The town centre is a shit hole but the coast is pretty great.


The coast road from Whitburn to the New Crown in Shields is amazing, one of my fave roads ever. Do your mates also live in SShields ??


It's like North Shields but south


Jim Hendrix played there once, on the main Street. i know there is ASDA, but I don't shop in ASDA. that's all I can say about South Shields. edit: Hendrix died


Died after visiting South Shields... coincidence?


I heard the same thing about Jimi Hendrix on Chillingham road in Heaton


pick your own version


Both North and South Shields share one thing. Further you get out the centre the better they get!


Well I've been to Whiteleas so Shields must be a fucking nuclear wasteland!


... Yes.


Was there yesterday on an errand. The air of desperation, alcoholism, degradation, mild threat, shoplifting and benefit fraud hung heavy in the air! Two minutes walk you got luxury apartments overlooking the Tyne. The North Shields paradox! So yeah, fucking wasteland a good description 😃


People keep telling me North Shields is up and coming, the next Ouseburn but tbh with you I've only really been once and that was last bank holiday! We were drinking in some quite... (I dunno is the contemporary term still 'hipster'? ) hipster type places, big beards and pale ales and that. So N Shields from my small amount of time there seems nicer now than S Shields.


Sprinkling of decent boozers actually. Wooden Doll and the Magnesia Bank spring to mind.


Never been or even heard of them! The ships cat I did quite enjoy though :)


Needs investment. About the biggest compliment I can give is "at least you're not on Sunlun" ;)


My take,… Lots of curry houses.


I went once on the ferry… the town centre was properly run down. This was probably 15 years ago, but I’ve not been back since. I hear the coastal part is nice though, but I’ve not been. Also, you lot can stop it with ‘dain’t’ like… ha!


Never realised ‘daint’ was a shields thing


To be fair, it may not be. The only person I know who says it is from South Shields, but he is the only person I know from South Shields. So, I can’t be sure if it is a ‘South Shields’ thing or a ‘him’ thing.


Well I’m from shields, and most certainly say ‘daint’


Only person I know who says it is also from South Shields, but... again he's the only person I know from South Shields...


Maybe it’s the same person… 🤯


From South Shields. Can confirm we say daint.


From North Shields. We also say daint.


I've nothing against shields but i find it weird how much people who are from there think its great. Its fine but i used to work with a lot of people from S.Shields and we'd be on a work night out in town and they'd be all "wey lets go back to shields theres this mint bar" ... like dude we are in town no one wants to metro for 35m to go to a pub


translation, "wey lets end the night a stumble home for us after the last metro and a £30 taxi for you back to town


Coast is good, Gills and Colemans are great. Town is a shithole and there aren't any "good" areas to live. There's radgies everywhere.


Colemans mmmmm




Lived there most my life, moved away and now every time I go back I notice how bad things are getting there. Coast is nice but the amount of litter and dog shit annoys me. Drunks and gangs of kids to be expected, lack of simple things like toilets. Just the general run down look, state of the roads, closed shops. Crying shame from what it could be. Still better than north shields tho


I was at the nook, couldn't tell you where it is specifically but there were a group of drunk people like 4 years older than me so like 18 19 just picking up chairs and throwing them around and shit


Ahhh, well in a few years you will have to report back on what the nightlife is like. I started my adventures in drink and drugs 'down street' back in like 1997 I think, and let me tell you compared with the last time I went (2012 ish) it was entirely different in terms of just how hugely busy it was, every night from Thursday to Saturday streets were packed with pissed up people wobbling their way to Roxanne's for 70p a pint night. So I have some great memories from back then, going to college and all that, really was great.


Down street is a shit hole


Yeah, but you'll change your mind when you wanna go meet the young ladies out there :)


Young indeed. Either bairns or elderly "down street"


Was always the way, I remember one of my mates going grab a granny when we were like 18, it was fucking horrific.


It's died a death now. Just a few years ago the trend was to get drunk at home with mates then go to shields for clubs. Dont blame them with the prices. When you can end up spending same amount whether you go to shields or newcastle I know where I'd rather go. But still, memories of eivissa, coyote, and even kirks was a decent bar back in late 90s


Heh, I went to all those places but the second one was called Venue at the time I stopped going out there and going to town instead. Remember our usual route was Obrien's, Hugos, Ship and Royal, Gladstones, Venue, Deniro's. You were pretty fucking shitfaced after all that... good times...


Haha fuck I had my first job in deniro's, but it had just changed to Cube


Guessing outside of gills or tesco?




Of South Shields, or people from South Shields?


Shields in general, the place the people


Gorgeous bit of the coast, with lovely art. Especially that eye looking out to the sea


Nice beach. would never travel inland


My boyfriend moved to some new build flats in South Shields, he was totally new to the area and I’d only ever been to the beach for days out. One Saturday night we decided to venture into the town centre for drinks. Mistake. There were just packs of men roaming the streets, and I think I was the only woman in a five mile radius. It just all seemed super sketchy and shady that we ordered an uber home after a single drink rather than even risk walking back. I *do* enjoy Marine Park on a sunny day though. It’s a shame because the coast north of the Tyne seems to get much more investment than the south.


The North has more tourists as they have cullercoats. SShields doesn't have any holiday resorts.


Most of my family are sand dancers, I am not. They are considered the fun side of the family. Best people


Growing up I used to think Shields was shit, but now I quite like it. its big enough to everything you need that you would rather not have to travel for. And all the cool stuff in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham etc is at the most at the most 15-20 mins away drive away.


The south starts at the river Tyne, I’m afraid


South Shields metro station is further north than West Jesmond 🤯


That's just blarn me mind


The Afterdark was an experience.


YESSAAAA. the most dangerous rave innthe north east confirmed.




I'd go there for Friez n Burgz, that's about it


Lived there for a bit. It's alright got a good mix of people. Is a bit radge. Town Centre is awful but coast redeems it massively.


Coast is lovely but it’s literally the only reason I’ll go there now. The 2 nights out I’ve had in Shields for leaving parties have both ended up badly, one with a mate being hospitalised after a random guy bottled him because “thought it would be funny” (exactly what the police statement from him said) and the other just in a general brawl near McDonalds.


Sorry for laughing at you.


Coleman's is good, rest of the place is a dump and people from shields have more bairns than teeth... Is the feeling from the west end at least.


I’ve been to beaches all over world and South Shields beach is most definitely one of the best, coastline is gorgeous, apart from fabulous curry houses near seafront that’s about it for me 😁


The genuine PLACE is good but on pleasure beach way they keep on throwing in huge wheels and shit and some people are horrible like this autistic kid I saw was being laughed at by a literal adult


I'm from shields, mile end road, beach and fair is okay summer events are at Ben's Park and near by is canny too. I've lived a few areas and to be truthful every where is the same, you just have to find new adventures around.


Shields used to be great when I was a kid but the council has let the place go to shit in the last 20 years. The High Street is dead, the bars are exactly as they were in 2002, Ocean Beach is falling apart. Aside from Minchella’s and the way out, there’s nowt nice about the place.


The council is doing it's best to revive the town centre, the word is a great place (new library and exhibition place) mill dam is looking great with all the new landscaping and fountains. New bus/metro station also pretty good. Things they cannot do anything about is the shops, the buildings. Ocean beach is also private and not the council's property. High streets all over are dead, the rents and rates are quite frankly extortionate. None of which can be controlled by the council. Hell, council has its faults, but there isn't a lot they can do with regards to private landlords. It's a rot that has been there for a long time.


South Tyneside Council only care about the sea front. Jarrow, Hebburn, Boldon and the rest of shields can rot as far as they're concerned


So what can they do? People love to rage at councils but forget how limited their power is and how much is privately owned.


Fill in potholes in and around jarrow, look after the areas and communities. They cant do much but anything is better than neglect.


Have you reported the potholes to them? They have a site to do this usually they're done within a week or two after you send them in?


You work for stc or something? If so yis are shite andnyou know it


It's the community that is letting it down...


Horrible filthy thieving sandy bastards Sincerely, your pal from Jarra


My Nana's from jarra, shed agree, my granda from hebburn would agree more


My dad was from Hebburn and my mum’s from South Shields. I wonder what your grandparents would think of such interbreeding.


They should be more concerned about your spelling of 'mam'.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a nerve


I really like it there. Don't come over as much as I used to but as a kid I was always getting the ferry across. Seems like a decent enough place. Plenty places to eat, reasonable amount of shops, never had any trouble from anyone when I'm visiting. Never lived there so no idea what it's like as a resident but I imagine it's the same as most places, some areas a bit rougher than others


The Steam Boat is pretty good. Rest of it is pretty desperate.


Haven't been in years, but I've got fond memories of the place as it was the closest I ever got to Blackpool and the pleasure beach a kid.


I’m from shields as well, and I’ve hated the place for most of my life. However that is exclusively down some of the people that live here, namely the scummy fuckers that live in piss stained tracksuits and drink on the streets, and the pretentious fuckers that live in skinny jeans and blazers drinking gin cocktails in tinkers. As others have said king street is hopeless, but there are a few beacons of light, in the marine on ocean road that has a good choice of beers and guest ales, and new places to eat like up north pizza, friez & burgz, and ritrovo near the skate park. My only hope is that people of my generation are getting sick of the status quo and will be the change they want to see.


It's better than North Shields My mum and sister wanted to visit South Shields when they came to see me recently, so we got the metro and walked down through the town centre and the parks to the amphitheatre, and then round the seafront and up the river to the ferry... they both thought it was great, and Dolly Peel was a definite highlight


Worked in retail in the town centre there for a few years 16 years ago. The locals were alright besides the occasional gobby smackhead. The coast is way better developed than the North side of the river, the ride from South Shield to Roker by bicycle is a joy compared to Blyth to Tynemouth.


I’m a proud sand dancer. I live in the USA but love visiting home. It’s sad what’s become of the town centre, but there’s something about the people that can’t be matched. I love our coastline, the curries and Minchellas!


I’ve never really been there much if I’m honest, however I have some very good friends from South Shields. Better people you couldn’t wish to meet.


Do you know sam fender personally


Wrong side of the river, he's north shields


Love the beachfront and the high street i especially love colemans lol


I’m from North Shields and used to love the market as a kid, these days not so much. Nothings been the same on either side since Woolworths closed I say


Its ok, I like the way it has cleaned itself up over the last 20 years or so on the sea front. I dopnt really know much about the town to be honest apart from the weird Asda on top of its car park. Most sand dancers seem ok too.


That place where they're half and half.


Well... The beach is lovely.


there is no proof but there was more people like him - who visited and then died. coincidence??


Nice curry


Heard it’s full of mackems


I hate just about every word in that sentence


I moved from Northumberland to South Shields as my lass is from here and I like it here. It's the same as anywhere else in that there's nice areas and shit areas, and there seems to be loads of radgies acting like bellends but overall its fine.


I live here it's a dump


Lots of lovely property with historic architecture at the coast and at great prices however it can often be next to a lot of very neglected buildings. I'm amazed at the price difference in comparison to Tynemouth which is so close although divided by the river.