Wish I would’ve been in Oregon during that eclipse. I was up in Washington but it was still really neat to watch.


totality is worth it if you get the chance. It is a literal transformation before your eyes as soon as it hits. The corona is absolutely magnificent. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.


I’m late on this thread, but for anyone reading this… A lot of people think 90 percent of totality is 90 percent as good. Or that 99 percent is 99 percent as good. It’s not. They aren’t even *remotely* the same thing. A partial eclipse is “Hey, cool…it got kind of dark during the day, and the sun looks like a crescent through these glasses.” Totality is a simultaneously awe-inspiring and deeply terrifying phenomenon that strikes some sort of primal chord in your brain and causes it to short circuit. There really are no words to describe it. It’s like a giant hole opens up in the sky and starts to suck you in. Anyone who’s close to a total solar eclipse and figures they’re “close enough” needs to reconsider.


I’ll never forget how cold it instantly seemed. It was so much more amazing than I expected.


It went instantly quiet when I saw the 2017 one. All the birds and animals outside just stopped. It was so unnerving


Same. I went to South Carolina to watch it. It did create a eerie silence.


I was in SC too, drove way out of my way to get to see totality!! WAAAAAY worth the experience. Crazy thing was the person I was with, in retrospect has absolutely no connection with spirituality and themselves. Went so far to say to me,"I don't know what the big deal was/is with this." I was like...... 'WTF is wrong with you bruh,' I was trying to show you real enlightenment and you threw that in my face!! Needless to say, I spend less time with them.


It's a pretty big event in our solar system. How could you not be effected by the shear scale of what is taking place? It gave me goose bumps, and I came away with a great shot of it. I drove up from Florida to experience it.


That's basically what I said to myself, like uhmm 🤔. I do wonder if it felt vulnerable to the person and therefore weak?? Be the only way I could see someone shrugging it off(*edit:to another dude). MHO


Temp dropped at least 20 degrees. Absolutely incredible


the nuclear reactor in the sky imparts upon you its blasting radiation and bestows you the gift of life, having evolved using the abundance of energy over millions of years on this watery rock millions of miles away, now using knowledge of (geologic time wise) extremely advanced knowledge of astrophysics to put itself right in the path of the moon's shadow and experience a carnal vacuum amplifying its pathetic smallness in comparison to the celestial bodies directly ahead


Agree. I live in oregon and went to it thinking it would be kinda cool. Its completely different than anything ive experienced. The sounds of animals changed, the temp dropped like 15 degrees instantly and all the shadows made different shapes. Calling it surreal is too familiar. It was like going to a different planet for a few minutes. And in totality, you can actually have the glasses off and the sun... the most familiar thing in our world, just isnt there any more, at least not like we know it. I can see why theres eclipse chasers.


It was the most incredible thing I have witnessed and likely will ever witness. I think I'd have to see Mt. Rainer blow up or do something like go into outer space to top it. 3 seconds before totality was pretty cool. I wouldn't drive more than 30 mins to see it, but pretty cool.


You wouldn’t drive more than 30 mi it’s to see it??? Something you admit is one of the most incredible things you have witnessed, that to top it you would need to go to outer space. People drive more that 30 minutes for lots of minor things. This boggles my mind. Is it a typo?


I think they were comparing 99% totality (or 3 seconds to totality) with 100% totality. I.E: 100% is the most amazing thing they've seen, 99% is not worth traveling more than 30 minutes for.


Yep, you got it. I drove 6 hours for totality and I'd do that again in a heartbeat.


Ahh- got it. I knew I had to be missing something:)


Guess I didn't word it clearly enough. Nerdynord figured it out.


That was really the thing that struck me the most in 2017. I was in Tennessee - how different 99.99999% totality is to 100%.


So true. I tell people the worst traffic I've ever been in was coming home from Idaho after the eclipse. It was awful but I'd do it all again and more to experience totality again. Life changing.


I've googled after your comment to find out when the next one would be but there were so many answers. First, there's apparently lots of types of eclipses. I looked for total solar eclipse. One site said the next would be in 2026 (I am in germany) but another site said It would be in 2088 or something. So what exactly am I looking for to find the thing you were describing. Do you know a place to look it up?


Just Google “total solar eclipse schedule.” There’s a few sites with dates and maps showing the paths. There’s one going through Spain in 2026, assuming you want to wait that long.


There was one in GA in 2017. I drove :30 minutes up from where I live to see totality and it was awe inspiring. Beautiful!


Yeah! It was a cool one!




Harmful bot.


It was incredible. I expected it to be cool but it was almost a life changing moment. I'm going to go to Texas to see the next one.


I completely understand how people become obsessed total solar eclipse chasers. The experience is seared onto my brain!


I felt like I must have sounded like a crazy person when I got back home and described it to everyone. I would hear the words I was saying and know that to those who didn't see it, I must have sounded totally nuts. Not at all an understatement to say it changed my life. I had a coworker who went camping with her boyfriend in Oregon to watch it, but they only saw 98% coverage. She just shrugged and said "it was sort of cool." I felt so bad for her!


Yeah, I knew people in Eugene who were like it'll be 99% here what am I missing out on? A WHOLE LOT! Not to be crude, but I feel like that's saying "I get 99% of the way to my orgasms, what am I missing out on?" I drove up to my dad's farm and camped out, where it was 100%, and it was the most amazing thing ever.


OK, I never knew I needed to experience this in my life and **holy hell** you guys have me sold. I'm sure the experience was ineffable, but do you mind trying to put it into words?


If you're in the US, your next chance is April 8, 2024. I've been counting the days


It looks like you have to go to Mexico to experience that one in totality though from what I can see


What? No, the entire blue area is the area of totality. So you can see the total eclipse anywhere in the blue stretch from Mexico to New York state.


https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEplot/SEplot2001/SE2024Apr08T.GIF I was looking at this and I thought that the star on the map was the only spot with "true" totality. You can get totality along that whole line though?


Read Annie Dillard's essay ["Total Eclipse"](https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/08/annie-dillards-total-eclipse/536148/). It's about the most recent eclipse in the United States before the 2017 one, in 1979. It has a certain embellishment but it does capture the emotion of the moment. When watching it, we really did feel like ancient humans in awe of a higher power. There were actually some yells of surprise at the swiftness at which the light disappeared. In the minutes before totality, all the colors of the world around us looked like an underdeveloped photo; it was super weird.


That's incredible. I was suspecting it was along these lines. Thank you so much.


Yes, totality is where it’s at!


I am from a town within the path of totality and had been looking forward to that eclipse for over 10 years! Afterward, my mom said she didn't believe me when I said it would be ultra cool, but it was even better than I had imagined and now she wants to travel for the upcoming one in 2024! I recommend Annie Dillard's easy ["Total Eclipse,"](https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/08/annie-dillards-total-eclipse/536148/) about the most recent total eclipse in the United States before the 2017 one, in 1979. I was assigned it as reading in high school and it made me cement the 2017 eclipse in the calendar as a must-see!


It’s nice to see someone else on my level haha this is EXACTLY how I felt after seeing the two I did. I always describe it as life changing! (Saw the 2017 one in the Grand Tetons and 2019 one in Argentina!)


It was cool in the sense that the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. I rode my bike out to a rural area and when the sun was almost fully covered there were several cows that began mooing


Same. I was in Lincoln City in the center of the path of totality, and I didn't expect it to be nearly life changing either. I'm planning on going to the southern US for the next one too.


I'm planning on that too.




Wife: the baby is crowning! Commenter: hold it in while I get this shot of the eclipse! Wife: The baby is coming right now!!! Commenter: Just give me a minute, Here is a cork. /s


Not even the birth of your child?


I feel kinda bad that I got to watch from my living room couch now.


Seeing a total solar eclipse is way different than watching it on video and its magnificent. You can literally feel it getting colder.


Colder and just incredible. We were near the high school and hearing people cheering across the neighborhood was breathtaking.


I saw this one in Oregon and one in Cairns 2012. The thing that got me was the crowd around me reacting. Aussies on the beach gasped and clapped. Americans in a farmers field screamed cheerfully and yelled expletives at the sky. I'll never forget both moments.


Go to the next one. Totality isn’t even comparable to partial eclipses. It’s incredible


Easily 100x more amazing than a partial or even annular eclipse. It is my life mission to see every total eclipse I can possibly get to for the rest of my life.


99% totality is easily as cool as a lunar eclipse. Makes you feel tiny, but at the same time probably goes mostly unnoticed by animals, humans who aren't skywatchers, and the rest of the world. 100% totality is a near-religious experience. It's not just the sun doing a thing, it's the whole world around you changing suddenly.


I had never been happier that I live in Oregon. It's something I'll never forget. Somewhere on an old phone is a video of my daughter as a 2 year old playing on a playset, and then suddenly the very obvious look of confusion as it's suddenly dark.


I was there but was too exhausted from my 16 hour shift to wake up at 1pm and see it. I only remembered groggily trying to wake up and seeing those little half moons on the wall shadow 🙁 that job sucked a lot out of me


Wait did this just happen?


2017 in Oregon


I was up here too. I didn't want to deal with the fact that there are only like 5 roads into Oregon and they wouldn't be able to handle the traffic at all, so I flew to Illinois to see it :P


It was so cool. Drove up from middle of California to Salem because astronomy professor was telling us it would be decades till the next one in North America. I have a video but nothing beats seeing it in real life. Don't miss the next one, I know I won't. Most of the total eclipses happen in the middle of an ocean or very obscure areas, so be sure to check it out if it's only a state or two away.


This should be on the cover of National Geographic




The air went so cool and the stillness in nature is a memory I will never forget 😍


The deer in my yard laid down and went to sleep during the eclipse


It made me super aware of the fact that the sun is the great driver of life on earth, of every kind. It was so strange to me how it immediately felt cool as the sun was occluded; I could even smell the plants around our house release a big burst of O^2 at the moment the sun disappeared.


I felt that too. The color was so surreal when the sun was covered and we removed our glasses for a moment to take it all in. Dreamy, beautiful and also hyper in tune with how vulnerable life is. Such a humbling moment.


Yes, the smell of the grass and flowers was unforgettable. The flowers in our garden began to look down when the sun went away. When the sun came back the deer got up and walked home


That is so cool. What a beautiful memory for you!


So much this. I drove a wild early morning 2 hour run through back roads (because I knew freeway traffic there would be near-impossible) to get from my home with a 99.4% totality, to a place near Stayton to get as close to dead-center of the shadow as possible. With the word of camping and traffic having things choked up everywhere, I wasn't sure I'd make it, but we got there! The moment the eclipse went went total, it was like the universe threw a switch. For two minutes, light, the air, everything looked and felt surreally peaceful, yet so energized. Night and stars above with the most pure white light illuminating everything, and dawn on all of the horizons. Absolutely unforgettable. One of the best days I've ever spent, and totally worth the crazy run to get there.


Couldn't agree more! Glad you dodged the hwy and found the magical totality spot :) I was in Salam, also along the line. Your story gave me chills, like the etching of the elicpse energy put to words seems to activate those senses within :D


Assuming you live there then? If so, lucky :) Already wanted to either go to the Pacific North West or all the way on the other side in/around Maine. But after seeing my favo Dutch show being filmed in Oregon, I guess that will be the first pick when I hve to choose. Here are the locations they filmed at, [after Portland you will see more nature](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rGkSCn_aNc) It's online by the way, gameshow, here's episode 1 of 10. It has human translated subtitles, when you switch it on [for when you have nothing to do one day](https://youtu.be/fAGrKWuo6Zs?t=29)


Good choices! Yes, I live in Oregon and also I am from Maine originally! Thank you for the links, I will add them to my rainy day saves (which are often in the PNW)🌲🗻


I just like that kind of ~~biosphere~~ biomes it seems is the correct words, here in Europe i.e. Austria is one of my favs. On the Eastcoast...I could have picked Vermont or New Hampshire, but am a big Stephen King fan since I was a kid reading novel after novel, back then you didn't had internet, but already had a clear picture in my mind how it looked by all of his descriptions of towns, cities and surroundings.


Ty for the award :) Mr.King absolutely describes Maine very well in landscape and quirky small town energy too lol I do hope you get to explore both US coasts someday!


Everyone should experience a full solar eclipse in their lifetime. This one was my first and hopefully won't be my last. There will always be at least 2 a year. Find the one closest to you. Link below.. You won't regret it. https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEgoogle/SEgoogle2021.html


Compeltely agree. Remember in high school, there was a partial solar eclipse coming. I decided to skip school and randomly drive to a neighboring state with my friend, to see the eclipse in totality. COMPLETELY worth it.


There will be at least 2 solar eclipses per year, not necessarily total ones. There are no total solar eclipses in 2022. This is the next one, in April 2023: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2023-april-20


The next total eclipse that I'm seeing is in April 2024. Am I mistaken or does a Hybrid also include Total?


April 8, 2024 for North America!


[Don’t kill yourselves boys, there’s gonna be a bunch of sick photos of the pyramids under a full eclipse in 2027](https://i.imgur.com/mYCZlVc.jpg)


RemindMe! 5 years


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Damn, I missed an eclipse or 2, better kill myself! Oh nevermind, thanks for the link you saved my life


Do you have to wear goggles or something?


During totality, no. You only need to wear goggles if you want to look at the eclipse before the sun has been totally covered


Okay, so it’s the looking at the sun that’s the bad part. I always thought an eclipse had like extra amplified bad rays or something.


Nah it’s just that people are more tempted to look at the sun than usual when the moon is partly covering it. You do need the glasses for the long while leading up to the total eclipse. But it’s not safe until the sun is completely covered


Absolutely. The stores carried special eclipse glasses and sold them everywhere in Oregon at the time. Sorta like 3D paper glasses 😎


Thanks, I will definitely try to schedule a vacation around one in the next couple years since I live in the States.


I recommend planning a trip for a place that has predictability clear skies


I mean yeah


You'd be surprised at how many people don't do this, though. The 2017 eclipse was a good example. I was in Chile in 2019 and a lot of people's plans were to watch from the beach, even though the coast often has cloudy weather in the winter. Fortunately the weather was super clear! It made it easier for me to get back in town since fewer people left :p


We may be advanced as a species but boy can we be dumb on our own lol. Glad you got to see it! I'm hoping for the one that runs from Texas up to the NE states so I'll have a good stretch to choose from


I'm from Oregon, and even though the weather is usually gorgeous and a bit hot in August, it wasn't out of the question for it to be cloudy. But that day, the sky was completely clear, even at the coast!


This is the image i want to see and wish i can shoot it myself , amazing eclipse.


Absolutely something you can make happen! You got this


To temper expectations. This is a heavy photoshop. So you got this, if you are ready to take a sunrise photo, then photoshop a bunch of versions of the eclipse on top of that and evenly space them out.


The foreground was taken during totality. The foreground is Detroit lake and the fires created smoke that settled a bit. I’m reality the sun was much smaller and higher in the sky but I brought it down and made it bigger for a conceptual idea. This all happened and this is the scene during totally including transitional periods as well.


Lion Mander sounds like a Pokemon.


xD I get Jasmander a lot


Jasmander, Jasmeleon, Jasizard


I drove 700 miles to Albany OR to see it. I’ve never witnessed something so incredible in my entire life. Photos don’t do justice (fantastic photo, but its worth traveling if you can to see IRL.)


700 miles is 1126.54 km


This is the day I was married in Oregon. During the totality. Best moment ever!!!


Shut up! What!? That’s so awesome! I saw it and the temp dropped like 10° and the birds on this lake took off flying they didn’t know what the hell was going on. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.


I don't mind the composite of the different phases, but the foreground is totally fake. The 2017 total solar eclipse happened around 10am in Oregon, so the sun is high up in the sky (no where near the horizon such that you can get tree tops in the foreground).


He said it was from Detroit Lake outside Salem. Nothing he does is fake.


It's definitely a composite, as in the eclipse was shot separately and comp'ed in a sunrise or sunset photo You can tell by the light on the bottom left of the sky.


I guarantee none of this is fake look at his website.


The sun was simply not that low, it happened mid-day. It also doesn't move that much between the phases. I garantee the image is a composite.


Yeah, that also a problem. The whole eclipse happened in less than 3 min, which isn't enough time for the sun to cover that much distance as displayed in this fake image. Also, based on the "artist's" faked sun path, he would have had to be near the poles during winter for the sun to travel across the sky that low. (much much closer to the poles than Oregon).


I saw it with my own eyes from Turner. It may be a composite but certainly not fake.


This is an awesome series shot! What a moment that was. I lived in 99.6% totality at the time. When it happened, the light peaking through the leaves on my tree resulted in these crazy slivers of "almost eclipse" shaped rays cast onto the ground around me. Thousands of little crescents of light. It was cold too, for a couple minutes, and much dimmer outside in general. But alas, no totality.


I can't imagine being that close to the path of totality and not travelling to it. I feel like a lot of people see the numbers and think it's close enough to 100%, so it should be fine. But 99% and 100% is the difference between night and day. I often tell people it's more like 99% and 1000000000000% in terms of the difference


Jazz Man Lion-Mander, capturing art...capturing hearts. Lovely btw.


Love him!!


I drove to OR from WA for this event and camped next to a small river. Weather was perfect and it was an incredible experience


https://www.manderstudio.com/ He's a great artist and photographer


He’s my friend I just messaged him that he’s trending! He’s amazing! He paints murals too.


Yeah lost touch as I dumped Facebook etc, sad


Are you from GP?


Me nah, New Zealand


Well this is lovely.


This. Is. Amazing. Thank you.


When was this?


August 2017


Thank You


Beautiful, and thank you for crediting the artist!


This is so amazing and it does remind me with a verse from the Quran that says: And (think over the phase of) the moon, We have determined its various mansions, so that (after traversing these mansions) it returns (to the stage when it appears) like an old dry twig of a palm-tree. *Chapter 36 - Yasin - verse 39*


ANOTHER MEANING and [in] the moon, for which We have determined phases [which it must traverse] till it becomes like an old date-stalk, dried-up and curved


Reminds me of this verse in the Holy Bible: "And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven." Deuteremony 4:19


How does the moon cut his hair?


What the actual fuck. Well done.


Absolutely beautiful




I was in Columbia, SC for my dad’s birthday when I saw one. It was a time for sure


Its a lot of species that’s amazing


I was also in Oregon for it, was a hell of a thing to see


i remember when there was a total where i live a few years back. definitely one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.


The photo is cool but damn thats an awesome name lmao


He has a even more beautiful soul. He did my engagement photos.




Welp, guess I got a new wallpaper


Sorry I'm dumb, is this the moon blocking the sun? Ty.


Yeah the moon passes between the sun and the earth and creates a shadow on the earth


Yes! It almost totally blocks out the light. You can look at the sun with a naked eye (provided you’re in totality) and it is quite a sight to behold.


Was this from 2018? I drove 4 hours from Washington to experience it.


I think it was August 2017


Amazing. So this was taken over the course of how much time?


Oh that’s so cool can’t wait to get. Shitty tattoo of it across my shoulders/s






This is a really beautiful edit


That's a great name.


When was this?


Drove up to Wyoming from the Denver area to see this. So did a everyone else. 2.5 hr drive up there, 8 hour drive back. Worth it though. It really was amazing.


Oregon eclipse festival was dope. Middle of ochoco state park.


This was my desktop wallpaper a few years ago. It really is lovely.




Hey! That's the same moon I can see!! (Not sarcasm) I just think it's cool that we all see the same moon


Well *someone* had hippy parents.


I won’t forget how quiet everything got. Also everything looked like super high definition with the light right before and after. Shadows were an absolute trip


This belongs on r/wallpapers


Another person recommending seeing a total solar eclipse at least once in your life! I saw this one in Oregon in 2017 and flew down to Chile in 2019. You'll meet a lot of eclipse chasers if you travel for them and it can be really fun :) I was in the mountains in the Elqui Valley in the middle of fucking nowhere after taking a sketchy dirt road that our rental car only just managed, but there were other people around! My biggest piece of advice is to find a place along the path of totality that has predictably clear weather. Niagara Falls will be in the oath of totality in 2024, but in April it's not unlikely for it to be overcast.


It passed right over my friend's parent's house in Amity. Really makes you feel like you're on a giant ball


I was in the dead center of where the totality path was. It. Was. EPIC!!!!


The dead centre shot looks similar to the University of Oregon’s “O” and I think that’s amazingly appropriate.


Is this a dark souls 3 reference?


This is so beautiful


That's my homie!!


cool pic but just now posted from 2017 🤪


Excuse me, is there a jasman-photographer who manders loins? Or someone just forgotten how to use capital letters?


Looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing


I want this tattooed…


It would be quite a memorable sight to view that many orbs all together. Perchance to dream.




I saw this on mushrooms on an Indian reservation. It was the most surrealistic thing I've ever experienced.




I forgot that eclipse and the blood moon like why is no one talking about these anymore I remember the eclipse around 2013 and literally everyone was talking about it.


Absolutely incredible!


I remember hearing about farmers having to kick people from out of state off their property lol. So many people came to watch the eclipse that every hotel room in central Oregon was booked. So people stayed in their cars on any open field they could find.


If that’s real I’m legit scared


That is a keeper picture, would love to have one


very nice 👍 spectate!