All 3 of these fellas are in their 60s, man. We're probably running out of time with them, or at least it's pretty unlikely we're gonna get 17 more out of 'em. I mean, how much longer until all of them have a schedule similar to Howie's, etc. But man, they (and Howie/Wayne and Howie/Josh) made watching the worst baseball team on the planet like it was '86 every night. The best.


I got emotional at his last sendoff, I’m not going to lie


All 3 of these guys deserve a statue somewhere in the ballpark. Id love to have a model of them at a desk somewhere calling games.


They'll get one of those little microphone "retired numbers" for sure. Hopefully in the distant future


There are adults who do not know what it's like to have GKR in the booth.


As a 56 yo , I am very surprised that they have now matched Bob, Lindsey and Ralph who I listened to almost every day back then. Just did not compute to me that they have been together now for so long.


Very surprising to me too. Time sure moves quickly the older you get. Here's another wild fact: in only 8 more seasons Gary will match Bob Murphy's tenure with the Mets.


Didnt realize it was that long either. I guess the move to cable TV in the latter years clouded it a bit for me. In the early days of cable, I had to go to my Aunt and Uncles to watch (same for the Rangers) as my parents did not 'believe' in the concept of paying for television.


Keith was talking contract last night


The difference is that Murphy/Kiner/Nelson rotated between the TV & radio booths in their time. That just doesn't happen anymore. The Yankees, IIRC, were one of the last ones to have broadcasters doing both TV & radio (Rizzuto & company) into the early 80's. At least Ron will be calling games on TBS in the division & LCS rounds. Once Keith heals, he'll probably start auditioning for commercials before spring training. /s


He'll probably call some simulated games in the Kidcaster league first. Don't wanna rush back into things.