that happens outside of the simulation. Black Flag has absolutely stellar pirate battles and combat though, so even though the story missions make me cringe every single time, it's worth it for all the fantastic gameplay and side missions. Also have Rogue on the Switch (obviously, they come as a bundle), and it has the same awesome gameplay as Black Flag, but the atmosphere is a little more generic and the story is way worse, so it's definitely not as good. It wouldn't call it "bad," because it's very good, just not as good as Black Flag. Under $15 for both games is an absolute steal. I would have paid more than that for Black Flag by itself, even though I already had it on PS4.


I also only like the historical stuff. Glad to see someone else does too.


My favorite game series because of that as well and I don't really care all that much about history lol. I just love the settings and characters you meet, some based on real people.


I thought Black Flag alone was worth the price. Story is very good. There are some fun side activities if you want more to do after the main story like superboss naval battles, or fortresses to claim parts of the map. There’s Assassin sidestory missions if you’re not into the pirate stuff, you meet some fun characters in those. Most of the assassination missions are repetitive but kinda fun if you experiment with kills. There’s some cool ones where you go looking for their hideout underwater. Game also comes with a DLC of one of the side characters, haven’t finished it, but it’s about 4.5 hours if you’re just doing the missions. Rogue is more of a bonus if you want more of that same naval gameplay, story is a bit on the short side though. Not as good as Black Flag, but brings in bits of that game and III while bridging into Unity.


My opinion is different than others because these are both classics for me that I played on the 360 before the Switch, but man was I impressed by the Switch versions. They both run phenomenal and are a ton of fun on Switch. Definitely recommend and can’t beat the price knowing you get 2 awesome games with a ton of content each. EDIT: also everyones speaking on Black Flag but let me tell you, Rogue is bad ass and was the perfect sequel to AC3 which I also played a lot on 360. Both are great.


If you've never played either game before, then it's definitely worth it, but be warned that these are old games that have been ported to Switch across 3 console generations. There have been around 5 mainline AC games since these have been released. With that being said, for some reason Ubisoft has not been able to recapture the beauty of the naval combat system that they introduced in Black Flag, so that's still an upgrade. These games are Ubisoft open world games though, so they follow the same cookie cutter formula i.e. go to this tower to reveal the area, finish the same 3-4 smaller missions in each area, finally get bored and move on with the main mission and find out that you're OP if you grind the sub-quests. This is from an Assassin's Creed fan who has played every game in the series (except Valhalla). So pace yourself and take it a bit slow and you'll have a good time. Regarding Rogue, it's a 'twist' on the AC overarching story that you DON'T play as an Assassin, but instead as a Templar. This offers a slightly unique perspective from a story standpoint and is definitely worth exploring. It's a good game in its own right, but Black Flag is the superior of the two. If you're not invested in the whole AC storyline, then this may not be as much of a revelation to you. Speaking of Revelations, The Ezio Collection is being ported to Switch soon and they have some of the best stories in the AC series (ignoring the modern world stuff). You may want to keep an eye out for that if a storyline is more important to you. These games have the same open world flaws as other Ubi games, but I daresay they are not as necessary as the later games make them out to be.


I thought ship battles in Odyssey were really fun


I liked it. Black flag is soooo good and great to play on the go


bought it physical for $20 a few weeks back and playing black flag for the first time ever. Edward Kenway is the definition of a badass. mainly cause of Matt Ryan lol gameplay is awesome and the performance is amazing for the switch tbh


Pulling the trigger on Immortals Gold Edition, 25$ for that much content is too good to pass up imo.


I absolutely loved this game. It really feels like BOTW jr. Once you start to level up Fenyx, it becomes really satisfying to move around the world. Combat is fun and there are so many things to do. Easy purchase at this price.


I would disagree on BOTW Jr, because it has way more content and things to do than BOTW and the world is less empty. I say this as a big fan of BOTW too.


so more like BOTW Sr.?


Uncle BOTW


For anyone considering Immortals, ubisoft requires you to make an account with them and sign in via the launch screen when you start the game on your Switch.


and that provides cross platform save right?


Is this a good time to buy the Mario Ribbids gold edition ?


It's been cheaper occasionally ($13.59 in March last year, $15 in June, $16 last month), but $20 is the standard sale price it drops to every month or so.


Aight thanks! Bummer that I forgot to check last month.


Set up a dekudeals account and add it your wish list on there. You'll get a notification and the app always tells you if it matches previous low or is the lowest price ever


When do you think it'll be 15 or under again


Couldn't say, but seems likely it will be at least a few times this year.


Really fun game. Like a relaxed XCOM almost.


Immortals or AC Rebel Collection?




AC is my favorite series but I'd say Immortals since it's a much newer game


You're never going to catch the BOTW high again homie, quit chasing the dragon and get that pirate ship life going.


Mario + Rabbids got me hooked on that type of game!! Xcom is now my favorite game of all time because of Mario + Rabbids. ​ HIGHLY Recommend if even a tiny bit interested.


Is Family feud any good? My family loves the show and we would be playing mostly local or with my friends across town online


If you have any expectations about this game, it’s bad. Lame gameplay, lame animation. But if you just want Family Feud, it’s fine, but expect an experience like you would have gotten on a PC in 1996.


I played it on PC in about 1996, and it was fun until we knew the answers to literally every question the game had to offer. Does this one run out of new questions after a while?


I haven’t played it enough to get there. 2 hours total maybe and I bought it several weeks ago. It’s just a meh game that’s only fun because it’s family feud, but what is it but a survey. there’s nothing about switch that brings anything new. You can’t even skip the animations. It’s fine. Like I said, don’t have any expectations and you won’t care you spent a few bucks on it.


I checked my balance and I have enough gold points to get this for pretty cheap and I’ll go in with low expectations. Thanks for responding!


Sure thing. Let me know if I gave a fair assessment after you play it.


Completely disagree. It is a lot of fun and I play it with my family all the time. Who gives a shit about the animation? It's Family Feud....


Does it ever run out of new questions?


Assassin's Creed rebel collection is a steal for that price, definitely worth it.


It's a good price for 3 also. People can feel however they want about it that's fine. I think it is a solid good game and this also comes with the Washington DLC that adds another 7 or so hours and Liberation which is awesome and another 10 hours. Both of these are solid pickups. But I am bias, they are some of my favorite games.


AC3 is one of my favorites too, and I heard the switch version runs better now after some updates.


What's really messed up is that "MONOPOLY" is $40 when not on sale.


Has anyone who has played Fenyx rising have input on whether the stuff added on with the Gold edition is worth it? I already have been planning to buy the base game when it got a good sale, just wondered if the addon would be worth it at this price.


Most people have said the DLC isn’t great. I loved the base game though. It also has cross save so I might even buy it again for Switch :)


I got the base edition for $20 and thought it was well worth it. If I had held out until now, I'd spend the extra $5 for the gold edition. I'm probably not going to replay it any time, but I had a lot of fun once through and wouldn't have minded a little bit more.


My personal opinion is the base game is all that’s needed. Got about 40 hours worth and didn’t feel the need to go back and do any of the DLC stuff although I have access to it it’s superfluous.


I've realized lately that I get annoyed by cute witty meta humor and writing in games. I remember that the reviews kind of looked like that was the case with this game. Would you say so? And for the record, I know that this is a dumb thing to criticize, but I've played a few games lately that were good games but just constantly made me feel cringey during storyling exposition... which led to me just trying to blast through the game and lowering my overall enjoyment.


Yeah there are a pair of narrators that do banter and make some meta jokes. Didn’t bother me too much but if that’s a pet peeve I could seeing it irk you. Edit: Thinking back not sure if I would say “meta” necessarily that I can remember. Don’t remember them referencing the fact they are in a game or anything but I could be wrong.


The format feels pretty fresh to me so I enjoyed it. Plus, the joke about Zeus not knowing Aphrodite's true origin was great.


If you know Greek mythology, the jokes will land better. But there's not a self awareness type meta dialogue to it. I found it amusing.


There's a demo you can try out if you're not sure if you would be OK with it


Oh yeah lol duh. Thanks. Ill check out the demo.


In my opinion, yes. One is just more vaults/puzzles. One is a whole new game with different mythology. The third is kind of a continuation in a different gameplay/view. So 2/3 are basically additional games on their own. Depends what you're looking for though, base game is terrific on its own!


The vault/puzzle one I liked, one of them I didn’t, the third one I was ok on. Still prob worth it for $10 more.


To pull the trigger on Scott Pilgrim or not... been balking at this every time it goes on sale.


I used to love it when it came out on X360, but I barely made it through the first level on Switch. The game has not changed, it's just aged very poorly and feels just sluggish as all hell now. If you're really horny for it then go for it, but if you think even for a moment that you might be looking through your rose-colored nostalgia glasses, I'd recommend you get something else.


I'd you're a fan then yes. Otherwise it's just another brawler imo, albeit very colorful


Does the Season Pass for Immortals Fenyx Rising go on sale often? I just bought the base game yesterday and am enjoying it a lot so far.


I don’t think it’s ever gone below 20 dollars


What I want is for the Kingdom Battle season pass to go sub $10...thats what I want.


I've been waiting on the gold edition to hit 13 again. I'm getting upset now


Monopoly Madness and Family Feud at all worth it?


Anyone know when a square sale is coming? I want me so ps1 final fantasy


Is Mario + rabbids kingdom battle a good party game to pick up? Or should I just stick with games like Mario party and Mario kart


It's not really a good party / group game. It's like XCOM-lite for kids, turn-based tactical battles and some basic puzzle solving with a Mario theme around it.


Pretty sure it's two player maximum


If you have the itch to try this style, DO it! I was on the fence, tried it and now this style of game is my favorite. Xcom is the mature version which is my favorite game now.


Whats the difference between Just Dance regular and Ultimate? Been waiting to get this.


So it would seem standard Just Dance 2022 comes with 40 set tracks to play. If you want additional tracks you can't just download one or two for a set price as DLC like previous rhythm games I am familiar with, instead they offer a subscription pass called Just Dance Unlimited. Every copy of Just Dance 2022 allegedly comes with a 1 month trial of the service and the service offers "an ever-growing catalog of more than 600 songs". The ultimate edition is simply the regular game + 12 months of Just Dance Unlimited (for a total of 13 months with the free trial). 12 months of this service is valued at $24.99 (or $3.99 per month or $9.99 for 3 months). If you subtract the cost of the current sale price of the base game (29.99) from the sale price of ultimate edition ($52.49) the ultimate edition gets you the base game on sale and the unlimited years service for $22.50, that's about a 10% discount. TLDR; I recommend you get the base game on sale for $30 if you want the game. It will come with the one month trial of the Unlimited service and if you love it you can buy it afterwards and you're only missing out on about 2 bucks of value than if you commit to a years subscription right now for something you don't know how much you will end up using.


smart. Thanks bud! Hope you're having a great day!


Just Dance has a tendency to go super cheap physically when the new annual version is released. Just fyi if you're in no hurry.




Yes it does.


Is this sale gonna happen in Europe too?


Just create a US based account on your Switch and use US Nintendo store prepaid cards (you can buy it online without any problem) to buy games from this region. After download the games also playable with your main account on console. :) Source for this: me, for 3 years and many deals now


Good idea! Do you know which zip code has the lowest tax by any chance?


Oregon state doesn't have sales tax, so a zip from there


Delaware is no tax as well.


Well, I've tried but Amazon won't let me purchase the gift cards unfortunately, can't bypass the geographical restrictions even by changing the address




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Is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom a good game for parent + child to play together? If the child is 1st grader, so not the strongest reader, yet?


Not for a first grader I don't think. Well, you can turn Easy mode on before every battle but like some guns do AOE and can hit teammates, every character has two weapons and choosing the right one can be important, some enemies chase you if you hit them... It's just a lot of strategy. You'll probably be fine in World 1 and 2 but then it gets a bit harder.


Hii método


Smash bros the last DLC was awesome thanks to you


Ugh. I have a bad habit of buying tons of PC games and now I'm going to do the same with the switch if I'm not careful. I'm still only like 10% through BOTW so I don't really NEED immortals, but it's so tempting. Mario too. But I mean...the price will only ever go down, right? Eventually it'll be on sale again for the same price or less?


I got bored with BoTW after beating 2 Divine Beast. It eats too much time playing and I feel I'm not progressing fast enough. It's great for younger folks and those with a lot of free time, but I just want to play quick burst games. Short sessions, 30 minutes or less games for me lately.


I generally agree, but I'm also at a point right now where I'm so stressed out about shit that a game where I can do whatever I feel like that day, including just wasting time wandering around and picking flowers and bugs, seems to be what I need once in a while.


Can't decide between Mario or Fenix. Hmm


I can't speak for Fenix, but if you like Fire Emblem, XCOM or Turn based strategy game then I would like to suggest that you buy Mario. I had so much fun and had a few laughs. I didn't watched any trailers, went with low expectations because of rabbids but was surprisingly surprised. I would have moderate expectations if you do buy it, and enjoy the game.


Turn based games aren't my jam, but I figured WTH. I've actually kinda liked Mario.