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I find that dabs will definitely raise your tolerance unless you use them very conservatively.


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I order my wax from a delivery service that’s pretty decent.


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One thing you're gonna learn about this sub is.. most here aren't smokers. They're hobbyists and that's fine I guess.. but some of us have been doing this for years long before the stigma around it was dying.. My reference: everyone who can't tell what a little bit of terp sauce looks like on hydrocarbon extracted concentrates.


If I ever find myself in possession of half a baller jar, my tolerance usually shoots up


Lol I literally only use a quarter gram as I find my self dying with anything more than that


Feel like it’s a bit of a myth. I dabbed exclusively for about a year, up until this past April. Decided one day to get some real exotic stuff, loaded up my Mighty and fell back in love with flower. Wasn’t a hardcore dabber tho, usually went through a gram in 5-7 days, but felt like daily dabbing was frying my brain after awhile lol. Still dab but a lot more infrequently, just enjoy the high of flower a lot more.


It's not that it "raises your tolerance" in the sense you need more bud to feel anything. You'll still feel flower but the thc content is different. You might get a more milder effect while still getting some benefits from terps. A gram in about 5-7 days is real conservative and you could probably dab a bit more than that and still be good at a .5 bowl of bud. The problem is when you start dabbing a .3-5 in one sesh and next thing you know you're going thru an 8th or more of w.e concentrate is your thing in a week.. then switching back to flower is an issue and you feel you need a lot more than you did before. I too felt sorts burnt when I would only dab, and I have vertigo so my eyes and balance are sensitive to certain things, with the amounts of thc in concentrates I could tell hours later when supposedly the levels break down, my vision feeling almost like right after you take a nice hit and feel the head rush kicking in. I noticed with rosin, it's not as dramatic with the tolerance thing but that could also be because it doesn't reach 75%+ thc and has more terps in it idk 🤷 but even with that it's easy to go overboard. I just keep my dabs to my dab pen now when I'm out on the go. Found i don't need to smoke anymore flower than before. There's just something about flower that for some reason even rosin can't beat. Don't know what but I love my bowl and blunts over anything lol