Actually my newest video, but I just got my mic arm, and I think it’s my best sounding and looking video. [WytchWood ](https://youtu.be/J-nkD6Ys37U)


Hey dude, ill write some notes as I go along, I like how short your intro is, they tend to be 7-11 seconds which would've been enough to make somebody who's already not a fan of your channel click off the video. The video is quite fast-paced, it makes it hard to even find an opportunity to become on engaged which Is definitely a positive. If i have a critique, it would be your title, I would not click a video with a title that doesn't catch my attention. A title I would click on that is similiar to this video is "The hidden gem of the Playstation 5" or "The Best game that Nobody talks about"


Ooh fair enough. Okay so title work, keep everything else pretty similar. I appreciate the hell out of this!


In my opinion, the intro is pretty terrible. Your voice is very nice to listen to, the perfect for a commentary video like this. I’d recommended some relaxing music or some fantasyish music for a video like that in the background! Like he said, the title is bad, not something I would click on. In my opinion, capitalizing the first letters in the title would help. (E.g “WytchWood - A Game That You Missed Out On”) Good luck!


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Other than the wonky green screen, would you do anything different? Average watch time is around 60% when I don't promote it. Any constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks in advance! https://youtu.be/_OezANZ73dg


Hey man, nice video, well thought-through & put together, one thing I would do differently is switchup some of the transitions between photos, they seem to leave & come in the same thoughout which becomes quite mundane to watch, your video being quite short might not be severely affected by this but I clicked off at around 2:30 because of this.


You know I'd never thought of that! Thank you man, I'll be more conscientious of that next time.


Hi there this is probably one of my favorites since I spent some time on it. It's a true crime video but I do gaming content this just happened to be game related. If you get a chance thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/SXPS0FzrFYE


Hi Jazzy, i'll write this comment as I watch the video, I feel like your 12 second intro which is quite slow-paced & not very eye-catching could potentially ward off some of your viewers who would become fans once they got to the content part of the video, so I'd recommending changing your introduction to something more engaging, I'd recommend speaking or making the length of your intro 1/3 of what it is so far. Another thing to change which is less of a technical critique is the quality of your microphone, it emits background noises which in videos focused on quality is quite distracting. The music is also quite loud & sometimes clashes with your voice which makes it hard to here you all the time. Perhaps adding some more emotion t o your voice to engage the viewer would also not be harmful but I'd say you could play around with what your preference is.


Thanks for watching! I may have to turn the music down a bit more or maybe take it out when I'm speaking. Not really sure what to do about the intro honestly as I've played around with it in a few videos.


Hey dawg! I do Overwatch memey videos so here's one I was just watching: https://youtu.be/eCUe3U2VCaE It's me and a friend just having a laugh but I'm curious when/why people leave. Interesting idea! I always wonder looking at that retention graph haha


Haha, sorry man, I've never played overwatch before in my life so i'm not sure how much of my opinion will be specifically helpful to you but i'll give it a watch regardless and hopefully be able to leave you with sometimes to work with, lets see... : I am confused by the type of content style you are going for, There are quite a lot of memes added to the video so I was thinking that is what you were going for, but when they're in the video they are quite close together kind of similiar to a meme highlight reel which is not what I think you intended. I think youre slightly struggling to find the balance between memes & gameplay . That is just my take though - A non Overwatch player hahaha


Hi! I appreciate the feedback. Here is my [latest video. ](https://youtu.be/HYAe1HtmqYo) I think it's my best one so far. My channel is about Minecraft commands. Thanks!


Hey there, thanks for this my dude! Here's my latest semi animated vid. take a look and let me know when you click out, durn it all [Selling DeLorean Time Machines in the 80's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g36eodCSd3U)


this is probably my favourite video ive created. trying out the postal brain damaged demo on steam! let me know what you think? https://youtu.be/O7bqQT5p97A


Have at it, sir! [https://youtu.be/ylIuZ6b4VKI](https://youtu.be/ylIuZ6b4VKI) (Boardgames)


This is my favorite video! It’s about how mourning doves moved into my backyard. It took me months to collect all of the footage. I loved seeing the baby doves 🥰 https://youtu.be/ZqHgNxNX2Sk


https://youtu.be/JgZ9yIA7Cfg hey dude i make videos about anime and other spooky related topics heres my video about halloween


Most probably one of my latest vids, where i finally found a format that i enjoy. i vlog, but treat it more like a documentary. So i do sound design, score it and all in all, just go above and beyond to try and have a message throughout the video. I'm not too concerned with who watches it, but It'd be awesome if someone else enjoyed what I created! https://youtu.be/Pclj80B6k0g


This is actually something I specifically tried to focus on within this vid and I'd love some feedback! Trying to get better at editing before transitioning into some more complex content! [https://youtu.be/vH8XN4cdUpo](https://youtu.be/vH8XN4cdUpo)


My most recent is my favorite. I hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/M-ZdtrDyzrA


One of my personally, best videos. Commentary has improved a lot over the past year and a half. https://youtu.be/Y3tw_VRrH1w Although it's good, I'm thinking I might drop this as a no commentary playthrough instead of commentary because it gets a bit boring so it gets hard to talk.


Here's one of our latest videos. [Your help is truly appreciated.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTENrmbcmAQ) \- A.


Video is private


Oops, sorry. [This should work.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPosGUxfod8) \- A.


Here you have my latest video, please forgive me for my accent and any mistakes in English, but I'm not an English-speaking person but also i try my best! 😊 https://youtu.be/DY0BZ9JfPhQ


I do let's play and try to bring a big energetic personality with a decent bit of humor. This was probably my favorite edit I've done to date, part 4 of my Sleeping Dogs series. Appreciate any and all feedback [sleeping dogs part 4 ](https://youtu.be/5xsMoOESurM)


Hi! Here below is a trailer of a recent trip I took In Iceland. It would be great to get your feedback. https://youtu.be/3bAuQ-htFoM


https://youtu.be/uHyLngoFhNo This video is probably my best


thank you soo much, looking forward to your feed back, no rush thou. take your time and dont hold back link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOKP\_uNFNP0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOKP_uNFNP0)


Definitely my best video although if you aren’t interested in the topic, most likely won’t stay very long https://youtu.be/KhkTZa_ADjk


Hi I'm Venura and I make short comedy skits. My latest video causes controversy because my friends say it's good but other random people say they don't like it When she rejects you but you're a menace: https://youtu.be/B58DOynqY2c


Thanks for this! I recorded the gameplay on the PS4 (720p30), and the audio was recorded on my phone (S21 Ultra). Be as brutal as you can. https://youtu.be/sTEPFgu7QSU


This is actually my favorite vid I’ve made editing wise. It’s more recent than my others and a change of pace from the content I used to post. Being that I’m doing solo content now I can spend more time on editing the vid rather than just subtitling every sentence. This is also my first attempt at green screening my videos. [YT: OniTM ](https://youtu.be/lpTmQhkQpR8)


Personally I believe all of my videos are garbage, but here is one which is a compilation of embarrassing ways I die while playing rainbow six siege https://youtu.be/KtQEjR0u2aU


This is my favorite video! Still relatively new. https://youtu.be/7k014O1E-eQ


this mine: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeb6ioDgLOs&ab\_channel=Bruh](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeb6ioDgLOs&ab_channel=Bruh) cause it is the only one


Hi and thank you! My videos are readings of my writing, I write about all kinds of topics, some are uplifting while others are dark. All of my videos are under 4 minutes, I don't have a favorite per se, so look at the titles and choose one that sounds intriguing. Here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHNerQ1LYy-nvTORJu9ccw


https://youtu.be/WFsCC5Z9sjM Yes please give the genuine review


heya, what an interesting spin on critiquing. i recently started making calisthenics tutorial (4 vids in). would love to find out how many secs you last. [https://youtu.be/zIIpNLA7G2A](https://youtu.be/zIIpNLA7G2A) Also if you would like similar feedback, send over a link :))


Hey, thanks for doing this! I have a gaming channel called MatthysFAIL on which I do several gaming related thing, mostly reviews. My latest video is a review on Battlefield 4 :) https://youtu.be/WLpkzD8sTDE But my absolute favourite video is a video I made for my graduation project, in which I try to explain history with video games! https://youtu.be/DCSiDZIOpvo


My newest video showcasing small business brands https://youtu.be/Q0Klg-cBEs4


https://youtu.be/6WNSxiBx-dU Lonely Christmas. hope you enjoy it :]


Hey! So this is my 4th video on my channel and I've been actively trying to fix my flow and hooks and edits for my retention, and I would really appreciate if you'd let me know when you feel like the video gets boring. Thank you so much! https://youtu.be/X9CGp0sMt4M


Ok here's my latest video I made ranking all the Spiderman films as a tribute to No Way Home. Check it out and let me know what you think: https://youtu.be/nUIt-xChesI


Would love your thoughts on my most recent video! https://youtu.be/kW7axsoDPsU


Sure, let's see! https://youtu.be/Vo7cVGu2yXU We're a music channel, so I know that makes it a bit difficult. Music is subjective, and if you just don't like what you hear it's hard to be unbiased. Everyone has different taste in music. The rest of the video is personality based, and the same can go for our personalities! 🤣 I do hope this entertain you, and anyone who wants to watch though!


https://youtu.be/tJsG9JtYAtE This is my favorite video we've ever done. Not necessarily the one im most proud of, but it's fun. We do beer review spicy food challenges and reviews of regular spicy food as well. Getting into some other things as well. Not sure where else we're going. We got some cool recognition from the brewing company we did this review for. Lemme know what you think.


This is the best video I've ever made! Hope you enjoy it - if you want to watch it of course. Link - https://youtu.be/aCLq9ZglXck


Hey, this one is one I really want to know if there is a place your get bored at [https://youtu.be/\_s-zgEPDRU4](https://youtu.be/_s-zgEPDRU4) ​ Thanks you


https://youtu.be/rZFoFSVyHaM meeeeeee


this is my last video that i just put together from my trip in Canada through Rockies, with my friends Video: https://youtu.be/OuT8eGO8zmw Self Review: \- since this was shot 4 months ago, i didnt try to capture/shot cinematic angles and sceneries so it does look amateur and it is amateur since im just starting Questions: \- Was How do you perceive the video, transitions and quality of the picture, what would you do differently?? \- are you able to get the continuity of the story of this video or not, should i do talking head or voice it ? \- Was the video engaging or not? If not why so, if so what made it engaging? Video: https://youtu.be/OuT8eGO8zmw