Mayor Adams to speak at gun control forum

Mayor Eric Adams will speak at the Global Gun Violence & Trafficking Forum at 9:00am this morning.


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They literally do everything except stop crime


They will define freedom as crime then try to stop it


Let’s see him lead by example and disarm his security detail


And himself. He’s a former cop so he carries too.


Fucking piece of shit red coat


I foresee more posturing and pandering. A bunch of high fives and pats on the back to the cops that have gotten all the dangerous Nerf and airsoft guns off the street without actually combating crime. Probably a bunch of sucking his own and Hockonthesenuts dick about how they're cleaning up the streets and how the CCIA has been successful. Go fuck yourself.


He should stop the “gun control” mantra. He should be speaking about “crime control” “Gun control“ was invented by the Nazis and enforced by Stasi.


> “Gun control“ was invented by the Nazis No, it wasn't.


Say it louder for the kids in the back. Getting real tired of the Nazi rhetoric and historical ignorance in this sub.


The NFA went into effect about the same time as the Nazis came into power so I'm willing to agree with this guy. At the very least it came about immediately after the end of Jim crow laws (which really doesn't make it any better). But the Nazis did use similar laws to disarm Jews and you know the rest.


Gun control significantly predates both of those things. How is it that people in THIS sub, of all places, are forgetting that the Sullivan Act dates back to 1911? Britain had gun licensing laws put into place circa 1903.


Why miss an opportunity to scream nazi at everything and everyone you disagree with?


I mean, in the US sure. I think what's being argued by u/twbrn though is that gun/weapon control has been around a lot longer than the Nazi's were. Just the first example I can think of is the repeated "Sword Hunts" that Japan would use to disarm and subjugate their civilian population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_hunt


You're correct. Gun control and gun licensing considerably predates Nazi Germany; and it even predates the violence of the "roaring twenties" here in the US. Gun licensing laws were getting widespread traction in a lot of places in the early 20th century, and laws specifically designed to make gun ownership too expensive for most people date back to the late 1800s. On another note, a fun fact: several types of improvised weapons, including one we still use today--the tonfa, or T-baton--were invented by the population of Okinawa after the Japanese conquered them and forbade the ownership of swords.


I mean I just kind of disregarded that part, I didn't think it was all that much of what he was saying. Yeah I don't think they invented it but I won't say they definitely didn't help to popularize it.


Yeah, I agree with that. They definitely helped bring it into the modern era.


Adam’s was supposed to have been a cop, I wonder how much of his tour was riding a desk. Can’t think he had too many collars, he seems to let the criminals run the city.


What would we do without these clowns


We would have our constitutional rights.


[Mayor Adams' Statement on Inaugural International Forum on Combatting Gun Violence](https://www.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/174-23/mayor-adams-on-inaugural-international-forum-combatting-gun-violence)


Speak? He’s still struggling with elocution and enunciation of the English language.


If he hates guns so much he should not carry one..