What character do you think smells the worst?

What character do you think smells the worst?


Kiba constantly smells like dog piss/wet dog. I can almost guarantee out of this list he stack as the worst.


Jugo is up there too though, before sasuke let him out he lived in a cage killing everyone around him and probably smelled like a rotting corpse, plus I doubt he brushed his teeth and can only assume he ate the dead bodies that hadn’t gotten too bad


Shino likely smells relatively normal, I have no idea what a bug hive smells like and can only assume he’s fine Choji would have the heavy-set person smell which as long as he showers regularly wouldn’t be bad Jiraiya 100% smells like hookers, drugs, alcohol and smoke Sasuke and naruto would smell like when you get back home after working out for an hour but multiplied by like 3 or 4 days. Kiba smells like a wet dog/ dog piss And jugo would smell like rotting flesh considering his living conditions and hobbies before he met sasuke


I imagine Choji smells like lavender.


Naruto knocked out Kiba with his smell


I feel like choji would prolly smell the best, he probably tries to consider his stature


his image was one of his biggest insecurities so it would make sense he tries not to smell like BO


kiba and naruto bcs i think naruto didnt change his tracksuit for years


even Naruto said kiba smelled like dog


Kiba literally has a dog piss jutsu.