Try Newcastle Airport they have a recruitment drive on atm


Thanks! I will check it!


CNTW NHS Trust are always on the lookout for different roles - check the NHS Jobs website.. You can check CNTW Solutions website for non-care roles too. Hope that helps and good luck to you mate!


Thank you :) I'll give it a check now!


We have 2 trusts here in Newcastle too so there's also NUTH which includes the Freeman & RVI hospitals. You can search for an area on the NHS jobs site and it should bring up roles for both Trusts.


THere's more than two: NHS BSA North East Ambulance Service CNTW NutH NECS Blood Transfusion NHS Fraud Health Education England Across the river you have Gateshead as well, buses go direct


Thank you!!


Benvenuti a Newcastle! Surprisingly there is a large italian community in Newcastle and the north east. Check out the Italians in Newcastle fb group if that would help The airport idea is a great shout, also Concentrix normally has roles for italian speaking sales roles if thats your thing... In bocca al lupo, è un paese fantastico e spero che ti piace!


Grazie :) Yes I love it!! I've lived in Manchester before and I can really say, I prefer this side! Sunny, green, not so many skyscrapers, there is the sea.. people are friendly and I don't feel oppressed as i Was feeling there. I've checked also the Italian pages online but sadly no job offers as the majority work in hospitality. The thing is, I'm open to whatever as long as the salary meets my expectations, I'm ready also to start all over again. I'm applying for entry level positions, which I guess, being an entry level position you don't need experience, but the majority are asking me for it and results are catastrophic :) I guess I need a chat with the jobcentre!! Good luck to me!! :)


I work for II-VI, a company based near Newton Aycliffe. We make semiconductor chips for the high tech industry. We are currently recruiting a lot of people. There are jobs going for basically anyone, from those with zero experience in high tech or semiconductors, to those with PhDs in physics, from electricians to electricial engineers. There's a wide variety of jobs available. The majority are jobs working in the fabrication facility as part of a team, making semiconductor devices which will make it into commercial products on the market. Also all of us have recently been given huge payrises. If you want some more information drop me a private message and we can have a chat. Edit to add: actually, if anyone reading this is interested also send me a PM.


Keep an eye on the Newcastle and Northumbria university job pages too. Great places to work where you can make a career, even if you start at entry level. Both have blended working as far as I know, so part office part campus. But you could work 100% office time if you preferred it i’m sure.


Thanks! I'll look for those pages too! :)


https://www.balticapprenticeships.com/ ^ this worked for me, got a ton of interviews and really good job through it.


Thank you :)!


Buona fortuna :)


That looks like a great website👍nice wan


Support work, they’re always desperate


Welcome to the North East. Great place to live except, good quality and diverse jobs are in short supply compared to the rest of the UK.




Could your CV need brushing up? The jobs you mentioned are typically competitive. You could just be unlucky


I think age is the issue. If I send out my CV for a customer service role I get a call in 10 minutes. Actually I'm receiving calls every week. They find my CV online, as i really registered everywhere, but again, I'm not interested in a call centre job on the phone. Not anymore! I've spent already 10 years, I had also higher positions, like team leading, trainer, quality .. but I'm fed up! People are horrible today when contacting whatever support. You find also delicious people, but sadly it's like a 10% in total. The rest is screaming at you for nothing!


I mean the other jobs are competitive. Customer service jobs aren't, and you have plenty of experience as to why. I can completely understand your want to change career direction. I think it's just a case of not losing hope. Good luck!


Thank you :)


age isn't the issue.... there's loads of older people working in supermarkets just not in the city centre. like cowgate morrisons almost all the staff look 30+


yea you need a world class professional CV to get a job in a supermarket.


The CV could just have been shit? So pulling it upto average probably would be a good idea


Saw someone saying hmrc are recruiting, dunno if that meets your criteria.




I think Travelodge are recruiting too




I don't know if there's jobs going but there's a sizeable Italian community in Whitley Bay. Lots of the restaurants, cafes and ice cream parlors down by the sea front next to the arcades are Italian family businesses I believe. You could maybe see if they have any leads.




Not all customer service jobs are call centre based or involve dealing with angry people. I do remote app support and I have maybe 2 phone calls with customers per week. Everything else is through a support portal. I started at entry level with no IT qualifications or experience (I even failed GCSE IT!) I pretty much get to work autonomously at my own pace. Plus I've never had a customer be rude in the 3 and a half years I've worked here. What I'm trying to say is don't discount something just because it looks customer service-y.


I know I know.. depends on the project you work for I believe..2 calls per week it's a dream! I just can't deal with the phone anymore. I would prefer a chat/email only support but it looks like a mirage! I'm keeping an eye on indeed and so on and basically looking for job became my job ahah


Try the University's there are always jobs floating about in various schools and departments. Decent holidays and pay and blended working as well.


Look at Atom Bank. Will likely be customer service, but a great culture and lots of opportunities once you are in there. Very different to larger contact centre work.


I can only say avoid Northumbrian Water! A lot of nepotism in that company. They’ll advertise a lot of jobs externally because they have to, but the majority of the time the good jobs go to friends/ family/ love interests of the manager in question


Pinpoint recruitment/ westray recruitment, register online after a phone call and hassle them everyday for work, some jobs are better than others. Same goes for the wages but work is work, good luck!


Jobs North East have all the local authority jobs in the area. NHS website has a lot too.


Warehousing jobs are really easy to get into and seem to have alot of vacancies across North tyneside / newcastle.


Try contacting Office Angels they are really good