If you want a game where you can just drive around, launch off of things or smash through them, this is the game for you. There are plenty of fun events, but the game is really enjoyable if you just low-pressure drive around and look for hidden gates/billboards/jumps. One of my all-time favorite games.


I did like that aspect, but after doing all the events I didn’t like it any more. I don’t want to drive around looking for a start point for an interesting race to replay, just gimme a menu with my options and let me pick one! I’ll probably just start a new save if I want to play again, it’s not like stuff’s hard to unlock.


I also kind of hated the races because it was too open and too easy to take a bad path and just screw up the whole race.


Omg I kept doing that. I would be winning by a ton and just get lost and end up making an U turn


I used to play on ps3 and found lobbies of people just chatting and driving around. Eventually made friends with them and we played daily for years. I’m still fb friends with them


Those aren't friends... That's family


Wish I hadn't just started racing with the fastest thing there. Everything unlocked perhaps takes a little of the progression away.


How is it compared to need for speed most wanted?


Some people dislike Burnout Paradise because it went open world, which was a big departure from the previous entries in the series (which admittedly were amazing games). That being said, Burnout Paradise is an absolute masterpiece that should be judged entirely on its own merit. Is most wanted on the switch? If you mean hot pursuit, it’s no contest. I still prefer paradise to Most wanted, but it’s been a lot longer since I’ve played that and I don’t believe there is any port to compare.


No it’s not and I don’t care for hot pursuit either. I loved the open world part of most wanted, but it was also convenient to just jump to the next activity I needed for the story. I’m mostly curious if there’s a narrative to follow along with the open world like there was in most wanted. And car progression/tuning


Ah, OK. No real story at all. Each intersection has an activity that you start by holding down a couple of buttons. The activities include racing, eliminations, stunt scores, and pursuits, I believe. Each activity adds points to your license, which you are trying to level up. The draw of the game is the feeling of speed and the fun in interacting with the world. There is no tuning that I can remember at all, but there is a car collection aspect. The cars are not licensed. My favorite story-driven open world racer was Need For Speed 2015. The story was cheesy as hell, but it was still fun to progress in and the world was extremely atmospheric. The world clock went from dusk till dawn and then reset—it never turned day. In addition, there was always some form of rain in the world. It was either sprinkling, raining, or just past raining. The streets were always wet and reflective and the mood was really chill. It didn’t review well, but it’s a personal favorite. Not on the switch, unfortunately.


This game is way better in docked mode. if you only play handheld mode, the camera basically sits behind the back bumper and you can't see anything in front of you. There is no way to move the camera up to get a better field of vision.


Thanks for this info! I was really tempted to get it, but I have a Switch Lite.


I play it handheld and have a great time, to provide an alternative view


Thanks for the heads up. I already have this on PS4, but was considering this for handheld only. With the ps4 I have to force the camera to stay higher and that's on a big screen. I would have hated it.


This is exactly why I couldn't play it. And I play exclusively on docked mode


I think it was cheaper some days ago but still totally worth it at that price, a masterpiece indeed. ''Hey, hey, I don't like your girlfriend 🎶"


Yep, 90 cents cheaper a couple weeks ago https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitchDeals/comments/rygmlm/eshop_usa_burnout_paradise_899_70_off/


Oh, well in that case why even bother?!


I think I'll wait until next year, try to get an extra 15 cents on top of that.


All-time low is $8.99 digital and $9.99 physical (USA). https://www.dekudeals.com/items/burnout-paradise-remastered




Great game, seems like it's always on sale lately


This, or Need for speed? Both on sale st the moment, I've got a budding motor he's din the house and need something a step up from mairo kart lol.


If your Motörhead is young, I recommend burnout. Because it sort of fetishizes crashes, making them seem awesome, it lowered my son’s stress/removed his fear of failure, which holds him back in a lot of video game. Burnout is phenomenal.


The true racing homage to Motorhead is Mario Kart 8, since *Lemmy Koopa* was named for Lemmy Kilmeister.


Get both. They’re two different types of racing games. Need for Speed is on rails racing like Burnout 3 used to be. Burnout Paradise is open world racing/stunts. It doesn’t get any cheaper than this!


I've got both on PC, but I hear Burnout Paradise is 60FPS on Switch, which is really nice. NFS is only 30 FPS afaik. Now to make the same decision myself...


Had this exact question. Need something easy enough but also just fun and not too serious about having to win races. From the couple comments I think I'll go with burnout.


This is the 4th system I've bought it on. Ps3 (platinumed), pc, par and now switch. Edit: par = ps4


What is "par"?


Sorry stupid auto correct on the phone. Ps4




Oh, haha. I thought there was a port to some other platform I didn't know about, like Stadia. lol




This is one of a \*very\* small handful of games I have triple-dipped on. So good, and the performance on Switch is truly impressive.


This is one of the funniest games I've played. I think it's hard to convey humor in games and so much is based on expectations. This game has SUCH unexpected things happen, it's downright hilarious.


Bought on sale recently. Having played back on 360 many years ago, now after years of owning a Switch, this feels like the first time playing a 360 era game in handheld. That might seem silly given all the full console experiences available on Switch, it just hits different. The file size for all the content included is very impressive as well.


I didn’t beat it for my Xbox 360. I can’t imagine starting from scratch again on my switch lol. Looks like I have to blow off the dust on the 360 and pop this disc in


I think Grid might not be on sale but what's the best of the three? This, NFS, or Grid? I'm a casual looking into playing racing games. My only experience is with CTR and Mario Kart. I've been thinking about getting something a little more 'serious' so which should be the best?


I don't think it's on sale now, but I highly recommend Fast RMX! I've had a hard time playing any other racing games after getting that.


Rise: Race the Future is also on sale. I'm only recommending it to make your decision even more confusing. 😈


I love Mario Kart for it's wacky fun, and if you are looking for something similar, go with Burnout. If you're looking for a serious racing game like GT or Forza, Grid will probably be more what you're looking for. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is more of a "cops chasing street racers" game. If you like it, it's a really great game. Less racing, more driving hard.


NFS... it's more of a linear race with the focus on racing as well as evading the cops. The sense of speed is amazing, though it does take paying attention to how the controls work to really get a grip with how to handle cars. But once it clicks it's racing heaven. It's also a good bridge between sim and arcade racing as it's real cars on very realistic roads, yet there are weapons and things you can use (spike strips, emp, etc) as well as the ability to ram/damage other cars to take them out. Burnout is open world roaming and is very arcade with the crazy jumps and so on... it's more akin to GTA without getting out of the car. The cars are all made up, but some of the bunlded in cars that used to be DLC (which are available at the start) are heavily themed on famous tv and movie cars. It's goofier but the racing isn't as pure feeling as NFS Hot Pursuit.


Snagged this at a great price! Thanks for the heads up.