Instead of your favorite games, What's a game that you regret getting?

Instead of your favorite games, What's a game that you regret getting?


Overcooked I don't have any friends and I'm playing on the switch lite. This game sucks balls playing by yourself.


I have kids and a wife to do the couch co-op thing. Believe me, after about an hour of what sounds like Hells Kitchen and me being the demanding Gordan Ramsay, I'd prefer playing single player






Overcooked is a better relationship-ruiner than Mario Party


Derailed sounds similar.


And yet it ALWAYS comes up on threads for "best couch co-op games" or "what shall I play with my non-gaming partner?". I'm sorry but no.


See the first game did this, but the second game was a cake walk. Some minor frustration but that’s about it.


UNO for a similar reason. "Wait, I can't play this locally with friends. We'd see each other's cards. Duh. I'm stupid." I have it on Uplay instead and so do a few other friends but yeah, wasted the money on the Switch version for basically no reason lol.


It would be so easy to do a jackbox style mobile component


Same dude it was fun playing with my lil brother but its painful playing by yourself 😔 would've been much more enjoyable if there was some 1 player option


I learned this lesson on my PS4.




I backed the Kickstarter and have yet to receive the T-shirt. Imagine how I feel. :(


To be fair, though, who would want to wear a shirt from that game?


I didn’t want to until you told me I shouldn’t. Now I do. :|


Some great pixel art and.......... I ran out of good things to say, so on my mother’s advice I’m gonna stop talking.


Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu I don’t know why I bought it, I enjoyed let’s go eevee, but I don’t know why I bought the other version


This is the funniest response in the thread.


Homie idk I was bored that’s probably why I bought it And while playing it I was Slightly less bored


Hitman. I love the series but the switch cloud version is a pointless purchase with it being nearly unplayable. The connection constantly drops even with a decent wifi and I haven't touched it since the first week of playing it.


Ah good to see that not much has changed from the console versions lol. The first week or two of release nobody could transfer their profiles over, and if they could the connections would always drop. It's fine now but there's still the occasional loss of connection that screws you over, and it shouldn't be there. The always online bullshit needs to go, nobody cares about leaderboards in Hitman. It's seriously ruining the experience of an otherwise amazing series.


Ark for the Switch. Although yes, the graphics are bad but I could get over that. My main problem with it was how much it costed. That and the many glitches and bugs that the game has. Plus the reason that the guys who ported the game onto switch, will most likely never update it again.


The game literally gave me a headache trying to play on my PS4 Pro, I do not even want to think of what the Switch version is like...


It runs pretty terribly on my pc, I can't imagine how it can run at 30fps on console...let alone a switch


It's like 20 fps and lower on the switch. Absolutely not a game for that system


That makes me motion sick just thinking about it


Torchlight 3


I’m surprised no one went with the low hanging fruit yet which is ‘1-2 Switch’ Maybe it’s too easy of an answer!


I think the problem here is that most people saw the reviews online and didnt buy it in the first place XD


Exactly what happened with me. I was expecting it to be like Wii Sports but I looked up the reviews and passed. No regrets.


The problem with this isn’t the game per say, it’s the 90$ CAD price tag which is on par with BotW.


I concur, it would’ve been a good pack-in or $20 game


I feel like it wouldn’t be good as a pack in game either, maybe like a $15-$20 value game


Yes. I regret paying for a tech demo of their new controllers. It got played maybe 3 times in total.


Super Mario Party. Just overall very mediocre. I hope we get another really good entry eventually.


I used to regret this purchase, until they rolled out the latest update. It was long overdue and now I can play the actual board game with my brother who lives far away.


Sonic Forces


Gonner. Sadly I enjoyed more or less nothing about it.


I love the art and music, but it's so unrelenting in its difficulty.


I regret getting Animal Crossing New Horizons. I sunk quite a bit of time into it before realizing that it’s endgame content really wasn’t my thing. I haven’t touched it in about 8 months, aside from the two times I loaded it up and quickly decided I still don’t want to play it anymore.


I feel like this game desperately needs mini games that are multiplayer. Why can’t my girlfriend and I play chess with each other? What about playing basketball(even if it’s very similar) or tennis. What about opening up some really fun things like riding jet skis on the water. I just wish the game had more opportunity to actually do activities


New Leaf had an island you could go to and play several mini games with other players. Such as racing to dig up fossils and other things. The fact that they didn't even bother with that content in New Horizons is annoying.


Damn, sounds like I missed out by making New Horizons my first Animal Crossing game ever.


Same. It was the perfect pandemic game until it just didn't change enough to keep me interested. Now I don't even have it downloaded.


Yeah, originally I regretted not getting it digital, but after so many hours, I don't feel that way anymore. It just didn't feel fun to me anymore. I missed the different dialogue you get from villagers you don't even like, now it's just too easy to get rid of villagers. I miss having really mean villagers with surprisingly deep backstories. The "community" part of Animal Crossing feels all but gone now. The designer part of the game is so hampered to me, like, why can I only have 8 bridges?? Among other weird restrictions, when the mobile game's got way more options, there's a problem. I had way more fun w/ Dragon Quest Builders 2 which suited my island building needs perfectly. The crafting also became tedious. All in all, the game became more of a chore than something to look forward to everyday.


I definitely should have bought physical. I played for about a month and never went back.


i think i got my worth out of it at the time of the release and connecting with my friends through online was extremely fun. but now it just sits on my home screen and i load it up every one in a while.


Yeah I surprisingly got over 100 hours in it before I grew tired of it, so well worth the money even though, content wise, the endgame is severely lacking compared to previous entries. On the flip side, there's always the chance of a major update bringing me back as well *cough* Brewster *cough*


this is the most relatable thing I’ve ever read. especially the turning it on just to realize I still don’t care about it.


How many hours did you put into it?


I got like 300 hours out of it. I don’t regret buying it but I regret what the game could have been and the potential it wasted so far. Or maybe I’m just a different person than when I played New Leaf.


you’re not a different person. It’s crazy how much NL blows it away. Which is kinda insane considering all they had to do was take everything NL was and just add outdoor furniture. Sad how people were led to believe they were going to add a lot of features with updates, and we all see how that’s going.


For real, every major "update" has been adding things lost from NL and we're still missing....70% of the game?


i just remembered gyroids :(


You have every right to criticize the game, but I haven't played any of my games for 300 hours, even my favorites...


Dude. You obviously have good things going on in your life. I have over 600 hours on Mario Kart and Animal Crossing individually. And i don't regret either any of them.


I don't know why, but I always feel somewhat self-conscious about how many hours I put into a game. I know it's ridiculous to worry about something like that, but I end up feeling like I'm playing too much if I've played for 200 hours or more, even if those 200 hours were over the course of several months.


This is true. I have been in and out of the hospital numerous times the past several months. Been bedridden, so these silly games have been a great outlet for me.




But I need to make my cottagepunkpizza core town looks amazing before I quit. Before the first K.K concert New Horizons probably has the most satisfying and fulfilling Animal Crossing Tutorial. After that though you have like a day of new content with the terraforming tools and the game is on repeat for the rest of the time you spend playing it.


Dude I spent like 200 hours with the terraforming and haven’t touched the game since. It’s so clunky and slow and really not there for full-scale island redesign. I wish they focused more on villager fetch quests like the old games rather than island decoration, which btw I still feel is half-baked Then again I played the game for 300+ hours so I can’t complain that much.


Yeah, most of the time when I get the itch to play it's terraforming, which is so annoying sometimes. I don't understand why we can only do 1x1 squares, and in the case of water .5x.5 squares, I guess they were only expecting people to make small changes like getting rid of an annoying lake rather than completely flattening their island. I too have 300+ hours in this game somehow. I kinda wish they mixed placing furniture outside and the PWPs together, like small furniture for just placing but big projects need to be paid for, make it feel more rewarding I guess.


I couldn’t even make it that far. Was so frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t start terraforming from the get go. 20 hours trying hard with multiplayer and then archived forever.


Terraforming was definitely my main motivation for getting through the tutorial, but I really like it anyways, I guess that slow creep to getting everything hooked me. Multiplayer was such a shame though, did it a few times in the beginning but man it just immediately resulted in us hitting each other with nets for an hour before never doing it again.


Same! I could never put my finger on exactly what made me stop playing. It was like any incentive to turn it back on just vanished. It was right before wedding season. I thought it was burn out and I'd get excited for Halloween, my favourite AC holiday. Nope. I guess I'm just older now.


Took me a while to figure out why I didn't like this one either, as I've played and loved every AC before this. They changed this version from a life sim to a design sim. Interactions and every day life (like main street, Kapp'n, Brewster from ACNL), were stripped away to make room for cluttering your entire island with craftable garbage. They wanted to make a merge between old AC and Happy Home, and it ended up just being a design sim that 95+% of the audience abandoned after "finishing" their island. This was never what AC was, and it's really sad that this is their new direction.


Oh man, you totally cracked the code. I'm terrible at design games, never liked them. But I love the daily tasks and all the character interactions of the past games. Being on the island has such a lonely feel to it, like you're the only one that's really there.


This it’s EXACTLY how my ACNH experience went. Including the Halloween time attempt at return and I’ve booted it up twice since only to run a lap doing my rocks and fossils and backing out.


Lol what endgame content? There's way more content in animal Crossing pocket camp


Man Pocket Camp has so many great item sets and more importantly, the villagers can actually interact with most items. If they let the animals on my island actually use the stuff it would be so much better and I'd actually have a reason to try and make or buy things. For me it isn't fun to get something and then just have it sit there doing nothing.


Same with me and this is coming from someone who played 200~ hours of New Leaf. For some reason it really didn’t capture me this time around. I think that it may be myself who has changed too much and I just can’t appreciate the charm it has to offer anymore


Smash Bros, not because it's a bad game, but because I don't have anyone to play it with, which is the only way to play IMO. Also slightly regret getting Mortal Kombat. It was on sale and I beat the story, so I got my money's worth. However, I must say, the graphics are truly terrible (and that's coming from someone who is not a graphics snob!). I feel like it's more of a big deal in MK too since one of the draws of the game is watching the gorey fatalities. Like Smash Bros, I don't have anyone to play it with either, so the moral of the story is to stop buying fighting games I guess lol


Better than me.... I picked up Smash Ultimate thinking that owning it would make me want to play solo and get better at fighting games (I'm truly terrible at them). Real clown hours 🤡


This was the exact same mindset I had when purchasing smash ultimate


Maybe we can play together? I don’t mind playing Smash vs randoms but maybe you’ll enjoy it more having someone to play with.


Nailed it. Suxs living alone with no friends. Seems like a cool game though.


Gear Club. I love racers but the load times seemed way to long to me and I couldn't figure out what exactly they wanted me to do I'm the garage but every option would take forever to load. In contrast I like Horizon Chase Turbo, Asphalt 9, Need For Speed, Burnout, and Rise Race the Future much better.


The Adventure Time game. Takes FOREVER to load anything.


Dang I was hoping to add that game to my collection. Is the gameplay bad?


I am setsuna. That was back when there still weren't many switch games, so I bit on what looked like a fun RPG. It was the most bland and generic game I've ever played. I couldn't finish it. The company is named "Tokyo RPG Factory" for a good reason.


I had so much hope in this game cause they boasted about it being a love letter to chrono trigger. I think I got to the first village, then bailed. So incredibly mediocre.


Pokemon sword and shield. I completed the campaign and quickly lost interest in the game. It felt like a hollow experience. The DLC however felt it had much more depth in the short amount of gameplay available then the original release did.


This is the most bizarre thing about SwSh. I liked the game but holy crap the DLC is so loaded with great content both storywise and gameplay wise, it's like a different studio did it and that studio cared more.


The DLC was lead by a different dedicated team than the usual people who work on game freaks team.


I didn't know, that makes SO much sense.


Super Mario Maker 2. Not that I think it's a bad game by any means, but I definitely haven't played it as much as I thought I would (less than 20 hours) for a game with "endless" content.


It's really hard to find decent traditional levels


Check out the courses in [this super world](https://www.reddit.com/r/MarioMaker/comments/kvv8ae/if_you_enjoyed_super_mario_bros_3_and_super_mario/). We tried our best to make the quality levels that people expect from Nintendo, with secret areas, secret exits, collectibles, etc. We’ve gotten some really positive feedback, and the levels have become quite popular. :)


Celeste and Crypt of the Necrodancer. I’d always heard how well Celeste controlled and that it was a great platformer, but when I got to the section with the bouncy clouds, I absolutely could not get the rhythm down as hard as I tried. I got through that level through brute force. When the next level combined them with wind, it was the single most rage-inducing gaming experience of my life. I know it’s partially my own fault for pushing forward when I wasn’t enjoying myself, but sunk cost fallacy, y’know? CotN I bought during all of the Cadence of Hyrule hype (it was on sale for like 5 bucks, so I don’t regret it *too* much), completely forgetting the fact that I don’t really like roguelikes. Again, my fault. I bought a game from a genre I know I don’t like, but hype plus a good sale is a dangerous combo.


Paper Mario Origami King. The writing is funny and the world is interesting but the combat did not work for me.


This was a huge bummer for me, because I loved EVERYTHING about it except the combat. But I hated the combat and it wouldn’t leave me alone.




I agree. I loved everything about the game except for the combat. Why can't they go back to the old combat style? So much simpler, effective and fun.


I hated the combat at first, but then I started conceptualizing it as puzzle-solving instead of battling, it became more fun


I really like the concept behind it, but the combination of the puzzles being fairly easy and on a timer ruins it for me. I think I’d like it a lot if I didn’t have to rush thru a two step puzzle and instead could sit there and figure it out before making 6 or 7 moves to get all the enemies in one go


My Time at Portia. Picked it up to step away from Stardew Valley, played for eight hours and then archived


Xenoblade Chronicles 2, was really excited for it cause I'd never played that style of RPG and I found it extremely boring.


I was one of the backers on Mighty No.9 - while I have backed many other projects, some that have outright failed, I have never regretted a kickstarter donation more than that one.


As someone who LOVED Mario Tennis 64...Mario Tennis Aces was a HUGE LETDOWN. At least I got the Mario Tennis Aces/1-2 Switch bundle so I still had one decent game to play.


Aces was virtually worthless outside of multiplayer to me. Debated returning it.


I feel like I'll get yelled at for this one, but Smash Ultimate. I got it because it was very hyped up, but it's just not my type of game. I ended up selling my copy.


Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. I beat the main 8 worlds in a day but it was so boring and easy. I also can’t stand to play it because the depth perception is god awful, and because of that I probably won’t reach Champion’s Road which was the one level I actually wanted to play. I never cared for the physics either or the button controls (maybe I’m too used to the SMM2 game style?) Bowser’s Fury would sound better but you have to hold a run button to move at a decent speed and that feels really bad. I wasn’t too interested in the interconnected stages either.


I regret buying multiplayer games in general without remembering to re up my switch online sub. Monster Hunter Rise is a whole different game played solo.


I prefer it solo


I've been loving the solo campaign. Co op is also really fun but the instant you have 3-4 players the fights become way to claustrophobic with 4 hunters and 4 palamutes. If you add a hunting horn to the mix the issue is just exacerbated lmao


I tried as hard as I could to get into Animal Crossing. I tend to keep one or two chill games in my library to help with the anxiety/panic attacks, and that was the top of everyone's "chilled" games lists that I knew...I just couldn't get past the way it managed your time in the beginning. That time gate ended up irritating me more than not, so I gave it up.


I found Spiritfarer to be the chill game I needed. It's not time sensitive. There is time, but nothing you'll miss out on like in animal crossing. Honestly a favorite of mine. Check out a trailer to see if it clicks. The art is lovely and the story is very wholesome and tugs the heartstrings a bit.


Do you play Stardew Valley? Awesome chill game


I love Stardew Valley, and understand it being a chill game. It is not, however, a game I feel chill playing. I end up trying to cram everything in each day.


I was talked into buying animal crossing by my sister so we could play together. It’s was interesting at first but I’ve had it for months and barely touch it. 🤷🏼‍♂️


I love the idea of building up a community/town and being fully in charge of it. That's why I have eons of time sunk into Minecraft. But maaan...I couldn't believe the time barrier I'm real time. It came off like a F2P mobile game. I stuck with it at first, but that stress relieving game turned into a more stressful one since there was nothing to do except sell the same fish and shells again and again until construction was done.


Yeah I agree with you. It’s very “polished” when you first start it and it also calmed me down too. But after a while the polish turns dull. I do regret buying it but I tend to try and force myself into playing it at least once a week cause I paid $60 for it.


Octopath Traveler. One of the most boring and generic games I’ve ever played, no idea why it gets so much praise here. It’s painfully average or below average in every aspect besides art style and music.


I do not regret getting it, but I do agree it is kinda bland and boring. I think the biggest problem it has is that none of the character's interact in each other's plot and only connect to a bigger picture at the end. The artstyle is beautiful though, hopefully Project Triangle Strategy fixes the problems Octopath had (even though it is a different game genre).


Triangle Strategy seems to be exactly what I wanted in a Tactical JRPG in HD 2D. I’m excited for it and I hope they do a better job than what Octopath did.


In addition to Project Triangle Strategy, they just announced a Dragon Quest 3 remake using the same HD 2D art style (or whatever Square Enix is calling it). Really looking forward to that personally!


You're absolutely right that the characters all feel disconnected and no overarching story emerges, which was a problem for me. But on a more granular level, the dialogue itself is bad and every fucking scene is too long. Characters say the same thing over and over again, in slightly different ways. I found myself just mashing the button and saying "shut the FUCK up" out loud as they drone on about bullshit.


> hopefully Project Triangle Strategy fixes the problems Octopath had (even though it is a different game genre). I want to believe (and will give them the benefit of the doubt for now) but the demo gave me the impression it's on track to make the same mistakes Octopath did.


I had high hopes for Triangle Strategy until I tried the demo. I had a mountain of issues with the demo that convinced me not to buy the game when it comes out, despite loving sRPGs. But who knows, maybe they'll fix em. I loved octopath to death, its my 2nd most played switch game at 140 hours after only FE:Three houses (280 hours), but yeah, its all completely subjective. To me, with one notable exception, I found all of the character stories engaging and interesting, and really enjoyed my time in the world.


I would say the art style, and relatively innovative battle system are why it gets praised. Not at all saying you have to line it, I find it pretty bland myself, but those tend to be the two talking points.


The second i found out that the characters you travel with dont actually interact with each other or even acknowledge each others existence (save for the "hey join me." "Cool, i guess" dialogue) i was done. It was terribly immersion breaking and felt like poorly executed story telling.


Yep, lots of potential but the non existent party dynamics and repetitive chapter structure kill it. I liked the combat and job system a lot but the rest was certainly a bummer


I felt the same disappointment, but the battle system, music and visuals kept me going all the way through


same here. I dont get the hype around it at all, its pretty meh. I wouldnt mind paying 20 bucks for it but I got it for 60 at release...definitely a regret


Pokemon Sword. Can't believe I paid full price for that.


You didn't enjoy the epic RPG story? Hey there protagonist, see all that cool story stuff happening? Just ignore it and keep fighting the gyms, we'll deal with it and monologue the details to you later. GameFreak is lucky their fanbase is fueled by nostalgia and low expectations.


That's why I've changed to dragon quest and persona games. Pokemon games while good for kids the people who grew with them like me see the new games as very basic and non creative


Same. I got it and got like 3 badges before getting bored and putting it down. Figured I outgrew Pokémon and moved on. I then later played Soul Silver/Heart Gold on a whim after hearing glowing reviews everywhere and it hooked me instantly, I got all the badges and played the game everyday for hours. I did not outgrow Pokémon, the new games are just stale, linear and boring.


I was a fool for purchasing the expansion pass bundle. But its pokemon I guess (Just not as good as the preivous entries)


I caved and got The Witcher 3 after hearing how good the port was. I even gave it a fair chance, with 15-20 hours. But man I just couldn't do it. I think there were too many things for me to learn and keep track of to be able to devote my attention to it. I kept it, and maybe I'll give it another shake sometime, but for now it's just looking pretty with my collection.


Was the same for me at first. Tried it but gave up after about 20 hours just like you. Tried it again some time later with the same result. The third time I managed to push through quite a bit into the campaign and that was amazing. I got really hooked near the end and after I finished it I could not help to feel like that was one of the best games I ever played. It is an amazing game but you need to devote an insane amount of time to get invested.


I tried this on pc when it was on a crazy deal and only made it a few hours. Learning curve was something I just wasn't willing to invest in. Like everyone else I'm sure it was/is an amazing game but just not for me


Started and quit the game twice before restarting a third time and then it clicked and went on to be the best game I’ve played in my 40 years on this Earth. It has spoiled subsequent games for me.


I just got it on PC, I'm assuming it's similar on switch; It just throws so much stuff at you at first. I'm like 3-4 hours in the game and I have so many god damn items I have no clue what to do with, there's like 3 different menus and the skills and the inventory and the spells and the side quests and... Idk there's just so MUCH both on and off screen. I'm such a die-hard fan of mario games. You turn it on, and within 10 seconds you're playing and having fun, and I don't know if games like this really would be "more fun" after that 20 hour period of being confused about menus and skills and alchemy and loot and whatnot... Plus the combat feels a little ''meh''. So yeah I'm too old for this shit or whatever.


I’m the opposite. Mario-esque games are hollow and bland to me. The Witcher was a challenge, and that’s what interested me. I couldn’t play more than a couple hours my first play through, but you can’t play it with the same mindset of other games. It’s a slow burn, whereas most modern games are all about quick dopamine hits. Consider it like reading a book, and give it some time to sink it’s teeth in. That lack of hand holding is my favorite part, far too many games are oversimplified these days, or baby you through the mechanics. The Witcher 3 just drops you in and says “Get to work, monster hunter.” Read the bestiary, study your enemies, practice the combat on little enemies, etc. With that said, everyone has different tastes and it very well may just be the wrong formula/style for you.


This game is so much overwhelming at first. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a fucking blast. I wasn’t sure at first but I’m just before the final battle of the base game and I am sad it’s almost over. Almost 90 hours in...


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival


That's the one Animal Crossing game that hurt my feelings due to how bad it is


Stardew Valley. I was waiting for it to go on sale but purchased it impulsively. I’m sure it’s an amazing game and worth every cent in terms of content but I find games with time limits and stamina meters more stress inducing than engaging.


I love love love Stardew, but I get what you mean about the limits being stressful. Especially early game, you barely have enough energy to water your crops and cut down a tree or two. I play it on the PC, and best thing for me was to use a cheat or two to get unlimited stamina. Yes it’s cheating, but it lets me play the game how I want to. If I want to spend all day chopping trees and breaking stones, I can do without worrying about getting worn out.


Anyone know that game Robonauts? Dont get me wrong, I love the devs they made a very fun game called Blazin' Beaks but Robonauts was not that good in my opinion.


I couldnt get into Undertale. The narrative was...fine, but it was suggested to me to be on the pacifist side and it was so hard to figure out how...and I wasnt engaged enough to want to get a guide and go thru all that.


I hate it when people tell people who would otherwise be going into Undertale blind that they *must* do the pacifist run and then basically spoil everything by telling them what to do. The whole point of the game is seeing how your actions have consequences and if you enjoyed the game enough, you'd then replay it to get a happier ending. The game plays much more naturally if you simply don't know anything and just *play it*.


Yeah, I didnt really enjoy the gameplay and I dont generally have time to replay games - too many good games for that nowadays, plus great books and TV shows and things. So - just not a game for me. One of these days I should really figure out what about the endings make this game so special to people, but I dont think it will be by playing it for me.


That's fair, I don't typically tend to replay games either, unless it's a game I haven't touched in more than 5 years or so, but I think the reason as to why people like to replay Undertale is that it's a very short game, especially for an RPG. You can get through a single playthrough in about 6 hours, even less than that if you know what you're doing, so replaying the game is not a huge time investment at all, even if you do start from scratch. There are basically 3 different endings you can get in Undertale, and if you complete three different playthroughs to get those 3 endings, you'll have only spent around 18-20 hours total, which is *still* pretty short for an RPG. The standard length of most RPGs is around 40-60 hours on a single playthrough, but with Undertale even if you play it three times it's still only about half the length of a normal RPG. This isn't meant to convince you to give the game another shot, if it's not for you, then it's not for you, and no one can tell you otherwise, I'm just trying to explain the appeal of there being different endings and why people like to replay the game in a more general sense, since you seemed to be curious about that.


True. And, AFAIK, you cannot even do a True Pacifist run on your first playthrough.


You can get True Pacifist on a first run, you finish the final fight and the BBEG gives you a hint on what to do, so you load the last save. It's still your first run since you didn't reset.


That is true, but I think what they were saying is that you can't get True Pacifist without beating the game at least once already. You have to take on the final boss of the Neutral route before you can go back and get to the final dungeon of the TP route. And AFAIK, if you killed any of the enemies whatsoever on a first playthrough, you *do* have to start a brand new save file and go through the entire game without killing anyone or anything to get TP.


You got conned. You are supposed to play blind. First run can't actually do true pacifist.


Yeah, between the gameplay not being my thing and it needing replays....this is why I regret buying it. Unfortunately I have too many games and too much else going on to be replaying a bunch of time to get a True Ending....a game has to be really, really special to me to get a replay


An ex of mine ruined undertale for me with the spoilers. He wanted me to play blind then looked at me like I was a monster because I killed the first boss and he just kept bugging me about it. Really left a sour taste in my mouth and I never finished it lol


Same. The bullet-hell dodging got wearisome and often felt impossible.


Mario all stars. Nostalgia wasn't nearly enough, thankfully trade-in values on switch games are solid


I preordered it from Best Buy but never opened it. I realized I only wanted it as a collector because it was promoted as something that was only available for a limited time, not because I actually wanted to play those games again. I thought I’d leap at the chance to play Sunshine again, but surprisingly did not.


Yea the controls just never felt right for me on Mario 64, even on a pro controller and even though I sunk a ton of hours into the game as a kid the nostalgia just couldn’t save how clunky and old the game felt.


I bought it solely for galaxy, I played a little bit of 64 and sunshine until I realized that I don't actually like either of those games. I'll still keep it just too have galaxy on my switch


The Activision Ghostbusters game (not the movie one, it has random ghostbusters in it) and Mutants in Manahattan. Edit: oops wrong subreddit, definitely Origami King. What a slog.


Hey, to your point though, Turtles in Manhattan had everything going for it to be a great game...but it just ended up being a tedious bore. It was alright doing 4 player co-op though.


Oh yeah definitely, I just felt the environments were so empty and the boss fights went on for too long. Its fine though, Shredder's Revenge is coming out soon lol.


Maaan, Shredder's Revenge is gonna be sick lol


For full price games, it was Luigi’s Mansion for me. Beautiful graphics, but the gameplay was slow and the puzzles and combat was on the simplistic side. Tried to get my wife to play it, but she wasn’t impressed as well. On the flip side, i traded the game for Bravely Default 2, so no harm no foul. Nintendo titles keep their value every well. For cheaper titles - I bought into the Borderlands hype and really regretted it. Endured it for the better part of 20 hours (until I met soldiers) and realized that it was the same enemies as mercs with higher hitpoints and just straight up uninstalled. Bland color palettes, unimaginative enemies and lackluster boss fights are the biggest culprits. Even for a title of age, I’m surprised it got as much hype as it stands These 2 titles are part of the 5 games on Switch that I have actively uninstalled - the others being Sonic Olympics, Overcooked 2 and Hollow Knight (nothing wrong with the game. Just not my style).


I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for this, but I just cannot get into botw. I bought along with my Switch and Odyssey, and I have tried playing it several times over the years, but I can never put more than a few hours in. I beat two of the main bosses (camel and elephant thingy bosses) and explored a bunch. I didn't hate it, I just found it kinda boring and eventually I always end up quiting after a while. Not saying its a bad game, just that I didn't really enjoy it, and would much rather have had a different game. However, I might give it another go in a few weeks when I go on vacation as I'd love to experience what everybody describes as one of the best games ever.


Hey, its fine, its not everyone's cup of tea! You gave it a fair go if you got past two divine beasts. If you haven't really enjoyed it by that point, then its probably not going to happen. Maybe if you can describe what you feel makes it boring, others may be able to suggest something to help. Like if its the combat for example - maybe you just find that element repetitive mashing, in which case learning to dodge and parry, or using sneaky strategies might liven it up. It may just be you findamentally don't enjoy that sort of game though, and shouldn't feel the need to force yourself. If you got a physical copy then you can get a good amount of money back at least.


I think personally what frustrated me about the game (which I have enjoyed, but not finished) is I really hate the weapons breaking. I've had a couple of fights against the giant centaur guys that I lost when all of my weapons died.


I had an extra copy of BOTW because my kids went through a phase where they wanted to each play the game simultaneously. Once that phase was over I got $55 in trade in value for the cartridge. This was about a year ago. I was surprised!


This right here is the reason I have no qualms taking risk on Nintendo first party titles =). I just traded Luigi’s Mansion for Bravely Default 2 a couple of days ago as well


There's up and downside to Nintendo pricing. They hardly go on sale but they also pretty much never lose value.


To me the open world felt huge but there was pretty much nothing but grass and mountains in it. Not only that but the horse still felt too slow to navigate with and it was tedious having to go such large distances and back. I also hated the weapon degradation system and how a cool weapon was just gone after it broke and you didn’t even have the option to repair them. I beat two of the divine beasts as well so I think I played it enough to validate my opinion.


I realllllly thought I'd like BotW, and I see how it's a good game, I played about the same 2 beasts and a buttload of shrines down, but I just cannot summon the motivation to pick it back up.


That's a problem I also have with open world games in general. If the goals are fuzzy, my interest is fuzzy as well. :(


You're not the only one. I've tried over and over to play it but just can't get into it. It's one of those games I should like but I just can't do it. I understand why everyone loves it so much, but it's not for me.


Hollow Knight. Gave it about five hours of grinding my will against it and just got tired out. Playing it felt like stressful work rather than an enjoyable experience. I can see why others will enjoy it but i just could not derive much fun from the game.


Happened to me at 5 hrs and then I picked it up again and it's one of my favorites now.


Weirdly enough, this exact thing happened to me. Played for about five hours, put it down for like 6 months, came back to it when I didn't have any other games to play, finished it, and freaking loved it.


Once you get through greenpath, you can play however you want and every path feels like the right way to go.


Seems to be the same for a lot of people, myself included. It really is one of those games that hooks you on the second playthrough.


Me too, pick up after 2 year of owning it. 80hr+


ARK Survival. Thought it was a cool opportunity to play a game I’d never be able to play since I don’t own a pc powerful enough to run it but that should’ve been a red flag. If a decent pc can’t run it, what hope did my switch have?


Cadence of Hyrule. I love Zelda, I love music, I'm a drummer, so you'd think this was the perfect game for me. But I think I just don't enjoy rogue-likes. There's basically no story, the difficulty curve is just a brick wall, very little gets explained to you beyond the absolute basics of the mechanics so I felt pretty lost, and the randomly generated maps lack the atmosphere, charm, and attention to detail that Zelda usually stands for.


Wolfenstein II. Not sure what it is, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as older Wolf games. Plus, it looks blurry on the Switch, specifically.


Same. I've never been into wolfenstein games but Doom on the switch was great imo so I figured I'd go for it. The movement felt wrong and like you said it was blurry as hell and strained my eyes. Played it on my wife's Xbox and loved the game itself, just not on switch


Rocket league, just not my thing, but bought into hype


I got addicted and put in like 150 hours during the pandemic....but then I realized I am trash and there was no end goal in site....so dropped it cold turkey on new years and havent played it since.


Nice shot! Nice shot! What a save! I did the same thing. Since playing on Xbox, my RL experience has become much better. The switch isn’t designed well for that kind of game.


Civ 6. Didn’t understand what was going on.


Oof. I can't imagine playing that on switch. Its such a technical game with so many menus. You could probably spend 10 hours just in the in-game manual. I have well over 100+ hours on pc and I still barely know what's going on.


I loved it on switch. The switch struggled to handle everything late game, but I could play it while using a treadmill or exercise bike and literally go for hours


The developers actually did an excellent job redesigning the UI for Switch, and it works great. But yes, it is a very technical game...I actually did hours of research before I even bought the game, just reading about the mechanics...I enjoyed it immensely, but it is definitely not for everyone!


It's actually very manageable on the switch. Amazing game. But every Civ is really. I love the game, but I'm not brave enough to play above chieftain difficulty.


My Time at Portia This gets recommended a lot with other cozy games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. It’s so buggy, clunky, and ugly. It feels like an unfinished student project. I genuinely cannot believe people put hundreds of hours into it. Also the devs dropped trying to update this mess of a game and are moving onto My Time at Sandrock. I expect it to be similarly terrible and am never giving these people any more of my money.


I completely forgot about my Time at Portia. I had read a bunch of positive reviews on the game only to find it a glitch-filled clusterfuck of a grind.


Arms. I picked it up back when the Switch was new and had very few 1st party Nintendo games. Worst $80 I've ever spent on a game


Agony. For the love of god don’t do it. I’ll admit I should’ve done some research before buying this game but it only cost me two dollars. There I was thinking “ I could use a cheap quick game to play before my flight just to pass time.” Oh dear lord was I wrong


Undertale and Wonderful 101


Sonic Mania, I like to take risks and buy games on sale. This one did not pay off


Flinthook, I love rougelites but it has way too many trap rooms that ruin the experience. Along with the backtracking that forces you through those trap rooms.