The Mets need another modern day Davey Johnson

The Mets need another modern day Davey Johnson


That’s not how it works. No manager in the league controls every day operations, or any sort of player hiring or firings. Sure, they have a say (Rojas wanted Sandy to hire Jauss), but they don’t make any of those decisions for themselves. Side note, Don Mattingly is an awful manager and I can 100% assure you he does NOT have any sort of control of making any of those decisions you mentioned himself


From what I remember, Davey was extremely hands-off. His mantra was, "as long as you could show up to the ballpark, that's all I care about," which worked in '86 but was not a sustainable culture.


This. I think Davey was the opposite of what op thinks he was.


Davey Johnson is by far the most successful manager the Mets have had. Firing him after 42 games in 1990 was dumb. Just look at his record- 1984: 90-72 1985: 98-64 1986: 108-54 1987: 92-70 1988: 100-60 1989: 87-75 I would say that it worked in years other than 86. Edit to add...he has a career winning percentage of .562 and he's won with every team he's managed. He won 98 games with Baltimore in 1997 and won 98 games with Washington in 2012, so it's not even that his style only works in the 80's. Sadly, Davey is in poor health, but if he were up to it I would take him as manager right now.


Players win games. ANY competent manager would have put up similar numbers with the talent on those teams.


^ OP just wanted to sound profound lmao. “We need a manager like the one who last won us a championship” and then describes the exact opposite of that


I’d rather have Rojas than Mattingly. Mattingly is awful. I don’t want Rojas btw.


Don Mattingly makes some curious in game decisions. press and Twitter verse would eat him alive in NY.


Seriously? You’d rather have Don Mattingly than Luis Rojas? I flat-out guarantee you that Mattingly wouldn’t trigger an improvement in the Mets’ performance. He’s not that damned bright. I’m sorry, I’m not on the shit-can-Rojas train. It’s too easy to blame him, just like it’s too easy to blame the manager of any losing team. I’m not going to repeat what I’ve said here about Rojas enough, but if you think the manager is losing these games, I can only suggest that you might be wrong.


Mets just need an Elite hitting right fielder to bat third like every other team in their division has and then they’d be fine. That is all.


I'm guessing this came about cause of Once Upon a Time in Queens. What this team really needs is swagger like the 86 mets had. And maybe an onfield leader like keith was, or like david wright was. I can see lindor or alonso filling into that role over time, but they don't seem ready for that role right now. This team has talent but they seem too aloof and unfocused to take it to the next level. I also feel like they could use a couple older vets who have postseason experience & success


David Wright wasn't bringing any swagger to the team. He was a lot of things but that wasn't one of them. The type of guy who could lead this team to the next level would be Correa.


The swagger point and keith/david point were seperate. The whole 86 team had swagger, but keith was a general on the field. David wright was similar, and toward the end of his career he had earned a revered place in this franchise that everyone on the team had to respect. There's no one like that on the team currently except degrom, but he doesn't strike me as a vocal leader. Lindor is vocal & has experience, but he's been on the team less than a season and had a bit of a rocky start. Alonso could grow into that role, but i feel like he needs some more experience under his belt


You mean a guy that constantly looked the other way and let the players destroy their potential and underachieve.


I honestly wanted Wally Backman years ago and still do


Managers are a lot less functional in today's game. Analytics and expanded front offices make today's mangers more of a "Captain Dunsel". Certainly not going to be hands on in terms of the day-to-day of running the team and firing players. Even back in the day, Davey wasn't that type of guy. But no matter who the manager is, players need to execute. Our guys didn't do that very well this year. Managers can't run, hit, pitch, or work miracles if the athletes themselves are not doing their jobs better. No surprise that "Clueless Joe Torre", became a lot smarter and more respected when he got a better talent to work with. As for Rojas, I expect he'll be replaced by the new President of Baseball Ops. But ultimately our results next year and beyond, rest on the shoulders of the players to not mass under-perform again.




Not really. The Marlins roster is honestly pretty good. Was even better before they traded Marte and some other guys. Their rotation is absolutely loaded. They're seven games below their pythagorean record.