[Highlight] Giancarlo Stanton CRUSHES a 2 run shot to tie it at 6 in the seventh, exchanges words with Lindor while trotting the bases, and a kerfuffle insues at Citi Field

[Highlight] Giancarlo Stanton CRUSHES a 2 run shot to tie it at 6 in the seventh, exchanges words with Lindor while trotting the bases, and a kerfuffle insues at Citi Field


Yo the speed in which cole jumped over the barricade lmao.


Hamstrings? Who needs em


Loved it my man was ready to go


I loved how amped he got when he saw Stanton slow up at 2nd


If you're not a Stanton guy after this..... I don't really know what to tell you. They don't want the smoke 😤😤😤 EDIT with context, from [Buster Olney:](https://mobile.twitter.com/Buster_ESPN/status/1437256290300989443?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet) Last night, the Mets thought the Yankees had found pitch-tipping in Taijuan Walker and signaled by whistling to the hitter. That's what Lindor seemingly referenced in his home run trot. Stanton later responded, benches cleared.


These guys seriously don't want anything to do with Stanton. He's a fucking specimen. He'd probably put Baez's head up Lindor's ass.


Shame Judge isn’t there anymore for the two-man wrecking crew


Shortstop stops short in shortstop's.... stopper?


What is this an episode of BoJack Horseman????


"Call me an asshole...one more time. I'm gonna put his head up your ass". Then does it. Big Willie Style.


Baez is such a bitch


Lindor as well, good couple of clowns


Glad they’re on the Mets lol


I mean, so what? Are they alleging the Yankees used illegal tech? But if they just realize what pitch he’s throwing with the naked eye and whistle, that’s just basic baseball?


Stanton should have kept his mouth shut until after the game . This is why you put your head down when doing the home run trot . Yankees look worse now since they lost


And your name is PosadaFan? Did you ever actually see the guy play? I'll let you know something kid, he would've done the same thing Stanton did.


This dude Posadafan just runs his mouth all day on here.


lol good to know


I saw them play.and I saw them win a ws in person abd they never pulled that shit that Stanton did . They would get even by winning the damned game


No, he just knows it aint over til its over. Why would you do such a thing if its not a game winning home run? Oh wait, lindor hit two bombs. No way he hits a third to win it. No way. Go stanton, pose and posture. Flex. Its cool, youre cool. No way lindor hits a third to beat you. Dumbass.




Thats stupid. Just ignore it when 'someone checks your manhood'. Guess im just 'not a man and cant understand'. Oh well.


Yeah, people today just like blustering idiots. Jeter would've never done such a thing. WWJD? He woulda won the game...and done it with his mouth shut. The scoreboard does all the talking that matters.


Every Yankee from the dynasty years would have done what jeter did .


I don't think you're actually fucking old enough to remember the dynasty years.


I do believe there used to be waaaaay more dugout-clearing altercations. Those guys didn't take shit from anyone.


Yes there were dug out interactions but they they never chirped and showed off after hitting hrs . I remember I was at a game against the o’s about 20years ago , their pitcher hit tino Martinez in the back after giving up a hr . Did they get pissed off? Yes but after the dug out clearing incident they didn’t show off or chirp about it , the next batter hit a hr. , went around the bases and then they won the fucking game. They never pulled off the shit judge did a couple of years ago vs the red sox in the playoffs either


Yeah. Fuck that. Lindor hit his THIRD homer to win it. They smoked it


Imagine Stanton fighting Lindor. Like a giant beating up a fraggle rock muppet.


I’m here waiting for Odor to throw another punch. He is only a good hitter if you ask Jose Bautista


Who in MLB would really want to fight that guy?


I think Odor would be willing if he were on another team. Little dude has some cojones.


Odor is one of those smaller unsuspecting guys who actually has dynamite in his hands.


Jose Bautista has left the chat. lol


Gardy would go after him if given a reason...


Dude the umpire looked huge next to Lindor. Stanton would annihilate him.


Lindor: *Shit talks other team because his own pitcher tipped pitches* Other team: *Responds* Lindor: “Stop talking.” My brain is broken.


After becoming teammates with Baez, Lindor has really shown that his personality before was fake. He’s a lowkey dickhead


He was already acting like this before the Baez trade, it's just more amplified now that he has a partner to join in. The Mets are going to have a cancer on their team for the next decade.


That clown fits perfectly with the Mets fan base


I didn't even see the Gardy thumbs down live. Just quality stuff


Retire his number now.


Who Gardener? No doubt. Dude is a rock.


This camera angle isn't even the best. There's a way better angle of him giving thumbs down. I loved that. Even though I'm mad we lost I'm still glad I got to see that.


It's confusing as a yankees fan because that was a thing the yabkeea did for a season following a rays fan doing that when the yanks took the lead during a game late in the season.


How's it confusing? That was actually a Mets fan that was at the Yankees-Rays game and thumbed down when the Yankees did good. It went viral and the Yankees bonded over it so they'd celebrate hits by doing thumbs down with eachother. Baez and Lindor didn't like the fans booing them so they started booing the fans by giving thumbs down when they got a hit. Idk how you're confused


Eat shit Lindor. You wanna chirp just cuz your sorry ass Indian teams got stomped by us in the playoffs? Bitch can take Stanton telling him to shut his ass up.


I can’t stop laughing at the shot of Harkey wandering down the field by himself! 😂


Lindor forgot he's getting paid 340 million to hit .222


This aged well




This aged poorly




Stantons not sm better, getting paid 325 mil to hit with a .850 ops as a DH with poor defense


Stanton has hit .266/.354/.541 with a 142 OPS+, 184 homeruns, and an MVP in the first 7 years of the contract. Lindor has had zero seasons in his career with an OPS+ that high and his contract hasn’t even started yet.


Where tf are u getting ur numbers from? Stanton with the Yankees has a .854 ops since joining the Yankees, all for being a DH for 325 mil, ur also forgetting lindor plays top 3 defensively for ss in the entire league


And you’re forgetting he signed his contract in 2015. For luxury tax purposes Stantons contract is only $22MM a year which frankly is all that matters for contracts anyway. Your whole argument is dumb and your numbers are wrong.


My numbers are correct, u are paying 30 mil a year for DH who isn’t even the best DH in the league, lindors contract has been bad so far but stop acting like stantons contract is any better


Stanton is shorter length and we only pay him $24m. Lindor is batting .220 in his first year of a larger 10 year deal.


Well lindor isn’t even on his first year of the deal yet so that’s wrong and also lindor has a higher fWAR than Stanton this year in less games while also lindor was complete ass for the first 2 months of the season so basically he’s gotten a 2.9 WAR since the beginning of June




Well smart guy, if you’re only talking about his time with the Yankees why are you throwing out the $325MM number when you knew the Marlins were paying/have paid $60MM of it? Stanton has been more than fine as a Yankee. We very much enjoy him…it’s weird how obsessed you are with tearing him down.


I’m not tearing him down smart guy, I’m saying u guys are making fun of lindors contract when stantons contract isn’t that much better, if ur gonna pay that money for DH they should be putting up better numbers, and all u guys do is tear down lindor, do u know how many Yankees fans are obsessed with saying .220 for 300 mil, just look through this sub u will see a thousand comments just like that


Say what you want about the Yankees and their heart to play, but y’all know this team would throw hands for each other and that’s a fact


That’s the Bronx baby. Give all at work? Eh. Somebody wants to fight? Oh hell yeah, LFG.


Are you saying people in the Bronx dog it at work? That they only do the bare minimum to get paid just to stick it to the man? If so, I agree and say "Hell yeah we do!"


I miss DRob hauling ass out of the bullpen.


Not Gleyber, you can see the Mets players let him right through and he goes up to Lindor making sure they're still friends.


Honestly. For any team he’s played on, have we ever seen Gerrit react like that?!


Yea he’s yelled at Carlos Gomez while playing for the pirates


Lindor is the biggest bitch in the state.




This game feels PERSONAL NOW


"You don't belong here little buddy."


1. Stanton and pick a fight with whoever he wants. He’s the biggest guy in the majors 2. I’m glad to see some passion from someone. Keep the fire boys!


The mets certainly dont have a 6'8" 260lbs pitcher that tucked y'all into bed neatly on friday, or anything like that if we pretend hard enough, that can't be


There’s no one on your team that’s listed as 6’8” 260lbs. Megill is listed at 6’7” 230lbs. So unless you have someone else now listed, don’t talk shit that can be fact checked.


Fuck off. Stanton should’ve slaughtered the little punk right on the spot


Bro we also have Judge Voit and Chapman mets would be put to sleep in a brawl


Really wish Stanton could of crushed one in the 9th


I love this..but we lost. Need to back it up if we talk shit. That series against the Astros we did the mic thing..Astros closer that series out with a walkoff. Happens regularly with this team


Yea because we had the choke artist Chad Green in both games. He served up the HR to Altuve in that series and then the HR to Lindor in this one. He's gutless.


lol wtf is lindor OR baez gonna do to stanton


I think if one was on the other’s shoulders they could get up to stantons hip. Don’t forget we have judge and Gallo. Gallo is not slouch of a human but next to Stanton and judge he looks smol


I loved how they were waving to the bench telling Stanton to "come back out here and say that" as if Stanton wouldn't have crunched them down to the ground like the little maggots they are.


Stanton could demolish Lindor with one blow to the face. This reminds me of when a chihuahua barks to fight a bigger dog but the bigger dog doesn’t give a fuck about the chihuahua


It's just a game, relax


You made a simple observation about this incident I didn't like, relax pal


All good


A double there would have been more benifical - Arod


Jomboy breakdown in 3, 2...


All for nothing. Every time this team trash talks it blows up in their faces. This entire season alone they keep embarrassing themselves after instances of trash talk. Stanton and Judge are the only ones doing anything during these losses. The rest of the offense can't wait to go golfing, or on vacation when the season is over. Fuck this team.




"Oh now it's on" while Mets and Yankees calmly walk out on the field.


Tha angry Inch vs. King Kong


The way Chappy goes and stands close to Lindor and the Mets and the look in his eyes... Homie was set 100% to sucker punch someone if shit popped up


Finally good for something, bodyguard duty.


that's "ensues" for you grammarians. :)


Mets players love to talk shit, doesn’t matter if it’s to each other, to the other players, or even their own fans


Mets will always be the little brother, the fan know, the players know it, the owners know it. That’s why they’re salty cry babies. Fuck the Mets


Who won the game?


Little brothers win sometimes. Take this regular season victory buddy! Mets fans need all of these they can get before they go back to booing they’re players and have their players boo them back. Y’all are cornballs, the fans and the players are a bunch of losers. But congrats on this regular season win… 😂


One game? You're basing you're comeback about the Mets being the red-headed stepchild that gets beat like a bitch in this town on one game? Uh... yeah, not so much.


Who won the season series?


Who won the World Series?


What decade are you referring to?


This Mets team is just a bunch of pussies holy fuck


Please start some shit Mets. I wanna see Judge and Stanton chokeslamming Lindor and Baez so bad. Please Jeebus, I don't ask for much.


God dammit I love Gerrit Cole


Practically the first one out there, he's a gamer.


I watched this live and it was just the best fun to see. But the fact is, if Lindor wasn't such a big cry baby none of this happens. He was taunting the Yankees bench earlier during one of HIS home run trots about some silliness that happened the game before; allegedly the Yankees bench were whistling the next pitch coming up. because they have super powers. ​ Isn't Lindor the idiot who booed his own fans?


Man, fuck the Mets




My guess is Lindor and Baez won't get the typical "let the kids play!" "why are you the fun police!" "get with the times!" "unwritten rules are dumb!" shit from the pretentious dickwringing writers, fans, etc.


Wonder why?


Your guess is as good as mine. Yadier Molina gets glossed over too. Always bitching about something, that scumbag.


Lindor is trying anything to get back into Steven Cohen and the Mets fans good books. Even willing to have his head taken off by Stanton. Lucky Stanton is chilled and not a 'roid head! The guy at 1:21 knows what's up.


Anyone know the significance of whatever Lindor keeps doing in term of putting his hand and specific fingers in his mouth as they are talking shit to each other?


Mimicking blowing a whistle. Allegedly last night the Yankees noticed a reliever tipping pitches and were (this is the speculation part) signaling batters with a whistle.


Thank you. Missed that last night I really appreciate the insight.


What they said is correct although it wasn't a reliever tipping pitches it was the SP Taijuan Walker.


Right. Mimicking a whistle and Lindor was also mimicking "Put that shit in your back pocket" which I guess means stop doing that. lol What a baby. I'll never understand why if a pitcher is tipping his own pitches the opposing team doesn't have a right to share that fact with each other. How is it different from other forms of "sign reading"?


Correct but it was the SP Taijuan Walker who was tipping.


The amount of “king of NY” memes Lindor got last night was asinine. The dudes batting .227, has a horrendous contract, has been atrocious this season but mets fans are ready to slob his knob cause he beat the big bad yankees one night. Dude has been hated in NY all season lmao. Im sorry NY or not fuck the Mets and their dumb fuck fans


I personally would have liked to see some punches thrown maybe light a fire under this team's ass


Lindor is a fuckin punk needs to get slapped around a bit


I wonder if having one good game against their mental rivals will be enough for Mets fans to forget that Lindor actually hates Mets fans.


I can’t speak towards all Mets fans but the ones I’ve seen comments certainly already forgot. Just wait a week


Guess Coles tight hamstring only hurts when it endangers his Cy Young chances. Looks like he's fully healed


A third post about this? Yankees lose again.


Lindor is such a piece of human garbage.


Uhh, why is he a “piece of human garbage”? Has he ever done anything in his personal life to suggest this, I’m genuinely asking. Cuz this seems like an oddly personal insult


If I may, calling him that is justified because if you're going to insult someone then let it all out. What should the OP say? " Lindor is a big meanie"? No, if you want to insult someone, you insult them with the lowest, nastiest , most vile insult you can think of; unless of course you don't really want to insult the person badly because he/she is a friend or family and you're both just fooling around. Piece of human garbage is kinda tame, if you ask me. Not that you did, but , whatever. Lindor is a big crybaby, though. Cries about the players, the other team, the fans, his shoes, his breakfast, the weather... He needs to acclimate himself before he goes off on his tirades. Yeah, I said it. Because things that he thinks aren't a big deal turn out to be things that make him look childish and hurt his team.


Idk, for me “piece of human garbage” is such like a visceral insult. It just seems like the kind of thing I’d say about a domestic abuser or something, not just someone who beefed our team. Also Lindor doesn’t give off the vibe of crybaby to me. Just very passionate. Kind of like Bryce Harper. But to each their own


Lmaoooo Lindor with the last laugh


Did you see Stanton's expression in the outfield? Guy was humiliated and looked like he wanted to cry.


Both teams are embarrassing right now. Maybe they can have a dance off on vacation soon


Morale of the story is don’t publicly accuse people of stuff without proof. Politicians are the only ones that can get away with that crap


Loved it. Too bad Chad "HR Fairy" Green coughed it up in the bottom half of the inning.


Times like this I wish CC was still around.


Exactly the reason you dont do shit like this.


When people bitch about it remind them that stealing pitches is allowed. Using electronics isnt.


Exactly. They were mad at the wrong person. They should find out why their own pitcher is giving away the house with his body language? Nothing illegal about noticing it and sharing it with your teammates. ​ So much for that "One Unified NYC". lol Lasted a day before Lindor cried like a bitch over nothing relevant to the game.


Who cares about the Mets


I cringe when us puerto ricans act like that, but they really love baseball. Baez and Lindor played like it was the world baseball classic.


Passion? great. Being a big crybaby? Not so much. I mean, the dude boos his own fans. Grow up.