Maybe we could all use a little bit of perspective today, more than most days. This gave it to me.


Great stuff thanks for sharing.


This what it’s really about. 100% You know what happened this season? My 6 year old son became a Mets fan. He went to his first ball game and watched the whole thing. No tablet. No Roblox. Just him eating ice cream out of a plastic hat and clapping for every hit like I did when I was 6. Him explaining what foul balls are to his mom is the joy of my life. Kid sleeps with a stuffed Mr. Met (who for some reason talks with a strong Bronx PR accent during story time). I’m still laughing when I think about him coming in the living room going “ stupid braves who aren’t even brave. The dumb scaredy braves”. And the next time a game is on he’s going to be sitting there going “Pete Alonso *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*”…even if Pete Alonso isn’t on the field because he just likes doing that. So to me this season is a success no matter what. This is what it’s about. And also F-ya we’re getting playoff tickets.


My son just turned 9. I taught him to keep score this year. He did it by himself. We've been to > 10 games. It's been great! Baseball is the best


Haha aw man this rules. My daughter is 1, so this season has been a great companion for me as I've gone from watching bits and pieces of games, bleary eyed in the middle of the night when she was still a little infant, to now watching in the mornings while we eat breakfast together and she does a little dance to the SNY theme song and claps along when she sees the crowd cheering. I can't wait to share stuff like this with her as she grows up.


It’s the best. You’ll have so much fun. Especially when they get to around 4 and 5. He was actually born October 2015. His first week home was the NLCS.


Wish NYT would let me read this for free but still a nice reminder of what baseball does for the people in this community.


If you put the Safari in reader mode you could read the whole article [https://imgur.com/a/edniRNl](https://imgur.com/a/edniRNl)


Oh that’s clutch, thank you


This was wonderful. Thank you.


This article put tears in my eyes and completely un-jokerified me after the Braves series.


Great article! This is what sports are all about.