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Serious post, how can I voice my opinion about my opposition to NYS anti-2A laws? I want to know who I can write or contact, what to say, who to support etc. I currently support GOA and NYSRPA but I want to do more! Is there a peaceful rally we can put together and stand outside of Hochuls office and protest? I mean i can’t be the only one who likes NY state for its land and location but HATE the politics. Please comment with legitimate suggestions. Thanks in advance 🇺🇸


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The "rally" stuff is useless. The only thing they care about is reelection and funding to their campaign and slush funds. There were "rallies" in Albany after the safe act passed. Did absolutely nothing (of course) and then everyone who passed it was reelected with abysmal voter turnout in rural counties. In addition to the organizations you mentioned, you can write to your local reps. They might read it. If they're on the fence about a vote maybe it'll matter. But the votes in NY aren't exactly close...


I feel like there HAS to be a way, the people can’t and won’t let this blatant disregard of their constitutional rights continue forever right? And moving out of state can’t be the only option because if this continues in multiple states, who’s to say it won’t spread to a federal level and then BOOM, tyranny all over again…


Unless you have a shit ton of money, and can do some serious campaigning in NYC to turn the tide there, nothing will work. Our state is controlled by that cess pool, so as long as the propaganda machine is working there to keep votes blue, it'll never change. Hell even if votes go red, its usually some blue politician in hiding.


Win NYC you win the state. It's a sad reality.


Serious answer: [Find your NY State Senator](https://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator) and [Assemblyperson](https://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/search/). Research their positions. If their positions don’t suck encourage them to continue not sucking, and if their positions *do* suck get in touch with their staff. When they do something stupid send them letters / call the office / make an appointment to express your displeasure. Basically be one of the Karens you see in Town Hall Meetings on YouTube. If they keep sucking look at their opponents (including opponents in the primary elections) and work to replace them. Consider running yourself (though consider *local* office for that - and also consider contacting your county, town, village, city, etc. government). Tips: 1. Contact ***YOUR*** representatives. If you bother someone who doesn’t represent you their staff will usually forward the correspondence as a courtesy, and the receiving representative’s office will *maybe* consider it at a statistical level (strongly support, support, neutral, oppose, strongly oppose), but if you don’t know who your representative *is* you probably don’t vote often enough to cost someone an election so their chances of listening to you are significantly reduced. 2. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I can’t guarantee things work the same in the elected office, but as far as “Tales from the campaign mailroom” go a polite, well-reasoned 1-2 page letter from someone with applicable qualifications that has sources and citations ***MIGHT*** make it in front of staff members your representative listens to (write your letter like it’s a briefing memo). Ranting and raving (“This is ‘Murica! Muh Rights! You Suck! Cold Dead Hands!”) will at best go into the statistical data on policy positions. Truly unhinged shit goes in a folder and gets handed over to law enforcement. If you’re dumb enough to threaten a state representative or their staff in writing you deserve the police visit you may receive... 3. Manage your expectations. You are one voice out of somewhere between 30 and 80 thousand constituents for your assemblyperson. If you develop a relationship with staff at some point you’ll probably get told exactly how far in the minority you are in terms of feedback, but at least you’re making it clear that this is an issue that matters & potentially moves votes.


I think we are past the point where the legal/political route is the best option. The infringement is at the point of total unconstitutionality, which is more serious than most people perceive nowadays. In my opinion, the best options at this stage are, in order of effectiveness: 1-having the National Guard forcibly remove all people who support the infringement of constitutional rights from office and set up special elections to replace them with new candidates that will guarantee to not infringe on any constitutional right. Repeat as necessary. 2-widespread non compliance by citizens and FFLs supported by local LE and other free states. Basically create sanctuaries within the state with safe routes for getting firearms and ammo in and out. 90% of the geographic state would likely be on board. 3-General boycott. Citizens and FFLs within NY won't buy anything from anyone, FFLs won't sell to LE agencies that didn't guarantee to not enforce unconstitutional laws. National distributors who want to support the cause won't sell to LE agencies in NY that didn't guarantee to not enforce unconstitutional laws.


The only thing you can do that would really make a change are: 1) Sue. or 2) Convert x amount of your democrat friends into republicans.


3) Move


Except sueing clearly does nothing even if you win. All it does is let the state show that they dont give a shit and openly go even harder on tge laws, because when the only enforcement is by the agency that is in need of being enforced, they juat do what they want. Its pointless, and when the supreme court makes a ruling and there is not a single act of enforcement on their ruling, then obviously it doesnt matter. What matters today is who owns the monopoly on violence and how much the media and press cost to write/"report" in your favor.


I've written letters and emails but I am pretty sure they go straight into the trash can or into the junk mailbox




They don't listen. I wrote to Todd kaminski and had a chance to speak with his office before he voted for the new changes. The office told me that he was voting because he cares about the children in regard to banning it in state parks and playgrounds. They gave similar rationale for banning it in establishments that don't have a sign up. They don't give a crap. With that said, The only place to go is to the media. Right to local media write an op-ed in your paper to educate people. Even right to one of the major news networks that are either centrist or conservative.


Educate others on the Constitution, the laws, and the effects. Be an advocate.


As someone who lives in a less free state (but not NY), quiet non-compliance is the way to go. Not everyone can move, and you shouldn't be driven from your homes by bad laws. Buy what you want in Ohio, PA, and VT and bring it home, but don't advertise that. Ammo can be shipped to out of state UPS or Fedex mail boxes without background checks, and everything non hazmat can go to a USPS PO box. Train with friends you can trust, 3d print pistols that are often hard to get without a permit there (parts kits will still ship to NY), and become quietly ungovernable. It's easy for the state to make and pass bad laws that take a decade to undo, the only balance for the common man is ignoring these laws as civil disobedience and taking precautions to protect oneself and one's family. Civil disobedience is the way, and if all that fails, hopefully you're ready for whatever comes next


The only true way to ever fix it is with a lot of dead NYSP officers, yes I know many of you know some personally and I understand that, however, NYSP are the single biggest reason why gun owners keep getting screwed over, they are in essence, Hochul’s goons, carrying out her unconstitutional orders. So unless they either A. Disregard her, which they won’t or B. There is a lot of bloodshed, then nothing will ever change. It’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s absolutely the truth


I agree with you 100%, a famous Thomas Jefferson quote is "when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty". Our founding fathers made it very clear that as The People, it is our duty to stand against a tyrannical government and to overthrow them. I believe we are starting to see a government that is tyrannical. When our constitution is being ignored in several "united" states that is a problem. People say just move if you don't like it? So, what? is this state not a part of the US? Why should I have to move when my rights are being infringed upon?


It suck’s to say this… but they don’t want to listen to us. All we do is take up the ass when they make a new law. No organization has helped NY with anything. You want to make a difference. Vote that’s the best chance we got is to Vote people out. I bet you $10.00 there are people in the sub that have voted for politicians that are known anti 2A


"Bruen" was literally NYSRPA v Bruen, it was also considered NYSRPA 2. FPC and GOA have lawsuits currently ongoing. The issue is the courts dragging their feet.


Ooh I agree but it was a short lived victory. Because of that they made it harder


Haven't looked myself but I think the State Legislature has a site and you could find out who your reps are and send them emails as well Senate: https://www.nysenate.gov/issues/new-york-state-legislature Assembly: https://nyassembly.gov/


Donate to Firearms Policy Coalition IMO they're the most active and arguable most effective in getting laws struck down and winning in court. the NRA **was** nice because their lobbing efforts stopped a lot of this shit from going through. however they're alot weaker now and we end up fighting in court after the fact


organize an open-carry long gun rally




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