If Pain and Konan went to Konoha to capture Naruto instead of Itachi and Kisame in Part 1, how would it have went?

If Pain and Konan went to Konoha to capture Naruto instead of Itachi and Kisame in Part 1, how would it have went?


Universal pull


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8 inner gates


I don’t think Guy would go into the 8 inner gates unless the village was at stake. And the post says they’re just going to capture Naruto. Also, at this point, nobody understands the gravity of the situation around the Akatsuki hunting jinchuriki.


7 gates Guy is not so weak and he can keep fighting at 7 gates for a while. He wrecked Kisame IN WATER with 6 or 7 gates. There is a reason Itachi told the rest of Akatsuki to beware of Guy. He looks stupid and absent minded at times but I would say he is in the top 3 shinobis in Konoha


To be fair kisame didn't had Samehada and the fact that guy was not throwing chakra at him was the ultimate counter to his absorb ability


I don’t see how samehada would make a difference considering guy only uses taijutsu


Lol, maybe the fusion eith samehadha wich is literally a sage Mode like boost. Full Power kisame is literally 7 guy Level if not stronger. And asking whats the difference between an Legendary swordsmen with or without his sword.. Sounds atleast Not smart, let it me put that way


Gates use chakra bro


I’m aware of that but Guy’s strongest movess like hirudora and asajaku aren’t chakra based


Does it use chakra? I thought the thing with the eight gates is that increases the chakra flow through the eight points.


It has to have some kind of expenditure since the user dies after the 8th gate. but even if it didn't expend it, samehada eats chakra and then there would be less flowing through the gates.


I thought the reason the user dies after the 8th gate is open is because they are literally sweating out their own blood from the physical strain that having that much chakra flow is putting on their bodies hence why they get enveloped in a red vapor.


Maybe. I thought it was metaphorical.


Guy accidentally hard countered Kisame by being a moron with good Taijutsu. I fucking love Guy


Who couldn't guy beat going 8 gates? He'd steam roll everyone in the series until he got to Sasuke and Naruto. I reckon he couldn't beat Madara or Hashirama. Healthy itachi? Obito? Maybe konan because of her ability to wait out guys 8 gates? She'd turn to paper and let him die. That more of a cheap disadvantage. Minato and tobi could wait out the 8 gates through teleporting. Idk if they could take him out though.


Ha gravity. Cause Pain.


Or Kurama would’ve taken over as he did in the actual fight and kicked pains ass again.


Only reason nagato was pushed that far was bc of triple sage mode Naruto beating his cheeks and then when he was finally able to get kurama to come out, it went hard. Also, the rest of the konoha 12 would have immediately been put in a shelter bc they were children, not chunin and jonin like during the real pain fight. So pain would have successfully taken Naruto bc no one aside from Naruto, even hiruzen, could have defeated all 6 pains. However, this whole argument gets negated if the unholy, shit flinging, logic defying, back breaking, six path one shotting beast of a man known as night guy appears.


Hmmm but thing is Nagato will probably have all 6 paths so he might be able to capture kurama


Definitely nope. Naruto already overpowered most of them and Kurama would be overkill.


Yeah but that's sage mode naruto. Kid naruto would get low diffed


Don’t forget about the weak seal. I don’t think kurama would be able to take over. Jiraya weakened the seal to give Naruto more access. Plus konan would probably just take Naruto and run. If we take the idea that Itachi was really loyal then he wanted to get caught. Konan would show up, knock Naruto out and fly away to rain. Leaf has No flying ninja.


Exaaaactly my guy


Sai can fly!


HMM. Could he in part 1? I know he was not in part 1. But considering His age is about the same as Naruto's. Was he skilled enough to do so? Do we know enough about his background to say that? But yeah i kinda forgot about sai's birds.


It's either or, we don't know. Meaning he is just as right as you are.


I know but Kurama is WAY more powerful then Sage Naruto and kid Naruto would probably not have the will to suppress Kurama so he’d most likely escape and demolish pain and the village


All of Pain’s summons working together can fight Kurama. I think they can even overpower him. Those things are almost the size of a tailed beast.


But at that point the entire village is on their ass and jiraiya summons the chief and co and replaces sage mode naruto. Same ending?


Sage mode Naruto is more powerful than Sage Jiraiya. Jiraiya isn’t a perfect sage. But maybe since Jiraiya would have back up and could see the pains abilities without being overwhelmed.


Tendo was confident of defeating kurama even after using CST, CT. His response after seeing 8tailed kyubi break the CT was - "guess I'll just have to make a bigger one". Tendo pain > sage Naruto with or without Kurama. Also Pain wanted to bring the 9 tails out of Naruto during his fight with him. If Naruto was not the student of Jiraiya (which at this point he isn't), he would wipe out the kid with triggering the tail beast and seal the best in the statue


Nah. Remember when sage naruto needed more chakra and went in and defeated kurama himself? Sage naruto is about as strong as his half of kurama.


Remember that Kushina had to help him with those Uzumaki chains? Also b and the 8 tails helped him too


They helped him, but he still did most of the heavy lifting. When Kurama fought Pain, Nagato was already at the limit of his strengh, coughing blood and everything, and he still managed to momentanealy hold nine tailed Kurama inside his Chibaku Tensei. If Pain was at 100% i think he had a fair chance at beating Kurama.


Brother all pain has to do is hold out his hand like war obito did and the chakra chains drag the bijuu out with a collar around their neck like butter.


Wasn't he already lowkey already exhausted after the big Shinra tensei that destroyed the village tho ? The fact that he did so well considering all this make the claim that Jiraya would have won with intel complete BS


But the seal wasn't so weakened yet, so nine tails could only do like 2 tails max


Kurama took o we later during the sasuke fight and kid sasuke was enough to beat it. Pain would just absorb the chakra or rip kurama out of naruto like madara and obito did with the rinnegan


One tail Kurama is not the same as 8 tails Kurama.


Kid naruto wasn’t able to go 8 tails kurama during the last fight with sasuke kurama wouldn’t give him anymore chakra.


It’s not about Kurama giving him chakra. I’m talking about Kurama breaking free


He could only do that because the seal was weakening he would be unable to do that here


No the seal was strong jirayah weakens it after they left the village all he did before is removed orochimarus


How would he do that ? He was basically left for dead at the valley of the end and Kurama didn't break free


The seal was still strong at that point


I think guy would've gotten to them before naruto even knew they were there, but even so I don't think kurama would've taken over.




The one tails would take over Garra in part one if he ever went to sleep so he almost never did. Naruto knocked him out in part one and Shukaku took over his body. Rewatch the Naruto vs Garra fight. Itssss so good. Honestly the biggest flex I’ve seen Naruto make without Kurama.


Omg this would have skyrocketed Lee into business, i like where this goes. Lee gets emotionally disrupted by Gui's death (Naruto can't save him this time), and joins Ambu to avenge his death. He gets augmented and can now rival with Naruto/Sasuke/Gaara levels of strength. Write the rest I'm lazy but you get the idea


He would have killed himself over a zombie? You know pain is not alive…..and can be summoned/brought back to “life” an infinite number of times by Nagato. At most he would have just killed konan and himself. Not a good trade for the leaf.


They wouldn’t know pain was a zombie or that the controller of the 6 paths was somewhere nearby


That’s even worse. They would have wasted chakra and or sacrificed themselves to “kill” a corpse.


Yea it’s a much worse situation but they’re also better equipped in terms of who’s still alive/in the village. They also figured out how to stop the pains so while I’m not convinced they’d find nagato they would be able to stop all of the paths.


It took them nearly 5 seasons to figure out the secrets of pain. Finding the bodies, getting a chakra rod and sampling it, a lot went into figuring out pain there is no way they can do it the moment they meet him. It took an entire village together to figure it out.


I think 7th gate would be enough


Tru . These guys aren't as fast as juubi madara .


Might guy is so wanked it’s insane. 7 gates is not being pain 😭


7 gates can dog walk any of the pains 1:1 outside of tendo, and he isn’t fighting alone. This isn’t Guy vs 6 paths of pain. It’s the entire leaf (this time including Guy) vs 6 paths of pain (+ this time including konan) rematch


There is a reason why 8gate fought Madara alone, they would have been more trouble than anything, same applies to this scenario so if they can't assist from a distance it would not help guy and without any intel he might get caught offguard by a bunch of scenario Even Jiraya *in sage mode* got jumped from behind and sage mode is supposed to amplify his senses (he also has two frog on his shoulder to alert him)


>There is a reason why 8gate fought Madara alone, they would have been more trouble than anything You mean the" trouble" the help of the two kages, the kamui caster and other supporters who Support guy to Land the first Hits on madara instead of Getting killed by Black orbs?


8 gates isn't even juubidara level either


Pain can just telekinesis grab guy and slam him like pain did hinata that made naruto go bijuu mode against pain.


7th or 8th Gate Gai would be too powerful for that.


Too powerful for what? Are you trying to suggest that guy is immune to the rinnegan?? 6tails naruto wasn’t immune to it, guy in 8 Gates broke his leg so he isn’t immune to damage. I have never seen anyone in the show that’s immune to rinnegan abilites. You think guy is immune to getting his soul ripped out?? Come on now.


I think Guy could outspeed universal pull, definitely at 8 and probably 7 Gates, he was dodging blows from Juubidara and we knew he’s faster than Pain. And Pain isn’t as durable as a near invulnerable, insta-healing Madara, so Guy won’t need to use as much force. The damage that he does take will be because of the side effects of 8 Gates, but he has the destructive power to take out all the bodies before that happens. Unfortunately he dies afterwards and because they have no prior knowledge of Pain’s abilities, Pain collects more bodies and attacks again.


Universal pull happens instantly, guy (8th gate) is near light speed but not even light is instant. There is a timer for universal pull, 5 seconds, that is more than enough for guy to punish but idk how he counters the first one into soul absorption or into stab with black rod and mess with guys chakra flow taking him out of 8 gates. All hypothetical.


No but now you’re pulling the most elite taijutsu fighter in the world TOWARDS you. Sounds like a bad idea. Especially if he’s in 7 gates mode.


When he’s being pulled he has no control of his movement, kakshi was being pulled and he pretty much scorpioned like how people do when they fall off a skateboard. Kakashi is faster than pain and he didn’t even try to taijutsu him while being pulled to him. Kakshi had a chain attached to a rock and I think that still failed in the end not sure how it ended but I know pain killed kakashi right after




It'll Sasuke chasing Naruto this time around (if he isn't killed instantly)


They need kyubi in the end so he most def wouldn't be killed.


He meant assuming sasuke isn’t killed instantly. Pain might not spare sasuke the way itachi did


You think Itachi would let his orokanaru otouto yo die and his village destroyed by the hands of the same organization he infiltrated to protect his brother and village.


Itachi solo/s


He’d die when it’s extracted.


Nah they would extract 9 tails soon as he at the hideout


They could only do that if they extracted the other 8 first


Nah Han was the first to be extracted and garra was the 3rd I think


I'm fairly certain that they had to be extracted in order, but may have captured others before gaara and held onto them. I may be mistaken but I thought that was the reason they hadn't gone after bee or naruto yet. Otherwise it would've been smarter to grab them since they were arguably the strongest jinchuriiki*?


They were extracted and sealed madara was the one who sealed them in order. Ya it was required to put them in order for the 10 tails but not to seal them in general. That's y madara sealed them again cus they weren't sealed in order


Ah OK that makes sense thanks for the clarification. Not sure why I got down voted for the last comment though I was just replying with my understanding. Whatevs


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Yo alt timeline where Naruto gets yoinked by itachi and kisame and sasuke trains with jiraya to become a sage to save him (maybe akatsuki isn't ready to extract the 9 tails for another 3 years)


That actually sounds cool as fuck


It's interesting, how the frog sage mode eyes will stack with sharingan


Sounds straight outta a fanfic. You sure you didn’t get the idea from there?


They would’ve gotten the job done already.


Yeah the rinnegan is boosted. Stab everyone with black rods and they can’t do shit to you.


Unless it's used by sasuke


Or teleport and track every tiny movement, unless it’s sasukes rinne-sharingan and your opponent has the body of a 12 year old.


Is this the same time that Itachi and Kisame came originally? If so, the village is in deep trouble. The village is at a fraction of its strength from the Orochimaru attack. The Third is dead and Tsunade isn’t back yet. But I think there’s a pretty good chance of survival in the following scenarios: 1). Guy opens the 8th gate. Fairly likely to happen if he realizes how much danger the village is in. 2). Itachi returns. I’m not really a fan of people wanking this guy, but I think he and Jiraiya together should be able to take Pain, especially with Kakashi, Guy, and the adult InoShikaCho trio backing them up (not to mention Itachi probably has the intel that they didn’t have in the original story). And I’m sure he would break his cover to defend the leaf if he knew someone like Pain was actually going to attack. 3). Naruto gets to the eight tail. This one seems less likely to me since he’s younger and weaker and will likely be incapacitated before getting this far, but he can still do a lot of damage or at least prove a very useful diversion if he does get that far.


Because of people wanking Itachi the general attitude has shifted towards underpowering him for some reason, but yeah he can definitely take on Pain.


A Jiraiya and Itachi versus Pain fight would be off the chain!


I really like this theory, if integrated into the show I think it would be a long arc.


This Itachi wank narrative has gotta stop. It was cool 10 years ago now it’s just severely overused. That being said, the dude can take out Pain no question


There’s no way Kakashi and co would be able to trust Itachi. You are wishfully thinking right now.


Then we wouldn't have Naruto Shippuden XD


Right after Orochimarus attempt? The end.


The village would be gone, Jiraiya still would have gotten turned into a pin-cushion, and odds are everyone would have been dead.


If jiraiya is in the village Tsunade could potentially keep him alive.


Tsunade was not in Konoha and still had her fear of blood back then.


They say that lie it would be jiraiya 1v6 again. Jiraiya and guy alone can duo the 6 paths tbh add the entire village and the only way they lose naruto is if konan gets him before anything goes down


Didn't Pain solo the entire village sans team Guy and Jiraiya?


Jiraiya and guy are also the hardest counters to Pain (guy with taijutsu and jiraiya being a sage and near identical replacement to SM Naruto)


Naruto, a better version of Jiraiya, with all the intel in the world and enough prep time to rival Batman, lost to a fatigued Pain that just came from negging the entire village. I fail to see how Jiraiya and Guy are hard counters to him when Jiraiya, and someone better than him, were already defeated, and Pain showed he is relative to Sage More Naruto in terms of reaction time.


Pain doesn’t get fatigued. Their bodies are dead. Nagato wasn’t exerting himself until Naruto got there. You’re right that Pain > Naruto and Pain Jiraiya, but those were both solo fights. This isn’t a solo fight


You know what I mean when I say Pain. I obviously mean Nagato funneling his chakra into Pain. And yes, when you go through an entire village and wreck it, you will be fatigued. He literally used his second strongest jutsu, what you mean he didn't exert himself?. Yeah, but Pain has also shown he can do well in group fights. His lower level pains easily clear jonins by themselves. Imo, Tendo pain + another combat pain solo Jiraiya and Guy, especially if it's the summoning one. Pain is too versatile to be rendered useless by just numbers, especially when you remember no one has intel on him.


You forget, Tsunade wasn’t there yet.


I disagree. Guy, Kakashi, tsunade, jiraiya, Asuma, and I think Itachi might pull up for sasuke’s safety. All of them should be able to beat pain


don't forget the ramen guy, kid tenten, and drunk lee lol


While I read most of the thread. I'm not sure I saw anything about the Foundation. I feel like Danzo would have had Naruto confined or killed if needed.


That's very realistic, seeing as Tsunade wasn't Hokage yet so he could've made the executive order with the village elders to do it


Guy will just pull 8 gates


Everyone just makes it seems like Guy can pull 8 gates out of his ass without any repercussions. It’s not a Super Saiyan transformation. He will die.


True. He pulled it in the 4th Great War because he was trying to rescue the entire world. I’m not sure Guy would have resorted to 8 Gates to save Naruto in Part 1


Considering that Guy and co do not know what the Akatsuki want from Naruto (besides the 9 tails, the Leaf village do not know that they want to commit infinite tsukiyomi on the world) So they will probably hold back from saving Naruto, especially after Leaf’s recovering from Orochimaru.


And yet Kishimoto retconned the inevitable death with Ninja Jesus. Till this day, I'm not sure why Naruto was only able to heal that one time (or two considering Kakashi). Was it due Hagoromo's seal (or rather Naruto's whole arm) being blown off?


Yeah. He was only able to do that with the six paths of light seal.


And die 🗿


Even if he uses 8 gates, pains might be defeated but nagato will still be alive


Kakashi, asuma, and kurenai all would've died


Kishimoto would have pulled more plot armor out of his bum to make sure the story goes on. That is the Naruto way, 😂


Plot armor, you say? Very well. Shikamaru!


This is more like the boruto way.


Nah, it's the Naruto way


boruto has way less plot armour than naruto wym


They don't really have that much plot armor in Boruto tho


Tbf Itachi wouldn’t have let that happen. He only went to let the elders know even though Lord 3rd was dead he was still there and they better keep their promise of keeping Sasuke safe


Exactly this, I was gonna say the premise makes no sense, they weren’t there to get naruto, just to flex on Danzo and the elders


What the fuck is Itachi gonna do to Pain?


I mean pain listened to obito and obito wouldn’t fuck with Itachi sooo. They literally waited on the man to die before they attacked the leaf village.


Nah, man- Pain would’ve folded Itachi. Same with Obito. Their feats are infinitely above alive Itachi.


Read what I said. Pain wouldn’t disobey Obito, and Obito wasn’t betraying Itachi. Obito slaps the shit out of Pain.


To be clear: do you think Itachi would’ve been able to stop Pain?


That's what it sounds like the only reason Obito listened to Itachi was just out of respect not fear Obito kills Itachi pain kills him without breaking a sweat.


No I don’t. Like it would’ve took a completely healthy Itachi and atleast Kisame to even come close


…he’s basically saying Obito wouldve stopped Pain


Assuming everybody’s in the village, I see Pain losing, at least during the initial attack. A 7 gates Guy, Sage Mode Jiraiya, Kakashi and the other Jonin should be able to fight him long enough for Kakashi, Shikaku and Shikamaru to figure out the secret behind the bodies. Worse case scenario is Guy has to use 8 gates and kills the Pain bodies, they still figure out the secret, and they find Pain or make him retreat while they fortify their defenses. If Pain gets away but Jiraiya survives, that should be enough to stop him if he tries again. I don’t see both Guy and Jiraiya dying against him fighting together, so as long as one survives they should be able to stop him the next time, assuming they figure out his secret.


Konoha gets destroyed or Might Gai opens the 8th Gate and dies lol


Kakashi would die cause itachi wouldn’t be there to stop them from killing him, Guy goes into 8 gate rage, Show would be a mess


Nope,I don't think so they would have an encounter in first place,as we know both Pain and konan have sensory abilities .They would easily detect Kurama's chakra, would track him down and then they won't even bother to fight anyone .Guy would not even get the chance to unlock 8 gates as they would easily run away(if there goal is just Naruto).Also Guy won't directly open the 8th gate as he would l not abe ware of there threat therefore he would try to handle the situation by using 5th or 6th gate first. There is also a possibility that Guy would get defeated/knocked downby the duo if Pain quickly handles Guy before he uses 8 inner gates.It all depends on Pain,if he would want to fight with them then he would be fucked up,if he would handle the situation real quick then not.


Failure would've meant end of Akatsuki.


Kurenai will kill both of them using her genjutsu like she did with Itachi! Never forget xD


Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Guy together could take Pain, especially throwing in the other leaf Jonin and surprise 9 tails mode from Naruto


Sage Talk no Jutsu.


They sure as hell would not have been as polite as Itachi, and Kakashi/Jiraiya would have gotten their cheeks clapped.


Itachi knocked pain leveled the village


They would have got them and started a war lol


Naruto gets captured but they can't take Kurama until he is the last one. While keeping Naruto imprisoned either Pain or Konan start talking with him and one of them eventually realizes that their plan is kinda insane.


Talk no jutsu never fails


Considering that the Leaf was still recovering from the attack by the hidden sand and sound, probably not well.


Actually It would have brought many victims but they would not be able to catch him because of Jiraya Guy Kakashi, old Inoshikacho and who else is around in the city


Itachi would've told them already, and they would've been ready.


People need to know that by the time backup arrives to save Naruto, Pain would be gone with Naruto + Konan with the distraction


Probably the scariest timeline


Itachi doesn't give Konoha intel on Pain abilities? Konoha is fucked. Itachi gives Konoha intel on Pain abilities? Pain and Konan are fucked.


The show wouldn’t be called Naruto anymore


Too many OGs in the village. Guy was there and Jiraiya whilst Konoha had one of its most capable generation of students in Naruto, Sasuke, Neji and Lee with Kakashi not being chopped liver himself with the original Ina-shika-cho still being around. It's actually amazing that pain felt confident enough to attack Konoha with a 7 man cell. I think using Itachi was more tactful because he knew the village and how to get out easier than most people with Kisame being the muscle for escape.


By the time backup arrive, Pain and Konan would be gone


They would have fucked up the village unless Might Guy pulled the 8 gates


Jiriaya and 8 Gates Guy might be able to carry the fight


Bye bye konoha


Naruto would've ended.


I mean, it would have likely destroyed the village and killed many people, but I don’t think they’d be able to get him. Remember how stacked the Leaf is, compared to other villages. At this point, they have Jiraiya, Guy, Kakashi (with his Mangekyo and kamui), and all the various Jonin in the village. Sure, Kakashi isn’t as good with his Sharingan as he is in Part 2, and Guy probably wouldn’t use 8 Gates. But even a weakened Kakashi and 7 Gates Guy, teamed up with Jiraiya could probably take on Pain and Konan. Idk though, it’s iffy


I think jiraiya and kakashi would actually defeat them cause jiraiya got near to beat them by himself and kakashi can kamui konans paper away


It would've went in the same way. You gotta remember that it's a show and you gotta do certain things to keep it up and running. Pain would also leave doing some small stuffs and leave otherwise how would the show go for 700+ episodes.


Plot twist : konan gets the information that naruto is an uzumaki, she asks pain, Nagato was an uzumaki, pain breaks up in to piece only leaving both of them to remind them of they’re friend


There would be no Shippuden, the series would’ve ended here.


Everybody dies as the only one confirmed to be strong enough to fight them off by this point would be Jiraya as he's implied to have always known sage mode before p2 while kakashi doesn't even have magekyo. Guy might be able to help him if he can open the 8th gate by this point and he likely can. but they probably get mopped up


Would escalate to all out battle and Pain and Konan would be killed, taking lots of villagers lives along with them. Sage Jiraiya + Guy 7 gates (don’t want him to die :( ) + Kakashi + backup could likely handle Pain. This is assuming they don’t do things stealthily though


No way Pain dies just like that. He's crazy strong.


He definitely is, but I feel like he’s up against too much firepower. Sage Jiraiya on his own did decent enough. I just can’t see Pain solo-ing the leaf like that.


In this hypothetical, Konoha wouldn't have the knowledge about the 6 paths that they did in the canonical Pain's assault, since Jiraiya hasn't infiltrated Amegakure yet. That should give Pain a big advantage. Of course, Guy is around this time, but at the same time, Tsunade and Shizune aren't and Sakura hasn't trained yet, so healing wise the village is kind of fucked comparatively. Konoha Crush had just happened so the village is a mess already and there's no hokage. Could see Pain taking this unless guy goes eight gates.


Good points.


Guy goes 8 gates. Smashes the paths of pain. Dies. Nagato resummons the paths of pain...


I'd contest that, but more than that, if they're there for an extraction mission they wouldn't go up against the entire village. Sneak in, secure Naruto, sneak out. Well within Pain and Konan's wheelhouse.


Pain Kills Kakashi Asuma and Kurenai, Guy shows up if he doesn't pull out the eighth immediately he dies, Pain blows up the leaf village and chases after Naruto encounters Jiraiya and kills him, and captures Naruto locks him up until its time to seal him BUT Itachi would save Naruto(as Sasuke is dead) and starts to train him to defeat Pain eventually Itachi and Naruto would fight Pain and win in a hard fight as both Naruto and Itachi are very hurt, Obito shows up and leaves the rest of the akatsuki to kill Itachi, Nine tails gets sealed Obito becomes the ten tails host and cast the infinite tsukuyomi


Itachi would have been pissed and fought them maybe even killed them


pain is stomping itachi lol


I really doubt it. Itachi who still was quite a distance away from the worst of his failing health was the strongest Leaf allied shinobi alive at the time with Hiruzen dead. Dont @ me with Jiraiya and Guy because they are NOT stronger nor faster than Itachi at base (Jiraiya needs Sage Mode and Guy needs the Gates) and if Jiraiya could hold his own then there's significant evidence that Itachi with a Sharingan could too. Pain's stealth advantage with invisible summons goes out the window the second any legit dojoutsu user actually comes up. Not to mention neither Jiraiya nor Guy have the intel on Pain's shared vision yet, which Itachi likely did have at the time. The odds significantly go in favor of the Leaf if he's around to fight with them since the Leaf gains the the only other Mangekyou user at the time. I understand that the Itachi favoritism in the community turned a lot of people against him but it still ain't right to underpower him as if he was some fodder since he was the strongest character introduced in Part 1.


Wait i thought they weren't serious about capturing naruto that time.


No Itachi was only there to check on the village and flex that he was still alive and to make sure Sasuke was alive since his deal was with the 3rd, the attempted kidnapping in the hotel was probably for shark boi since he's actually loyal, Itachi probably figured Toad perv would come back and do some toad stuff and he would use that as an excuse to run.


They wouldn't be able to enter without raising the alarm, I think we've seen what happens when these two come knocking to get naruto


Was there a reason given that it wasn't them? What were they doing at the time


They were busy not being created in the story yet