Doomstalker. Nothing that looks that cool should be regarded so poorly


It really need an overhaul. I have two and they do nothing. They're fast but you don't want to move. High power should always be an option and maybe it gets hot if you move. And it needs to be 3+d3 for shots and damage at least.


Just looked it up, and man, the profiles on our heavy hitters are infuriating. All those D6 shots with D6 damage, plus you need to stand still to even shoot the damn thing, and even then you only hit on a 4+. It's like GW wants it to do absolutely nothing.


We got a bit of a First Codex syndrome.


Let's not forget a little dose of mortal wounds. Even the Astra Militarum makes mortal wounds with their AT weapons. it should be especially the case for the Necrons too if the game wants to keep being lore accurate


Wait I'm confused, when they dropped I thought everyone was saying they'd completely outpaced the Doomsday Ark and they were the way forward for Necron anti-tank, is this not the case?


It was the case since it was one of the first 9e codex. The power creep hadn't begun yet so for their cost d6 d6 was great. Then more things got more shots, more damage and they plummeted.


I think it was more points values initialy. And with a new codex people need to experiment to find whats best. I think our of the 3 main anti tank we have it goes (best to worst) Lokust Heavy destroyer Doomsday Ark Doomstalker. Purely because of paint and what you get for it.


Don't forget the doom scythes - reliable, high damage and can get round at whatever they need to hit.


Agreed, doom scythes have great shooting, however their durability is kinda lacking for their points cost


Yeah its the durability thats the issue for me. Plus i dont normaly play fliers anyways




Said like someone who hasn't played with doom scythes before :)




Have you tried giving them light cover? There's not much more fun than a T6 vehicle with a 2+ save


Alot of people did and it was always a case of people buying into the hype, they were always bad and when they costed only 10 points less then a DDA but required a charecter to make worth it while still not having things like quantum Shields made them very not worth it.


Doomstalker. Please let this model feel as cool as it looks. Give it a melee to stars


God being able to effectively step on enemies with those giant legs would be amazing


Step? I think you mean stab! Like the reanimator.


They said what they said. They want stepped on by Doomstalker senpai.


This is probably my favorite model in the game but he’s really lacking. 130 points for a model with subpar shooting and 4 attacks base is not the best. I would love to see him either get a points drop or become a real beat stick on the tabletop.


He can still oneshot big stuff and chunk light infantry. Last game me and my friends played a 3v3 (1500vs1500 total points) and the Skorpekh Lord managed to left my warglaive with 1 wound remaining and shoot+fight away a whole squad of 15 cultists with all those rerolls. 4 attacks seems a bit off because and I agree he can get a buff like +1A and +1 wound, but as he can reroll 1's in both hit and wound rolls you are likely to get 3-4 successful wounds most of the time.


That’s pretty cool! It’s clear he’s specced to be more of a light infantry clearing unit. 4 attacks base is accurate unfortunately. That’s his base number of attacks with the harvester, 8 if you use the flensing claw. The rerolls are nice but it’s annoying the harvester gives you -1 to hit so you can still miss on 2’s.


I’ve had my Skorpekh Lord chunk a custodes Blade Champion in one turn. They may not be able to stand toe to toe with huge vehicles/monsters, but characters with that 4-6 wounds and an invuln get wrecked by him. I wasn’t even running Novokh for extra goodness either.


Doomstalker and Reanimator They are such cool models, I want to see more of them


I would be great if reanimator didn’t need line of sight and maybe had better range in the beam


I'd like the reanimator to be changed to work like this: Once per turn, if a unit with reanimation protocols is completely destroyed near a reanimator (12"?) you can make reanimation protocol rolls for the models that were removed by the attack that killed the unit, even though you normally can't do that. Models that come back would be set up as close as possible to where the last one was removed, not in engagement range. I'd also like the strat for it to let you pick a unit in (12"?) range and it can reanimate multi-wound modles in that unit with less than full wounds. For example, if you play this strat, then a unit of skorpekhs that loses a model within 12" range would still roll 3 d6 for reanimation protocols, but when you get 1 5+, you get the skorpekh back with one wound. It would be way more appealing to take like this!!


Doom stalker and doomsday ark both need Jesus, and also hopefully differentiated enough rules. My idea is that doom stalkers are necron siege artillery, massive blasts at short range designed to either crack fortress walls or wipe out swaths of infantry, but suffer at long range tank hunting. Inversely, the doomsday ark is just a tank hunter, it used to have large blast, but the stalker fills that role now, so let it lean into being gods answer to heavy armor or big monsters. I’m in range” S Jesus AP leave the game D do you have to ask Special ability, you cannot roll dice. But it can’t move and shoot worth a shit and only gets a single shot.




Or, here me out, give them the same rule as plasmayctes, they don’t take up a battlefield role and can’t be target if they join an eligible unit (any model with RP)


The Monolith, I wish it felt as big and scary as it looked. I just want it to be the model your opponent dreads


I mean it doesn't even have an invulnerable save, for a Lord of War it's a rather poor choice. Give it a 4+ inv, fly and better movement and I'll be happy to get one :)


It needs fly back and more move. The new detachment for GT2023 means you it can get traits at least.


Yeah, at least. Played against the new guard Codex and a 280p Rogal Dorn oneshotted my mono after drifting 15" around a corner while pumping out 7 shots 4 DMG 3 shots 3dmg 4 multimeltas and some small arms stuff, all autowounding on 5's to hit with huge range and getting wounds reroll through a relic. I looked at my well painted no dynastic code monolith and realized that it took 32 DMG in the process. With it's poor 24" guns 330p to fat to fly rules. It's so sad. But hey at least I can give them mephrit or pregame move now.


Warriors. I want it to be viable to take 60-100 warriors


Curious on your opinion about the new Omens detachment with 6x20 warriors, HQ of your choice, 2 ghost arks or 3 reanimators. I was thinking Szares for the mechanical augmentation + rites and arks for more gauss flayer fire + reanimation. What about it would need to be buffed? With that many bodies for epic board coverage, secondaries should be a snap. My experience is limited. I don’t play against any of the super killy armies.


Unfortunately, super killy armies now are able to reliably remove 2-3 20-warrior blobs per round. So, while the silver tide looks fun, it remains completely unplayable.


That would be awesome lol


Triarch stalker. It's probably the weakest "dreadnought equivalent" in the whole game. It's good at nothing and desperately needs a revamp. The only thing it's good at is tanking shots from high powered weapons which experienced opponents will know to avoid


100%. I got mine because it looks cool, and nothing else. I’ve had some success with the particle shredder, but it’s nothing if not a distraction carnifex. Someone mentioned a similar thing for the Monolith, but the Triarch Stalker is a big, scary-looking model, it should play as such I think


I think its targeting ability should give friendly models +1 to wound or the ability to ignore invulns (or -1 or -2 to invulnerable saves, which is something I hope GW replaces "can't take invulns" with in 10th) against a chosen unit visible to the stalker


I would also like me best boy, Mr Doomstalker, to be buffed


The humble overlord. Even with our best relics they aren't much of a melee threat despite them supposedly being honourable duelists. Immortals. The warrior caste of the Necrontyr and quite underwhelming. Better guns might help them. Plasmancer and Psychomancer - they see next to no play but from a fluff perspective have huge potential.


I agree with all. The honorable combatant trait is very underwhelming. Immortals are great at T5 but they just lack any punch in both melee and shooting. Plasmancers are interesting. I’ve actually had some fun using them with the quantum orb dishing out mortal wounds to everyone nearby.


Quantum Orb has some cool application for traps, too. Toss it on an objective/building being garrisoned by enemy models and flush them out into line of sight of shooting


Immortals used to be Elite unit back in 5th,6th and 7th. I think they should return there with better weapons and a sergeant like SM units have. Necrons will only ever need 1 troop choice and that's warriors, good job you can have 2 different weapons, but still the gauss flayer is pretty bad, I also rock reapers.


For fluff reasons Immortals should remain Troops. They are the soldiers of the Necrontyr. They arent elite, they are the standard rank and file of the faction. Our elite slots are competitive enough as they are, and limiting us to 1 troops choice would hinder list creation and variability. Warriors are like the conscripts of the Imperial Guard. They are expendable, massed blobs. But they are not the soldiers. Immortals' strength should be in their weapons, armour and toughness. Warrior strength should be in their numbers. Thats basically how it is now, but the mechanics need improving to be represented better on the table.


Dynastic Agents NEED a reason to exist. Their stats and lore are cool but they lose out on dynastic codes and can't be targeted for by generic cryptek abilities. It's dumb and it hurts.


At least have them do something when playing the Szarekhan dynasty, or when the Silent King shows up.


*throws down 70% of necron codex datasheets* Monolith (#1 for the love of god bring back these glorious tanks needs fly and QS as a minimum) Obelisk (not even a buff as much as it needs an actual purpose) Almost Every character named hq needs a buff and a solid unique play that it brings to the battle Doomsday ark, doomstalker need to stop being casino cannons Reanimator ( give it survivability and a good reanimation ability) Tesseract vault (should be easier to field)


So much I would like to see be better... Destroyer Lords, Doomstalker, Reanimator, Psychomancer, Plasmancer, Doomsday Ark... If I had to pick just one, maybe I'd pick Anrakyr the Traveller. He's like fine but for a named character he's quite middling besides +1 attack aura. Or Illuminor Szeras. WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE.


YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE!! Lol jk, I agree with all of these but especially Anrakyr. He’s a cool unit and the +1 attacks with my Lychguard is great but that’s all he does for his points.


Alright bear with me because there is a list. Our actual weapon types should mean something. Not ridiculously powerful but Gauss should have something like an unmodified wound roll of a six should increase the AP and Damage of the weapon. Vehicles. Every single one of them need some kind of boost to either feel like a potent doomsday weapon (Doomsday Ark, Doom Stalker) or a potent weapons platform or even a symbol of the Necrons (Monolith.) Rework the Living Metal rule so that different units will receive a different "Feel No Pain" kind of save. Warriors and Scarabs will get a 6+, Immortals and Lychguard will get a 5+, Lords a 4+, etc. This will increase their survivability but also give credence to how Necrodermis functions. Reanimation Protocols. Rework it to all damage taken and an unmodified 6 grants two successes for the wound pool instead of one. A rework so that there are more options to take for Necrons regarding Dynasties. I'm tired of only seeing one list ever taken. Our named characters are never used and it's obvious why this happens. And obviously our data sheets for units like the Lokhust or the Skorpekh Lords feel very odd and don't really pull their weight.


I’d say your right for lots of things, but you missed on 2 Living metal is fine, but should be buffed on certain units (on nobles it should be 2 wounds per turn, on vehicles with a bracket 2 as well, etc) Reanimation is fine, but other units need to get additional effects, personally I think OOE should give re roll all failed reanimations instead of of just +1 when used. Other units like reanimators and techno mancers should probably also get some tweaks to help out.


I see where you are coming from but we already know where I stand. But I do agree that the rules that would enhance RP do need some tweaks.


Agreed, it should be whenever a model is slain period, friendly explosions or Infused madness included, not morale though, granted I don’t think necrons should take morale, I prefer the old rule about the army being reduced to 25% and immediately losing via warping out


Ok see yes that rule I very much like. Make us super tough but if our opponent manages to wipe out a certain percentage of our army we disappear.


Yeah, if you’re opponent always has a guaranteed path to victory, it can do a great deal to balance the scales


tachyon arrows, I get it shouldnt one shot titans but come on, one d6 is pathetic compared to its lore.


Having to take a relic for a useful Tachyon Arrow is insulting


Hexmark Destroyer. Maybe make the enmitic disintegrators D2 instead of D1, or an “each time this model shoots with this weapon it makes 2 attacks instead of one” ability? Mine performs fairly well on the tabletop, but still. Speaking of Destroyers, I wish the standard Lokhust Destroyers at least had different datasheets that made them worth taking? The LHDs have number-for-number the same exact datasheets but different, kinda-better weapons, so there’s no real reason to bring the normal LDs. Lore says they’re optimized for speed, so maybe increase the speed to 10” or maybe even 12”? Others that I’d love to see buffs on are reanimators, annihilation/command barges, and overlords’ melee.


Great suggestions here, especially in the Hexmark Destroyer


Yeah honestly Hexmark for me too, the model is too beautiful it's a shame. The buff could even be "copy the Army of Renown stratagem into the dataslate" and I'd field them. Hordes aren't in a good shape right now from what I saw, fielding him is not useful.


I feel like the LHD’s have been out for an edition, they are going to drop the old lohkust destroyer models from the next edition. That’s just my tinfoil hat talking but for all the reasons you pointed out.


Yeah, that’s probably the more likely outcome. They’re such old models anyways that it might just be easier to ditch them.


But i love them! I hope they don't. I have a dozen of them and run them even if they aren't great just for rule of cool.


Yeah that’s fair, I think they’re really neat-looking too. I’m tempted to grab a few units of 3. That’s why I hope they get a buff, they could be a nifty compliment to LHDs’ slowness or points cost.


Your suggestion for thz hexmark are too OP. With this changes, it can wipe a full intercessor 5 man squad. It does it job of horde cleaning pretty well already.


I want more of a reason to run a reanimator, doomstalker, and honestly most of the Canopekt units


Nightbringer. When compared to the greater deamons with their -1 to be hit and to wound this will struggle. I would like to see a small buff. Like damage spills over or something.


Seconded! People don't believe me when I say the NB is 300+ points. The Ynnari thing is way better and cheaper! Or take two Phoenix Lord's or the same price with more total wounds, same phase cap, and more shenanigans. Or any tyranids or demons as others say. Damn, the Ctan in general need help. 😳


That would be cool. I also feel like the larger C’tan should have maybe a bit more wounds? I get they’re not HQs (nor could they ever be, as they’re literal slaves), but the huge, glorious Void Dragon having 9 wounds still seems a bit off. Compare that to a similarly-sized, say, Bloodthirster, which also has the monster keyword but has 20 wounds, or Keeper of Secrets, which also has 20 wounds.


I dont want 20 wounds, but maybe like 11/12 with the wound cap. This is because a lot of armies can deal a lot of wounds in every phase except tau lol. Also I want no demon saves against CTan. Ctan should get 2+ save. 4+ save is reallybad.


Local group have actually re worked the skorpekh lord with a home brew data sheet. M8” WS2+ BS3+ S6 T6 W6 A6 LD10 SV 2+ (All abilities and keywords remain unchanged) Enmitic annihilator 18”, assault 3D3 S6 AP-1 D1 blast Hyperphase Harvester S +2 AP-4 D3 excess damage from this weapon is not lost and instead bleeds throw to any subsequent models in that unit Greater Flensing claw S User, AP-2 D2 when making attacks with this weapon, make 2 hit rolls for every attack instead of 1 It’s only minor buffs and tweaks, but for 130 points and not being a Noble, he fits pretty well


Oh that’s great! You’re right, small changes but they are probably very effective


The big thing is more attacks and no -1 to hit, the extra bleed damage and buff to the claw is huge though


Doesnt damage overspill/bleedover kind of make the claw a moot option?


Maybe, the claw will do more damage overall though, the bleed just fit better in my head, it’s a giant harvester blade, so short of Just making it -5AP DD3+3 I wasn’t sure what to do. Plus the extra attacks will allow more ability’s allowing additional hits


Deathmarks. Wish they were more useful.


Agreed. I remember seeing a visual that broke down the ability of the deathmarks to kill a standard Marine Captain in a turn…it wasn’t good


Monolith, warriors, doomstalker.


Ghost arks would be cool if you could take a ***full squad*** of warriors… of course they’d be twice as long, though.


The bbg Big black ghost ark


>of course they’d be twice as long, though. Twice as much to paint. This sounds like there should be a C'tan who specialises in painful experiences.


DDA, I’d like to see the necron big guns have stats like other tanks/heavies. D6+4 would be awesome for the DDA


The lord not the overlord they could be so cool and actually be useful and maybe get a plastic kit


Agreed. Them and Lokhust Lords need new kits lol.


The doomsday ark. Love whippin that bad boy around the field, disintegrating armor and infantry. With the 10 gauss guns it did the infantry part pretty decently until AoC dropped. Now it's just my neat flying boat.


Id settle for weapon buffs. Our basic weapons dont match up to the lore/codex descriptions at all anymore. Gauss flayer/reapers/blasters should be doing at least 2 damage, and the same with voidblades/hyperphase swords (or give them the unmodified 6's cause a mortal wound in addition) don't need a boost to ap or strength honestly.


Both the doomstalker and the reanimator need a revamp. The overlord though is the thing that needs a buff the most. It's hilarious how bad it is right now. It should be T6, W6, A5, Sv 2+. And then maybe some other defensive ability like -1 to wound. Right now it's like they wanted to make the overlord a beat stick with all of these melee weapon options but then made them all garbage and then made their statline garbage too.


I think a big problem of the Overlord is also that he's just slow. 6"M is nothing to write home about, and the only transport is the hilariously inflexible, outright bad Ghost Ark (bad as a transport, mind you). I guess you could use the Overlord for a countercharge, but 4 attacks isn't going to cut it against a dedicated melee beatstick.


I would like the entire Necron roster changed. (And for their points to be increased appropriately) We're supposed to be the tough, hard to kill immortal robots that also hit hard but are slow and close range to make up for it. Yet we don't hit hard, and aren't as tough as a ton of other armies. I'd like a wounds and toughness increase across the board for most of our non-warrior and flayed ones, units. I'm talking T6, 3 or 4 W lychguard. T6 Skorpekh Destroyers with 4 wounds. T6 Lokhust Destroyers. T6 HQ Units as well. All destroyer variants should have at least a 5++ inv save. I'd like to streamline the Lokhust Destroyers as well. No more Heavy or normal Lokhusts. Combine them all into one model and have said model able to fire 2 or 3 different firing modes. An anti horde mode, an anti-heavy infantry mode, and an anti vehicle/monster mode of fire. Lokhust Destroyer Lords should also be 2+ WS/BS. I'd like us to hit harder too, Str 8 or Str 9 Warscythes that deal flat 3 damage. (Just remove the Hyperphase Glaive and make it all Warscythes) Our Melee weapons should be in line with the Deathwatch Xenophase blades (because they literally just stole our swords) And ignore INV saves or force successful onces to be rerolled. Flat numbers on more of our weapons like the Gauss and Heavy Gauss, and Doomsday Cannons to boost consistency. Destroyer Overlords should be added as well. Or Praetorian Jump pack options for our HQ. There should be more relics and WL traits that provide durability boosts and a Dynasty that gives a 6+++ FNP. ​ I want to rival or exceed the toughness of the Custodes and I don't mind paying for it via points. Our units (especially the Destroyers and Lychguard) are Legendary in their immortality, it should reflect it in game.


Ah codex creep


Ok, but half the changes you’ve just suggested are the exact problem that’s cursed necrons, Absurd power creep Guess weapons ignoring damage cap means that now all wound cap models are going to get throttled by warrior bricks (by warriors who will have to cost like 25-30 ppm to be fair with a perk like that but still) Every model in destroyer cults getting an invul is absurd, there gun carriers and knives with a murder boner, not terminators Plus, combining weapon profiles completely removes the caste system niche we’ve always had, we’re an army of specialists, if you want a Swiss Army knife, play marines. You’ve got some fun points though, lychguard and immortals becoming hyper expensive almost custode like equivalents could be really interesting if done right, and would give praetorians an equivalent in custodes venetari. And hyperphase weapons gaining a re roll invul ability would seriously help with the somewhat average profiles they’ve always had


I don't remember saying that Gauss weapons should ignore damage caps. I'm not to clear on what you mean by damage caps, do you mean the max 3 damage per phase ability? Also, I think an inv for our destroyers is fair (so long as we increase the point costs appropriately) a lot of other similar units from other factions have a minor inv save for their expensive units. And I would like every model to get a bump in wounds, toughess and saves with the appropriate point increase. I think it fits the necron theme of immortal robots better.


Sorry, there’s a guy above you who suggested that and my brain filled in gaps that should have stayed unfilled. I humbly disagree on destroyers, they are kinda perfect where they are, save for standard lohkusts and lohkust heavy’s anti infantry weapon specifically sucking. Those and maybe the Ophydian need just a bit of help. Other faction heavy units aren’t a good comparison, a terminator or hearthkyn’s closest equivalent is a lychguard or praetorian. As for units needing toughness and wounds? Aside from immortals, lychguard/Praetorians, and lords of war, I think our T and W values are pretty spot on, the real issue is abilities, faction traits, protocols, and weapons


Scarabs, reanimate on 1 D6 roll of a 5 or 6


Honestly its hard for me to narrow down just a couple units. The dex needs a lot to keep up long term. But for starters I think doomsday weapons need a revamp. Lots of factions can massecre at range, while mobile, and deal more damage on average while being more confirmable. Personally making doomstalkers and doomsday arks better makes it so that every army can have a backbone ranged killer that allows for better melee investment. Necrons have always felt to me as hard to make a hybrid melee or shooting army since the units are specialized for one or another, having a role for antitank shooting that's effective and reliable allows me to put more into melee, which has always been more fun for me.




Change the Doomsday cannon from D6 shots and D6 damage to D3+3 shots and D3+3 damage. That’s all. I’m happy with where the rest is at.


Totally agree. I think a lot of the power creep throughout the game can be addressed by changing all d6 weapons and damage to d3+3.


Reanimation protocols should be any time they take damage, and include 5+ feel no pain as well. So it would go Sv->FnP->Reanimate. Nothing should stop it happening, because you don't remove the model until it is done. It should not be dependent on how many wounds the model has. Catacomb Command Barge should be an open topped dedicated transport that holds 1 overlord. Doomstalker and doomsday ark should be able to either move and shoot any mode. The amount of energy necron stuff has available is absurd. It's farcical to think they couldn't produce enough energy to move and shoot at the same time. If they keep the can't move, it should be strong enough to make knights and hammerheads crap themselves out of fear and jealousy. Nightscythes should be able to use their portal as a short range or melee weapon like Monoliths can. They should ditch their transport capacity, and instead allow units to move in and out of strategic reserve... essentially turning nightscythes and monoliths into an active portal network. Doom- and Nightscythes get Quantum Shielding. Monoliths get fly, and an invulnerable save. Convergence of Dominion get to teleport themselves without taking a cryptek action. And since they are literally territorial markers, they get ObSec and an exception to the rule against buildings counting for control. All gauss weapons bypass anything that ignores wounds (Feel no pain and wound caps). Trazyn gets a statline worth using, instead of the trash he is now. Hexmark Destroyers and Deathmarks able to re-enter their hyperspace oubliettes. The deceiver's grand illusion redeploys 3 units at start of battle, but also lets 3 units make a free move in each of your command phases, because the deceptions don't stop just because the battle started. Obelisk's gravity pulse thingy works on anything that flies instead of only aircraft. And since it is controlling gravity around it, give it an aura that makes it harder to charge.


Gauss ignoring phase caps is broken, hard no to that. I would be ok with gauss getting an ability, like unmod 6s to hit are +1 to wound, though I don't think it really needs it.


There’s a stratagem for Hexmarks and Deathmarks to re-enter hyperspace and then pop up elsewhere on the board, but of course, it costs command points. You’re right, they should be able to yoink back into reserves


Some very interesting suggestions, but maybe over the top a little on some. I think Reanimate should work the way you suggest minus the FNP, that seems a bit much. Convergence shouldn't get ObSec, but should provide obsec to units in an aura around it (thus removing some of the requirement of playing the obsec dynasty). deceiver giving 3 units a free move every command phase seems too good, but maybe 1 unit or something like 'put in strategic' or 'immediately deep strike a unit' something like that.


> Convergence shouldn't get ObSec, but should provide obsec to units in an aura around it (thus removing some of the requirement of playing the obsec dynasty). Oh, I like that idea! > deceiver giving 3 units a free move every command phase seems too good, but maybe 1 unit or something like 'put in strategic' or 'immediately deep strike a unit' something like that. I was thinking it wouldn't be too powerful seeing as craftworlders get free extra moves army wide.


Lokhust Lord. I have loved that model since 3rd, and I can’t wait for a new sculpt.


Ghost arks need to be able to transport more than just warriors. Maybe they can hold up to 10 wounds of infantry and they res one model in a unit other than warriors.


Deathmarks... they have been weak for far too long now


All characters need more attacks especially the skorpek lord and the lokhust lord needs also some buff


I think we can all agree that if anything needs to be buffed it’s either the doomstalker or the tesseract vault, doomstalker needs to be cooler, and the tesseract vault is not worth $170 it’s much more efficient to build an obelisk and c’tan shard


Where's the picture of codex? We better not get another early draft.


Illuminor Szeras, coolest necron model but it's price won't help and having no invul save makes it useless in melee (and ranged too) while his skills imply using it in melee, maybe make it focus on something instead of nothing in particular...man I love the model but he needs a real buff


Do you have a minute? *HQ's:* All named characters. Skorpekh lord. Lokhust Lord. Plasmancer. Psychomancer. All 20+ pt cost Arkana. *Troops:* Necron warriors /w Gauss Flayers. Immortals. *Elites:* C'tan shard of the Deceiver. Canoptek Spyders. Canoptek Tomb Stalker. Deathmarks. Hexmark Destroyer. Lychguard. Triarch Stalker. *Fast Attack:* Canoptek Archentrites. Canoptek Tomb Sentinel. Triarch Pretorians. *Heavy Support:* Anilihation Barge. Canoptek Doomstalker. Doomsday Ark. Tesseract Ark. *Lords of war:* Monolith. Obelisk.


Reanimator. Give it a 5++ save, and a way to be protected by the Warriors around it. Monolith. Needs to have Quantum Shielding like every other vehicle. Give it the Heavy Death Rays, and make the Doomscythe just a regular Death Ray. Kind of silly the Doomscythe is flying around with a heavy, when the Monolith would be a more logical platform. Necron weapons need to be feared. It sucks that just about every other factions weapons out damage and out perform Necron technology Arrow needs to drop to hit and wound rolls if it is going to be a once per battle weapon. It should also bypass saves, and do Mortal Wounds.


Please for the love of god buff the doomsday ark


Deathmarks please! I would love my snipers to be able to kill the occasional character.


I think some very cool models have really underwhelming rules. My wish list and suggested changes, in order of priority: 1) Canopteek Doomstalker and Doomsday Ark: Change their weapon profiles so that they can move and shoot. Redesign doomsday weapons. The design of doomsday weaponry is bad and unsatisfying. Further differentiate the two units by making the Doomsday Ark more durable and the Doomstalker cheaper. 2) Monolith: Needs FLY and faster move. Needs better defensive stats. 3) Named Characters: They should all provide more threatening, flavorful, noticeable effects. I want to feel like my army is interestingly different if I take a named character. They are all horribly overcosted now, and far worse in combat and shooting than fluff suggests they should be. Let Szeras choose the buff he gives, give him more options. Make Orikan's empowered profile actually scary. Give Trazyn more buffs like maybe chapter master type buff or his my will be done also gives +1 to wound, so that he's good enough that his surrogate hosts ability is not just flat worse than keeping the other character. Make anrakyr fight and tough enough to be in combat. Make zandrekh and Obyron do literally anything. Make imotekh's call the storm once per turn. 4) Triarch Units: Triarch units need to be strong to compensate for being Dynastic agents. Give triarch stalker a unique, valuable role in the army. Change targeting relay ability so that you pick a unit the triarch stalker can see in the shooting phase rather than having to shoot it. Make the shooting buff against that unit something that isn't available from other uniits, like NECRONS units within 6" of the triarch stalker that shoot the chosen unit ignore phase caps, invulnerable saves, and rules that prevent damage, and get +1 to wound. The thing you pick just dies. Make triarch praetorians fly 12",  give them 4 attacks base. 5) Lokhust Destroyers: Give them 4 shots and 30" range. 6) Canoptek Reanimator: The current rules are non functional. Make it unique and important by redesigning its rules. Once per turn, if a unit with reanimation protocols is completely destroyed near a reanimator (12"?) you can make reanimation protocol rolls for the models that were removed by the attack that killed the unit, even though you normally can't do that. Models that come back would be set up as close as possible to where the last one was removed, not in engagement range. I'd also like the strat for it to let you pick a unit in (12"?) range and it can reanimate multi-wound modles in that unit with less than full wounds. For example, if you play this strat, then a unit of skorpekhs that loses a model within 12" range would still roll 3 d6 for reanimation protocols, but when you get 1 5+, you get the skorpekh back with one wound.


Weapons rather than datasheets. Gauss Cannons to Heavy 4 D2 Doomsday Weapons focussed to D3+3 Shots and flat 3 damage, dispersed to D3 shots at Damage 2 Tesla Cannons to D2 Heavy Gauss Cannon to damage D3+1


Doomsday should be at least comparable to either a Russ battle cannon or vanquisher gun


It’s a plasma weapon. Currently Heavy D6 S10 AP-5 Damage D6. Reducing the randomness of it and making it more like the Executioner or Demolished but with higher AP would be best.


I don’t think any of them really needs messed with but the Deathmarks. Either different stats, weapon profile, or lower points. But either way the current state of them isn’t useful at all. I recently got out of a half year long crusade with 12 other players and won overall. There was 33 games, won 30, tied one, and lost 2. Necrons are in a great state if you know how to use the right models, stratagems, and tatics. Stall, murder, or play for points they control the hell out of the board. And Skorpy Lord was my murder machine. His current slate is beefy as hell and scarred my entire friend group. Haha.


For any necron that deserves above in my opinion I think it might be the scarabs I mean I like the idea they're not meant to really do anything you just meant to hold down an area while the more important units go and do the important s*** but at the same time it kind of makes them a little bit niche because they can only hit on sixes that means that they might as well not be worth much and the damage they do might as well be hitting you with rubber chicken so the idea for it is this Some sort of necrons scarablord like he is in charge of the scarabs and he provides buffs for only the scarabs which will make them more adequate and important now I know that they may not be two weeks but at the same time they could still get something that's better


Dude I had only my scarabs take down an actual baneblade with them only losing a model. They are legitimately a threat on the battlefield.


Fair enough But what I am suggesting is that maybe there could be like a lord of the scarabs like somebody who can buff only them this is coming from me but I seen a few game plays in which either one person just has like a couple of scares just holding on objective or protecting their Catan shard which is nice but the problem is that it feels like they can't do really anything else now I know for the fact that a huge army of them could be a bane of existence so what I was thinking is maybe like they could be like a leader of them like a guy that buffs them and only them


If you’re looking for Scarab buffs, Canoptek Spyders and Technomancers are your best bets I hear. Haven’t used either so I can’t personally speak to their exact usefulness, but Spyders’ 1-scarab-per-unit rez is really solid, and if you equip them with gloom prism (deny the witch) or particle beamers (assault 6 D1 each) they have some ok-ish staying power. Plus, I’ve had great success with my scarabs. They work fantastic in big clumps where they just clog up objectives or screen for better units.


I'd say that reanimation protocols activate at the end of the phase. This may seem like all units can fire at the enemy but what you should do is hide 1/2 models behind terrain so they are allowed to reanimate the whole unit.


This also allows some models to be "hidden" preventing being shot by enemy units.


Doomsday Ark/Doomstalker High power is 2 shots *cannot shoot while engaged* d6+3 damage ignoring invuls Low power is blast d3+3 shots damage 3 Make them fearsome weapons for anti tank or infantry. If you’re forced to move the weapon isn’t useless


Interesting idea for a minor buff, Triarch praetorians units don’t take up force org slots if you have a noble unit in your detachment, and gain +S +T +1/re roll hits built in (depending on if lord or overlord +1” movement They still kinda suck from not having dynasty trait, but it would help


All of them


Generally our anti tank. It's way too rng heavy to consistantly shoot somtheing more than 6 wounds off the board


Deathmarks, spyders, plasmancer and while not a unit tychion arrow


Deathmarks or hexmark.


Lychguard for me. Might be due to my luck with rolling invulnerables for some reason, but I always thought of them as the ‘Necron Terminator Armor’. Not sure how I would buff them though.


Please, my hexmark, my favourite model just needs to be able to kill something other than 1w models, just a +1 damage would be enough I'd love if my deathmarks could also do their job and kill a character, maybe d3 damage


Reanimator. Thing blows up 1st round its impossible to hide and doesnt get look out sir.


Agreed. It is funny though, one of the first games I took it to I had it out in the open to buff a unit of warriors. My opponent was playing guard and got first turn so I used the strat to use the beam before it died. He proceeded to lay into the thing and it somehow survived his whole shooting phase. I kept making armor saves on 6’s or he’d keep failing to wound. We were shocked lol


A lot of other people have said it but pretty much everything with a casino cannon needs a better minimum value for shots and damage. Especially since the DDA and Doomstalker weapons have the AP needed to compensate for Armor of Contempt, which is really common and seriously blunts the effectiveness of the Troop level gauss weaponry. More MW options would be nice, since our only real source of them that doesn't require spending command points is plasmancers and C'tan powers - and C'tan can get nuked fairly easily by anyone with a psyker or two. Deathmarks also need help - I don't know if they need auto-wound options or better damage on their guns, but they do not feel good to play and are really not worth the amount of setup and preparation required to use them effectively. Triarch Praetorians and the other Dynastic Agent models could use a gimmick to make them worth taking, especially since the Praetorians don't really have anything that makes them worth taking over any other unit in their slot. Maybe give them some kind of buff aura or the ability to judge/debuff the opponent somehow? As it stands, our guns don't feel particularly powerful and our units aren't particularly durable (in the face of mortal wound and auto-wounds being pretty prevalent), which really sucks given that using hideously advanced weaponry and being unstoppable are like the Necron's whole shtick.


The list of units that are good is far shorter then the ones in need of change


any heavy support model


Psychomancer. I love the idea of it being able to remove obsec and stuff. It just feels like it needs something else. More range, better damage. Something.