**I have enclosed a Nami guide replying to this comment below if you need it** Firstly, let me establish what Nami's playstyle is and what her role is in lane. Nami is a lane bully by nature, who excels at harassing with her W and letting the bounce back of her W heal up the damage she takes during the trade. Your role in lane is to try to exert as much pressure onto the enemy ADC as you can without putting yourself at risk. This will come with experience as well as more Nami games. **How to be Proactive in Lane?** Everytime the enemy ADC looks to last hit a minion, try to harass them using E,W and autos. Never let them take a minion for free unless it put you at risk in doing so (I will cover more on this later). You need to pressuring them and making the lane hard for them, while making it easier for your ADC to farm safely with the pressure you have created. An easy way to land bubble onto ADCs is by waiting for them to go for a last hit, then when they are in aa animation, bubble them. This is because their champion cannot move during their aa animation, creating the perfect opening for a guaranteed bubble. This works especially well on cannon minions. **Vsing Enchanter Supports** There are 2 types of enchanter supports: healers and shielders. If you are vsing a shielding support such as Janna, Karma, Lulu etc. you will be at a sustain advantage. Look to harass them and mitigate their poke with your W. As you wittle them down, they will be forced to use their pots. Once they are out of pots, continue poking them so that they begin to feel pressured by the hp differences. If they try to walk up and poke while at a hp disadvantage, feel free to bubble engage them. An easy way to land bubbles is by empowering yourself with E, then either W or auto them to slow them before bubbling. When vsing another healer, your job is to conserve your mana as well as generate as much gold as you can through your support item. If both healers play well, it will be very hard to kill each other. As a result, you will be looking to pressure every cs and heal up the damage you take in doing so. The biggest advantage that Nami has against healers is her AoE hard cc bubble. If you can bait out their heal before engaging with bubble, it will usually result in a blown summoner spell or even a kill if you ADC follows up pre lvl6. **Vsing Engage Supports** These are usually the counters to most enchanter supports. Engage supports do not have sustain and are susceptible to poke. Knowing this, you will need to try and wittle down the engage support while not getting caught in doing so. Your aim is create a hp advantage so that the engage support will be too low to engage. Make sure to stay parallel with your ADC while poking with autos and W. Never toss out your bubble recklessly into these matchups unless the engage support misses their crucial skillshots, which is also your only opening to go in and safely poke. Engage supports usually for for Relic Shield or Runesteel Shoulderguard, meaning that they will be going up to hit minions in order to generate gold. Knowing this, you can punish them everytime you see them going to use their support item on a minion by poking them with autos and W. Your gameplan against engage supports is to survive lane. Outside of lane, you can provide peel for your teammates and also outscale them, rendering them not as effective as they would be in lane. **Vsing AP Mage Supports** Usually mage supports will outrange and outdamage you, but your biggest advantage that they don't have is sustain. Try to generate as much gold as you can through poking with W, and healing up the damage they do to you through your W bounce back. You want to try to wittle them down slowly while harassing the enemy bot laners. Once you have established a hp lead, you can play more aggressively and zone them off cs. In doing so, you must make sure not to get caught in their cc. Mage supports will have a hard time if they cannot get a full spell rotation onto you and even then, you can heal up their damage. I recommend getting early boots into these matchups to help you dodge their skillshots. **Lvl 2 Powerspike** One of the best ways to have a successful lane in bot is through the lvl 2 powerspike. If you and your ADC can hit lvl 2 before the enemy bot laners, and then use this abilities advantage to all-in them, you can usually blow summoner spells or even score kills. This will force them to play safe after their bad trade, allowing you to exert more pressure. To get lvl 2 faster, work with your ADC to damage the minion wave more than the enemies do, but not so much that it pushes too fast into them. You will hit lvl 2 off of the the third melee minion in the second minion wave. **Runes** I recommend the following setups (pick whichever secondary tree suits you the best): **Primary Options:** * SORCERY: Aery, Manaflow Band, Transcendence/Celerity, Scorch * RESOLVE: Guardian, Font of Life, Boneplating, Revitalise **Secondary Options:** * RESOLVE: Boneplating, Revitalise * SORCERY: Manaflow Band, Transcendence/Celerity * DOMINATION: Ghost Poro, Relentless Hunter * INSPIRATION: Magical Footwear/Biscuits/Cosmic Insight/Future's Market I would only for for the Guardian option when vsing Leona Lucian or Leona Draven, since Leona's E can pass through minions so there is no use hiding behind minions, and Draven and Lucian have very strong followup, making the lane harder to play into. What you can do into the Leona matchup is bubbling the enemy ADC when the Leona engages. This will prevent the enemy ADC from following up. **Items** Core Items: Athene's, Ardent, Mobility/Swifties Boots Other Enchanter Items: Redemption, Mikael's, Shurelya's, Twin Shadows Tankier Options: Knight's Vow, Locket of Iron Solari **Tips** * You can chain your ult and bubble together by R -> Q at the same time, to guarantee a long cc chain. * During your W or auto animation, before it hits an enemy, you can use E while your W or auto is still in flight and it will still empower that W or aa. This will maximise your E duration. Knowing this, you can then empower your ADC's abilities and autos in the same way. If you see their aa flying towards an enemy, E them so that the auto will slow the enemy upon impact. * For more kill pressure in lane, I recommend taking Ignite. Once you manage to bubble an enemy bot laner, try to Ignite them so that if the enemy ADC uses Heal, it will reduce the healing by 40%, giving you a greater chance to kill the opponent. **Nami guide posted replying to this comment below**


(Apologies, this got too long so Reddit stuffed up some formatting) ~ R U N E S ~ Aery is just too good to pass on Nami. If you can, try to stick with it. Here are some viable rune pages: - Sorcery: Summon Aery Manaflow Band Celerity/Transcendence/Absolute Focus * Scorch - Resolve: Boneplating/Second Wind ** Revitalise * This row is a personal preference. I take Celerity because it synergises well with the movement speed from her passive, helping me escape if enemies are chasing me. I don't really need Transcendence as Nami's build will give her 40% cdr regardless, but if you wish to hit the 40% cdr spike earlier, this is a viable option. Absolute Focus could be good as well since you are a healer, you will often be healthy enough to gain the bonus adaptive stats. ** Against heavy all-in champions such as Draven, Blitz, Naut, Thresh or if the enemy team has an assassin, I would go for Boneplating. If you are vsing another poke-heavy bot such as Caitlyn, Senna, Soraka, Sona etc. I would recommend going for Second Wind. I have found that I do okay with this rune setup into almost all matchups. Against hook supports such as Blitz, Thresh, Pyke and Naut, just make sure to stay behind minions and punish them with autos if they try to use their support items to execute minions. Save your bubble for disengage, never toss it out recklessly. Against other enchanter supports, using ur bubble for short poke trades is more forgiving, but it is still good to save for all-in and peel in case the enemy jg shows up. The only matchup that I would go Guardian is into a Draven Leona or Lucian Leona matchup. Since Leona's e can pass through minions, you can't hide behind minions and since Draven and Lucian have very strong followup, one misposition could lead to you burning flash or instadeath. You could also use this page if the enemy team has a heavy dive comp such as Irelia, Elise, Olaf etc. For this specific matchup, I go with Resolve tree primary, but the secondary tree differs according to personal preference: - Resolve: Guardian Font of Life Boneplating Revitalise/Overgrowth (Pick one of the following secondary trees) - Sorcery: Manaflow Band Celerity/Scorch Sorcery will resolve some of your mana problems in lane. I prefer Celerity to help me escape nasty situations, but Scorch may also be viable if you are confident in getting some quick poke safely. - Inspiration: (pick one from each row) ** Stopwatch/Magical Footwear Future's Market/Biscuits Cosmic Insight All these options are viable, it all comes down to personal preference. Personally, I'm not a fan of the Inspiration tree, but give it a try and see how you find it. - Domination: Ghost Poro Relentless Hunter Domination secondary is for an aggressive playstyle if you intend to roam as suggested by Relentless Hunter. In these dire situations where it's hard to win against a Draven/Leona or Lucian/Leona matchup, I will try to build an advantage elsewhere in river skirmishes or roams to mid. And finally, this is my favourite Nami rune page for full aggression and roaming potential. I would only recommend going this setup once you are familiar with Nami and are in a favourable matchup: - Sorcery: Summon Aery Manaflow Band Celerity/Transcendence/Absolute Focus Scorch - Domination: Ghost Poro Relentless Hunter This setup is aimed at aggression and making as many roams around the map as it is safe to do so. The Ghost Poro is amazing at getting vision after your wards die, ensuring that you will have longer windows of vision to see if a roam is safe to do so or not as you will spot out enemies that could be waiting to ambush you. Relentless Hunter is self-explanatory with the movement speed it gives to help with roams and rotations. For the three little stat runes at the end of each rune page, it depends on matchup. I prefer attack speed on Nami bc I play really aggressive and aa a lot, but you can go double adaptive or double defenses for harder all-in matchups. Don't go cdr or hp runes as they scale with lvl and supports lvl slowly: Against enchanters or poke mages: Attack Speed Adaptive Force Armor/Magic Resist Against all-in supports: Attack Speed Armor Armor/Magic Resist ~ S U M M O N E R S P E L L S ~ - Flash is a must. You are immobile, Flash can save you. Plus, you can also go for a fancy flash bubble play if you're feeling confident as a bonus - Ignite is very good on Nami as it matches her aggressive playstyle and adds kill pressure to the enemy. It also acts as a counter the the enemy ADC's heal, so if you can burn your ignite for the enemy ADC's heal, it's always worth it since ignite has a lower cd than heal - Exhaust is taken if you want a more passive approach or if there are many dive-heavy/assassin champions on the enemy team. I normally don't run with this spell, it's a bit too passive for me, however, exhaust can also help with landing your bubbles ~ I T E M S ~ - Starting Item: You should look to go for Spellthief's Edge in most circumstances, unless the enemy outpokes you such as Brand, Zyra or Vel'koz support. In those situations, going for a Relic Shield is not a bad option either. In all-in support matchups, you will still have windows to poke them for gold, so it is viable to keep Spellthief's Edge. - First Recall: On a normal back, I would usually go with: Tier 1 Boots (Nami is immobile so boots will be her only form of escape, try to prioritise boots to help with dodging skillshots and movement) 1 or 2 × Faerie Charms (all your support items will build from Faerie Charms, so it doesn't hurt to stack a few as it also provides mana regen) 1 × Control Ward 1 × Health Potion (I usually wouldn't need anymore potions after my first recall as I will have enough mana regen to sustain my hp with w, but if you feel that you need one, by all means buy one) On a recall where some kills happened bot and you have a good amount of gold, look to buy: Mobility Boots/Swifties * Forbidden Idol or Chalice ** Control Ward/s * I prioritise Mobility Boots as my playstyle prompts a lot of roaming, but if you want to stay in lane with a more passive approach, a Forbidden Idol or Chalice are also viable. ** If you find yourself struggling against an AP poke mage, or maybe you are vsing a Heimerdinger/Cassio/Syndra or other AP mages bot, feel free to get a Chalice for some magic resist. If you are rushing an Ardent Censor, go for Forbidden Idol. - Core Items: Boots Ardent Censor Athene's Unholy Grail Redemption Control Wards These are the standard enchanter support items that I buy on Nami almost every game. The order of buying Ardent Censor and Athene's can be swapped depending on the situation. I almost always go for a Redemption third. Never get Redemption as a first item since its active scales with lvl and so is best purchased as a third item. Late Game Item Choices: (pick two) • Knight's Vow: If someone on your team is doing very well and you also need armor, use this active item on them • Michael's Crucible: If they have a lot of cc, a crucible is a must-buy. Don't be afraid of the Harmony passive being cancelled by having double Chalice items, you don't need the health regen anyway because of your in-built heal in your kit and Redemption also gives you health regen • Shurelya's Reverie: If the enemy team does not have a lot of mobility but there are key spells that your team needs to dodge such as an Ashe R or Zoe bubble, use this defensively to dodge. If your team has great all-in and pick potential, use this active to initiate fights or chases • Twin Shadows: I normally don't buy this item, but if your team is just absolutely decimating the enemy team, a bit of AP never hurts and plus the active effect is good for spotting out invisible champions such as Twitch, Rengar or Evelynn • Locket of Iron Solari: If the enemy team as a lot of AOE spells such as Katarina ult or Fiddlesticks ult, this active can be great to block large amounts of damage ~ C O M B O S / T I P S ~ - QW / RQW / E aa QW aa aa - To help land bubbles easier, empower yourself with e so that your aa slows the enemy and then bubble them - When ulting, try to chain cc with ult and bubble together for a longer cc chain - When u aa, or when ur allies aa, while the aa animation is in flight, you can e yourself or your ally before the aa hits the enemy. This way, the aa will still be empowered when it hits the enemy and you will maximise the duration of your e. When watching your Ezreal toss his Q out, if you know it will hit, e him before it hits the enemy so that his Q slows them. When watching your MF, she tries to bounce her Q to the champion behind a minion, e her so her Q does even more damage and slows the target for some nasty damage. When your Caitlyn tries to headshot the enemy, e her. When your Lucian dashes in for a trade, e him before his double aa goes off, it will consume two of ur e charges with both aas etc. - If you mouse over Nami's W spell range indicator, you will notice multiple rings, with a inner ring and and outer ring. If you W yourself, the W bounce will have the range of the outer W ring and if you target W on an enemy, the W range will follow the inner ring. This means that your W will actually have a slightly longer range when you cast it on yourself bouncing towards an enemy. To do this, use alt+W for self-cast - The best time to bubble the enemy ADC is when they go for a last hit on a minion, since they cannot move during their aa animation. This works especially well with cannon minion last hits as we all know, ADCs love their cannon minions - When vsing a Draven, you can use his axes dropped location to predict where he will go and hence, bubble those areas - When vsing a Sivir, if you W + bubble her at the same time, her spellshield will only absorb the W since W travels faster than bubble, meaning that you can surprise bubble her even if she spellshields as the spellshield will only consume the W and not the bubble


Wow, thank you so much. It's really a amazing guide.


Well it always depends on the type of ADC you're laning with and what you're playing against. But generally speaking, I found success in trading with the enemies. For example, when the enemy ADC wants to go for a CS, he will be stuck in the animation for ~.5 seconds and in that time period you can cast W and do an AA and he will lose a good portion of his health. (This can also be done against Supports who need to stack their Support Item with CS, as long as you make sure that they cant engage you). When dealing with a harder lane, try to go for a triple bounce W. Hitting the ADC or Support first (depends on who can hurt you more), healing yourself with the lost portion of health and dealing damage to the other laner. For losing matchups, you can customize that play style by casting W on yourself while being in range of an enemy (and maybe heal YOUR adc aswell when he is in range). That's a very good tactic aswell. Idk how you play ingame, but I hope these general tips can help you improving your laning phase by trading. At least that's how I found success in rankeds (Overwolf states ~73% Winrate in the last 100 Games).