Metroid Dread is absolutely fantastic, first game I 100% in years.

Metroid Dread is absolutely fantastic, first game I 100% in years.


I agree with you. It’s one of my favorite games of the year. The boss fights were fantastic, challenging, and once you learned their patterns you could beat them easily without getting hit which made the fights all that much more rewarding. The only thing I didn’t like was the grappling hook - the item itself was fine, but the controls for it weren’t fluid and precise enough. Overall, it’s one of the best Switch games on the market.


Loved it, but the number of times I died because Samus decided she didn’t want to use her double jump was maddening. It’s my only complaint.


Unreliable double jumps has been a staple in Metroid games. Ive personally never put enough time into any of them to get used to it, but I’m sure there’s a ton of die hards familiar enough with the inputs to not experience the same problem.


I think it’s just that in a lot of other games, the double jump is done by jumping again at the apex of a jump. In Metroid, it’s more of a rhythmic tap, or waiting for the downward fall before pressing jump again. Samus is more like a basketball dribble in that way lol I also struggled with it a few times during hectic boss fights-I’d mash the jump and be off by a second or 2 and fall into another hit. When not in panic mode, it’s much easier to naturally do.


When I beat Yakuza (the spider boss) in Metroid Fusion and got the space jump and it took me ages to figure out how to actually get out of the area, but eventually got the timing down and started 'flying'


As others said, the double jump is actually something you need to learn how to do. It's not just a double tap. 1- You need to be spinning/summersault. A normal straight jump can't be doubled 2- When you are spinning, you need to wait for that right time when you are just starting to fall back down So basically, Samus doesn't "decide" not to double jump... the player misses the double jump! :) I'm just teasing you here... it is one of the skills you need to master, and it's been like that since Metroid 2 on Gameboy and was described as such: "With this item Samus can jump continuously through the air while spin jumping. Learn how to use this item effectively by hitting the jump button again before she touches the ground and Samus will be able to do a perpetual jump. It may require some practice, but keep trying!"


I’m like 80% on the space jump in this game, which is a huge improvement over the 15-20% success rate I managed in Super Metroid. Weird that learning how to jump properly is what contributes a lot to the end-game skill ceiling, rather than being, like, the very first thing you get down.


It has to be a spin jump (where she curles into a ball), that means analog stick r/l + jump. Jump alone will just make her jump staright up in her normal standing posture and won't let you double/space jump.


I found a lot of the controls incredibly hard to manage. Having to hold multiple buttons while aiming is a huge no-no, so anytime I had to defeat an EMMI was a major pain. (Hold down TWO shoulder buttons to aim and charge up, then point with the left stick and press a third button? Yeah no, there had to have been a simpler way.) And like, would it kill you to let me toggle missiles on/off? That's how it used to be, why do they insist on making me hold the button down in all of the post-Super Metroid entries?


> I found a lot of the controls incredibly hard to manage. I gave up and used the Switch remapping feature to swap L/R and ZL/ZR. Still not ideal, but it didn't feel nearly as cumbersome with missiles on the left and free-aim on the right for some reason. > And like, would it kill you to let me toggle missiles on/off? That's how it used to be, why do they insist on making me hold the button down in all of the post-Super Metroid entries? The grapple beam being a hold button is what annoys me. If they made it its own fire button they could have put it on A and moved the dodge-dash move to a shoulder button where it belongs. Plus it would have been a lot more convenient to use if I didn't have to hold a fucking extra button to use it. But no, since it's a hold, I can't even use the remapping to move it off the shoulder. Ugh. Missiles being a hold instead of toggle was mildly annoying, but having it **and** grapple be one too meant I kept screwing up and hitting missile when I wanted grapple and vice-versa. Also, I hate that shinespark requires left-stick-in. I moved it to right-stick-in and put the cloak (which I barely fucking used anyway) on dpad up. I really hope they add proper remapping support in a patch, though, because doing it through the Switch UI is annoying.


> I put the cloak (which I barely fucking used anyway) on dpad up. I legit forgot it even existed after a while. Apart from a couple EMMI encounters (where it proved to be more of a crutch than anything), the only time I ever used it was when I was backtracking to get items and there were a couple doors that required it.


> the only time I ever used it was when I was backtracking to get items and there were a couple doors that required it. I've actually gotten some good use out of it on EMMI sections, but nothing like how the trailers made it look. None of that "oh an EMMI's coming, let me stand here cloaked while it checks things out" shit, nope. I just mash it if I see the EMMI coming to give me enough time to walk over to an exit without the door locking. Except for those dumb doors I've never used it outside of EMMI sections, though. Just feels worthless everywhere else.


I spent a solid minute trying to get through a door with the dash thing last night before it clicked it was one of the cloak doors.


I used it this morning on the blue EMMI, which just wandered back and forth ten feet away until I ran out of health and got choke-punctured.


>Hold down TWO shoulder buttons to aim and charge up, then point with the left stick and press a third button But your pointer fingers are already there and your thumbs are in the right places too... Its definitely more annoying than not doing that but it's not hard and like, how else would you do it?


If you could aim with the right stick at all times, then you could just have a different trigger/shoulder button for laser, missile, and grapple. Similar to how you do shoot/grenade/abilities in most FPS games. One stick is always for aiming, then just a one button press to activate the ability wherever you are aiming.


The one I had trouble with was the dash while keeping a charged beam, had to bring my index down from the shoulder button and claw at it.


So glad Metroid is back again. This was the game I bought a switch for. I’d love to see a Metroid collection / Metroid prime collection next. This series doesn’t get enough love


I'd be so down for a collection. Super Metroid on Switch Online was super cool too, so it would be awesome to revisit the titles on other consoles that many people (including myself) don't have access to.


Pretty sure original Metroid is on the NES emulator game list too.


It is


Now if only they could add GBA titles for Fusion that would be great.


And Zero Mission please. I don’t own a physical copy anymore 😢


They're saving that for Nintendo Online ++ in 2022.


I wish they also had released Fusion there.


Super metroid all-stars collection please. (perhaps a compilation of Zero Mission, Samus Returns, Super Metroid and Fusion as a digital / physical collection without a need for NSO) Surely someone could have suggested that to Nintendo? Are they really that out of touch?


I very much want the Primes remastered, but doubt that will happen this Generation.


I would kill to play the prime games and fusion again on my switch I at least have my gamecube and prime 1 and 2 and my wii somewhere with 3


I played Super Metroid for the first time after beating Dread, which was my first Metroid game. Would love to be able to play the Prime series. Also gotta find my old 2DS and give Samus Returns a go. I just really dig the formula and loop of the series.


What'd you think of Super Metroid? Dread is fantastic, but I'm honestly really thrilled at all the people playing classic Metroid games for the first time too.


Super Metroid I felt had a bit more of the getting lost element in it. There were times where I’d be wandering for long while. I played it with the save states on NSO also, but I can tell that the checkpoints were not as generous. Still amazes me though, to see nearly all the moves in Dread were started in Super. It’s like playing Mario 64 after Odyssey and seeing nearly all of Mario’s moves being unchanged after 20 years.


same, i have sat on the sidelines of switch for 4 years, never had a compelling enough title for me to bite, even all the 1st party IP games that used to thrill me on every previous nintendo console didnt get me to bite. This one did the trick, along with the OLED launching same day it was a no brainer. ponied up the cost of hardware plus pro controller and the game and been enjoying it since. sure it was a ton of money for a single game, but its metroid 19 years in the making. sold. LOL


question as someone who’s never played metroid: is this satisfying enough as a Metroid game or are fans still hoping for a 3D metroid game? I know there used to be 3D ones on gamecube that people went nuts over. has the series just moved back to 2D now?


The prime series games (the 3d ones) are a sub series to the 2D games, dread is a sequel to fusion whereas prime 4 (which has been in development for the last few years) will be a sequel to prime 3




I was just telling a buddy they should bring back Prime Pinball. I spent more time playing that than any other pinball game. It was really a great play on Metroid mechanics.


So you've probably heard of Yokus Island Adventure I think it's called?


I'm really hoping that this is the mainstream moment for metroid. It is doing so well, by far one of my favorite titles in the series. I hope to see many more like it


Some of those shinespark puzzles are just crazy. I couldn't even comprehend how to do them, so after trying everything I could think of, I went to YouTube for a few of them. There's no way I'm committed enough to pull off that timing. I'm content just sitting around 90%.


I legit just assumed I didn’t have the abilities necessary for a couple of them and then the credits rolled and I was like “fuck”


Shinespark has so many hidden mechanics you'd only know from playing previous games, like ball spark or preserving your charge when sparking onto a slope. Also shine sparking in mid air is a bit tricky (though you don't need it to get 100%)


They tell you about slopes when you get the speed boost. It’s also in the item description, and in the tutorials you can watch anytime after you get it. Having said that, I still have trouble with them lol


Y+B while in mid-air helped me shinespark pretty reliably! Had to look it up.


THIS. I thought FOR SURE there was going to be something that would let me destroy dash blocks with a shinespark power bomb or something. I can't believe some of the shit they expect people to be able to do.


Samus is a bad bitch, what can ye say?


To be fair, I'm no expert platformer or speedrunner or anything, and this was my first Metroid game... And I still managed to 100% this. Some shinespark challenges are pretty tough and took me a lot of tries (the few ones that included Boosted wall jumping were the toughest for me), but none took me more than a few minutes? 10-15 min at most? of trying. Got stuck on one in Ferenia, but only because I didn't know you could roll and destroy blocks on your path while Speed Boosting. Most of the times I got stuck were because I didn't know how to properly use Speed Boost, like rolling, wall jumping, or chaining shinesparks. Once I knew HOW I was supposed to solve a puzzle, it just took a bunch of re-tries until I got it right.


Yeah, same - the only one I had to look up was the one that requires you dropping a shinespark, running again, and dropping another - I had no idea you could chain shinesparks. The others just take some figuring out, they were fun little puzzles


I want to say that has been a thing since Super if you are into 100%ing these games.


>the few ones that included Boosted wall jumping were the toughest for me I actually managed to get 100% without even knowing that technique was a thing! I'm sure it's necessary for speedrunners/sequence breaking, but you can get all items just using the normal approaches -- though it sometimes required very tight timing and some thought about how to get there. (And patience...)


It's built for speedrunners in mind. The stuff you can do in metroid and super metroid seems mostly unintentional, but made possible by the devs nevertheless. Like in breath of the wild, people are coming up with all sorts of cool or funny things to do just by combining the different mechanics of the game. The devs intended for that to be possible even though they themselves didn't know what was possible Metroid was broken so much by players, sneakily exploiting glitches and stuff to sequence break, i.e. play the game in the wrong order, doing some bosses before you're meant to be able to reach them. So in super metroid and every metroid game from then on, the devs always built in things that are technically possible and can sequence break the game, but most players won't be able to do it. It's one of the most popular game series to speedrun in history. Especially super metroid. So I think that's what they were going for. They intentionally put things in Dread that they know most players won't be able to do, but for the skilled ones they can break the game with them and set world records I can't wait to see what speedrunners come up with for Dread


The hardest part for me wasn’t the timing but remembering you have to have the directional stick titled to jump while shine sparked, and remembering to have no direction pressed to start the spark (this messed me up so many times trying to shine spark in midair)


So if you shoot or melee during a spin jump, it cancels you out of the spin and you can then shinespark. I wish I had known that *before* I got 100%, but I can at least pass it on.


This was essential for getting the one that required you to dash up the ramp wall in mid air and then cancel immediately to extend the shinespark.


So you can understand how badly it hurt to learn *after I had done that one without knowing this trick.*


> So you can understand how badly it hurt to learn *after I had done that one without knowing this trick.* That's how my first run through Dread went. I've brute forced *so much shit* in the game only to later learn that I could have done it far easier. Some examples: * There's a morph ball tunnel with some fall-through blocks. I spent way too much time trying to run from the right, store shine spark, jump up and cross-bomb across to the upward tunnel so I could shinespark before it ended. Eventually figured out it was easier to run from the **left**, wall jump up, slide through to maintain speed, and store the shinespark in the opening on the left. So much wasted time. * That fucking grapple beam block in the vertical room with the disappearing plant blocks. I brute-forced it through sheer stubbornness, attempting to do it over and over until I finally started a mid-air grapple with perfect timing to land and pull before the block below me could collapse. Proper solution: ice missile the platform so it can't disappear. * After beating the EMMI in Dairon, you've got the speed booster and it wants you to run through some walls and go through a little section to get out, ending in a vertical shinespark through some blocks with a little cutscene. Not me! I did a shinespark in the middle of the first room, into the EMMI / morph ball hole at the top, and went back out the way I came in. Which just led to backtracking through the original area again anyway. * On my first playthrough, my answer to nearly every puzzle, high ledge, or anything else in the game was "I bet I can **bomb jump** this!" Desperate to put my NES Metroid skills to use, I guess. One example of this was the missile upgrade shinespark puzzle in the area I just mentioned skipping/backtracking to. Oh, a missile upgrade with a block that keeps me from jumping into it easily? No problem, I'll just bomb jump my way up there... Followed by "**Fuck you**, invisible speed booster blocks!" * Speaking of being trolled by bomb jumping, another example: there's a giant open-air room in Artaria with a power bomb at the top, and to the left below a wave-beam door there's a morph ball tunnel with an upward ramp to an upgrade. After something like 15 minutes I managed to successfully bomb jump up the tunnel trying to get the item, only to be stopped by a speed booster block (**FUCK**). Once I saw that it was immediately obvious what that tiny morph ball space a few rooms to the right was for... Now that I know the *right* way to do most stuff the puzzles are a lot faster, but I make up for that by trying to do stupid things to shave off some time. Just finished a run where I was trying to sequence break to get the gravity suit early, but went the wrong way. Ended up shinesparking through a diagonal morph ball tunnel with a missile upgrade and getting into that giant vertical passage early. Shinesparked up to the top and got the cross bomb from Golzuna almost immediately after getting ice missiles. Which was kind of a hellish boss fight, considering I still had the varia suit and had to deal with the bomberman-style laser beams when I only had the double jump. Unfortunately the screw attack blocks kept me from getting into the last area early, so I would have been better off time-wise not bothering, but still... having cross bombs ahead of the like four other upgrades before it was funny. Almost got through that run without storm missiles but ended up having to backtrack to get them :( Due to my poor decisions, I did ended up not getting the space jump at all that run, which seemed like it saved me some time but kind of ended up being counterproductive, because hoo boy, the last boss and final escape sequence are kind of awful with only the spin jump's double jump capability. The boss itself is a lot harder without space jump, and then the escape has a couple spots where, since you don't have space jump, you have to shine spark instead, plus one spot where I had to bomb jump because there wasn't enough room to build up a shine spark. Having to do precise bomb jumping with a timer counting down at you is its own kind of stressful. The game does a good job of letting you brute-force through things in the dumbest way possible, and then making you feel like an absolute idiot when you realise how easy it *should* have been.


I just gotta say that your memory is super impressive to run a play by play like this. I can barely remember what I did yesterday


I have a good memory most of the time, but it's selective. For example, I'm terrible at remembering anything related to times and dates and suck with "remember to do " type stuff, but I do extremely well remembering visual things, especially if there's context with it. That means I can remember and often even picture things like what I described in the previous comment clearly, sometimes even being able to replay events and conversations in my head; but I'll also forget to do basic everyday tasks, I probably couldn't tell you what I had for lunch yesterday, and if I pull out my phone to check the time I'll forget what time it is almost immediately after putting it back into my pocket. It's like min-maxing a character in an RPG where you bottom out some stats to be really good at something else, except my memory's min-maxed to remember certain things at the cost of being horribly absent-minded with other stuff. Sometimes useful, sometimes annoying as hell.


I did that cross-bomb bullshit as well, so I feel you there. I even wondered what that other room on the left was for, but didn't stop long enough to figure it out. That's on me, my bad. I *did* figure out the ice missile one! It reminded me of a similar one from one of the earlier Metroids, so I actually guessed I needed ice when I first found that puzzle, before I even had it. I've wondered what I want to pare down for my quick runs, and I don't think I can sacrifice space jump. I've seen the final boss done without it, and I actually *do* think I could eventually pull that off, but there's just too much jumping around in general for it to feel efficient to leave out.


>I brute-forced it through sheer stubbornness, attempting to do it over and over until I finally started a mid-air grapple with perfect timing to land and pull before the block below me could collapse. Proper solution: ice missile the platform so it can't disappear. So THAT'S how I was supposed to do that one, lol


You are an absolute fucking Chad for getting the item behind the grapple block in the vertical plant room without ice missiles.


Thanks, but nah, I'm just really fucking stubborn. :) It didn't even occur to me that there should be an easier way at first; I just thought it was intended to have tight timing on purpose. Sometimes puzzles are made to be easy *in theory* but difficult *in practice* and I thought that's what they were going for there, since "stand on platform, grapple beam the plainly visible box" was deceptively simple. Then once I got started I just turned my brain off and kept trying until I got it.


It's way more impressive how you did it than how you're supposed to do it. I have no idea how you managed to save the shinespark so long.


The way I did it was all tactical straight drops. The bit you have to slide out of, if you slide out late you come out right into a spin jump because you still have sideways momentum. If you mistakenly believe you cannot shinespark out of a spin, this can't work. But if you slide *just right* a bit earlier, the slide ends just as you come out of the small gap with no leftover sideways momentum. That way, you drop straight down. As you drop down straight down, you shoot downwards to break the blocks. Just as you drop past the top, right as you line up with the slope, you shinespark over and then restore the spark. Continue as normal sliding under the low bit ahead, then same as before: slide exactly past the edge so you drop straight down. Shinespark to the right into the slope this time, store the spark exactly as you hit the top, then jump down (spinjumping is fine this once). Shinespark right one last time. **I don't like my way.**


Big same, my friend. I learned the Y+B to midair shinespark *after* getting 100% and just thinking that it was intentionally impossible to do.


I did it that way to. If you can pull it off you have like 1 second to blast off before you are trying again. Shinespark lasts 10 second my best time jumping was around 9.


Holy shit, this is why smashing y+b would only work some of the time. It really would have been nice to have a little bit more meat in the shinespark tutorial, like have an area that made you utilize it in these different ways to get out and to offer some help from Adam or something.


I read how to do them and it took me a while figure out how to do mid air and morph ball shinesparks. But once you got the hang of that, its just practicing the route.


This is what I’m stuck at. The mid air morph ball. I can’t figure it out.


As far as I know, you can't shine spark in midair while in morph ball forms. If you're talking about a certain upgrade near a big room at the center of Artaria, thoroughly check the walls of nearby tunnels. I missed it the first time I checked the hallway.


Use ZL to morph/unmorph rather than the joystick...I didn't figure this out until my second-to-last shinespark/speed booster puzzle. It's an invaluable shortcut.


Yep, that’s the challenge that forced me to figure that out. I don’t recall any previous Metroid game letting use come out of morph ball like that (you always had to press up). I really like being able to do that, but I had to fight against all my muscle memory from previous Metroid games.




You’ve changed my life


If you're talking about the one in the E.M.M.I. zone, you actually have enough time to space jump up from below with the spark saved, but the method Zkyo is hinting at is even easier than that.


Wait how the fuck do you do mid-air shinesparks? I 100% the game and didn't mid-air at all (to my recollection), that would've made things *a lot* easier.


Y+B at the same time


I didn't find most of them too bad, but I didn't realise you could wall-jump during speed booster at first. So the one speed booster challenge that is intended to use a bunch of wall jumping I failed at for ages trying to get through fast enough with a stored shinespark.


Most of it wasn't too bad but that one on Burenia was the *only* thing I looked up in the entire game. I *knew*, just from the level design, that there was some mechanic of the shinespark I didn't understand, but I couldn't figure out what it was. That was the only one that was frustrating because I felt like the game hadn't given me the necessary information on how shinesparks worked for me to figure it out. I spent *so* long looking for alternate paths through those speed blocks.


Yeah I was pretty stoked to get like 80% done without looking anything up but I just had no idea there were so many layers to that technique.


I felt that way about like 5 or so of them but I actually managed to do it with enough practice. Took me like 15 times for 2-3 of them though. The one in the lab by the entrance that requires a slide and then pixel perfect jump especially almost made me give up on 100%ing the game.


I never 100% games, and those final shinespark puzzles are way out of my normal platforming league, but I just kept trying over and over and would eventually get lucky. I didn't feel bad for looking up the solutions, since knowing what to do what only 10% of the battle.


Honestly pretty much all of them are doable. They often just look more intimidating than they actually are. I’m not super good with time critical coordination either but usually managed to get the harder ones after about like 5-10 tries. Only one gave me trouble where you have to precisely hit the edge of a platform.


Yeah the game is pretty forgiving with wall jumps and keeping speed, they just *look* really intimidating imo Well, unless you're a moron like me. For the energy tank part that needs speed in the ice room in Dairon, >!I fucking saved a spark at the bottom of the room and space jumped up to the top. I was legitimately mad when I saw how easy the wall jump method is!<


I loved these and made it a competition with my cousin haha As this is my first 2D Metroid though (love the Prime series), I’m not too fond of some control decisions or lack of customization, in particular: Activating Shinespark by pressing down on the joystick does not feel great. Really wish another button was used to “store” it I did all of the puzzles but my hands were not loving me for it. Screw attack during rush + wall jump for some of these requires no directional input while jumping, which was also not obvious. Pressing a direction, even the one you’re headed, would get me out of it While I’m at it: I also wish there were an option to prevent getting out of the morph ball by pressing up on the joystick. I accidentally got out of the ball in some occasions where I rather have stayed in it Lastly, right joystick for aiming while moving would’ve been a great option. I realize that’s never been a Metroid thing but this game required mobility and the second joystick to aim would’ve been clutch Maybe I’m alone on that Still loved the game though!


This is my first Metroid game, and I couldn't understand why the second stick wasn't used for aiming. Seems so logical and natural with modern controllers!


I've died like 30 times on every boss I've ever tried to fight. Not the eyeball things, those go down easy, but anything else. I'm I'm just going to die over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until it's beaten, and every time I'm not certain that I will actually win. I'm pretty much convinced I'm going to hit a point that I'll never be able to conquer and it'll just be like oh look I haven't even beat the game once.


I got 100% (first metroid I've 100%ed and one of very few games in general I've made the effort to 100%) - I'd suggest sticking with it, they are easier and more forgiving to achieve than you might think just watching clips. Use youtube as a guide, then give it a bash - I don't think any of them took me me then maybe a dozen or couple dozen attempts. Even though some took lots of tries it's pretty quick to reset yourself for the next attempt so they don't feel too punishing.


Not gonna lie, I am happy to see a Metroid game get this much attention. I've been a long time Metroid fan and it's so good seeing all of these posts, I am glad you liked it!




Soundtrack is pretty weak. The Sound effects are great tho! Maybe they are putting the great soundtrack in Prime 4??


The Prime games tend to have better soundtracks than the 2D games imo. Most 2D songs are just light background music for ambience, while Prime games have genuine bops while still maintaining the ambience.


> except the screw attack I found that attack OP as fuck. It was, I think it one-hit-killed just about every monster but it's one of the very last abilities you get, I kind of took it as a "reward" for getting that far. Like the game saying "Great, you did all the combat parts and opened up the map, now just go have fun and explore and don't worry about enemies getting in the way"


Yep, exactly. It trivialises the game because at the point you get it, you've already done basically everything except a few boss fights. If you're playing for a low time you're barely going to use it, and if you're playing for 100% completion it saves you a lot of annoyance backtracking through areas to find whatever you missed. It's OP as fuck, and that's a good thing for where it is in the game. It's a lot like how in some games, once you beat the final boss the game will let you free-roam and give you some ridiculous "congrats on winning" equipment that makes you basically unkillable. Except there's no post-game in Dread, so they give you the exploration-bait power near the end instead.


Really enjoyed it, just wished the soundtrack was a lot better


That's a bummer considering Metroid Prime has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time.


This gets commented on a lot. For a series with so many iconic musical cues, you'd think MS would have given it more attention.


It's funny, because it has the same composer as Super Metroid... or, the music director for Dread also composed for SM and MP.


....was he just there in spirit?


Does kinda seem that way, doesn't it


Yes actually. I believe he only oversaw the compositions. Also, the dude is probably in his 60s now


First Metroid with a totally forgettable soundtrack.


Me too! It's serviceable, but in no way memorable like Super Metroid.


I enjoyed the game. Didn't enjoy the 100%, some of those secrets hidden behind boost blocks were infuriating.


Watching someone play an hour of Dread got me interested, so I fired up Super Metroid, as it's one of the SNES games included with Nintendo Online. I'm loving it so much I'll be picking up Dread the second I'm done.


I started Super Metroid in preparation for Dread too– it is such a cool game. What it lacks in modern game mechanics it more than makes up for it in mood and atmosphere from the excellent graphics and music. And i absolutely love the environmental storytelling. Wish more games did that these days.


I replayed Zero Mission for Dread, I forgot how much I love that game.


Zero Mission might be my favorite of the 2D Metroids.


Same here, haven't managed to really get into the SNES catalogue but thought I'd give Super Metroid a go since Dread came out. Really enjoying it and will see it through then get Dread.


Really great game. I'd probably give it like an 8.5 or so. Movement was fantastic, the combat and bosses were really great, liked the visuals a lot. It was a bit short, but not too bad. My only big complaint was that it didn't really make exploration fun or rewarding outside of the set order/path. What other Metroidvania games have you played?


I actually appreciated the more linear approach dread had. Metroid games can be hard af lol.


> I actually appreciated the more linear approach dread had. The only issues were the few times I couldn't figure out where to go, and I was full-on like "I don't understand what you want me to do!!" in a less linear game, I'd be able to just go explore somewhere else and come back later when I either had more information on how to move forward, or was ready to fuck around some more trying to figure it out. That's the only real problem with a faux-exploration game. Fully linear, no problem I just keep moving forward. Fully exploration-oriented, no problem I just go somewhere else when I can't figure something out. Seemingly-exploration oriented with a very linear path? Very frustrated when I don't know how to move forward. But otherwise I really liked the game.


I agree with you 100%. There was one point- I think right after getting the double jump?- I was in a tiny space with seemingly every single route blocked, I spent like twenty minutes going between three or four rooms and trying everything I could think of, nothing produced any visible result. The answer ended up being I had to make a horizontal jump in the water (which wasn't nearly as intuitive as it might seem, this game has a hidden mechanic to hamper your vertical jumping underwater so you can't gain height after the first jump, I assumed this meant my double-jump was useless underwater and didn't think to try horizontal jumping instead) and so it led to a very, very frustrating experience. Add in the fact that all of the areas look the same, all of the zones have equally-inscrutable names, and the areas are all huge and labyrinthine with one-way passages everywhere you go, and it becomes VERY hard to get anywhere that the game isn't actively pushing you towards.


I got stuck in the same spot. It felt so obvious in hindsight though


> (which wasn't nearly as intuitive as it might seem, this game has a hidden mechanic to hamper your vertical jumping underwater so you can't gain height after the first jump, I assumed this meant my double-jump was useless underwater and didn't think to try horizontal jumping instead) To be fair, it *does* explicitly state how this works when you get the jump upgrade. Specifically, it says something like "additional jumps after the first will not increase your height."


You're not wrong, but the only reason they even needed to say that in the first place is because it's counter-intuitive, so if you happened to miss that detail (after all of the other tooltips were obvious stuff you probably already knew, it's easy to skip them out of habit) or if you put the game down right after and forgot, it's going to feel like something else is the problem and maybe you're looking in the wrong spot. It just needed a second draft, is all.


> all of the zones have equally-inscrutable names I'm almost done with the game and I could not name any of the zones.


I know, right? You probably couldn't tell them apart visually either. Several zones had fiery areas, several zones had frozen areas, several had natural/plant-based areas, several had underwater sections, and all of them had highly technological areas. Nothing had nearly as strong of a theme as the previous games did, and you're constantly going back and forth through this train or that teleporter or this escape pod and nothing felt like it had any *identity*.


The worst moment for me so far was when I was in the middle of backtracking/exploring, saved and quit the game, and came back like 2 days later. It can be maddening to get back on track.


Ah ha yes I know what you mean. I gave up and just decided I'd follow whatever path the game wanted me to take. Like I'd get a new ability, think "finally I can get into all those areas I passed before!... But I guess I'll just go this way because that's where the game wants me to go, and I'll never find my way back to this specific spot with this specific route and remember which direction I'm supposed to go" Took a little of the metroidvania out of a metroid game. Still a ton of fun though.


didya see the easter egg if for getting the morphball early? It's pretty neat


With Kraid?


Take a look at some of the sequence breaks and you might revise that opinion a bit. There are some cool things to can do, some intended, some not, that add quite a bit to the exploration.


Yeah I'll have to check them out and try some on my next playthrough.


Yeah I'd give it about the same score. I think the controls could be a little better, and that it was a little bit too short for the price (I 100%ed the game going in blind in less than 10 hours). I absolutely loved the cinematic approach to the boss fights, really made Samus feel like a badass.


I absolutely loved this game! Beat it with 60% at 9ish hours but I definitely 100% afterwards. Currently, playing again on Normal but for the under 4 hour & 8 hour endings and using sequence breaking


I just beat the final boss. I could not do 4 or 5 of the shinespark challenges and I honestly think anyone who did has something wrong with them. Congrats. I also really enjoyed it.


You just need some practice, and probably the rules of shinesparking explained because the game does not do a good job of that. None of them are that absurd if you know all of the quirks. I am speaking from a very biased perspective though, I'd already 100%ed the GBA games many times.


Yes it’s possible. I found myself getting frustrated with the controls more than anything. Watching videos of people doing it made me frustrated because they made it look so easy. Do you have any tips?


Which ones are you struggling with?


The one where you have to run into a room while boosting jump a couple times then wall jump into a slide into a far room stop and shinespark then roll into a ball and go back under where you slide bomb the roof and shoot up. I could only actually get to the point to activate the shinespark like 1/20 times, nevermind morphball in


>I could not do 4 or 5 of the shinespark challenges and I honestly think anyone who did has something wrong with them This is a reasonable assessment. I definitely spent way too much time practicing a couple of them. I'm sure that literally 10-20% of the whole run was practicing shinespark shit lol.


My rule was try for an hour and if I can’t do it, move on to the next one. I think I got 95% of items? Maybe 4 we’re just too ridiculous.


I can agree I do have something wrong with me. Considering this is my first Metroid game and I'm on my 4th playthrough (only 100% one so far) while also helping others with shine sparks


I only had trouble with I think two of them, and one was because I was trying it from the wrong place. The other was just a stupid amount of timing and very narrow landing windows and that's when I really started to hate the controls. But overall they weren't that bad. And I don't consider myself an overall exceptional platformer.


Yeah I don’t remember exactly. Tbh there may have only been 3 that I found exceptionally difficult and when I conceded that I wasn’t going to be able to do those, stopped earlier than I likely would’ve on other challenges


I really want to respond here, but I haven’t finished it yet so full transparency I didn’t read your post because I wanted to avoid spoilers…..BUT! I absolutely feel you. I’m in the last area with my ship after acquiring the power bomb and ADAM instructed me it was time to finish things and take down Razor Beak, but I decided pretty quickly I wanted to 100% it before finishing. Ori was the only other game that I’ve 100%’d in years and years so Metroid def did something special to make me want to do so. I had no intention of 100%ing it when I started, but I’m not ready for it to end so I’m 4 areas at 100% right now. Def going to try to remember to check back in here after I beat it. Im glad you loved it as well!


I think it's high praise when the only complaint I have is that I just want more. More of the cinematic bosses, more areas to explore. The pacing of the game was just so relentless it was over in the blink of the eye. I got 100% in only 9 hours which was pretty disappointing I just say. I would've liked more challenge in finding upgrades and more shinespark puzzles.


My only real complaint is the music, which is ultimately the thing that will hurt its legacy. There are lava areas in several zones, but because the music is mostly ambience the zones all blend together without a clear distinction. I would still absolutely recommend the game to anyone though. Easily in the top 5 made for switch games.


Agreed. The music is "fine", but I can't remember any of them after completing the game few days ago. Compared to something like Super Metroid, where every area has an distinct melody and feeling attached to that (maridia, lower norfair, even brinstar).


Thats a shame. The Prime games were fantastic for the music.


It's not too bad, it still fits the atmosphere well and the sound design is amazing as always. There are just not as many stand-out or memorable tracks as the other games, especially compared to Super or Prime.


Yeah, Super Metroid wasn't afraid to get down to the funky bass every once in a while.


Interesting. I was just playing it and was like "this game just has no soul". I now think I'm just missing that musical impact.


I can say at least that I love ghavoran and burenia tracks. There's also that part in Artaria where the music is similar to Fusion's.


I agree with everything you said, except the "rock solid 60 fps". Rock solid it aint. In most boss battles it would drop frames like crazy.


100% this I saw a lot of frame drops especially >!while using the pulse radar!< Noticed quite a few others as well Played docked


Came here to say this, really irks me when people aren't honest about framerate in their assessments, it target 60fps and is so a lot of the time, but there are noticeable occasions when there's a lot going on where it tanks a bit. It also takes a noticeable resolution hit in docked mode, handheld has the better looks of the two. It is a great game though, I'm doing my second run trying to unlock all of the rewards.


I agree, I even saw reviewers calling it a solid 60 FPS, but I could see for myself that it wasn’t - both in my own game and in the clips they were using. It made me start to wonder if I was imagining it or something...


Only had slight frame drops during >!the fight with the red Chozo soldier in Hanubia!<, otherwise the game ran perfectly for me


Same here, except I wouldn't say slightly. It was really noticeable


I don’t recall any frame drops… maybe I just didn’t notice them due to trying not to die for 49373 time. I’ll be on the lookout more in my second playthrough.


It was very minor, only lasted for a few seconds during one of the attacks. It caused me to die because I missed the dodge timing, but when I retried it there was no lag at all.


Do you have a newer switch model? I know that the performance difference between switch models isn't probably noticeable, but it still feels like my day-1 switch stutters a lot in Metroid Dread


Amazing game. Coming from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart the visuals still managed to impress me and the gameplay is really enjoyable.


Wait is that game out?


Yep, it came out in June on PS5.


Dread feels like the series "Super Castlevania IV" moment, where the controls reach that new level that changes everything. But unlike Super Castlevania IV, it's not just the player who's grown in sophistication, everything's scaled up. The enemies, bosses, level design, secrets and even sequence breaking have been tailored in line with the rest of the gameplay and it's truly the modern 2D Metroid I'd hoped it would be. It's probably my favourite Metroid since Super, and better than it in a lot of ways. Besides having a bit more distinction in the music and some boss designs, I think it just about nailed it and is an instant classic. Better yet the sales look so promising it'd be hard for Nintendo to screw up the position they have right now. There's a skilled team to work on it, and an energised fanbase to buy it. I'd certainly hope the next 2D Metroid in the series is at least greenlit, because it's time is now.


I haven't finished yet, but yeah, it's great so far. I'll keep an eye out for more metroidvanias after this.


Go for symphony of the night!


Glad you liked it and your opinion in honor but the level design wasn't really varied for the most part. Many old Metroid games rooms are very iconic and memorable but in Dread most of the stuff looks like generic scifi factory to be honest, of course there is some variation and the backgrounds also look really nice but the level design itself was often repetitive.


Yeah the fact that all the emmi areas looked the same and that they take such a big chunk of each map was a bit disappointing.


I also 100% the game (in normal mode) and am planning on doing a hard mode run through. I’ve never been big on the Metroid series, or metroidvanias in general, but this game hooked me and made me a fan.


Just reading the title and the first few sentences, good to know. Just ordered the game off Amazon Prime for our road trip this weekend. So between that and Crysis, I'll have a very busy car ride when its my turn to take the passenger seat.




Zero Mission will always be in my top favorites, possibly even beating Super Metroid. It was that good.


ZM is the one I always want to rate higher because it’s damn-well near the ultimate 2D Metroid experience but I can’t remotely justify it because of how obscenely short it is, even by Metroid standards.


That’s good. I played hollow knight which got me interested and so i was wondering if the metroid games are good metroidvania


This is also the first game I've 100% completed in a while, just because of how damn fun it is.


Would Dread be okay for someone who isn't familiar with the metroid storyline?


There are quite a lot of YouTube videos that go thru the storyline up to dread to help catch-up.


How do you know what walls to shoot?


You'd be surprised how playable Super Metroid still is if you're craving more Metroid fun ...


It was really nice playing a Metroid game again, especially a new 2D one. The controls and combat were such an improvement from what I was used to, though how late some staple upgrades come did leave me at every upgrade chance going "is this the morph ball? damnit... is this?! goddamnit!!". I also grew to like the EMMI sections, as they do what they're suppose to do and get your heart racing. I'm just glad when you get caught you're sent right outside. That also goes for boss fights where you have to die to learn it. I don't mind difficulty, I just don't like when games make you redo a bunch of shit to get back to where you were. This game handles the challenging parts perfectly imo, especially since all the boss fights are relatively easy to figure out, its just getting the execution down. I think my only complaint is that even now the only music from the games I can remember are the EMMI ones and the remastered ones like lower brinstar and Samus' theme. I legit cant recall any of the other new tracks, and in a Metroid game that sounds like heresy.


Loved it but EMMI encounters are dreadful due to being irritating and not fun.


Yeah, I agree. It's an amazing game. Definitely a contender for game of the year in my opinion.


I beat 6 EMMI's so far so I'm nearing the end. Just got the gravity suit. Only gripe is the hidden blocks sometime hinder your progression. I was stuck on the ice portion wondering how to get out for a while day before I gave up and found 1 little block that blocked my path. If you haven't, try the Ori series. Will of the wisp and blind forest. Beautiful games


This was my GOTY. So far. I don't see it being beaten by year end.


First Metroid game I went out of my way to see the speedrunner endings of.


had my doubt in the beginning, as i was more used to the 3d metroid games (prime trilogy), but this game is truly fantastic...and the confusing map design and the lack of direction actually made me want to keep playing and propelled me to push forward, lol...strange logic, but it works!


I just finished it today and damn the final battle and the final sequence was absolutely amazing. I'm gonna try again but now in hard mode. The only thing I didn't like was the credits theme, sounds something from Star Fox and not Metroid. That small thing aside, Mercury Steam did an incredible job with the game.


Mercury Steam really delivered. I had such a great time 86%-ing it and already can’t wait to replay it sometime. Probably my game of the year and it can sit proudly just a smidge below Super Metroid, which is actually insane.


it's so good. can't get enough.


I just finished the game tonight as well! (50%, still wanna play through to 100%). Wow that game is a master piece. Highly recommend to anyone interested in buying it!!


I'm also loving it ! I can't remember any other game that attracted me this much and I look forward to playing it every day after work


It's some of the most fun I've had all year honestly. I finished it at 6.5 hours then went back to cleanup the rest of the items and got 100% at 9 hours. I look forward to replaying it in a year or two when I forget most of it!


Is another quasi-2D Metroid a nailed-on certainty with this being a sales success?


Im so happy that Metroid Dread is a huge success!


Super Metroid is still my second favorite game of all time but Dread is making a run, I’m only a 3 hours into it so far.


Excellent game 9/10. >!Felt that it could have been that bit longer or the pacing changed slightly as toward later part of the game I felt like I was getting a new ability too often. Also would have been nice to have some challenging areas once samus has her fully powered suit (you’re basically invincible leading up to the final boss). Boss fights were great, but more often than not to progress to the next phase of the fight would required triggering a quick time event and hitting the counter button. It’s fine and fun on the first playthrough but I feel they missed an opportunity to make boss fights a bit more dynamic and let you adopt different play styles to take them down.Also, there’s some one-way paths that cannot be re-opened even in late game which are just annoying when you’re going back to get 100% items. Would be nice if you could destroy those things with super bombs.!<


Final boss was so much fun even though their second phase was ANNOYING! But so satisfying to master his fight.


My ONLY complaint about the game is the “if you don’t happen to notice that one block you need to break to open up your next path, you could be wandering around for hours going back to previous areas to figure out where to go” issue that happened multiple times. There were two instances where I had legitimately no idea where to go and had to look up a guide. Not super satisfying and a little annoying. Other than that minor issue, incredible game.


Finished last night so getting some thoughts out while it’s fresh. I liked the game and would recommend it, hoping it leads to more ambitious sequels because I think they’ve got a good gameplay and concept basis for which they can improve. Moment to moment gameplay is great and the unique bosses are a highlight. Though the level of reskins are disappointing (EMMI’s, Chozo warriors and the chozo robots all being a just a step up from pallet swaps across the many encounters). I liked the exploration being limited throughout as I think it helped keep a brisk pace, only problem being it means a world tour is required before the final boss rather than looping back throughout. Would like to see more engaging puzzles. My two biggest gripes are definitely the overall presentation and the implementation of the EMMIs though. The music is forgettable and the environments felt pretty bland IMO, there’s a lot of scope for creativity given the setting and I feel they dropped the ball a bit in this regard, definitely my biggest disappointment. Was really hoping for more of an atmosphere of “dread”. Also the EMMI’s just aren’t scary and boil down to trial and error after the first one, again there’s a lot of potential in a nemesis-like entity trailing Samus throughout, but the feeling of dread that I was looking forward to is lost because of them being confined to just the EMMI zones. I understand there would be issues in just having them roam free in terms of balance and pacing, but currently they just feel like speed bumps, not coming “face to face with fear”. Game is very well polished and the lack of a day one patch is telling for the QC in the devs teams. Overall I’d say 7.5/10 for me, but am eager for this game to be supported so we see more in the series moving forward, though hopefully the devs get well compensated for the shitshow of development crunch and credit issues moving forward.


I find Dread to be good, but not great. I'm having trouble finishing it, I think I'm a little more than halfway through. I'm an old man and my skills aren't there like they used to be, so I find the game frustratingly difficult at times. Also the sense of exploration just isn't that great to me for some reason, I found Hollow Knight mesmerizing in this area. With Dread, it just feels like you move from point A to B, almost being funneled too. I can't remember a single distinct area in Dread, they all just kind of blend together. But, I'm an outlier. I see how it is a good game and I hope they make more.


Matroid Dread is SO good. My only complaint is that the bosses in the second half of the game were WAY too hard. They were just jarring. When you're not fighting a boss, the game is a pleasure to explore, and with the parry system, all of the non-boss enemies are a total non-issue. But get into a boss battle, and prepare to suddenly die 20 times in the course of 5 minutes. I wish they toned down the boss difficulty significantly.


21 hours to 100%?! I have heard good things but that is the worst news I have EVER heard about it. The Prime series I put in so many more hours. Glad it plays well but sounds like they need a beefier story in sequel.


Oh man, I put off buying a switch until this came out and now stupid me can't find an oled in stock anywhere except from scalpers. Can't wait to play!!


You should try AM2R, I think its the best Metroid game, and I have played every single Metroid game except for the choose your own adventure book and the game that shall not be named.


Some of these shinespark puzzles… But yeah boss design in particular has been great, where you get you beaten down and then on 20th try it start to clicks. I’m working thru ravenbeak now.


Metroid is a PHENOMENAL series that Nintendo doesn't do enough with. I'm so happy that Dread is getting many new players into the series and HOPEFULLY ya'll will start supporting Metroid as much as you support Mario and Zelda eventually.


Haven't quite beaten it yet, but I think I'm close. So far I really only have two complaints: 1) The reload times when fighting bosses. Admittedly, this is one of those things that feels worse than it is. But when fighting the bosses, it's all about learning patterns, which is going to take multiple attempts. Especially when most attacks will wipe out an energy tank or two with one hit. The problem is that when you die, you have a death animation that takes a second, and then wait for the Continue/Quit menu. Then wait for it to reload the reset room, go to the next room which is always on the other side of a loading zone, and then finally drop into the boss lair, wait for the cutscene to start so you can skip it. All in all it's not much time, but it just adds to the frustration when you just died for the 5th time to an attack in the second phase you haven't figured out how to dodge yet. The other annoyance is the grapple beam. It works fine if that's all that you're doing, but attempting to use it in battle is just too many different buttons to manage.