What was the point of this character?

He was Jirayas clone? What was the point? This led to nothing. I don't even remember if Naruto ever found out there was a Jiraya clone alive.




Hey you copied me


He used the Sharingan on us.


I didn’t


I know


Let's the audience see some more frog attacks one last time?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't he created by Ukyō Kodachi? It seems like after Kishimoto took over writing he was quickly forgotten about.


He cant be Jiraya's Clone! No perviness No Jiraya's Clone. Period


Ummm… He’s in the new Boruto leaks… he is, if the panel that showed him and sasuke together with no dialogue is correct, the one who trained Boruto in the time skip. Sasuke, Kajin and Orochimaru seems to have trained this kid


This shit is not true


So maybe you have not seen the new chapter and the leaks for chapter 3 that already releases lmao. Boruto learned how to rasengan nagashi basically… and learned everything about the ten tails even more than sasuke knew


Yeah chapter 2 isn’t out yet but chapter 3 already leaked? Sure bud


Please dm the source you’re looking at for chapter 3 because I have not seen a single thing on 3 and 2 just got leaked so


Just leaked? The entire manga was leaked yesterday not even just a few pages


Chapter 2 just got leaked


You claimed the clone was in the leaks, and he isn’t


Where have you seen this lol


Oh, interesting


No it's not true


LOL What meth-head wrote this? 😂😂😂😂😂 where on earth did you see any of that? A fanfic? Kojin is LOOOOONG dead fam, Jigen bodied him. I think youre confusing him & Amado but even then your ramblings make zero sense


Kojin survived the Jigen fight


Yeah and so far he hasn't reappeared.


There was literally promotional material and leaks showing him next to Boruto and Sasuke…


You got the link for it?


Koji literally teleported out of there and lived moron


Nostalgia baiting. It says something that Boruto's best moments mostly comprise of characters from the original series or Shippuden.


And they didn't even do THAT well. I admit I can be a sucker for some nostalgia bait. But... it wasn't particularly fun. They took everything awesome and familiar about the character and tossed it. They killed any potential for a reunion which might have been the biggest reason for wanting Jiraya resurrected. And it didn't even make sense for them to clone him in the first place. There was nothing special about Jiraya's body that cloning would have been a solution for. Frog sage stuff isn't innate. It's taught. So they coulda just had some other random dude and taught them that.


I mean, it makes sense that a clone or descendants of someone known to use sage jutsu is more likely able to use it than just a random person. We know failure to master sage mode has consequences that affect the body, so in fact, there could be something special about jiraya's body that makes him less susceptible to the negative effects.


Amado admired Jiraiya’s personality and created Koji as a result. Not just about his abilities


Every great moment in Boruto is when Naruto and Sasuke are still the ones saving the day.


Kishi should have had the balls to write an original series instead of dragging Naruto through the mud. Literally nerfed Naruto and Sasuke to hell just for the plot work


He did write an original series (Samurai 8). It tanked.


For now 😂😂


That's a damn lie lmao.


Bad take. Username checks out the same too.


Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki is peak. Pure choreography, zero needless talk or filler, our beloved characters going all out WHILE having to work they way around ninjutsu absorption.


Exactly and they barely do that right


The only 2 best moments that didn't involve old gen characters (imo), r when Team 7 fought Boro and Sarada vs ChoCho


The Boro fight is still made memorable by relating to moments and callbacks to the original series (Sarada honing in and developing her sharingan and showing off her first real Chidori, innate coordination between Uzumaki and Uchiha).




To defile the Naruto world just a little bit more


bUt ClOniNg iS sUcH a cOoL iDeA!¡ wE cOuLd hAvE oUr OwN cLoNe WaRs


It's not even that cloning is so far beyond anything in Naruto when we had dudes that could summon other dudes from the dead. The thing for me personally that makes this as bad as it is, was that Jiraiya specifically couldn't be Edo Tensei'd since his body fell so deep in Amagakure that Kabuto couldn't collect any bits of him, but whoever created this clone just...found some Jiraiya DNA somewhere? edit: you don't how how happy it makes me that there are so many Jiraiya jizz jokes in my inbox right now.


I mean… theres probably Jiraiya DNA in every bed for rent in Naruto world, just need blacklight spencer gifts jutsu to find it. Not to mention all the scrolls stuck together; we shouldn’t pretend no one could find Jiraiya DNA.


Boi you know he kept them stuck together scrolls in his own pack... for personal reasons


I always found the excuse weird since , isn't Kabuto in league with Akatsuki at this point . Couldn't Kabuto ask Kisame to go down there and get it or Kisame already dead by the time this alliance happened?


Hmm that's a good question honestly. I don't remember exactly when Kisame sacrifices himself vs when the war kicks off. I was reading Naruto weekly back in the day so I haven't read it in foreverrrrrr, it woulda been nice to get some actual explanation for why Kabuto couldn't retrieve at least a part of the body.


Technically, the Edo Tensei body also functionally immortal. He could get any one of them especially the random criminals , like the magnet shuriken , to dipped out of the war and retrieve the body.


I just looked up when Kisame died and he dies right before the War kicks off while Naruto is training with B at the toad mountain, so it's absolutely "possible" that in universe i think Kabuto could've sent someone down there. It's just ridiculous to imagine that a top 3 ninja intellectlike Kabuto didn't think of anything, only for whoever created Koji to be like "yeah I just found some Jiraiya dna"


Yeah, that part is messed up in all sorts of ways


I’m sure Jiraya left his dna a lot of places. Brother showed up to fend off Kisame and Itaci with a chick on each arm.


> *found some Jiraiya DNA somewhere?* It would be difficult *not* to run into Pervy Sage's DNA in several red light districts.


I can just picture Amado rading Jiraiya's old home for his jizz.


"Surely he came on SOMETHING in here right???" - Amado or whoever probably idk


Jizz lol


You have no idea how badly I wanted to put jizz instead of DNA looooool


Well his blood was definitely in Ame


That was actually my original thought, but with how it's eternally raining there I would imagine it did get washed away pretty soon after the fight.


I mean I didn't think it was a cOoL iDeA or anything, just thought it was interesting. I would have loved to see a world where Koji actually did something and interacted with Naruto Obviously wasn't jiraiya or anything but it would still have been interesting


This should be the top comment. lol. Boruto is soooo trash! How the hell do you go from Naruto (one of the greatest anime and my favorite anime) to that absolute mediocre garbage Boruto?


That's what happens when the main mind behind Naruto gives it over to his apprentices. Kodachi is just not the guy that should've been at the head of creative and writing decisions, though there was no way Kishimoto could've just "known that", but even now Kishimoto taking over the writing can't save it because he has to go with what was already written.


Kishi still isn’t credited for any writing on Boruto which means he isn’t actively writing it, Ikemoto is just using kishi’s original scripts and working off of that


I figured Kishimoto just had the basic writing credit for like the creation of Naruto and all that, but I thought I'd read recently that he took it over, but if I'm wrong about that then that's okay.


I’m talking about the manga specifically which he (to this day) only gets credit for supervisor. I find it hard to believe that Shuisha would not legally credit Kishi if he is in the studio every month writing for Boruto. Kinda like how Toei back in the 90’s asked Toriyama to draw up characters and give notes on each and story points for the dbz movies, so technically those are his works and creations but he didn’t have any direct active involvement in the films outside of that


That's fair, I'm only going off of what pops up on Wikipedia when you search Boruto, they credit Kishimoto as a writer, but like I said I would assume that is just because of his creation of the world of Naruto in general.


That's what happens when the main mind behind Naruto gives it over to his apprentices. Kodachi is just not the guy that should've been at the head of creative and writing decisions, though there was no way Kishimoto could've just "known that", but even now Kishimoto taking over the writing can't save it because he has to go with what was already written.


He was a bad attempt at scavenging some of narutos fans by bring back a fake jiraiya.


A cheap lazy attempt to get an audience.


Another character for Storm Connections


Calling it now, he's going to be the one who frees naruto from the time space place he's at. Just like jiraiya in that alternate story timeline.


Sounds dope as hell


Whats The point of boruto?


whats the point of life?


Optimistic nihalism


>nihalism I want to correct this, but it probably doesn't even matter, does it?


There is no meaning to life. We (all life on Earth) simply exist to pass on our knowledge/genetic information to ensure the survival of our respective species. An individual can give their own lives meaning/purpose but one doesn't exist inherently. As for how we came to be in the first place? Beats me. Science will give us the answer eventually but as of right now, we don't know for sure. At this point all we have are educated guesses. Theories. Unless of course you believe in intelligent design. Then we would have whatever purpose our creator(s) have given us and are here because it/they want us to be.


That's easy. It's the friends we made during the journey looking for a meaning to our lives and enjoying the happy moments. But really, the hard question, what's the point of Boruto?


You basically answered his question. The point of life is to keep moving forward and passing on your progeny and boruto does just that.


*Naruto GT.


This actually makes a lot of sense... Familiar characters with weird fashion sense? Familiar concepts that got turned into something weird? Off world shenanigans? New powers that feel sort of derivative of a dropped power from the original series (oozaru/cursed mark)?


He represents well being a ninja In the world that's constantly evolving He's the most basic out of all the Members of this group Because Most of his techniques are closer to what we would see in the previous Series Accept his Toad It's mechanical guys


He isn’t dead, or least the last time we saw him, he wasn’t dead. You can’t really ask what ‘was’ the point of him until after he is confirmed out of the story.


Also, his point was to weaken Jigen and expose the flaw of Karma...it can't absorb natural attacks.


So does he come back in the Dinosaur arc? Or is he due to come back later, like when the Leaf Village is being destroyed?


Hasn't been revealed yet. But when people die in Naruto and Boruto they're pretty clear they are dead.


I can see him being "fixed" by the scientist guy or delta or something and he just becomes a strong fighter for the good guys in the eventual boruto war arc


there is no dinosaur arc.


I am also disappointed by how his character was handled. I mean Naruto says to himself "He fights just like him" and then Naruto gets sealed and Koji barely alive so we never get something off this trope. Boruto sucks.


Koji still alive he prolly gon come back


Shock factor was most likely the main reason he was created


To stall isshiki basically


God Boruto sucks so much.


Nostalgia bait/shock value


To show how badass Jiraiya would be if he didn't get killed off confronting Pain.


What's the point of boruto


He couldn’t be reanimated so this was the next best option to bring Jiraiya back ig


Wait, they have the DNA to make a clone, why couldn't he be reanimated? Besides the fact it would need a living sacrifice for the Edo Tensei.


They can just capture some bozo


Looks like half-assed Batman.


He was rich tho soooooooooo he could be a half assed batman


I WISH he was a half-assed Batman.


I’m more curious why Amado chose Jiraiya of all shinobi to clone? I think it was hinted that Amado had some sort of connection to Jiraiya too. Hopefully it hasn’t been completely dropped and is explained further


Nostalgia purposes 🤷‍♂️ bait for OG fans


To push Jigen to the limit and expose Isshiki. Also, didn’t he kill Victor? Now, what’s the point of him being Jiraiya clone? To show us Amado is capable of cloning I guess?


here, corrected the title for you: "what was the point of this *series?"


Cheap nostalgia bait that leads to nothing. Perfect description of Boruto in general.


Like all of Boruto, there is no point.


I haven’t gotten this far into the show yet but he looks like bird man


To get our hopes up thinking this is Jiraiya😔




Fan service


To give us hope


nostalgia bait


Okay but who is this?


Would've went hard if he trained Boruto or something maybe turn on the leaf and having for Naruto to fight him or SOMETHING THEY HAVE SOMETHING GOOD THAT RELIES ON NOSTALGIA


I managed to watch the Boruto episode 1 for the first time, and never planned to watch the next episode because it might pissed me off




Trauma reactivation


Bait. To make us think. "Oh my god is jiraiya still alive???"


fan service


Try to make hype for a dying manga


To piss me off


Fan service. And I must say. Fan service in anime and manga never works to their benefit. Just creates disappointment


To collect some hype from Jiraya's Character


Pointless fanservice


Fan service


To make us believe for a tiny moment Jiraya might have survived…


To bait you into reading Boruto.


To bait the fandom with bs nostalgia


He will probably do something Jiraiya related next episode, but mostly it was probably because the writers decided Jiraiya would have the most emotional response. Because if it was me, I would have cloned someone like Hashirama or Minato, the proclaimed “strongest men of their era” when they were alive.


What’s the point of boruto…


It’s for the meme “Mom can we have Jiraya???” “We got a Jiraya at home.” Jiraya at home.


To survive long enough to force isshiki to revive into jigens body, Amado is too weak to do so but he's clever and smart enough to plan ahead for Koji to be able to do so successfully.


Nothing. Like most Boruto characters


I watched Naruto, But this one's art design make me cry.🤣


Dying, is he stupid? Jk, he actually had a pretty neat and necessary role in both advancing story and establishing motivations. (in manga canon, I don't watch this shit). If you actually care to know: First, advancing the story. He is the one who caused the airship which Kawaki was on to crash, and unironically set the main plot in motion. He's also the reason which Kawaki is not retrieved by Jigen immediately, as he's intentionally sabotaging every effort (as we see when does nothing while Naruto fights Delta). His final act is the most important, where he brings Jigen so close to death that Isshiki is forced to activate the Karma's resurrection into Jigen's body. This does 2 things. First, it puts Isshiki on a timeclock. He has to get back to Kawaki before his imperfect vessel collapses because it can't handle so much chakra or whatever. Secondly, it removes Kawaki's karma so Kawaki is no longer on a timeclock (though it was later replanted, Isshiki can't use it to resurrect through it as far as we know now). And now, the "establishing motivations" reason. The main characters have no reason to trust Amado, or even know what is going on with Jigen if not for him and his Toad livestream.


Boruto is shit that's why


To show Amado's capability in cloning and given power to fight Jigen. Also, work as a surprise for audience and to make things interesting. Not sure if he gonna return, but the possibility is there.


To defy Jiraiya's "predestined" fate was the point of his character. Kashin Koji was sent into a battle that he was almost guaranteed to lose, just as Jiraiya had against Pain. But Amado wanted to cling to the possibility that Koji could change his destiny. In the end, Koji succeeded at killing Jigen AND managed to escape alive. He brought justice to Jiraiya and was pivotal in defeating Isshiki. Definitely one of my favorite Boruto characters. *Edit: reading the these comments makes me lose faith in this fanbase. Did no one pay attention to the story?


they didn't read it.


I mean we might get a meeting between the two later. His sabotage is the whole reason Kawaki met the cast to begin with. He also messed up Isshin and forced Ishiki to be on a time limit. Without his betrayal of Kara Ishiki could have gone after Kawaki at his leisure and Naruto wouldn't have been able to drain his lifespan to nothing like he did


Nostalgia bait for Naruto fans. It didn't work.


He'll be back chill


He was cool


He’ll be back, be patient with Kishimotos masterful storytelling.


I don't acknowledge Boruto so who gives a shit. If Ikimoto didn't care to uphold and respect the characters then why should I...


Better question: Why watch boruto when Naruto exists


Needed to hook fans of naruto into the concept of boruto


His character don't make any sense either. i mean just because he's Jiraiya's clone he automatically mastered all Jiraiya's jutsu? whoever wrote this clearly had no idea how cloning works. if you clone LeBron james the clone won't aucotmatically can play basketball. Also since he's mastering toad summon and all toads living in myoboku mountain how the fuck no one noticed there's this person who resemble Jiraiya keep summoning them? how come no one raise a fuss about it especially surely Fukasaku would know about this


To suck yo dick.


Basically a clone used to manipulate the kara everyone. Creating a scheme to get Naruto and Sasuke help with fighting Jigen/ishikki. And he has chakra registered in the leaf so he can easily infiltrate without any drama


He was there to force Jigen’s hand; quickening his decline which made him reveal his true form and attempt a new body swap immediately afterward.


Boruto is non-canon in my head




So if you are curious to know how they got jarayas dna, keep in mind that he visited brothels whenever he could. He was not shy about it in the least. It wouldn't be hard for kabuto to "acquire " some dna from one of the girls.


To nerf isshiki and end kara organisation. Most of his character point depends of amado's motives


What was the point? Someone powerful enough to 1v1 jigen and bring out isshiki from within him and that’s it if he survived that then cool.


Unpopular opinion: I think he’s cool af


I thought it was to trigger Jiden transformation.


Its definitiv better than giing back in time an bring him back this way


You know, you’d have the answer if you read it. Tl;dr for those of you that don’t care enough to find out: Clone of Jiraiya made by Amado specifically to defeat Jigen. Didn’t end up working, he disappeared inside of a frog just before he died. I imagine we’ll find out what happened to him the further into part 2 we get


Killing jigen


Oh, Naruto sub, you never change when it comes to salty questions that are answered by using more than 1 brain cell and watching/reading the source material


I’m hoping we’ll see him i. The time skip… but Naruto did recognize his fighting style, just didn’t have the time to actually put it together


He is hot. He doesn't need a reason to exist.


Anyone got any good ways to watch Baruto Dubbed all the way to recent episodes or is that not possible yet?


Give Kishimoto time. With any hope he’ll include him in the story again


I don’t think we’re finished with him yet.


Am I tripping? What's the point of asking a question like this when Boruto isn't complete yet? We quite literally have no idea what will happen. This is like posting a pic of Zetsu during the filler after Naruto vs Sasuke and saying "lol what a useless character, why do they exist?"


The shows not over lol


He will have bigger relevance in future chapters


What an awful show


Nostalgia bait. Basically half of Boruto’s marketing.


I think the writers meeting must have gone something like "Quick, people are losing interest in our poorly written cashgrab, how do we get them back?" "How about we stop nerfing old characters into oblivion and give the kids something more realistic to fight than literal god-level threats?" "Nah, you know what we need: A clone of a beloved character from a better anime that looks like him, has the same techniques but has none of the personality that made the original so appealing." "Brilliant!"


I was always happy they didn't edo tensei Jiraya. To bad anime just can't leave fan favorite characters alone.


I'm betting he warped into Orochimarus hideout. Or something like that


To take down jigen, Amado literally said it




Koji himself doesn’t know much about jiraiya clones in boruto work like the ones in Star Wars where they share the same skills as the original but have their own personality. In behavior and personality he was pretty much a anti jiraiya believing that ninjas are nothing but tools. He might eventually come back becsuse everyone things he is dead.


Rizz the women and drop Jigen


I’m thinking (hoping) he will come back and be a part of the storyline again.


Tsunade future boytoy hubby


anime-only fans glazing so hard


He is probably recuperating in the frog realm, since that's where he's was taken after isshiki beat half of him. Hopefully he helps Naruto!


Unknown at this time. In the first half he served as a the deus ex machina to force Jigen into abandoning his human form before he was ready. Anyone could have fulfilled that role in the first half though, so if that's it, then being a clone of Jiraiya really has no point. My guess is that he'll end up being the vehicle for a fully resurrected Jiraiya at some point. It's never really said whether he has Jiraiya's memories, but I imagine he'd be acting different if he did, so they'll likely get restored. Jiraiya's chakra is probably floating out there somewhere in a clone or frog... I don't know, but that's my guess.


He’s still alive so we don’t know if we’re done seeing him


He’s Jiraiyas and Tsunades love child


It was an attempt in the anime to show the level of amado's meddling that isn't present in the Manga. It was received as nostalgia-baiting and abandoned.


Didn't he escape? He'll probably come back eventually.


The point was that Naruto see Jiraiya dying again


So that the Naruto community would lose their minds apparently lol.


To cash in on some nostalgia and run jirayas name thru the mud one last time


Geralt, specifically at the masquerade party.


Lol he’s gonna come back… or he’s already back and been w boruto and sasuke this whole time. You just gotta wait cause this manga is shit and we only get 45 pages every month


Why did he inherit Pervy Sages Jutsu? Knowledge and memories wouldn't transfer in a cloning situation and justsu are learned anyway not passed down.


I hope he becomes something interesting but there’s just no way it’ll happen