Whatever you want!


Came here to say this!


Once upon a time when I was around 12 my mother got me a used OG Xbox from GameStop. She waited a month to give it to me for Christmas. I was at the age I obviously knew Santa wasn’t real and she made me pick it out. So Christmas morning comes and I boot it up and I believe I had a copy of Fable. I loaded it in and tried playing it but got a disc error. So I tried a Tony Hawk game I believe? Same error. I swapped back and forth multiple times to no avail. It was at this point I realized that this Xbox was a dud. However for some reason it had Toby Mac music files on it or something. I’m not sure if this was before erasing consoles was standard procedure. It probably was as I am unsure they tested the console even. I knew GameStop wouldn’t take the console back because it was outside the 30 day window. I also didn’t want my mom to be disappointed or sad. So I would play the Toby Mac music and use the controller to look like I was playing something. She didn’t know much about video games so she would’ve never questioned why a Christian musician would be in a Tony Hawk game soundtrack. She passed a few years back in 2017 and I never did tell her it didn’t work. RIP Mom.


That’s so sweet, and sorry for your loss


The OG Xbox had the personal soundtrack option.. you could play your own downloaded music while playing games. I miss that feature. Sorry to hear about your mother passing, also this was a nostalgic and heartfelt story. Thanks for sharing! Edit: Apparently you can still technically play background music on the Xboxone though I personally haven’t tried it.. here is a link to steps.. [Playing Background Music on Xbox One](https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hardware-network/display-sound/playing-background-music-xbox-one)


Xbox 360 did as well. No idea if xbone does but I had ripped dozens of albums to listen to while beating Kotor/Halo 3 on the 360 lmao


I miss that feature so much. I played so much Project Gotham Racing with my own personal soundtrack that whenever I hear one of those songs I get immediate nostalgic feelings of racing against that damned Ford Focus Cosworth or whatever. Closest we get to that now is just playing Spotify while the game runs.


Oh…. same! Same…… I just posted an edit with a link to “playing background music on the Xbox “.. but honestly.. there was just something about listening to Last Train Home, The Black Parade and Pencil Fight while causing absolute mayhem. It was revolutionary for me.. I mean.. yeah.. you could just play music in your stereo/radio while playing.. but man oh man.. busting out tunes through the tv speakers just made my heart sing..


You can stream Spotify to play in the background of games on Xbox One.


Moms are cool


They are!


Dads too


Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. It's nice that she tried her best to give you a great gift, even if it didn't work out as she would've thought. It's also nice that you didn't want to upset her to know the truth. Hope you have a great day/night!


I was 10 when I woke up Christmas morning to this really strange music and realized my tv and it’s stand was missing. Odd. Nothing else seemed out of place just that. Before I could truly process what in the hell was going on, my ears zeroed in on this haunting music and realized it was drifting in from the direction of our living room. It was like a siren song. Calm and beautiful. Familiar yet mysterious. Well I obviously had to see what it was. So I followed that beckoning sound and made my way to the living room. My mom lay asleep on the couch unmoved by the music as I was. There my tv (which had somehow made its way to the living room) stood before me, images flashing on the screen and the haunting music coming out the speakers. On the tv A man clad in green rode confidently across some far away field astride an auburn horse. It didn’t take long for my excitement to win out over my sleep and confusion and truly understand what I was looking at. Needless to say I was a very happy boy that year but more importantly when I look back on it I always smile at how my mom was always able to do these things as a single parent with 2 kids and raising a 3rd; we definitely were not rich by any stretch of the imagination. And to this day I honestly wonder how she got that tv past me without making a sound. EDIT: I was describing the title screen to Ocarina of Time. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that more obvious.


I don’t even understand what I’m supposed to be reading? You heard funny music, the tv was moved and a man on a horse was on the tv


Legend of Zelda


They’re describing the intro to Ocarina of time lool took me a bit too


So your Xbox was completely useless! ?


Essentially, besides the music player function and scrolling through the UI.


What the hell?!? It should have been replaced under the manufacturer's warranty! Sorry your 12yr old self didn't fully understand this but you were ripped off by the retailer/merchant and it's heartbreaking to think that you were deprived of many years of Xbox gaming as a result. I feel so bad for teenage you! (T.T)


They bought a used Xbox from GameStop, it only had a 30 day warranty, he didn’t actually get it until Christmas, which was beyond the 30 day window. Who knows, they may had been able to work something out being that it was a Christmas gift, but I don’t think the end result was because “his 12 self didn’t understand.”


I'm sorry for your loss.


You sir are legend!


I lost my mom in 2019. She always encourages my video game hobbies. So many special trips to GameStop and Best Buy.


1. Respect 2. It’s just the disc drive. If you still have it, you should mod it.


Toby Mac rocks tho so I mean silver lining


A Nintendo 64 when I was a kid!




I loved the nintendo64


Best gift I’ve received is a mask of my own face


The best gift I've received is also a mask of your own face.


I also choose this guy's mask of his own face.


*OP changes the giveaway to be a mask of this guy’s face*




I’d wear it to a hoedown and I’d dance with all the belles


I never expected to see this song in a comment tree honestly


*Lemon Demon intensifies*


Nothing beats a large Lego set for christmas


So my friend and I walked into the lego store for the first time and couldn’t believe the prices of some of the sets. While we were marveling over the price of the millennium falcon set, this kid came up with his parents and was like “dad, I want this one”. The look his dad and I exchanged right after he said that was priceless. The dad literally just sighed, shook his head in resignation, and said “…don’t we all…”


We saved up for a while to get some bigger sets we wanted (not MF big, but big). We went to buy them at the store I ended up feeling so bad. Two grown adults walking out with Diagon Alley and Daily Bugle in front of a bunch of kids who immediately freaked about wanting them. We just left as soon as possible. But maybe they kids will know someday they can be the adults buying LEGO! Now to get that Home Alone set…


There's been MANY lego kits I've wanted, the Apollo set being the most recent, though there was a really awesome Windmill I saw too. Though something always comes up or I can't afford the big kits. I've had a few smaller sets, but never anything outside of those single bag builds.


same, i really like the lego architecture sets but cant buy the all white one


I really just wish Lego wasn't so damn pricy. I understand that the development for the kits costs an astronomical amount, but DAMN.




You can't say things like that without paying the dog tax. That Shuttle looks so good too! But I'm with you, I couldn't bring myself to do it even with the money, I think.




40+ years later and my mom still gets me a Lego every xmas. I'm never growing old.


Hahaha I have a coffee table millennium falcon just sitting there in its box in the middle of the living room.


Nothing beats a second mortgage and a UCS Falcon


Seconded. Best gift I was given was the first UCS Lego X-Wing still sitting proudly in my bedroom


Best gift I received was my engagement ring! My (now wife) proposed on my birthday, after I had a solid 5 years of bad luck birthdays. She made it her goal to make up for all the bad ones, and has made every one perfect ever since Edit: For everyone confused, I am in fact a woman




It's a lie. Womens doesn't exists on Reddit.


I dont know your wife but i love her. I had a bad bday streak aswell and my friends gave me an awesome bday


Congrats bro


My parents bought me a gameboy for Christmas many years ago, was a great gift


Pokémon? Sign me up!


Pokémon? Hardly knew the mon


Me too?


I gave my friend boudoir photos of myself for her birthday. They are now proudly framed and hanging in her house.


My friend did the same thing, I proudly display it on my nightstand. It really throws off my family.


Woohooo, I bet that OLED screen looks so crispy!


Extra crispy, I'm told


The best gift I've ever received is just any moment I get to spend with my kids and see them happy! Being a Dad takes away from your own personal time but I wouldn't trade it for anything. If I were to win, I'd set it up in our living room for our kids so they can enjoy all the Mario and Pokemon games.


The best gift I've received was the tortoise I got in 4th grade, he's still doing his thing 17 years later <3




you won


Honestly, the best gift I’ve ever received was the money my Dad gave my wife and I this year to help pay for our honeymoon in Cancun. I lost my Mom last year from cancer and the week before my wedding last month, my brother died from chronic alcoholism. He was my best man. My Dad is also battling cancer and my wife and I lost our beloved cat to cancer in June. It’s been a lot. Being able to relax in Cancun and having incredible weather after everything 2020 was, and how this year has been made me tear up instantly when we got to our hotel. being able to finally breathe like that while we were there is something I’ll never forget.


Godspeed, and best wishes forward..




Lot of love and best wishes for everything. Hope everything will turn alright for you ❤️


Appreciate that ❤️❤️


Oh that's really nice. Did you get to meet Ted Cruz there?


I kicked him in the shins and said “Big Bird says hello.”


Wow, this is amazing! My best gift ever was the Zelda the Minish Cap GBA SP special edition. After Santa ‘stole’ my GBC Color the day before I couldn’t be happier to find an all new GBA the next day! Till this day I regret ever selling it. It was an amazing machine with some great games! Although who knows, this switch OLED might just top this gift!


Received would have to be the stocking my fiancé crocheted for me. Ya sure, she stuffed it full of cool stuff, but I appreciate the effort she put into that stocking and had her make me a matching one for next year. It didn’t end up matching at all as far as size comparisons go, but I still wear them Christmas morning :p. One perfectly suited all the way up the calf to the knee, the other one dragging around my ankle, trying to kill me. It really spices things up. The best gift I’ve given was probably the computer and television I got for my grandparents so they could play their bingo on a large screen in their living room. I went there and set it all up before they awoke and they were just super excited and grateful. I really felt like I nailed it!


yay giveaways


Was actually a GameCube for Christmas


For me, getting a SNES controller for Christmas when we didn’t have the console (or any videogame system). Me and my numerous siblings hyperventilating in anguish trying to explain the difference while our parents accused us of being ungrateful, ruining Christmas, this is the last time they ever buy us presents etc. Of course, it was a prank and they brought out the SNES after they had their fun. I was the luckiest, since I had a broken leg and was living on the couch already.


Good luck everyone!


My best gift was probably a set of Batman wings that opened and contracted lol


pillows and socks.


Best gift I ever received is my mom.


best gift I've ever received was also your mom


Can confirm, mild-hot-fire's mother is the best gift one can receive.


The best gift I've given was a brand new phone for my cousin who couldn't afford one.


The Switch lite was the first current console that I bought with my own money. Saved up 300 Aud for it. So I’d say that’s the best gift I’ve given/received.


We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give, never gonna give (Give you up) We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye


Favorite gift I've given was a set of reproduction civil-war era newspapers to my historical reenactor buddy. They were a hit with him and his whole reigiment!


Best gift I’ve received is a mini crochet of my favourite pokemon :)


Best gift was a bottle of whiskey from an old friend


Pokemon blue


You misspelled red


No love for pokemon yellow


Wow, got in when there was only 4 upvotes. See yall in a dozen thousands. Thanks and good luck everyone.


Best gift I ever got was a NES for my fourth Christmas. Started my love of video games and in a way is responsible for me learning how to develop my own games now.


Thank you! Instead of best gift, I’ll do best prize. I won a eyepiece for my telescope at a astronomy event a few years ago. Was awesome!


The best gift I have received is a DS lite 12 years ago which is what got me into gaming :) pokemon diamond and platinum is my whole childhood and it would be amazing to be able to replay it! Thank you for doing the giveaway :D


Best gift i ever gave was saving up to get my wife an actual jerry garcia art print, still thought she would have liked it more than she seemed to


Best gift I have received was probably a drive in a supercar at a circuit , best I have given if you ask my daughter her new Pikachu plushies that she got for her birthday that she never puts down lol




Best gift — turntable.


You 13 mana boy.


That's great!


Oh I hope I win this. Would be and awesome Christmas gift.


Let's try my lucky! The best gift I've ever received was a movie ticket by someone who was at the time special for me




best gift was a ds with diamond


To this day im still proud of a gift thati gave to my ex a couple years ago. I gave her a big Doraemon pillow (with the magical pocket) and then put a "wish granting pencil" inside the pocket. The wish granting pencil instructions says "in order for your wish to be granted, do 3 good deeds today and hold the pencil and pray to God any wish you want" She use the pencil in her college entrance exam and get accepted, i still remember her smiling face until now.


Fun fact: only competition I ever won was a pokemon GBC and pokemon yellow when I was 7, hoping to add this to that win lol :) good luck everyone! :)


Best gift I’ve ever received was time with my family. I wanna win the switch so I can give my fiancé one of the things she wants for Christmas


Nintendo with duck hunt!


I don't typically ask for anything just random things I need. However the best gift I never got to give someone, was a pocket knife I got for my dad. He passed away in September of 2017. I had a pocket knife for him for that Christmas. About a month after he passed I had a dream one night that my mom called to tell me dad was getting out of the hospital today. She then proceeded to ask me if my wife and kids could meet them at our church for lunch. So we're sitting down to eat and my dad starts messing with his hospital bracelet thing. And my mom asks me to help him get the bracelet off so he quits messing with it. So when I am reaching for my knife my dad put his hand on mine and said, " here son, why don't you use this one?" And he hands me the knife I had bought for him. He then said "I'm alright son." And began to glow brightly until I woke up from the light. In a way that dream was the best gift I ever received. I miss my dad every day. I was 25 and he was 75 when he passed. We had our son that year in March and he always wanted a son, and for his son to have a son. He got his wish and got 6 good months getting to see his only grandson before he passed.


I recently found a [Nintendo Switch](https://imgur.com/a/VE2TZvg) on the pavement nearby my flat. It was lying there in a green case with white leaf decal. I almost walked right past and left it. Glad I went back to check! I managed to track down the owner, by looking at their Youtube account on the system, [and get it back to her](https://imgur.com/a/ZAqZyzR)! Turns out she is an amazing woman. She has brittle bones and is a wheelchair dance champ! I'd post a link to her insta, but not sure if I should/can here? She gifted me this [amazing mug](https://imgur.com/a/4frOKWV), along with £25 eshop vouchers, which I bought Hades with (still have a few quid left over).


This would honestly be such a wonderful boon to my mental health lol. After years of neither of us having the money to pay for the divorce, my ex-wife and I are finally finishing it out. Everything was great and submitted, then the Judge comes at me with "you need a DNA test to prove you aren't the her kid's dad before I sign off". Legally speaking, I didn't. I had a signed admission/denial of paternity from 4 years ago when the kid was born. We had a doubt it was her baby daddy's kid because I hadn't seen her in over a year and a half. Tried to get that from the state: lo and behold, they never processed it into their records after I submitted a copy. So I sold everything I could to get the money. My Switch, my 3ds, all my games. Cost me nearly $400 bucks to get the DNA test done to prove I'm not the dad. Now the judge came at me saying that isn't enough (what?) Legally proving I have no relation to the kid doesn't matter. Now I have to get her baby daddy to sign off on a legal form that his own staff can't find anywhere saying he's her biological father. The judge at this point is just being a dick and abusing his position just to make the process harder. Meanwhile my ex-wife is on me every day to make the process go faster - which I'm doing everything in my power to do so - so she can remarry with her current partner. He's an old friend of mine from high school and treats her and her daughter well, so I'm happy for them. The problem(s) is that he's in the Navy and if they aren't married, they can't get housing on base where she can stay with both of their daughters if he's shipped out. On top of that, she just learned she's got early stages of thyroid cancer and can't afford treatment until she's on his insurance. So yeah. That's fun. Not even getting into my own serious health issues. I'm just so fucking stressed out and miss my Switch lol. Thanks for the opportunity OP. This is a wonderful act of kindness you're doing for us and I'm grateful for you even if I don't win.


Costco hotdogs






Best gift was when my ps2 broke, my bf surprised me with a new one!


You’re so nice to do this 😭




Good luck everyone 👍🏻


Oh god, yes! I wanted this from day one but don't have the cash to **switch** it up.


Fingers crossed!


Just gonna leave a simple comment, but thank you for doing this!!


A new pair of hockey skates


<3 u


Hi Reddit!


A giant birthday cookie


N64 with bomberman. Unfortunately someone stole them a few months later.


best gift was a Gamecube Metroid Prime bundle I gifted myself with the money I got for my first summer job.


Gotta be my original Game Boy back in third grade!


Hello there!


I hope I win 🤞


Best gift I gave: A lego set to my son that is like a lunar rocket. He loves space and loves the set.


My kitten <3


thanks for a giveaway


The best gift I’ve ever Gotten? That’s a hard question. One yeah I got a mattress! That was pretty cool!


This may sound cheesy, but I really appreciate someone taking time to even think of getting me a gift, so I can’t say I have a favorite since I love them all!


I’ve bought a (cute! funny!) gift for my bfs xmas but i cant share because he will read this 😳


Woop! Cool


I would like


My best gift - my husband made me a raised bed for gardening. It was at our previous house, but I grew herbs in it. The time I spent working in it was therapeutic.


Found out my wife was pregnant with my first born a few Christmases ago. Easily the best present. That or my GameCube


The best gift I ever got was a plushie of Ivysaur from my sister. I like the Pokémon, but the fact that it was the first time that she bought a gift for me makes it the most memorable thing I’ve ever received.


The best gift I've ever given AND received was my car last year! Split the purchase with my fiance and I'm so glad I don't have to take the bus anymore!


Times are really hard this year and I would love to give this gift to my cousin who is 12 whos parents have been really down on their luck this year. She would love this and has wanted one since the Nintendo switch came out. If at all possible I promise it would be in very thankful hands. If we don’t get it then I hope whoever does enjoys it. This is awesome of you to do! 😊


My mother always asks me what I wish for my birthday or christmas. So one time I jokingly said "50 bags of these" and pointed to the bag of sweet puffed rice I was holding in my hand. You probably can guess what happened next. Ate them all. They didn't last very long. Best gift.


When I was a kid my mom got me the GI Joe aircraft carrier, the USS Flagg. It was massive. 7 and a half feet long. There was only room for it in our living room. My dad hated it but my mom was my hero. I saw one not too long ago at a vintage toy store and was blown away all over again by how massive it was.


Yooooo! Only reason I want an OLED is to experience Tetris Effect in handheld mode.


I love spaghetti




The best gift I've ever been given was created by my partner. Background: at the time I was an incredibly broke grad student. I had a lot of mental blocks around money, particularly when it came to gift giving. We were in New Orleans, LA so I could give a talk at a conference. On to the story. My partner created this elaborate treasure hunt through the French quarter of New Orleans. He gave me a box of ferrero roche chocolate at the beginning. This made no sense until I got into the puzzle itself. He set up a bunch before we even started. The first piece he created involved posting my picture all around the French quarter as an old fashioned Wanted sign like they used to hang for pirates. Second, he hid little slips of paper with coordinates and a secret message to figure out the next location all over the place. The second clue was held by one of the people who pretends to be a golden statue. I had to pay her a gold piece (one of the chocolates) to get the message. So this goes on for a good 4-5 clues before we end in this amazing masquerade shop, full of the most beautiful handmade masks I've ever seen. The shop keeper has my wanted sign on the front of his desk and tells me to pick any mask in the shop as my disguise before I go back out. That way the authority wouldn't find me *wink wink*. Now, when I say the masque I ended up getting is simply the most beautiful masque I've ever owned, words don't do it justice. I love masquerades and go to one every year, so I have a decent collection. But this one, it is without question the most beautiful and eye catching on my shelf. All of that to say, I still sometimes tear up when I think about all the effort and energy he put into making me a treasure hunt just so I would be thrown off enough to let him buy me this mask.


I can't be the only one that instead of buying the latest CoD, I would pirate one of the old GBA Pokemon games and play them so I wouldn't have to ask my parents to buy me an 80 dollar game right?


Imma be honest i don't expect to win so I'm just completing this mandatory comment


Thanks for doing this and good luck to everyone involved!


What ever you want :)


Best gift I received was my iPod classic way back. Finally didn't have to carry my walkman around 🤣


I think the best gift I've got is just the fact that my spouse appreciates and loves me. Sometimes you start questioning yourself if you made the right decisions in life and ended up where you wanted to be, but she just reminds me everyday that I am truly content with where I am right now and inspires me to look forward into the future and appreciate wahatever is coming to us. She's just such a beacon of light and hopefulness that I feel that not matter what I do I cannot appreciate her enough, as she's what keeps me going no matter what's happening outside of our immediate vicinity. And, well, anything I get from her - be that a birhday cake or a cute trinket, or just a kiss feels like something I almost don't deserve, so I am infinitely thankful for her being there for me no matter what.


Thanks for doing this.


Boy howdy would this be fun to win


Xbox 360 (the greatest gift I ever got)


Thanks for the giveaway dude! I think the best gift for me was my PS3, it was also the last console that my parents bought me.


Mario kart double dash


Best gift I ever received was my first PC my uncle bought me. Changed my life. I'm sure I wouldnt be the same person because it allowed me to do so many things I wouldnt be able to do otherwise and explore so many of hobbies.


I would love a switch after moving away from my home and leaving the one I shared with my family there


Guitar from my Dad who left when I was a little kid....he took the guitar back though, lol.


Best one was an Xbox 360


Receiving the N64 for Christmas was magical.


Someone from Reddit gifted me a game I love, here’s hoping for a switch 🙏🏼


The best gift I've ever received was travelling! My dad would take us on a holiday when it's my birthday. :) it's not overseas though, but it still makes me feel grateful for my parents! They are the best! I hope i will win this but if i didn't win, congratulations to the winner! I hope you enjoy your present! :D


Have you heard the tragedy of Darth diabetus the wide? Some say his hunger grew so big he could eat entire species. His knowledge of food so vast, Gordon Ramsey is trembling at the thought of Diabetus. His caloric volume so dense, he wouldn't outrun a bullet, he could absorb it. He was quite the unkillable lad, however it wasn't impossible for him to die. For you see his only weakness, the one thing that could kill him Was a mere side salad. So one day as he's eating Diabetus gets the feeling something is wrong, he looks under his chicken and finds not just a side, but an entire farms worth of lettuce and tomatoes. Now what he did with the salad, well let's just say Diabetus wanted to assert his dominance. So to not show weakness he at the salad, and then he had a hearty laugh as he knew their efforts had gone in vain. Now that he finished his meal, Diabetus left the table and was immediately shot dead by a trained sniper. Now with Diabetus gone, his successor Big Chungus steps up and rules the land for decades to come.


My best gift was my laptop


Best gift I have received is the PS2 when I was 12, from my dad, he didn't let me and my siblings watch TV or play games, and drill the concept of hardworking and diligence into us since young, hence it was such a surprise when he bought us a PS2 that holiday.


Would have to be the telescope I got for Christmas when I was 14


A very welcome initiative! Wanna gift it to my sister!


When i was 15 the only thing i wanted in the whole world was a bird, they're my favorite animal. On my birthday my cousin showed up my house with a peachfaced lovebird. Now at 22, i still have my sweet boy and he is as happy and healthy as the day we got him and my entire family adores him. His name is Tate :)


The switch is the first video-game console in years to get my attention, the portable mode, TV mode, just remove the Joy-cons and you get two gamepads to play anywhere. I hope I can get it one day to share it my passion with my little brothers and everything that video-games have to offer, sometimes is just for fun, but sometimes you can get some valuable life lessons and change your whole mind and body for the best, I hope I can make my little brothers to change and grow for the best, and games are the perfect language for it.


Best gift I ever got was a GameCube with Metroid Prime! Sat down with my Dad and we marveled at the graphics and sound design for hours that day.


Proooobably the slowcooker I got from my dad since cooking is my biggest passion, and I'm the one that cooks for the family, I've tried out so many delicious dishes and have been able to spoil my family with things they've never had before.


Best gift I had was for my bday last year where I just hung out with my whole family at the zoo and just were chill and had fun. Even though it wasn't a very extravagant outing it was the last time we were together as a family.


I gave my best friend a key chain with all eeveelutions lol


Best gift was a photo album


I got a PlayStation for Christmas when I was 8. I still remember playing Crash bandicoot and jet moto with my dad all morning.


Man the best gift was when I came home from school and my mother for my birthday randomly surprised me with the gameboy color purple transparent one. I was so happy and along with it came an obsession as well. She bought me Pokémon Yellow as well. It was crazy at the time for me and I was crying out of happiness lol.


I once used a "gift coupon" I won at work to obtain a piece of sod from the original Yankee Stadium in a nice little case with a certification of authenticity. That was my dad's Xmas gift that year. I'm not much into sports but that's his biggest passion.


Best gift I ever received was an Xbox 360 my parents had been secretly saving up for (money was tight at the time for my family). Till this day I remember my pure joy when they surprised me with it. Thanks mom and dad


The best gift I ever received is hard to choose. My gf bought me AirPods which was so thoughtful


A wonderful gift that still stuck with me was a handmade sterling silver promise ring my now husband gave to me right before I was about to leave on a 3 month study abroad trip, which would have been the longest we would be apart. It was extremely plain, no stones, no fancy design, not even shiny. Still remember and cherish it to this day.


Best gift I received was first pick of food on Christmas, I gave up my Christmas gift so my siblings could get their gifts, my mum was very impressed with this and treated me like royaltyfor the next week or so.