It’s supported by when tobirama said “elder brother thought of the village as something that would eliminate the framework of clans”


well, yes and no. Tsunade, Nawaki, the entire Uzuamaki clan (although they got wiped out) are proof that "senju" still existed. But them not ever mentioned is plot. Uchiha got all the wank, as people say. Even if senju gave up their names, genes are VERY prominent in Naruto, there should've been a bunch of super strong characters with great durability, lifeforce, healing, etc that indicated they were of senju descent. Honestly, we might as well say that the Uzumaki were the senju replacement, considering how we don't see any of the senju actually having notable traits (other than hashirama, who also got wanked hard). If you think about it, the "senju" feats are all applied to the uzumaki...life force, large chakra pools, not dying immediately from jinchuriki extraction. We don't hear anything like that or proof of that for the senju. Hashirama is a reincarnate, and he's freaking hashirama so he has all the buffs. Tobirama has chakra, but he's just a strong character that you could believe has that even if he wasn't a senju. Tsunade has lots of chakra(?), but she doesn't have senju perks, she only gets that with the 100 healings, not naturally.


they just become normal villagers and unknown shinobi.


They died out in the 1st and 2nd War. Lady Tsunade is the last Senju


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