Any tips for staying awake for 20 hours straight?

Any tips for staying awake for 20 hours straight?


Not to make light of your problems, but 20 hours should be no biggie. Eat good, protein rich food. Keep yourself caffeinated. Try to keep yourself active - depending of course on what type of work you have?


When you think about it, the average person is up for about 16 hours a day, so you just need to add 4 more to it. I’m a security officer on graveyard. I sleep in as long as I can before shift, add a nap during the day if I need to. Bring a cup of coffee for my 40-ish minute drive and another (larger one) for the shift. Pack a bottle of water to refill through the night, pistachios to snack on (you need protein-rich, healthy snacks to fuel you), podcasts to listen to (if your mind isn’t occupied, you’ll be out quick), and luckily I can leave my office and take a walk whenever I need.


Unfortunately, I do 24 hrs too often on Sundays/Mondays. Coffee or energy drinks should help. Don’t skip eating and keep yourself occupied. Roll the windows down in the way home or call someone to talk to if you are really sleepy. Pull over and take a cat nap if you are about to fall asleep. It’s not worth it to never wake up or kill an innocent person because you dozed off.


about 10 hours in, make sure you have on hand an energy drink, two bottles of water, eye drops, and a banana-- everytime you take a drink of your energy treasure two drinks of water, make that energy drink last an hour. eat your banana once you finish to help settle your stomach and help digest the caffeine a little slower. the last few hours when your eyes start getting heavy use the eye drops, it'll help truck your brain into feeling more awake


A tip the marine corps taught me. If you put hand sanitizer on your eye lids it will wake you up. GL.


Stay hydrated. It's amazing what drinking water can do if you're tired. Caffeine for sure but don't overdo it. And any exercise you can do during the shift, even if it's just walking around outside, will help. Good luck!


Things that worked for me: Caffeine, Cold water, High tempo/party music, Watching or listening to comedic movies/songs/tv shows/podcasts, Lastly if your job is very stationary, then doing some light exercise might help, e.g. going for a 10 minute walk in fresh air. And if you can't leave your post then a handful of pushups every hour has also help me.


What do you do? Fresh air, a little moving around, cold water in your face, a small chat with your coworkers, caffeine and sugar


Caffeine, and try to walk around now and then to get the blood flowing. Coffee and energy drinks are about all that keep me alive at this point.


Pace your caffeine or be prepared to battle horrible headaches and stomachaches. Drink water. Move around. Engage your brain.


I do this occasionally. I've found that once the sun comes up, I get my second wind, but your cognitive function is definitely reduced (you are forgetful and stupid, like being drunk without the fun parts).


I just found one of your post from 5 years ago, lmao. I'm currently 24hrs awaken and going for another 12 hours shift with no sleep ( worked 12hours yesterday ).


Crystal meth duhhhh