This is the right move. More playoff experience and has been steady all year. Plus I’m sure there is a conversation about Bassitt starting game 2, which hopefully gives you a very rested Jake for NLDS game 1


and Max would likely go longer into the game, too.


That's not what it is. They're just giving him an extra day to deal with the blister. His extra experience doesn't mean anything here. They're both gonna pitch the same number of times in each of the first two series (once each) so the order doesn't really mean anything. They're just giving deGrom as much time as possible to get to 100%, plus he's been very fragile so a day extra can't hurt in general.


there was also some data floating around that degrom gets significantly better the more rest he has over 5 days. you gotta be wary of riding max too hard because hes old but degrom didnt have ramp this season so the extra rest will do wonders for him to kick things off.


Note to self: Just ask Buck nicely and he'll tell you anything.


“Buck you guys have just had a truly phenomenal season and I guess all we’re really wondering at this point is what your mother’s maiden name is and also the name of the street on which you grew up?”


I like this. Sets the tone.


deGrom this season on 6+ days of rest: 3 games: 2-0 1.00 ERA with 23 Ks in 18 innings 4 days rest: 3 game rest: 4.15 ERA, 34 Ks in 17.1 innings


Interesting seeing that many more Ks despite being the worse starts


Makes sense. He can pitch twice including once on short rest if they advance to NLDS.


He can pitch on regular rest twice in the DS if they can get through with bassit and max


Seems deGrom can’t really be trusted to be what he once was. Doesn’t bode well for anything past San Diego, should they go there.