They wanted *Marco Polo* to be their *Thrones*, but it only last a season or two ("Classic Netflix!")... *The Last Kingdom* is probably what you're looking for. Pretty solid epic tale of a displaced lord raised by vikings seeking to reclaim his birthright, in a semi-historical setting. (Which reminds me, I never finished the *Last* few seasons...)


Unlike GoT, the ending is amazing and satisfying.


And a movie coming soon too for more!


Uhtred of bebebebinbah is getting a movie??!!??


And the name is FANTASTIC: Seven Kings Must Die


That's an awesome title! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for it! I've watched The Last Kingdom like 3 or 4 times and it never got old. He's a great actor, like Ragnar(Fimmel) in the early seasons of vikings!


uthred son of uthred


No shit?! That's awesome


Of which show, Marco Polo or last kingdom?


The Last Kingdom


Last Kingdom. I haven’t watched Marco Polo yet.


I love The Last Kingdom! Rewatching now. But also watch Marco Polo. It was obviously expensive to make and s1 has an amazing ending. S2 not so much. But S1 is great from the POV of Marco Polo who was picked up by the Mongols on the Silk Road. Amazing scenery and interiors. Great cast A fan favorite a blind Martial Arts guy, Hundred Eyes got a follow up back story movie. I read that some monks tried to steal silk worms in their staffs and got caught and were killed. I started learning about the Mongols they ruled a territory large as Rome for some time. Actually Marco was from Venice an important trading stop and was on the Silk Road for 23 years


Everything you said was true. Season 2 Ending not great as well. Beautifully done show I absolutely loved it!


> Marco Polo is really good as well.


Absolutely. Everything the viewer needed out of an ending. I launched myself two months ago at the book series and strangely, it's the one time where I actually like the show more. It's so well done.


Bernard Cornwall can be quite boring to read. Have a look at Conn Iggulden tho, blows Cornwall out of the water with historical fiction.


edit: SPOILERS the reddit app won't let me enter markdown mode and doesn't have the interface to add them!?!? Hard disagree. Love the show, but the ending was mamby pamby modern trash. >!First of all Edward was correct about the best move re Northumbria. And if a group "rose up" against a king he wouldn't just get angry, he would justifiably murder them all (this is simply the way of the times, if you deliberately humiliate a king you wouldn't/shouldn't live to regret it). And then we follow it up with the Dream Team's plan working perfectly and Uhtred and those he loves get everything they want (except those who are dead ofc)!< Just my 2 cents lol.


I was saving s05 of The Last Kingdom and just finished it earlier this week. I'm pretty sad as I absolutely loved the series.


Man The Last Kingdom is so good! It's basically Uhtred's autobiography. The fact that it's based on real history is really cool, and seeing some "crossover" with Vikings is real fun! I'm still trying to find a show like it, but it's really one of a kind.


Last Kingdom is basically GOT without dragons and zombies. Took a few episodes to get into it but ended up loving it.


Finish it, it's great. Also, if you liked The Last Kingdom, I recommend Vikings, and Vikings: Valhalla, which covers the same cultures, but a slightly different time period, so they dovetail nicely. Vikings is on Prime, but Vikings: Valhalla is on Netflix.


HBO Rome and Netflix Marco Polo are great. But I love the Last Kingdom!


Tried like hell to like the Vikings, but I couldn’t get into it, even 2 seasons in. Did you watch it before or after the Last Kingdom ?


I watched Last Kingdom first and loved it, then couldn't get into Vikings after a few episodes. Then a couple of years later I tried Vikings again and thought it was just as good. Love both


While in liked Last Kingdom a lot… The production levels were not in the same class as GOT.


That show was so good I read every one of the books, and there are something like 13 of them.


*Destiny is All!* The pilot is amazing and the show is fantastic. Loved it a the way through?


Marco Polo is absolutely amazing! It's a shame it never really found an audience. I've always hoped that maybe some other network would pick it up.


I enjoyed the last kingdom and its characters more then game of thrones. Loved that show. I watched the whole series with my ex and I miss her so much. I have this feeling I'll never feel whole again without her.


If I remember correctly. Marco Polo was one of the first shows that Netflix cancelled. Back at the time Netflix was known as the streaming service that was giving shows time to build their fan base. They even gave a terrible show like Hemlock Grove a full 3 season story. But after the cancellation of Marco Polo, they went nuts and started cancelling half their library.


Would that I had not finished the last season of GoT. *le sigh*


More like last few lmao. After season 4, the quality really started to fluctuate, with season 8 being almost all bad. 1-4 is amazing, 5 is mostly good, 6 is kinda boring but still good for The Door and The Battle of the Bastards, 7 is meh, and we don't talk about 8.


Battle of the Bastards was the last time the viewng experience felt good for me. Season 7 was alright, no major complaints. IIRC, it felt like it was mostly moving pieces around for an epic season 8, and then we all know what happened.


agree 100% with this assessment...


GoT’s seasons 1-4 are hardly flawless, however superior to the second half of the series. But plenty of characters and storylines were being butchered there too, for no good reason. I know ‘cause I remember bitching about it at the time, and not alone lol. It’s more that people were still largely patient, still had faith in the showrunners’ vision, in Martin to provide more source material, and were generally inclined to overlook the flaws because overall quality was still high. As the series went on all these other factors went missing and the flaws became harder and harder to ignore.


Edited to reflect this


LOVED *The Last Kingdom!* Watched it twice. Looking forward to the movie. Hated *Marco Polo* - trite, poorly written and boring.


I like both a lot, but it seems odd to me to only describe one of them as “trite” and “poorly written.” They’re both pulpy, cheesy adventure tales. Very fun but neither is all that *amazing*.


You mean that in a popularity way or similar type of story? There's really no show like game of thrones. The intertwined fate of all these characters and maintaining the character development of many of them. Strangers things is probably the most successful show for Netflix. It's not something that has high appeal for every person though. Sense8 was pretty popular for what it was but it's a little different and only lasted the 2 seasons plus one episode that was basically a Firefly type of send off to appease the fans. House of Cards doesn't have that type of story that everyone is drawn to. The writing is very good up to a certain season. Dark is considered one of the best ever (I don't know how much I count these foreign ports even if Netflix has some money tied to the project). It's foreign though and it's an absolute departure from your typical action drama or high fantasy. The Kingdom has significant political intrigue though. You could maybe try that. Foreign as well.


I loved both Sense8 AND Dark. And The OA 😭


Dark is the best show on Netflix hands down


Soon to be dethroned by 1899 (hopefully)


If it even comes close it’ll be amazing


Well, this wasn’t on my radar so thank you.


>1899 is like the same cast too


Watching the trailer and seeing >!middle Jonas!< speaking fluent English threw me for a loop let me tell ya


Mindhunter is close too.


What's mindgunter about I haven't been on Netflix lately because of all the terrible shows they're are


The formation of the Serial Killer division of the FBI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHJO6VR6TYY


Dark blew me away. I’m not even a big TV guy, but this show captivated me. The ability of the directors to weave in 3 timelines into this amazing, multi-tiered mystery is so so so good. Character development, soundtrack, acting, pacing… everything about this show makes me shiver. Everyone needs to watch Dark in the original language (German) with subtitles. Watch it.


If you can understand the plot on one watch then it might be. I gave up trying to


I am probably in the minority but I thought Sense8 was total shit. Dark for the win, best show of all time in my opinion just based on how they were able to tie everything together and end it well


I loved Sense8, and was devastated when they cancelled the show. what about it did you not like, if you dont mind me asking?


I thought the story was just a bit convoluted and it didnt really draw me in. I know I am definitely in the minority on that one though.


Also, the characters were pretty stereotypical. I swear, when I saw Bae Doona in her first scene, based on other character intros, I went, “Oh, let me guess… she’s the karate one!” as a joke. And of course, her skill was martial arts. Oof.


I agree with your criticism but was still a fan of the show just because of how unique the concept was. It just didn’t really reach its full potential IMO


Sense8 was such a meh show, I don’t think you’re in the minority tbh. It wasn’t that well liked overall.


I am definitely in the minority but I have the exact opposite feelings. Sense8 drew the world in broad strokes with characters bordering on stereotypes, but it had variety galore, culturally, sexually, even the type of conflict each faced felt very different, but made it matter to the other characters from totally different backgrounds because of their connection. Dark is incestuously claustrophobic, connecting the same few characters in the same small setting over different time periods, it has a great plot but the entire show has only two tones: bewildered or dumbfounded. I posted elsewhere you could make a drinking game out of every time a character says “I don’t understand,” or gives a lame excuse for not having the time to explain like “I have to go to work” after dropping a bomb in the conversation. The mystery reveal painted itself into a corner since it only allowed a few plausible conclusions, so watching the end felt more like going through the motions. I also realized most blonde characters in Dark except an obvious one are good, and most dark haired characters except an obvious one are shady, and two central characters strikingly change colors from dark to light and light to dark while the character at the center of it all has a different type of hair change. But dark haired is as exotic as you get.


If you haven't seen it. I highly recommend checking out the tv show 12 Monkeys (not to be confused with the film. It uses the plot of the film as it's basis for the first season but then goes in a totally different direction after that). 12 Monkeys and Dark are extremely similar, down to it's core themes and certain reveals. But 12 Monkeys has much more of a fun factor. It's not afraid to let it's hair down every now and then. and the level of foreshadowing in 12M is insane. Every scene, every line of dialogue is important. You don't know when you might come across a scene in season 1 that will foreshadow a season 3-4 plot. and everything is tied up very well. Every question is answered.


Dark is on top of the show across all streaming platform, alongside The Wire.


Jfc I can't believe this subreddit and its hyperbolic obsession with Dark. The show is very good, but the last season was such a botch job I just can't fathom how people can even put it in the same conversation with top shows like The Wire.


Opinions are always subjective.


Yeah? Well, that’s just your opinion, man.


If something comes close to being half good, Netflix will either cancel it, ruin it, or have it ruined by something outside of their control... Mindhunter, house of cards, narcos Mexico spinoff, etc etc I'll specifically never forgive mindhunter or witcher.... witcher could've been so good.... the lore and world building from the witcher books and games is enough to create good content without even the need for a storyline


The Witcher is going the way of Game of Thrones where it had a strong first few seasons and then starts botching it near the end sort of way.


The Witcher only has two seasons out and they both had pretty mixed reviews so that’s not a good comparison.


Are you a fan of the game or is the story completely fresh for you?


Both. The series started out strong but then things started turning for me approaching the battle of Sodden Hill. I find that most of the short stories from The Last Wish were properly adapted (well maybe not Renfri's srory), but everything starts falling apart when they expanded on the vackstories of minor characters and outright changed events leading to Ciri and Geralt's fated meeting.


They are gonna replace the main actor, l do not expecting a better upcoming season


Season 3 is mostly wrapped up. He's not coming back for 4.




>THIS \^\^\^\^\^ AND he left? Welp there goes that series.


The novels are much better and much closer to Game of Thrones as well.


Narcos imo


Everything but the last season of Narcos was pretty much the best content they ever produced IMO, which is that Netflix is synonymous with low quality releases.


If you're looking for family drama, homicide, and money on Netflix, I'd recommend Ozarks.


Breaking bad and better call Saul are also on Netflix and I think are better takes on the family drama, homicide, and money thing.


Ozark feels like every situation is super contrived, it's really difficult for me to watch since it's obvious where they're going but also completely unnatural. like why does nobody talk about anything in real sentences?


Ever been in a real conversation with people who know each other? That's how people talk. Maybe it's a regional thing, but it applies in every region I've lived in, Midwest, plains and west coast. I thought the dialogue was very realistic.


i didn't think about it being regional, figures it could be i guess. i do sometimes have conversations though, and they're nothing like the ones in this show


*and a shitty ending


Dark Is the best show on Netflix Stranger things is the most popular show right now Squid game is the most popular netflix show


Agree on Dark being their best


This is the best answer imo


Squid Game also covers the gratuitous character deaths as well :)


Dark ended pretty poorly IMO - almost unwatchable the last two seasons


I thought the second season was good, but agree the last season is horrible. This subreddit has a weird obsession with it though. It devolves to a bunch of people saying expository shit very slowly at each other, and makes 90% of the previous storylines irrelevant.


This was my issue too. Season 2 I could somewhat keep up but season 3 was a chore trying to figure out wtf was going on


Loved seasons 1 and 2 so much. I especially loved the Claudia/Egon storyline as well as Ulrich. Season 3 was pretty good but I agree on being almost too lost to enjoy it. It almost became too much with the added element, and I felt as if the story moved slower, almost just waiting around for the end to arrive. But some of those reveals and moments throughout really still made the whole experience worthwhile. I plan to rewatch one day and hope S3 makes more sense a second time around


The Last Kingdom. It's better than barley, baby!






The Last Kingdom.....mic drop


Does this show get any better? I’ve tried a few times to watch through the first season but the main character was so dumb doing things without thinking. I know the first season takes a bit to build its universe and what not, but does it get better?


For me, only the first episode was a bit slow. I really enjoyed every episode. I am a fan of Vikings and always told myself I was watching Vikings from the other side when Ragnar was attacking.


It even shares characters! (Though different actors). Specifically, it has several of the Lothbrok sons in the earlier seasons, and Alfred of course.


I think Vikings was far superior than Last Kingdom. My grudge with Last Kingdom was Uthred of Bebanbarg served the king far too long ( far too many seasons ). I was always like fucking kill this king and move on.


Vikings dropped the ball hard in season 3 and never really recovered. None of the sons really had any charisma that made them worth watching and they sort of killed the spiritual conflict of the show with >!Athelstan's death!<


This is my thoughts on Vikings. Once the show turns to the sons, it isn't the same. The first few seasons were spectacular though .


Absolutely. I had the pleasure of watching while the show was just starting to air season 2 and it was the highlight of my week.


I actually had to stop watching because it looked like the costumes were black leather jackets bought in Zara last week. Took me out of the suspension of disbelief


>the main character was so dumb doing things without thinking. That's also kind of Uhtred's character. He's deeply flawed, makes a lot of mistakes, and suffers a lot of hardship (often of his own doing).


He's also only 17-18 in the first season.


He has one of the most graceful aging processes of all time imo, the way he looks 17-18 in season 1 and then can pass as middle aged in season 5 within 4-5 years of filming where the actor is late 20s-30s


Stick with it..it’s absolutely awesome and there’s a sequel movie in the works set after series finale


No way I didn't know that! Awesome.


It absolutely gets better


Might try it again then! Thank you!


How much of the first episode can I skip? I’ve tried to get through and it’s five minutes in and I have to turn it back off.


Watch the last 15 minutes at least


No. The first couple seasons are the best. The last two were boring as hell, started to feel like a soap.


It really does. Stick with it, it becomes addicting.


I agree. I personally watched 3 (maybe 4??) episodes and I thought it looked pretty awful to be honest, the main character/actor was not convincing at all, the costumes were naff, the hair and make up was naff, looked like a high school production and the writing was pretty cringe.


I struggled off and on through the first half of the first season. Probably attempted to start it like 3 times but every time I couldn't get past the cheap feeling of the sets and cheesy writing. Eventually stuck with it through the second half of the first season then binged the whole series. Enjoyable show. I will say it never hits the highs of Vikings, but it ended much stronger than Vikings did, so it's probably more consistent over all but I don't think it was the greatest period piece series ever.


Um, they didn't have mics in that show. I watched every episode! Destiny is ALL!


Yah. But vikings is better by far


Vikings was amazing for the first two and a half seasons, then it started going absolutely off the rails. The Last Kingdom is *much* more grounded than any of the later seasons of Vikings.


I struggle with this. I love both shows. Vikings sort of fizzled for me just a little bit after Ragnar died. I loved every episode of The Last Kingdom. I'm a huge GOT nerd. Hell, I'm wearing a GOT t-shirt right now but I think I actually like The Last Kingdom equal to GOT.


Well our choices differs but the competition over the years has between GOT or vikings. Suprised to hear the last kingdom from you but I really loved the show too but uthred can't just be killed 😢


The last kingdom for sure


Way better series ending than GOT too


Yes definitely a great story. And there’s a movie in the works I believe


The movie is going to cover the last book of the series.


Kingdom. It's a Korean show. It's like Game of Thrones but with zombies. It's a very good show and I highly recommend it.


This. Absolutely the right choice.




Son of Uhtred!




HBO is miles ahead of Netflix. You will not find anything like GoT, The Wire, Sopranos, Succession, or some of their other shows on Netflix. Netflix’s best material in my mind was older seasons of House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Haunting of Hill House, and maybe Orange is the New Black. Depending on what you like.


This might be too much in left field but if you like fantasy at all, “The Sandman,” based on Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels, is absolutely wonderful. Moody, strange, eerie, weird, but just an altogether fantastic story. And gorgeous to look at. I recently watched the entire series but kept on thinking about it long after I’d finished and so this week I’ve gone back and am re-watching the entire series. It’s even better the second time. Plus I just learned it’s been renewed for a second season.


you're not giving much feedback except to say you don't like stranger things, which is too bad b/c it's excellent. if you want high fantasy (magic, dragons, etc.) there's not a lot on netflix but the witcher is pretty good (not great imo). if you just want sword and board there are some good medieval adventure shows: last kingdom, knightfall. kingdom is a korean medieval zombie series. that's really well done. there's tons of period dramas and historical reproductions that are very good. but it's hard to pin down what you're looking for.


Vikings on Netflix probably better than game of thrones for me rn. Vikings The last Kingdom


I got one episode in and couldn't do it. The writing and acting was horrible.


I hated it at first too but went back to it and ended up loving it.


Original Vikings, new one was good but the original was amazing


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the Korean drama Kingdom has GoT vibes to it even though it is a show about zombies. It's a period piece so set in the old days of Korea back when there were kings but with zombies in it. The cinematography is good. I especially like the opening credits. They have 2 seasons out so far and they are working on season 3 I believe. Give it a chance!


The Last Kingdom.




Rarely does a Reddit show request post have so clear an answer: The Last Kingdom. It's just a fantastic, exciting, moving, addictive show, with a full story arc, and an ending that will make you cheer. Get that to the top of your watch list.


HBO is loads better than Netflix. That said, probably Stranger Things, Sex Education, The Crown.


Wait a minute, you've never used Netflix before ? ​ Start with Stranger Things, that's the first show I watched on there, it's also prolly their most well known show , kinda like GOT and HBO


No offense, but im not that kinda guy to care about stranger things


If you like historical shows then I think Versailles and The Last Czars are worth your time. They have many similarities with GoT. They are not purely fiction, which made them more engaging to me. Also, Under the Queen's Umbrella is looking pretty good - its a Korean drama about a royal family. You also HAVE to watch Black Mirror - it is such a disturbing reflection of our society that it stays with you for a long, long time. Then ofcourse, there's Dark. My favorite, but its a bit slow and very, very convoluted.


That's a really weird take. Why don't you think you'd care about it? It's universally known as a very good TV show.


Same as OP. I watched first season and felt nope.. not for me.


that's cool , but OP just thinks he's not the kinda guy who will watch Stranger things, which doesn't really make sense


Why? First season is pretty great, as is the fourth. Middle seasons are piss though


Last kingdom?


The Last Kingdom is very very good


Outlander.....you wont be disappointed!


Massive trigger warning on that show though. Should have been called Rapelander.


That's facts


Ah yes. Bosoms and Buggery.


Thanks for the reminder. I watched the first episode and seriously need to go back to it


This show is so slow and I have mixed feelings


If your are talking about popularity type then its Breaking Bad,Peaky Blinders,Money Heist... If you want similar type of story then Vikings but Netflix don't make shows like HBO...HBO is not scared by anyone they show everything netflix is kinda nerfed if compared with HBO....


I belive the closest thing could be The Witcher. I havent seen GOT yet, so take it with a grain of salt


Oh, man. The drama surrounding The Witcher show is at an all time high right now. Do a quick Google search before watching so that you know what you’re getting into.


I still think the current seasons are worth a watch, dont know if ill keep watching now that cavils leaving though


I took a unique path into The Witcher where I did not play the games or read the books until watching Season 1. I thought Season 1 was great and am grateful that it got me into the series. Once I started playing the games and reading the books however, it really amplified how bad season 2 was. I have no idea why they strayed so far from the source material.


I think the Witcher is the same vibe. I just started season 2, I like it but GOT was better in my opinion


Had to scroll way too far to find this


You're wrong. Vikings and the last Kingdom. The Witcher is not even close to a good show


The Crown /s


The umbrella academy, I think


I don’t know if you’re specifically looking for a medieval type show or just something as impactful as GOT, For medieval The Last Kingdom is your best bet, for impactful, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, and House of Cards. I’ve also heard Dark is amazing but haven’t gotten to it yet.


The last kingdom


+1 to Last Kingdom. They also have teen Aemond!


Probably The Last Kingdom would be comparable to GOT. Although in my opinion it’s much better.


HBO is far superior


Well yeah. But that wasn't the question


Obviously that wasn’t the question, but his friend said Netflix is superior and I’m disagreeing with that.


Yeah, Netflix might be superior in terms of raw amount of content, but it's laughable to say it is better in terms of quality of original programming.


100% agree. And better UI, but original programming doesn’t compare to HBO


Not really




Norsemen is the best show ever!!!!


I still quote the Viking fashion scene when someone says something about my clothes.


Would of Said Breaking Bad by their acclaim in their high points but BB knocks it out the park or so I've heard. Plus I'm not sure if they still have Breaking Bad-damn AMC had to get cocky


The Crown


House of cards was ELITE for a few years. Obviously the ending is just as bad as GOT given the circumstances. Obligatory Fuck Kevin Spacey


LOL I thought you meant what other show blew their load and is universally hated.


The Wire. Complex characters. No dragons, but cops, politics and drug dealers. Best show ever. You’re welcome.


The Last Kingdom, and it’s a better show


Nothing compares to GOT first 3 seasons or House of the Dragon. There are poor attempts of making something similar like what everyone already posted here or shows that are of a different vibe like stranger things and dark. The creators of dark have a new show coming that might be good too but don’t expect a GOT equal


Like too much unnecessary nudity, terrible plot lines, awful acting, super popular? Bridgerton.




How dare you


bojack horseman


House of cards if you can isolate it from the wrongdoings of Kevin spacey imo.


The Witcher


The Witcher It’s like Game of Thrones if GOT was just the last 2 seasons.


Stranger things


Dark gets mentioned alot but its German, so you have to watch the subtitles. Just be aware that when you watch it, it means you really have to watch it. No messing around with you phone, getting up and down bc who cares, you can still hear the dialogue, etc. its a bit of an investment. Personally, I found nothing great about it. I didn't finish it and had to try it out like 5 different times over the years to try and watch it. Each time, the most I got to was episode 4 I think. From what I hear, I'm missing out, but I just dont care enough.


attack on titan


Trailer Park Boys


*Three Body Problem* ......coming soon


I just wanna say thank you all for tryna help me!


Probably The Last Kingdom, although stylistically it's the English version of Vikings more than anything else.