It is pretty much impossible to restore monarchy without getting 2/3 majority in Parliament and that is again impossible for a party like RPP. So it's not going to happen anytime soon.


If RPP can only get majority vote the so-called Republican leaders/parties except former CPN Maoist parties will support RPP


lol i seriously doubt that


monarchy is only good if the king is me


True. I also want me.


Well Nepalese politics like playing Budha-Budhi and Bhada-Kuti in balyakaal.... 1p years Democrat, 10 years feri change to monarchy Ani feri communist hola.. Nkw go and comment "Proud to be Nepali, Gorkhali" on others post.....


I am open to be king though...


Nai yaar teso kata paincha euta duita kot massacre ta gara


Ko bata suru garam sathi mah?


khai euta Kamal ko Ful suneko thye tyahi alik, testai 14 15 hazar lai sakayera agadi aako, sano tino ho tetai bata suru gara nah


Just fucking make Gyane run for the election. If people want him he will get elected.


Referendum garau na ta, Kasle nai vaneko xa ra? Timrai party haru mandaina


Kina garne referendum? K adhar ma garne referendum? Why should we give 1 family a special treatment? Who is stopping him from running in the next election?


Testo question garne vaye why give one person PM, president, samsad and give special powers and treatment? Why do you have wada adakshya in your wada? 600-700 Jana pratinidhi haru le special treatment pako xaina? Timro kar tireko paisa le 2-3 crores ko gadi kineko xaina? Also learn the difference between election and referendum. Why England, Scotland, Ireland conducted a referendum instead of election for some major policy changes in their countries. By the way, the clause for referendum is already removed by the corrupt netas. Meaning, if you don't like something that the netas are doing, you as an average citizen can do nothing about it.


Because they won the fucking election! If the former king runs and wins the election he will also enjoy such power. Your argument is so stupid, it's not even worth entertaining.


You find this argument stupid because you are ignorant. People aren't demanding Gyanendra but monarchy. There is a fundamental difference here. If people wanted Gyanendra, then he'd be contesting the election. But people want monarchy to stand as an independent entity with limited power to act as a check and balance, act as referee to this circus we have because these old parties have basically hijacked the entire nation and people are frustrated and tired. Gyanendra lai au vaneko haina, monarchy lai au vaneko ho. Learn the difference first. Keti man naparera no vannu, ra bihe garnai man navayera no vannu ma farak xa. Bihe garna man navako manxe lai arko keti her na vane jasto kura nagara.


Kaslai aau bhaneko ta? Please tell me. Who will be your head of state. Who do you want to be the king/queen? Paras? himani? On what basis? What have they done that's so great that they deserve to be handed over the position of head of state? Why does any single person deserve that. Please enlighten me.


Koi bekti lai haina, sanstha lai au vaneko. Aba tyo sanstha aile represents garne Shah pariwar nai ho. That's how the history was created. Their ancestors made this nation. They fought off foreign invaders and colonizers. They opened up Nepal to the world after abolishing rana regime. All the modernization and industrialization work happened under their direct initiation. So they deserve a chance to fix this nation once again. A raja has more love for his country than any of your neta and party sold to India. By the way, How many of your 800+ representatives deserve to be bought foreign cars, servants, and a house with the tax payers money? What has Prachanda Oli Deuba done so great that this Mangsir 4, the poor government of Nepal will spend arabs to conduct election where we choose 1 or the above three to rule us for next 5 years? Tesaile yo deserving, undeserving ko kura nagar. This country is in urgent need of an independent power to act as check and balance. If you can't see that then don't Bye


Bhat pakauna aayena bhandaima gobar khanu bhayena. Yes monarchy is as good as gobar. Politician haru corrupt aayo doesn't mean we should go back to monarchy. It means we need to elect better leades. We might need democratic reforms to get there but that's the only way. Just because their ancestors did some stuff some 100 years ago(which btw was for their own self interest) doesn't mean we should make a psyco like Paras the head of state. But Wtf bro are you Paras?


I knew you were going to say elect better leaders, like your grandfather and father generation has been saying for 50-80 years now. Talking as if you get to choose who becomes PM, who runs the country. Lol. You don't have that power. PM is decided at the party adhibesan. Ani democratic process kharej garne kasle vaneko xa? People are asking for a constitutional monarchy like in UK and other European countries. You have terrorists, convicted murderers, mass murderers as your samsad and mantri. Gunda like Deepak Manage is the mantri. Paras lai gali garna vanda afu Kun dharatal ma xu, tyo Hera paila. Usle afno khako xa, afno lako xa. That's his life. This discussion is waste of time. Go live your life with your opinion. Good night


Bro this isnt usa


In my opinion, only option is referendum. However, they won't. They only want to gain votes. In last election they were in congress gathbandhan.


In the last election, they were led by Kamal Thapa. Before that election, they formed a government with Maoist. Kamal Thapa ko bela ko kura nagara. That's a different party now.


I don't care about king, I'm voting RPP because I'm against federalism which has been sucking the pockets of Nepali citizens dry. They are also asking for directly elected PM. This will totally dismantle the corrupt system the big parties have placed that always works in their favour.


I want to know the reason why we need "Monarchy" in today's world


Nepal ani nepal ko bheda muji haru tetro sacrifice garera lok tantra lyayo aele feri raja chainxa gede harulai. Democracy is always better than monarchy just because our country is led by dumbwits doesn’t mean u change the system. You just bring the right people.


tei vanya feri tyo transition eutai gen lai dinu hunna ni yar transaction/transition cost vanne chij ni hunchha ni. waiyat and bejorgar people living in the country - feel like changing system serves them the ultimate life chills, kaam nagari khane baani lagekaa nar pichas haru.


When RaPraPa comes to power the realms of fantasy and reality would have combined to such an extent that Gyane would have gained all Infinity stones and wipes out half of the political parties. In that process about 99% of the country being sick and tired if this bullshit goes on to give Gyane and his followers their own little country in the South east of Nepal. They hold an election where RaPraPa loses despite being the only party around. They then have a military coup so that they finally come to power. And that my friends is how much RaPraPa sucks.


that's the trick.. they don't if they get majority power, they would want to stay in that power, why would they submit all their hardwork to some spoiled rich brats.


Constitutional monarchy. Uk jastai. Assembly le pass gare pugcha. President hatcha. Head of state raja huncha.


Kasto assembly? You mean parliament? 2/3 majority le sambidhan amend garnu parcha, etikai pass gare pugdaina






Kun whole world le abolish gardai xa? Khai kata? Monarchies were abolished in the world due to western imperialism and colonialism. Kings were thrown out and the countries were taken over by European colonizers. New world ma, initially they were under European monarchs but they were too far and costly to manage so they became independent. Middle east, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia ma monarchy nai xa ajhai.


when whole world starts sucking dogs cock...will you suck even it's not needed for you...it's not about whole world it's about our nation


RaPraPa won't establish monarchy or hindu rastra. It is their propaganda to remain in popularity and we all know what happens when a party gets power.


2/3 majority liyera aune ani sansad bata sambidhan samsodhan garne raj sanstha reestablishment ko lagi. This direct action could get backlash from national and international elements. Foreign powers will pull all the strings to revert it as monarchy stands in their way of their strategic interest in Nepal. President could step in to overturn the move. So, they'd pass a bill to allow for a referendum and ask for public demand. If overwhelming majority votes in favour of monarchy, then no national or international power can do anything about it. So, they'd go for referendum.


They won't get the required 2/3rd and they know it.


Referendum. The only way.


Is their agenda is to restore monarchy?


Hijo Rabindra Mishra le bhasan dida Monarchy re-establish garne agenda ko sath janta sanga vote magchu bhanya thiyo


They can't


Same way monarchy was removed in the first place. By drafting a new constitution or amending the current one for constitutional monarchy. However this is also a tough job even if raprapa gain 2/3 majority. Bring back the king will require more support from regional superpowers like India and China, than our domestic leader can muster.