I agree with this so much. I look at my old videos and are always just amazed by how far my editing has come. Doing YouTube let me learn a valuable life skill. Might sound full of myself but I’m probably at a marketable level of editing skill thanks to my experiences.


exactly, and you probably learned this by yourself and experience, which is the best way to learn something


Yeah it took me a bit over a year to get we’re I am now, and hundred of hours editing and watching youtube tutorials. Probably got more hours in premiere pro than some of my most played games


but I guess you edit 10 minute clips 3 time faster now than before, and you subconsciously know when to place what to get the attention and whatnot. And as long as you are having fun


Oh yes definitely the speed and timing of my work has increased so much. But yeah i might enjoy the editing process almost as much as getting the clips for it. Something about watching it all come together you know?


Yes that is an amazing feeling, it's like you look at it and say, damn, thats my baby!


No kidding! The hours/days/weeks spent in Premiere, plus what feels like 100s of tutorials. I'm right there with you on this one.


is it hardd at first? can you monetize your video now? im full or worries


I’m not at the point where I can monitize no. And it’s kinda hard I guess. I taught myself how to use the program at a basic level in a couple hours, but then you also need to understand timing and the software way better to make something really good. It’s not really hard, you just need vision for what your working on and a couple YouTube videos to show you how to do it


"you are not one of those people that say they want to make something, then they never actually do it" 100%. though at times I envy these people. Life's a lot simpler that way One thing I'd add- Learning about what it takes and gaining appreciation for those who are good at it. I used to scoff at Casey Neistat, now I admire the quality of his work. I used to think the funny guys were just funny. Yes, they're funny BUT they also know how to make videos that are funny. Being funny and making videos that are funny are two very different things. These are the things you learn


Yes exactly, sometimes you are like, wow how can he come up with something so fast, then you realize the power of cutting and are able to produce similar funny responses. Do you think it's simpler? Maybe at first but in the long run I appreciate people that want to make something new and out of their comfort zone. And I think it really benefits them in the long run.


To me it's up to one thing: Do it if you find it fun and you are enjoying what you do. If not don't do it.


Completely this. I'm under no illusion that I'll find success making videos, I'm just doing it because I realized I enjoy making them.


Its surreal to think that our great-great grandchildren and much farther future generations will likely look into their past and find us as the oldest ancestors with a large amount of recorded information on them - how we acted, how we talked, what we loved.


That actually gives me a lot to think yea


It’s fun


Let me put it this way: I've been cooking since I was about 8 years old. I used to make breakfast with my Gran, and then started making breakfast for the fam every sunday. In college I cooked for my roomates. After college I cooked for my friends and people at work even chip in to ask me to cook for them. At home I cook for me and my girlfriend all the time. Having a decent sized kitchen is a must for us. I've worked in pizza, I've worked in restaurants. I often clone recipes. I have a hard time eating certain foods out because I can make it better. Am I a professional chef? No. Do I want to be one? Not really. Do I have a burning, constant, desire to cook, experience, learn, iterate, play with new recipes, and share them with everyone around me? Yes. Cooking is a passion for me. I can't ***not*** do it. I'm *driven* to do it and I feel empty when I can't do it regularly. (Watch the movie 'Chef' for an idea.) Maybe one day I'll own a restaurant. Maybe one day people will pay me a bunch of money to cook them amazing meals. But right now. I just love cooking and I have to do it to satisfy something inside me. That's how youtube should be for you. If it's not. Then you haven't found your passion and you should keep looking. ___ Another example. I'm a Maker: I grew up in Space Coast Florida. My father was a NASA engineer. I've been pulling apart computers and electronics for as long as I can remember. As I grew into an adult, I turned that into a career in Computer Science & Engineering. I met other people with similar passions for turning sketches into real life ideas. We built battlebots and droids, and added flame throwers to drones, and motors to skateboards and built our own 3D printers before kits even existed. I love business, so I eventually founded a Makerspace to enable people to do these things in a warehouse with tools they might not have access to at home. Every day was an adventure in "*But what IF...?*" (Watch the youtube short "Why I make" from the inventor of the Atari, Nolan Bushnell for an idea.) Do I want to be some wildly successful inventor? Not really. Do I want to own a multi-million dollar tech company? I mean, maybe one day, but that's not the goal. Do I have a constant, burning, insatiable desire to to build, tinker, take apart, rebuild, and break things around me? Abso-fuckin-lutely. Why should you even make videos? Because you have a passion... ...and a camera.


A great reply! It's the journey that should be fun to you and not necessarily the end goal. When you get that feeling, like, wow I really like cooking and am glad I found this out. Or Youtube for that matter.


Great reply. Also in 2020 Youtube we are walking in the footprints of giants. There have already been many successful youtubers who have shown us what the formula to success is. In some ways it's easier to have these examples layed out for us as this is not necessarily the case when you are inventing a new product that has never been in the marketplace before.


i started a month ago and have uploaded 10 videos. but to upload those 10 videos i had to learn so many different things and in just going from that video number 1 to video number 10 i can feel that i have progressed , i have grown ... and growth always feels good. And i also completely agree with your point of getting your motivation right. its so easy to get disappointed in this journey. But always remember if you keep on uploading and doing what you live , after some years you can look back and smile at your content knowing what you had to do in order to reach here :)


My thoughts exactly! 10 videos in a month is quite a lot to be honest. I'm glad you have set things right in your head and have that mentality.


Thanks for this!🎉


i do youtube to make people laugh, what my favs did to me


Thank you for this post! 🙏


I started making videos in 2019... i buried 11 close friends and relatives in 2019... I make videos because my husband is 16 yeara older than me and my memory is shit and i WISH i had more videos of the people i have lost... their laughs, smiles, even tears.... and i never want to forget any of those things about my husband in the future when he will probably be gone. Memories are all I'll have... and videos to hear his voice and laugh will be SO important.


I'm sorry for your loss, hope it gets better. That is a very nice thing of you to do. Hope you will find closure.


Thank you.


How the hell did you lose 11 close friends and relatives in 1 year....


A couple motorcycle wrecks, 3 different types of cancer, suicide, and old age.


Damn, that's insane


Yeah. If it wasn't for my wedding, I'd want to write almost that entire year off.... but i learned a lot about life and about me and i think it changed me for the better.


At this point, I've basically accepted I won't go anywhere with it. It's purely for my own enjoyment and for my group of friends to enjoy


Well maybe at some point, if you learn some marketing tricks along the way


Love your post! I was laughing my @$$ off yesterday while editing one of my vids and I truly do enjoy this process more than anything else. If I focus on making great content, then everything else will slowly come together as I develop strategies to build my brand.


I wholeheartedly agree with your points. Personally, I do YouTube as a hobby and I’m happy with the content that I am putting out. I don’t expect to make money off of it, but it is something to pass the time for sure. :)


Just last night I wanted to watch one of my older videos compared to my videos now and I sounded so robotic and emotionless in my older videos, definitely see huge improvements!


You just burst my bubble with the harsh reality that Grandma is refreshing and running up my views counter. lol!


bahahaha I remember when I uploaded my first video, then refreshed a lot to see if anyone is watching. And the views went up and I was thrilled. It took me a month to realize, these were all just my views


This is great! Good stuff!


Couldn’t agree more, well said




My videos helped me look good to employers. I mentioned the channel in an interview, and then they go and see after the interview and it's like repeat exposure where they can see more of what I'm about. I think it psychologically makes them inviting to me. I want to have a library of 1000 videos where a certain niche of people can come to learn, I like to be an educator because it helps me sharpen my skills and keep me well informed. The end goal of my channel is to mold me into an extremely sharp professional, where I become extremely effective in my profession. If I were doing it for money, I'd have given up. Something about my personal mission just keep me going, like I feel like it's going to be really worth it in the end, and I don't want to stop because I want to see the end of my potential.


> with every video you make, you can actually show your friends/family that you are actually doing something productive for yourself. HA! Like my friends and family actually watch anything I do.


I do it to finally finish something and to get better at my craft no one and I mean no one can take that experience away from you!!!!! Keep strong YouTubers!!!!!


When I was in 7th grade I got a Spider-Man comic that introduced me to a series that would change my life forever. If you asked me why I make my videos, I would give you this quote from it: “You know your father, God rest his soul... Your father had a philosophy the he held to pretty strongly. And it's one that served him very, very well... He believed that if there were things in this world that you had to offer, things that you did well—better than anyone else... things that you could do that helped people feel better about themselves... well, he believed that it wasn't just a good idea to do those things... he believed it was your responsibility to do those things. Don't try to be something else. Don't try to be less. Great things are going to happen to you and your life Peter. Great things. And with that will come great responsibility. Do you understand? Great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben, Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1 My videos give advice and try to help others live a better life. I’m still in the early stages, but if there’s one thing I know is that the backbone of the channel and my motivation for making videos is that ideology. I also love making them, it’s a fun process.


These all seem to be about YOU. If you only make videos for yourself, you may find success, but when you start making videos for other people (the viewer) then you can truly grow. You need to understand the viewer, if you don't make videos with the viewer in mind, they aren't as likely to be successful.


Well said. The biggest points I took away from this is the amount I've learned and how I'm leaving something behind. I'm making an adult cartoon with my five brothers, whom I barely see anymore cause of this pandemic crap. So making the show has oddly kept us together more.


This is soothing! Thank you. The third point really touched my heart. wish my future generation can see how hard I work :)


I kinda agree but not with the money part. Some people treat it as business and they're doing just fine.


Yes of course, however I have seen some people going into Youtube for the sole intention of earning money. And we can admit that it is not an easy job to start making money, hence the motivation can fall quite quickly.


yea that's very true, some people just want "Fame and money"


I created my channel over a year ago. Since then I’ve uploaded over 10 videos. I don’t always upload regularly (I haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks). There are two main reasons for this. 1. I get discouraged. Just like many newtubrs, I tend to get frustrated because I spend all this time and effort and only get 10-15 views and no comments. 2. Because I get frustrated with the lack of success, I push myself way too hard; spending 30+ hours on a ten minute video. Because, if my videos are top notch people will watch them, right? Wrong. It’s not about the quality of your videos, it’s about the algorithm. YouTube promotes the videos that have a ton of viewers. Just because you don’t get any views, doesn’t mean that your videos aren’t good enough. You’ll hear many successful youtubers talk about luck. That’s just it! It’s about getting lucky and hitting that one video that puts you out there, in the public eye. All you can do in the mean time is keep making videos. The hard part about being a youtuber is being consistent and not giving up. Because I was trying so hard, I finally crashed. This isn’t sustainable. Staying up until 6 am on Saturday isn’t sustainable. I decided to take a little break and think about what I actually want to do with my channel, I love art and that’s the main reason I started this journey. But, somewhere along the way, I lost track of why I do what I do and ended up paying more attention to the views and the editing. Just do what you love, have fun with it, and enjoy the process. Be consistent and don’t give up. The rest will come by itself. And if it doesn’t, then at least you were having fun doing it.


By getting more videos, you are increasing you luck chance tho. And even if your luck will strike later on, on your thirtieth video or so, you will get views on a lot of your earlier videos aswell, therefore there will be a bigger chance that people will subscribe. That is just my point of view on this situation. It's really nice to see your 10 videos just being there, because it's your work and you worked hard there to make them. Always try some new tactics, like improving thumbnails and/or titles. No time will go to waste


> seek your favorite Youtubers' channel and find his old videos. They will be incomparable with their recent ones. What if someone favourite youtuber is morgz? He is incomparable but in a negative way. His videos have really gone down the worst possible route This is my opinion


I wouldn't want to have more morgz youtubers to be honest, it may be someone's style, but it isn't mine. His fans probably don't see him as incomparable in a negative way, since they are still watching his videos tho.


I agree,


I disagree with your last point (or i might have misunderstood it). I'm planning on travelling full time in 2021 and make YT video's and Insta content. I'm planning to save up to €20.000 to do this. I will try to get a loyal following and do deals with accommodations/activities. After that I'll try to get different income sources. I would do this all to be able to keep travelling and make enough money to save some.


Yea my last point is weirdly written and can be misunderstood. Some individuals think that having a Youtube account is "easy money", as they don't understand the full procedure of actually getting there. Where it is a really good goal set (to be able to earn a full time living with youtube) (which, by the way, is the goal I also have), you may quickly get unmotivated, if this is your ONLY goal and you are not actually enjoying making content so much. That is where I see the problem. Of course, money is the big motivation for all of us, we have to take care of ourselves in some way in future. However getting there is quite a struggle and it may be super demotivational (is this a word) if you are not enjoying doing this in the first place. Imagine going to work, then getting your first paycheck after 1 year, and that paycheck is somewhere between 100-200 euros. But you know that you like this job and that you will get far, given a little more time


Hello, Anyone, Please help me to get my channel back. If there is any youtube trusted flaggar who can help me please help me. I am in big trouble.  My youtube channel with 20k subs is suspended in error due to violation of youtube community guidelines. I have tried to contact youtube team through appeal form but youtube reject my appeal by replying to me " We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service." I can't appeal for second time. so there is now other way to get my channel back. Below are some points, why i think that i haven't violated any guidelines or policy. I have never uploaded any copyrighted content on my channel. I haven't done any comment spam on anothere videos on youtube. I haven't given any link of website to drive people off of youtube onto another website. I haven't reuploaded video from another channel. All of my videos followed all youtube content policies (Violent or graphic content policies, Policies on harmful or dangerous content, Nudity and sexual content policies, Child Safety on YouTube). I have never uesd any artificial automatic traffic system to gain views any subscricbers. All of my video's Title, tags, description and thumbnail was according to the videos. I have never used any misleading metadata in my videos. My channel was on good standing. I didn't have any community or copyright strike on it. Recently youtube has verified my channel. just becouse evrything was fine on my channel. I just want you to review my channel once again. May be people wrongly flagged my videos. Is there any youtube trusted flagger who can help. Please help me. Thanks & Regards  Abdellatif Mail: [email protected]


People here have no connection to YouTube and can't help with your appeal. One question you don't answer is what reason was provided regarding the violation of community guidelines?


I've lost hope now that's why I'm looking for help everywhere. my channel has been suspended due to scam and spam


Well said mate. Thank you =\]


This is absolutely key! It's so easy to get discouraged when you look at the pure analytics of the channel, but what I've realized over the years is that the skills gained just through the process of creating these videos is absolutely invaluable no matter now many views the final result got


this is something we need to hear. I've been going for just over 2 years, and it's obvious that my shitty gaming videos are much better than my old shitty gaming videos.