Lot of great games on Handhelds, and handhelds specifically got me to being a fan of a lot of series. Would never have played Metal Gear or Persona if it weren’t for the Vita, and if the DS couldn’t play GBA games I would never have started Kingdom Hearts. Nice having Persona come back fully to portables, now if those other two could join them. Ultimately makes me hope Nintendo just keeps the Switch formula and goes for a largely iterative console next go around. They’ve pulled everything together and made a huge success, and I just want this but more powerful.


>Ultimately makes me hope Nintendo just keeps the Switch formula and goes for a largely iterative console next go around. They’ve pulled everything together and made a huge success, and I just want this but more powerful. I'm hoping for the same, but ideally I'd wish those revisions were more frequent. We are at 5 years in and no new Switch in sight - we are losing the ability to get previous gen home console ports, let alone current gen, as was the case earlier in the Switch's lifecycle. I know a lot of people just buy the Switch for Nintendo games, but I always bought it primarily for handheld ports of non-Nintendo games, and these days I'm replacing it more and more with a handheld gaming PC.


Which handheld gaming pc are you using? The steam deck?


Ayaneo 2021 Pro, though I do have a Steam Deck on preorder for (probably) early next year :-)


I have shadow pc.. I can run full pledge pc on my phone lol.. I did it before for wow tbc prep. Got mouse and keyboard attachment for my phone and played WoW on it lol.. it does come with digital controller on phone app, if you just playing something with cintroller... Fyi Will run on anything that has app store


Someone downvoted you, but I’m also a fan of Shadow. They’ve increased their prices, but $29.99/mo is still great when you consider it would take about 4 years to recoup that same price point of your average $1500 PC if paid upfront. On top of that, Shadow will continue to get better over time. Even on Wifi, it’s been a great experience. There aren’t many competitors in the “rent-a-PC” space with gaming/production in mind.


Seriously. When I initially heard about the Switch and the end of the #DS line and also with Sony's Vita, I thought handheld gaming was completely finished. It made sense since everyone had a smartphone in their pocket anyway. Though I miss the "dual-screen" approach to handheld gaming. Farewell, DS... I too hope they keep this hybrid formula going. Especially now that even Sony's ducked out of handheld gaming. And oddly Microsoft never tried. Instead, Nintendo took that smartphone/tablet idea and decided "Hey, let's make a handheld based on that". I love how Nintendo's always been about thinking outside the box. Though it didn't always work in their favour, they'd remember the failed idea and try again later down the road. - The DS wasn't their first attempt at dual-screen handheld gaming. That was the Donkey Kong Game & Watch, if I recall right? - before the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo attempted "3D handheld gaming" via the Virtual Boy in the 1990s - before the Wii and its sensor bar on the TV for motion controls, there was the 1980s Power Glove and its sensor bars on the TV - Nintendo tried taking the dual-screen approach to gaming with the Wii U but sadly that didn't pan out.


While every other company has basically just turned to “it’s a standardized computer with these exact specs, build your games to run on this”, (which is *fine*. They’re cheaper than actual computers, and not every game needs pc level access) Nintendo seems to still be actually designing a console that… deserves to be a console? It’s not just another computer in a box. Whether it’s the portability of a full console power (low end) or the hopping between handheld and tv, or the separate gyroscopic controllers (which I never knew how much I would appreciate, since it is just so much easier to laze around it with your hands not clawed around a controller in the middle) the switch is something that feels like it brings its own value to the experience. The sad flip side of that is that the online and software front of the console experience of Nintendo has lagged behind *hard*. Online switch experience is only sometimes good, and often seems cobbled together, plus the lack of so many quality of life features (folders, themes, until recently Bluetooth headsets, among others). Here’s the thing though? The former kind of implies the latter. We might be playing modern games on the switch, but it feels more like a successor of the game boy advanced than it does anything else (I’m calling it as a successor to the DS and 3DS too, since they were direct successors, just going back further to illustrate a point). Yeah I wish that Nintendo would improve on the software and QoL side of things, but… just taken in a vacuum it’s a mostly great experience playing these games anyways? It’s obviously disappointing, or just downright embarrassing some of the things that you have to put up with, but at the same time it almost feels like the games that aren’t online (whether always or otherwise) were the focus. It kinda feels backwards and… refreshing? Anyways that’s my tangent xD


That was a very interesting read. It's funny you brought up the Switch being the successor to the Gameboy Advance since I feel the design of the Switch resembles the original GBA more. Though if you want to go even further back, the Sega Game Gear did it first as the handheld device with the control buttons on the sides of the screen. Nintendo's always been about keeping their gaming devices for gaming. Even when other consoles began allowing playing DVDs/Blu-Rays and later accessing Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc and it has since become the norm. Basically trying to be a multi-purpose machine. In fact, wasn't that Microsoft's reasoning to call their last-gen console "XBox **One**"? The "one" machine you'll need for all your entertainment needs. Anyway, "yes" the Wii/Wii U also had Netflix but considering it's not on the Switch, I surmise Nintendo regretted the initial decision with the Wii/Wii U. Youtube and Twitch are available on Switch however both platforms are heavily used for gaming purposes too so it makes sense for them to be on Switch. They've been the longest running players in the video game world in terms of gaming-exclusive hardware. And still they keep being about gaming front and center even after all these years. Though also gaming is the only thing they do. Sony and Microsoft have other industries they're heavily a part of. And now handheld PC's entered the ring.


Lol sorry if I woke you up, just. Had that thought rattling around in my head for a while, and it is just kinda… not something I think a lot of other people talk about or consider? Like I see people complain about QoL features, and yes they should be added or fixed. Some of these are embarrassingly simple, or stupid. At the same time, it feels like the switch isn’t trying to be the same thing as a Xbox or PS4/5 and there’s these people who love the switch but feel like because it’s not, that’s what is embarrassing. It’s really not though, the switch is very comfortably doing it’s own thing.


> the switch is very comfortably doing it’s own thing. More accurately, Nintendo is very comfortable doing their own thing. Always have been. Granted it doesn't always work out for them. * their Virtual Boy bombed * the N64 may be loved now but I think it was kind of an embarrassment in the 90s when faced with the PSX and Sega Saturn since gaming using the 3rd dimension was still new. * the Wii U's poor sales However, Nintendo's also held their head up high even when many hardcore gamers mocked them concerning the original Wii and its motion controls. Then Microsoft and Sony followed suit with their own. And also concerning the under-powered, shovelware-bloated DS when Sony had the PSP and Vita. It was under-powered but it was never about how the games looked. Rather what kind of new experience the gamer can get from playing on their devices.


I wish square worked on actual ports of the kingdom hearts games instead of the stupid cloud version


With the new gen here, I'm guessing we're not going to be seeing decent ports of games as much and just "cloud versions". At full price no less. Very unfortunate.


Cloud is extremely rare. Devs are likely already working on games for the next Switch behind the scenes.


I have always preferred handheld consoles so the switch was the perfect evolution of that for me. But now I travel a lot for work and I really appreciate it all the more for that reason. I love being able to bring my games anywhere in the world without any fuss whatsoever.


> I love being able to bring my games anywhere in the world without any fuss whatsoever. Do you bring cartridges with you or have everything on your SD card? I absolutely love having all (most?) of my games on one device.


I have a relatively small case that has cartridge slots in it so I usually just bring everything, including the cartridges, but I do also have an SD card. I actually don’t have very many physical games because I tend to just purchase and download directly from the e-shop.


Same here, I have cartridges but since I travel for work I am also afraid of losing them. The physical versions nowadays are so barebones that I mostly purchase digital so the games are linked to my account and impossible to lose.


I have the BOTW case so it can carry cartridges and SD cards for my other digital games


I also travel for work and the Switch has been an amazing companion, especially because I travel alone usually. I have enjoyed amazing games and made me feel like at home somehow, I appreciate this device a lot. Currently my partner and me are moving to a house we bought, which is not 100% ready so we are living with our parents. I can spend hours upon hours playing Dragon Quest XI to the point I barely miss my Gaming PC.


I always opt for the physical versions because 1) my carrying case has enough space for a few cartridges 2) I prefer truly owning my games and building a collection


Being lucky enough to grow up with a Gameboy and N64, it really depends on the game for me whether I play in hand held or docked. Castlevania collection? Always handheld. Most 3D games (BotW, Mario Kart, ACNH)? always docked. Link's Awakening remake? Hand held. But that's just me


Agreed. I've been a fan of Ace Attorney for so long. My ringtone on my phones for the past dozen years have consistently been Phoenix Wright's midi version of the Steel Samurai theme just like in the games. So when I heard about The Great Ace Attorney being out, though it was available on all consoles and the PC, I got the Switch just for it. Because it'd feel awkward to suddenly play an Ace Attorney game on a TV.


The Switch is my first Nintendo console since the Wii, I got a 360 late in highschool and then all through college, haven't played a Pokémon game since gen 3. It's hard to wrap my head around Pokémon not being a mobile game lol. I did have a DS and played the crap out of Mario Kart and (the superior) Diddy Kong Racing, even though I had DKR on the N64 lol


Its half the reason still play Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I can beat the CPU up for a match two on my couch while watching tv. I agree with what you said here.


I have the same exact experience with my switch lite. Like you said, booting up a tv console feels like a real time commitment and not like I can just pick it up to kill a few minutes before doing something else. And obviously you can put your PS4 into sleep mode like the switch , but it just doesn't feel the same to me. Like I feel like the PS4 is still actively running. Still using hydro, still running the fan, and sucking up dust (maybe it's not and I'm just paranoid).


>Still using hydro, still running the fan, and sucking up dust (maybe it's not and I'm just paranoid). Yeah, I *totally* get you. Though doesn't the fan on a PS4 stop when it goes into Rest Mode?


I honestly haven't touched mine in years and basically never left it in sleep mode with a game open so I have no idea.


I go to work by train, an hour and back so every day two hours. Many people said to me how crazy that is because ‘I lose two hours a day’ but I say I lose nothing because I got my Switch on the train. Games like Hades, Slay the Spire, TMNT shredders revenge or just strolling around on my Animal Crossing island, are all perfect for an hour of playtime. Switch finally delivers that console quality anywhere that I always wanted (3DS was a close second but still).


Speaking of Hades, I rebought it on the Switch last year, synced up my Steam ID and finally played it again. I've owned the game since the Steam Beta, but never played it on my laptop since it took so much time to setup and runs were often fairly involved (I played pretty conservatively too). Switch is so much more convenient, since I can pick it up and put it down as I wish. And, if I feel like it, I have the option to hook it up to the TV! Truly the best of both worlds. The portability is why I have finished so many games.


What's your battery life like after two hours of playing something like Hades? I wish the Switch had a little hook for a wrist strap like the DS/3DS did. I get super paranoid about dropping my devices. Especially if I'm standing. Especially if I were standing in a train!


I don't play it on full blown brightness so I'd say around 60-70%? I do have the reflex of whenever I get home from work to immediately dock the Switch to charge up (and to continue my game if I was on a hot streak :p).


Pretty good. I'm thankful power banks are a thing now. I often keep one handy for my phone and I got a larger one recently in case of blackouts. But it also works well for a Switch.


I am a huge gamer, and I take care of my 89 year old grandmother full time. Before I bought my oled switch all I had was my PS5 and Series S. I was looking for something I could play in the living room while she was watching TV. So I took a chance, and boy did it pay off! I can honestly say that outside of playing The Quarry that I haven’t touched my other consoles. Also the Switch has allowed me to broaden my horizons so to speak with games like Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and others that if you asked me three years ago to try I prolly would’ve laughed at you. When she goes to bed I head back to my room, dock it, and pick up where I left off. I’m seriously impressed with this little handheld, and what it can do.


Genuine question: The thing where you put it on sleep and just pick up where you left, can't you do it on other consoles? Switch is the only modern console I've played on.


Yes you can. The PS4 has a rest mode for example. You can put it on rest mode while the game is running and when you turn it back on you'll pick up where you left off.


Arguably the best thing to happen to console design in terms of trying to emulate computers more and more each gen, in my opinion. I just didn't think Nintendo would do it since they've always been more focused on trying to maintain the core idea of a gaming console and nothing more. Like other consoles began allowing you to play DVDs/Blu-Ray, using Twitter, Facebook, etc but you can't do that on Nintendo devices. I was surprised Netflix was available on the Wii U (oddly not the Switch).


Netflix was also available on the Wii


the wii used to be the only way i watched netflix on the tv lol. it was the only thing we had with a netflix app for a while. it was either using the wii or using the computer. it was always weird to me that the switch doesn’t have it


I agree. When I first got the Switch and saw that there was a Youtube app, I thought Netflix and Prime apps were a given and searched. Considering Nintendo's always been hesitant about drifting too far from "game machines to just play games" unlike Sony and Microsoft, I could see them regretting what they did on the Wii and Wii U and returned to form. And Youtube is actually a big source for game-related content so that makes sense I guess...though oddly no Twitch app.




How did I miss that months ago.....? Thanks!


Switch actually does have a Twitch app, Crunchyroll and Hulu too!


Hulu and Crunchyroll too? Huh. That makes it even odder that Netflix isn't on t there. Earlier in this thread someone pointed out Twitch is on Switch. Coupled with Youtube, it made sense since both platforms are heavily used for gaming and it kept with Nintendo's video game focus of their consoles barring the Wii/Wii U getting Netflix.


Nintendo has sleep mode on its entire DS line though?


Rest mode is pretty slow on PS4, and if the power goes out etc it takes even longer. I'm assuming it's fast on the PS5 and Series X due to the SSD though.


Yeah it's instant on the PS5. Pretty great!


Good to hear. The SSD is what I'm most looking forward to on the PS5.


It should be noted that booting from rest mode still takes a short while, unlike the switch which is instant similar to waking a phone/tablet.


You also have to factor in time needed to turn the tv on, find the remote etc. It’s all about seconds until play time. Switch is pretty much like 2 sec max and instant shutoff.


The problem with PS4’s rest mode is that it does suspend the game, so it has those few seconds of booting it back up before accessing the game


Yea, I just like that the Switch has a battery. My power is kinda dodgy where I live and the PS4 has a fit every time it loses power, it doesn't affect the Switch because of the battery.


Yes. Playstation and XBox have had similar functions since the PS4/XBox One.


Its a feature that's naturally part of handhelds ever since the psp and ds launched, unfortunately big consoles need constant power so they can't implement sleep mode without accounting for power outages, playstation has a low power mode called rest mode, unplugging the console will result in it rebooting, while xbox can save all of its ram contents to ssd and load it up quickly using quick resume which means you can jump right back in after a power outage.


> while xbox can save all of its ram contents to ssd and load it up quickly using quick resume which means you can jump right back in after a power outage. Oh wow! I didn't know that about XBox's version of it. Great to know.


Yessir, and with instant launch, you can launch ANY modern games INSTANTLY. And can play any of them mobile.


PS5/Xbox, I guess technically there's a way for PC also but I never bothered. For a while there this was actually the 'only' way to play Returnal, leaving your game in rest mode when not playing. It was uh... kind of fucking dumb if I'm being honest. Nowdays they atleast let you suspend your run and shut the game down 😅


Steam deck has it, but it feels way more sluggish than switch. Sleep button does a like 2 second long animation, then returning to wake takes a couple seconds. It's quick but compared to the switch turning on and off feels instant.


It is not as fast as the switch but still pretty awesome.


Steam Deck is still pretty new though. I wouldn't be surprised if Valve improves basically everything about it in a few years.


I really love it. You can play many modern games 'on the go' don't block the TV and don't have to clap some gamepad on your phone. It's the perfect mix of mobile and immobile gaming. And you even can play some hours if there is no electricity or TV is broken


>And you even can play some hours if there is no electricity or TV is broken Even more if you have a power bank! I recently got a decent-sized one for my phone in case of blackouts but it does a good job of charging the Switch too.


Thanks for the input. Now I know what to do with my powerbank :D


As someone who has just had a baby, the Switch is GODTIER. And don't get me wrong, when I was single and babyless, it was still God tier, but now it is GODTIER.


I’ll admit I’ve owned a switch since Dec 2019 (got it as a gift) but only turned it on a handful of times. My main console is my ps5. However I just bought a new oled switch since I’m on vacation and started playing it again and I do love the portability of the switch but I love how you can just hook it up to a TV to play too. I don’t have many games yet but my favorites right now are stardew valley and Zelda breath of the wild.


> I don’t have many games yet but my favorites right now are stardew valley and Zelda breath of the wild. Right on. I've noticed in this thread many people who own other gaming platforms seem to focus on the Switch delivering poor graphics. I assume that means they're talking about multi-platform titles where better-looking ones are available elsewhere. But indie games like Stardew Valley look as good on Switch as anywhere else but only on Switch is it portable. And then there's Breath of the Wild among other Nintendo exclusives which you can't really argue looks better on a Playstation 4/5. Reviewing my library right now, I realised the above two is mainly where my purchases have gone minus non-action RPGs and strategy games which are just more pleasant for me on handheld.


I like the nostalgic look and feel of stardew valley and with breath of the wild I like the animations it’s like playing an anime lol. I think there are pros and cons to every platform I don’t always focus on graphics if gameplay is amazing then graphics can take a back seat. It is a plus to have both but if I had to sacrifice one it would be graphics. I grew up on Nintendo as a kid so being able to play classic titles like Mario and donkey Kong means I’ll always have a Nintendo system😬. And PlayStation has great exclusives that made getting one a must for me. Ratchet and clank and returnal exclusive for the ps5 and amazing games for the ps5, and others like god of war and horizon. I think it’s a great time to be a gamer because there are so many good games across all the platforms. 👍


The drift on all my joycons is so bad I don’t even pick up my switch anymore


Yeah. In that case, Nintendo kind of chose form over function. The Switch itself was kept slim and so the attachable Joy-Con had to be exactly as thin as the console itself. The tried-and-true analog stick component Sony, Microsoft and 3rd-party gamepads have been using for about 20 years was too fat for Nintendo's needs in this case. So they went with some tablet-designed joystick component because it was super thin. But those things have shown to wear out very fast and thus the drifting... Also related: the triggers on Playstation and XBox also use a round sensor just like on their analog stick components. This too meant the Joy-Cons couldn't be super thin then. So the Switch sacrificed triggers and made regular clickable buttons out of ZL and ZR.


Nintendo would likely have to invest in a new design that meets the size parameters of the Joy Con to severely minimize drift in the future. I’d be curious to see what type of analog they go with if they decide to sacrifice potential profits and go with a more expensive more robust design.


For me it's the lack of a tether. I have the Lite and I love I can play on the couch beside family while they're watching something else. I can play at work when there is some downtime. I can go on a trip and bring it with me. It's not as powerful graphically, but I'll take convenience over it at my age (40).


I stopped caring about graphics about three generations ago. I think it was by that point it was "good enough" for me to be immersed. Not that I'll turn away from shiny new graphics, of course. The Witcher 3 is available on Switch but it's a title I really want to play on a PS5 after the release of the "enhancement patch" the developers are working on. The lack of a tether, as you put it, is also a plus on the Switch versus its less powerful hardware. As usual, Nintendo's always been in that odd spot next to its competitors.


Honestly I never knew the true power of switch convenience before I had one. Even when playing on my brothers switch, its just when you own one.


I guess it’s just more impressive on a battery powered device.


What's more impressive? The sleep mode?


Yeah, you would expect the consoles plugged in to be able to power the always ready state. But I’m always impressed it doesn’t drain battery on the switch. I mean j guess the tech would probably make what I’m saying stupid but in my head it’s more impressive.


When you put it like that, it made me realise Nintendo's actually practiced for a dozen years before the Switch. The Nintendo DS and 3DS had their own sleep/standby mode where you'd just have to close the lid. Battery life was surprisingly good for those handhelds in sleep mode. However I highly doubt people used that kind of sleep mode on the DS/3DS all day/week.


I totally did - it was one of the best features of the DS line, especially because it was pocketable. (As an aside, anybody else wish the Switch Lite had adopted a clamshell form factor instead?)


It does drain the battery on the switch.


Yes but not in like 2 hours. It works well.


It does drain it but it's surprisingly very minute. I've left a game suspended and my Switch undocked for days and there's still an impressive amount of charge left.


Exactly how I feel OP. I own a PS5, XSX, PC, all that. But Switch OLED is just where I prefer to play my games. Convenience is king. It's not just about easily docking to the TV within seconds, easily undocking to handheld within seconds, setting up tabletop within seconds, it's like you said- the instant wake and resume. Other systems it's a whole ritual to use. I can't use rest mode on PS5 because of the bugs since launch. It powers off after a while and causes the SSD to need to be checked on reboot. Massive issue, tons of complain threads about it, still not fixed. So I have to power off which makes it even more of a pain. Series X is faster with quick resume, but no gyro aiming. No hybrid advantage. I rarely if ever use my Xbox. PC is the slowest of all. Manually switching tv inputs and soundbar and getting lap keyboard and controller and... ya. It's just a whole ordeal. I've never understood why so many seem to take offense when ppl say they prefer Switch. So quick to jump in with their "ya but" explanations for why [insert platform Z] is better


I don't know how people play the switch handheld comfortably. I have to put it on a stand and use my pro controller.


I use a Satisfye grip. Best Switch accessory I ever bought.


Same. Every 6 months or so I'll try again. Then I put it back in the dock where it belongs.


The seamlessly nature of taking the Nintendo Switch out of the Dock and continuing in Handheld will *never* get old. The versatility is just too convient for it to ever wear off in my opinion. There’s honestly no way for me to go back to strictly handheld or TV consoles now, it feels oddly restrictive.


I spent 16 hours smoking a brisket and the switch was my companion most of the time. It’s just the best for those situations, because tomorrow I can pick up where I left off on the TV, like nothing happened.


As an adult with family, it's biggest upside is like you said, portability and the ability to play it anywhere anytime without the need of sitting down in front of the tv setting it up. If i was younger and probably single, i could sit in the couch the whole day and not care at all for everyone. My kids or my wife usually use the tv to watch shows so i can game anytime anywhere with Switch.


Ever since I’ve got kids, I love the switch for exact the same reason. I’ll be getting a Steam Deck to, one day. The only thing I regret is not going all digital from the start since most of my games are physical.


I pretty much have a good pc. RTX 3070. Used to be a fps snob and scoffed at 30fps. Now I have 110 hours on Switcher handheld and hardly use my pc. Love the portability and ability to game in bed before sleep.


I use it mostly for indies and exclusives. Booting up my Main pc with a 3070 feels like a waste to play something like stardew valley, and the switch is perfect for that kind of things


Agreed. I initially got the Switch for "The Great Ace Attorney" because I've always played Ace Attorney games on handheld. But I was surprised to find I really enjoy a lot of indies on it too. A lazy Sunday afternoon playing a Shantae game lying on the couch is relaxing.


Same here. Computer is great, have good games. House gets too warm and computer puts out too much heat so I’ve moved to the switch. Portability and lack of heat generation is fantastic.


Wow! I always assumed anyone who had a more powerful gaming platform would always choose to play The Witcher 3 on that instead of on a Switch. What's your reason?


Similar for me. I have a 2070 though. And I have Witcher 3 on PC and PS4 but never played either half as much as the Switch version. So good!


I bought a laptop with 2070 back in 2019 and so far the only games I played were the ones that my friend wanted to see running in max details.


Interesting. Why do you prefer it on Switch?


I suppose it's what you're saying in the post. Ease of use. I enjoy playing handheld a lot too. I pretty much never play switch on my tv because it looks so bad compared to PC.


A question, is leaving your game without exiting and put it on sleep mode will drain the battery?


I'll add to what walksintwilight said: yes. However it's a very very minute drain. Your phone will drain faster without use. I've left my Switch in sleep mode with a game running lying in my drawer for days with no problems.


Glad to know this, i’m kInda PC guy so i worried much about small things like this.


Yeah, it uses about 2 watts in sleep mode On the other hand, the Xbox one in standby mode uses a whopping 26 watts (29 watts for series x). That's more than the switch's peak power consumption of 17 watts. Yeah, that means they Xbox one takes 50% more power to do basically nothing than the switch takes to do everything it can possibly do


Slowly, yes. A small amount of power is needed to keep the game on standby.


I believe the newest consoles have sleep mode too but I think you mean the portability of the switch. I agree with that 100%.. I get bored really easily now if I’m playing by myself and I leave my switch anywhere in my room and if i feel like playing again I just pick it up and start playing.. also enjoy playing in bed! Fall guys has been fun lately, the low frame rate kinda sucks sometimes but when you’re having fun you rarely notice it lol,.


Yes. The PS4 and XBox One began with "rest mode" and their successors obviously have it too. Sony and Microsoft's machines keep getting more and more ideas from desktops which is great. Rest/sleep mode is easily one of my favourite console gaming innovations. The Nintendo DS/3DS also had their own sleep mode but that involved closing the lid and also having that incessant blinking light to remind you the device is still on. I never felt comfortable leaving those in sleep for too long. Another user in this thread did mention they left their DS/3DS in sleep mode for days at a time so it was doable.


Tbh I love the fact I don’t have to pause my game if I have to use the bathroom or something 🤣. If I wanna step away for a quick smoke, I can carry my Switch with me. Going to work? It’s right in my book bag in its travel case for my 40 min commute. This may be the best handheld console I’ve owned, not for graphics or anything but sheer convenience lol. & this from a guy who owned a GB, GBA, Sega Game Gear, PSP & PS Vita lol


The biggest selling point for me when pitching it to others is and always will be that you dont have to stop playing to go take a shit.


So I told my friend I was surprised not a single person said "I can game on the can". Then I decide to look at recent replies and...there you are. Are you spying on me?!?




Yes, now I can play in bed instead of from bed.


I'm a dad now and my little 6 month old baby takes a lot of effort and attention. So, my brother and wife gave me a oled switch since I couldn't game on my pc or ps5, and let me tell you that I never truly appreciated how good the switch feels in this moments. I'll just pop Hades or dead cells and do a couple of runs and if needed just pause it whenever. It really makes you appreciate the few minutes you have to have a bit of fun during the day


Yes!! The switch changed my life and I’m so in love with it. It has allowed me to play my fav games basically anytime and anywhere without hassle compared to my former Xbox one s I had a few years ago. I love the switch so much! ❤️


For me the recent release of fall guys on switch is perfect example. Played ton on ps5, stopped. It's out on switch, loving it as a game is a second away on my hand. Convenience and gameplay always wins


Speaking as someone with an almost 9 week old, the switch is a god send for the reasons you just mentioned.


The portability has been amazing for me! I used to be a PC guy, but the switch has got my lifestyle so well. I recommend the switch to pretty much everyone if they ask at this point


This 100%. Also as I’m short sighted I have to sit wearing my glasses if I want to play my PS4 so being able to just play my switch for an hour whilst I’m curled up in bed is great. I loved my 3DS for the same reason. I also live the portability and just being able to play where ever even if that’s just whilst sitting on the sofa with the tv on in the background And even though my PS4 has a sleep mode it just doesn’t feel the same because I like to turn off my appliances at the wall I don’t want to leave everything on standby until I get to play again seems like a waste


My switch is one of the main reasons I got a steam deck. I love having portability as an option.


I think sleep mode is faster to access in the Switch though?


I got the Steam Deck but seriously prefer the Switch due to weight and overal comfort. (Not selling it, I like it still) I am really rooting for Nintendo doing another Switch-like device for their next console but more powerful and an OLED screen from the start. Some recent games really struggle with performance.


That is pretty much my main case for why I decided to go with the Switch instead of a more powerful console or even a gaming PC The sheer convenience of not having to boot things up and be able to carry it with me wherever I go (even pooping) is way more valuable to me than any performance loss/price increase I end up experiencing here


I do love how the Switch sips on battery for a solid week like you said. It's perfect, and since it's USB-C... charging it isn't really a worry. Compared to previously owning a "gaming" laptop, biggest problem I had was thermals and having to carry a controller on the side. If I could, I'd get a Steam Deck for some of my games. 30fps is honestly a make/break for me when it comes to certain Switch titles. Overwatch being 30fps hurts, especially when every release has it at 60. Same with Fortnite and Fall Guys. Buuuuuut this is a thread about Switch convenience, one thing I love about the Switch is the Joy-Con, easy 2P Multiplayer that turns into 4P multiplayer with another console or 2 more Joy-Con is super convenient!


Actually despite the subreddit and the title of this thread, there have been a number of comments and pleasant discussions about the Steam Deck and handheld PC gaming in general too. It actually is kind of related to the Switch after all. 30 FPS has never bothered me for video games in the past. However in recent years, sometimes it's been a minor issue for first-person and third-person games. It's worse if I forget to take my medicine which has me even more prone to motion sickness. Thankfully most of the games I play on Switch aren't the kind I typically play on other consoles. It's mainly 2D side-scrollers, non-action RPGs, strategy games and visual novel/adventure-type titles. Though I do have Breath of the Wild for it which I haven't tried yet. I also got the FPS called Ion Fury recently.


Switch is literally the perfect console. It’s not my main as I have my series X, but I love the portability, I love being able to lay in bed and play, throw it on the dock and play on the Tv. It’s great. Nintendo imo doesn’t need to make a new console. Just make the switch more powerful with better battery. It’s an A+ design


Its great for when I need to take it on a long car ride or somtimes i even take it to school for the lunch period or when nothing is being done in class. What i love about the my switch is the hori split joy cons. Basically switch pro joy cons. The switch also has a lock feature which i really love about it to.


As I've gotten older, I find it hard to dedicate time gaming on the PC. The switch is great because of the sleep feature and portability. I even stopped buying PC games for that reason.


I feel absolutely the same way. If I have to turn on a console, regardless of sleep mode. Myself, I have to put at least an hour into playing to justify it. The Switch is super convenient, and portability is an advantage.


I remember being addicted to my Ds & 3ds but now having console games anywhere I want Is insane. Taking a shit while playing super Mario sunshine was something I always dreamed of


I would have quit gaming if it wasn't for the switch. Just could not get invested in anything that need me to be @ the same place to play. I travel a lot, and i like to go out a lot. PS4 was just a bric to carry elsewhere


I used the Xbox 360 and One as my primary consoles for years. I also own a PlayStation 3 and 4 and use them occasionally. I pretty much only buy games for the Switch now for the convenience, and haven't touched my Xbox or PlayStation for quite some time now as a result. I know Nintendo has always wanted to do their own thing with consoles, but I would honestly be really upset if they scrapped the Switch for another console idea going forward. I love gaming on the Switch so much


I have PS4 and switch. They both have the sleep functionality and it’s a huge step forward in gaming. However, I completely agree with you. Since getting my switch, I haven’t touched my PS4. Being able to play what feels like a full fledged console in handheld mode has completely reenabled me to game. For over a year, I didn’t touch docked mode (Fenyx Rising made me change that because of the graphics difference). That said, I’m starting to pick up the PS4 again because I’ve totally exhausted my library’s collection of Switch games


Absolutely agree. I always bring it with me to kill time. I bought a gaming laptop for portability but nothing beats pick up and play.


Honestly just being able to bring it around is such a blast to get through games


If I consider my most consistent, main gaming platforms throughout my life, it’s probably some combination of PC, GameBoy, and PlayStation at a distant third place. These days I’ll admit my PC gets the most attention, but the Switch (Lite, in my case) is easily in second place. There’s something utterly cozy about curling up on the couch with a handheld - more akin to reading a book in some ways. As much as I do enjoy the PlayStation, the Switch is pretty much the ultimate console as far as form-factor goes. The Persona games will be day-one purchases for me when they’re released - absolutely can’t wait to play them on my Switch!


I used to want to bring my game consoles with me on trips for late nights where I couldn't sleep, but no one else was up...so the Switch is perfect for that. Nowadays we go camping at least once every other month, and even though I usually don't have a problem falling asleep after a long day, the Switch comes with us just in case. The cartridge size was perfect for bridging the gap as an older player who still wants physical copies of games, but doesn't want discs taking up a whole compartment, either. So yeah, I love it. I haven't fired up my PS4 since finishing Elden Ring earlier this year, and most likely won't again until its DLC comes out.


I just love the very fact it can be a handheld or a "regular" console! The option to go either way is genius, sometimes I like to play as a handheld, sometimes I want the beauty of a bigger screen, and the Switch is just damn seamless about it.


>The option to go either way is genius Nintendo's the house of ideas. Not all of their ideas work out but it's cool how they always try something new rather than just go the safe route and raise the graphics quality. Especially in today's gaming climate.


Definitely, it's a reason why I preferred their consoles over PS or Xbox, I still remember being blown away by the DS and 3DS. Sure it's not always 100% or even successful, but the ones that do work, differentiates them.


The DS was a true marvel. I don't consider the 3DS an evolution per se because the 3D meant the top screen almost always had more emphasis over the now-smaller lower screen. But on the DS, both screens were equals minus one being a touch screen. Some games could rely on the bottom screen more for gameplay than the top if it wanted to. Games made more sense if they required you to play holding the DS like a book since both screens were the same size and there was no 3D effect that wouldn't work. A handful of developers did some truly then-brilliant things with the DS. The 3DS took a number of steps forward but also a number of steps back. However, I realise I'm in the minority who appreciated all those things on the DS.


I think you're right in all points! I remember being blown away when one of the puzzles in one of the games (can't remember which one, sorry) relied on freaking using the reflection of the top screen on the bottom one! The DS really stood out and lasted a long time, it's no wonder the 3DS basically was an "upgraded" DS, if you will excuse my poor choice of words. I also remember how people were talking about the 3D effect on the 3DS, and I was basically going crazy wanting to get my hands on one since back then it wasn't possible to properly convey the experience outside of seeing it yourself.


>I remember being blown away when one of the puzzles in one of the games (can't remember which one, sorry) relied on freaking using the reflection of the top screen on the bottom one! [Is it by any chance this puzzle....?](https://imgur.com/a7Eg4hu) . Hotel Dusk also had some ingenious methods of solving the puzzle. One also needing both screens and the lid required you to see the back of a completed jigsaw puzzle on the top screen ("left screen" since Hotel Dusk needs the DS be held like a book) to get some kind of code. So you had to close the lid of your DS and reopen it. That would "drop" the puzzle face-down onto the other screen and you could see what was written on the back. Another one from Hotel Dusk (or its sequel?) involved reading "invisible ink" on a sheet of paper. So the developers took advantage of how viewing the DS screens from the side distorted the colours and used that as the method to read the hidden text on the paper. . It's the kind of creativity I wish more developers showed rather than relying on just copy/pasting good ideas and raising the graphics. But publisher and/or financial demands can get in the away with trying for innovative ideas instead of going the safe route. I remember for Final Fantasy 3 on the DS, Square-Enix didn't bother using the top screen except for some cutscenes. It was blank for most of the game. At least Final Fantasy 4 used it to show the map.


The Switch is the best gaming platform for busy people.


PSP has the same function too




I must say that I prefer the switch to other consoles, but I usually spend about 20 minutes to half an hour each time I play at minimum. I don’t tend to pick it up for a few minutes. I have had a lot of fun with it and I greatly appreciate being able to play whatever games I have on it wherever I am, I have also played later in bed on it than I would’ve on the tv usually. Overall I am very happy with the console I only got for the fancy new Zelda game and Pokémon let’s go


> Overall I am very happy with the console I only got for the fancy new Zelda game and Pokémon let’s go Ditto. I initially got it just for The Great Ace Attorney. I know it's on other platforms including PC. But Ace Attorney had historically been a handheld franchise until only recently with HD ports. So I wanted to maintain that "handheld" feeling with the series. And I got more than I bargained for.


I agree. I don't have much time anymore to just sit down at home and play RPGs for long periods of time, but because of the Switch I've been able to play RPGs during slow days and breaks at work then leave it to sleep and continue at home, at bed. Very convenient indeed.


This is exactly what I used the switch for. Playing in bed before going to sleep. I usually play on PC which requires a bit of commitment and energy, and the switch is for nice light mindless playing to wind down before bed. (I understand screens before bed are bad but we live in a hellscape and I'm doing my best) I am not ashamed that I play silly games that require 0 commitment and cost 1 euro on the eshop. Not about to pay 50 euros again like I did for animal crossing.


Never imagined I’d be able to play a huge rpg like Witcher on the go, I’m excited for Nier in October too


The sleep mode aspect got me back into gaming. Im pretty busy, but I can just grab this thing and plop down anywhere and be playing in one second. Ive beat more games since I got the switch than I did in the last decade on other systems.


I do most of my switch gaming at work during my lunch break. Sleep mode has been pretty handy for when I suddenly have to stop m, then continue where I left off


The stubborness of the Switch makes me grind my teeth. Never ever had a device that won't shut down for real. Thou after reading this post, I get a little more the convenience of always being in rest mode.


Yes. I was initially surprised by how much extra work it took to SHUT OFF the Switch. Then I found out the Switch literally took a tablet approach to its function. Now I only shut it off if I know I'm not going to play it for many weeks.


Should've seen the vita. Or any of the last couple gameboys.


yeah! it's definitely my absolute favourite console ever. whenever I used to want to play anything I would have to wait 5 minutes for the computer to warm up, 10 minutes to get the xbox to work, 15 minutes to figure out which colour went in which plug for the wii, etc. but with my switch I can just press one button and instantly play! I also have a really cute snorlax case that fits all my games, the joy cons, the switch, a charger, and my phone and headphones if I'm bringing them with me! sometimes when I'm bored in online classes I can just turn it on super quick and play until they call on me. it's just so... nice. I also have really bad agoraphobia, so when I go on little drives I can just bring my snorlax case with me in the car and be playing fortnite or undertale or the random fucking colouring game I found on the estore in like 30 seconds. it's very good for distracting myself quickly, like I've been having full on existential crises before and when I process the fact that I'm doing something to calm myself it doesn't work, but if I just turn my TV on or just grab my switch off the bedside table I'm in animal crossing pushing around dumbass pinky the absolute ugliest thing to ever exist and I forget about everything in like seconds. and instead of searching around for some weird blocky grey cord I can just use my phone charger (granted it did take me 3 years to figure out you could just plug it in without the charging dock... whoops)


i also love the convenience and i have not used my switch at all anymore since i got my steam deck. same convenience with much more power and a bigger selection of games.


The switch is perfect for me because my wife and I often like to chill on the couch with Netflix running in the background. Playing PlayStation often means we can't do that, but with my Lite and my wife's OLED we can both game and watch TV and hang out together. It's a much more social solo playing experience, if that makes sense at all?


Stereotypically Breath of the Wild was my first game for the Switch but it absolutely blew my mind that I could play this gorgeous game in my hands. When I went to revisit Bioshock 2 the screen was too small to actually enjoy the game but, bam, just dock it and it's like playing it regularly. Love how modular the system is. I only hope they double down on the next version and have the dock provide extra processing power so it'll be on par with other systems graphics wise and still have the easier rendered games mobile based.


The Switch is my favorite console and the only one I own now. Most of my old favorites from other consoles have been ported over so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. My only wish is for a Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi port and I’ll be all set.


I'm still waiting for the ports from Wii U's HD remasters of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Any day now, right...? Right??


Oh yes! Those too please *crosses fingers*


I suspect Nintendo is waiting to either release them after the Breath of the Wild sequel *or* more likely for their next console. Already there are three Zelda games on the Switch with a fourth on the way. I think Nintendo's careful not to saturate their consoles with too many entries of the same franchises. Remember how many Assassin's Creed games Ubisoft released on the PS3/XBox 360??


Game suspension is still my number one innovation in modern consoles. The Switch also has a built in battery which is great for portability but the fact that if your power goes out, it doesn't screw up the game suspension is also a huge deal.


I've never been a console player. I had a PS3 for one year, ended up selling it because I wasn't playing it a lot. Turns out to have to be tethered to a specific place and sit through lots of loading screens and boot screens creates a lot of inertia. I got my Switch last year and while I don't think I'm playing it a lot (or even *enough*), no regrets getting it. Convenience, portability, flexibility, great games, great accessory support. I love it.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. The Switch is awesome. What have you been playing?


I originally got it for The Great Ace Attorney since I'm a big fan of the series. But I hadn't considered how much I'd enjoy playing indie games on it like Shakedown: Hawaii and Forgotton Anne. Most recently, I finished the not-indie Alien: Isolation. I was rather amazed at how good that one looked given the Switch's hardware.


The Switch is the reason I’m buying a Steam Deck! Had my Switch since launch - and will for sure play most first party games on it going forward, but I’ve got a backlog to squash on Steam! That said - I’ve been a sucker for handhelds since the original Gameboy, and the Switch made me realize how much I just do not like sitting at my desk or constraint to one spot on the couch


Growing up my biggest dream was to play Pokémon On a TV. Now I do.


When i first got the switch it took me a few days or maybe weeks to realize it wasn't actually turning off when i pressed the power button. I thought it was so i was saving and closing the software before pressing the button. Then one time i held the power button down for whatever reason, maybe just curious, saw power options and one of them was turn off and i was like "wtf why would hold down the button then move to select the option to turn off their console when you can just press the power button for half a second" and thought it was dumb. Then i did some googling, found out i was just putting it in sleeping mode and thought that was even dumber. After some time i understood the sleep mode was actually an amazing idea. I can press the power button and pick up where i left off and play for 10 minutes without worrying if the game lets me save anytime or if i'm gonna have to play until some sort of checkpoint for the autosave to kick in.


I’m a new parent & the switch mobility has been amazing. When my baby falls asleep on me, or if I’m bottle feeding at 4am. I can pull out the switch,not disturb my sleeping baby, still enjoy the cuddling, but also beat up shredder. It’s been great, throughly enjoy the mobility of the switch.


I play Switch every single day, 95% of time handheld... and it's because it's exactly what you described... I can't commit firing up the c9nsole and do heavy gaming.... just quick games here and there and in bed before sleep..I won't go a day without playing and won't leave house without it.


I almost only use my switch in portable mode. It only gets used with the TV if my wife wants to play Mario Kart with me.


As a mom with 3 other people in the house who want to use the TV, the Switch is the only reason I get a decent amount of game time these days. I almost never take it out of the house, but having the option to play it in different places around the house has been amazing. Sometimes I'll be playing on the TV and my husband will be ready to play the ps5, so he will just pop my switch out for me and I can keep going. The Switch model is perfection and I hope they keep the hybrid approach in the next console.


I've thought this as well. The combination of the portability with the well implemented sleep mode makes the switch just such a great console for me. There's a lot of games and series that I previously would have never even tried but on the switch it's so much easier to get into them and work through them. I loved the 3DS as well but I never really felt comfortable leaving that thing in sleep mode for more than an hour or two at most. Just never really felt "off" in the same way that the switch feels off when you put it in the sleep mode.


> I loved the 3DS as well but I never really felt comfortable leaving that thing in sleep mode for more than an hour or two at most. Just never really felt "off" in the same way that the switch feels off when you put it in the sleep mode. Agreed for the DS and 3DS. For me it was because of that blinking LED that constantly reminded you "Hey, I'm still on but just asleep!" It's not something I'd feel comfortable leaving lying around for days though apparently people have done that according to comments on this thread. The Switch is more of a hassle to shut off because it's designed around always being on and simply put to sleep with the tap of the top button. The DS and 3DS is meant to be turned off after use with the sleep function being optional. So our sentiments make total sense, I think.


Skyrim on the toilet is what sold me. Weird reason I bought a switch was my dorm in 2018 was so small that I would just chill in the bathroom sometimes because it wasn’t my bed or sink. I would sit on the toilet and play Skyrim cause I didn’t have a tv.


I’ve got a Switch and the Series X (and am on the lookout for a reasonably priced—read retail price—PS5) and I love just being able to pick up my switch and automatically start playing. The Series X has Quick Resume but I still have to boot up my device and eventually it’ll automatically turn off and in some games, I’ll have to go back to the title screen. Don’t have that problem with the switch. Absolutely love it


I love my switch but I also use remote play on ps5 and game pass streaming on Xbox. It’s a great time to be a gamer in general with so many portable options.


I can’t play mine in handheld at all because the joy con drift makes it unbearable


Good points. I'm not gonna sit here and say exclusives are a good thing for the industry, but the switch admittedly has that going for it as well. I had an opportunity to purchase a steam deck, but to me it just didn't make sense since I already have a switch. I understand the steam deck is more powerful and gives you access to all your steam games, but I already have a great PC and don't travel around a lot so it was hard to justify. With the switch I can at least point to the fact that it has games that I simply can't play on other systems (legally). Game prices aren't always great, and there's certainly a lot of games that will never make it to the system, but it's a neat little device for what it is and I suspect I'll be playing it for years to come even after its successor launches.


All of what you said + the UI of the Switch just *feels* so pleasant. I recently rebought .Hack GU for the Switch and definitely overpaid compared to how cheap the PS4 copy is--I just know that the Switch is the console I prefer to sit and play now.


I totally agree. It took me years to fully understand the switch properly and if I had I would have bought it at launch. I think up until 2020 I didn’t understand that it could even be played handheld. Then someone explained it to me during lockdown but I still didn’t quite get it. I thought the switch lite was for handheld and the regular switch was for TV only. I wanted one during lockdown but they were sold out for months. Then o considered the regular switch again. I felt the lite was too small. I still didn’t get the regular switch because I kept thinking I don’t have the time or energy to play on docked to the TV. Then earlier this year I finally got it. That I could get the OLED model and play exclusively on handheld mode.


Man it be convenient if all my joycons weren’t broke as fuck


Yeah. Nintendo took a gamble by using unproven analog stick designs just so the Joycons would be slim. The typical analog sticks used for the past 20 years would mean the Joy-Cons would be too fat. Nintendo clearly knows it since they fix Joy-Cons for free. Or have they stopped doing that?


Yeah. I need to send mine in.


I have repurchased many games I own on steam/xbox/PlayStation literally just because of the convenience and decent enough graphics. I love my PS Vita and PC but other than exclusives for those platforms, which hardly exist anymore..., the switch just beats them out for convenience and portability. I may have a steam deck coming in my future at some point to test against the switch, we'll see I guess


I fully agree, but thats what I love about the playstation, when I play on my ps5, I expect next gen graphics in 4k on a big tele- I dont play on a tiny screen in the bed because the graphic isnt demanding- cinematic experience it doesnt not have!


I remember as a kid how booting up Rayman 2 on my PC felt way harder than playing any DS game (yeah, I played Rayman 2 slightly late). I'm still nostalgic of those 10 mins before I could play the game tho.


As someone who rides the train 30 minutes each way to and from work once or twice a week it’s been great to have! Can jump into something quick or just play something longer to make a little extra progress. I’m obsessed with Monster Hunter Rise now(beat magnamalo on Friday and working through HR so I can get to Sunbreak) so that’s fun just to take out one monster on the ride to work.


I used to feel the same way about my switch, but my steam deck has taken over that role. Love handhelds


I do but at the same time I don't. I liked it a lot at first, but a lot of my favorite pc games or MMOS seem to never reach the switch. I honestly wanted to play an MMO on handheld, but the ones they choose are games no one really likes that much. At this point I'll likely get a steam deck. At least persona is coming to switch finally, I was getting ready to sell mine and atleast have one of my favorite games on vita.


It's awesome with a busy life with young kids where I can may need to put it down at any second. Just hit home, put it in sleep mode, and continue when I can. A switch is the reason I pre-ordered a steam deck, because playing mobile or just pick up quick makes gaming so much more accessible.


I love that it's a hybrid. Every time I play a game docked, then decide to stretch out instead and pull the Switch from the dock, to have the game appear on the smaller screen, ready to continue playing is kind of magical. That's also why Switch is the only console I could ever want (from the current gen), having a PC. It offers me something the rest do not. If I want to sit down and play something more ambitious/taxing, I'll boot my PC up. If I want to relax, I'll whip out/turn my Switch on.


I played my lite exclusively for two years... just got an oled.... my life is so good!!! Needs official flip grips but man!!!


I only play on weekends at home and docked most of the time. However, the handheld aspect makes it a lot more convenient to continue playing if someone else wants to use the TV or when I need to move to a different room. It's also helpful to bring it with me to the computer if I need to look up a guide. If I were traveling, it's bigger to carry around than my old DS but I certainly prefer the bigger screen size. Main complaints would be wishing for a better battery life and more ergonomic joy-cons (which I semi-fixed with some grips but that's an extra cost).


>Main complaints would be wishing for a better battery life I know smartphone/tablet manufacturers boast about their latest devices being thinner and thinner. Also meaning the batteries get smaller. Who is asking for this? Sure this also means that battery technology improves to make thinner/smaller batteries as powerful as the larger ones. But why not keep the fatter size and just make those last even longer than before...?


This is why I play my Switch so much. That and I can play it anywhere, unlike my Xbox One


PS5 and XBSX do the same thing tho, and can play awesome games that look and run good. I used to tell myself that when I got my Switch tho