[Max Goodman] Aaron Judge will go on the injured list with a contusion and sprain of a ligament in his toe, per Aaron Boone.

Any update on Bader? If I have to go two weeks watching a Calhoun, Bauers, IKF outfield I'm going to be depressed

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Any update on Bader? If I have to go two weeks watching a Calhoun, Bauers, IKF outfield I'm going to be depressed


Boone said Bader was supposed to be shagging fly balls today so he might not be far off


He was shagging your momma last night


Shagadelic baby!


Our mommas, Happy Pride?


Yall didn't realize he died after his last injury? They Bernie'd his corpse out there last time he played. Pay attention.


You still believe Boone? Lol. Oh to be that naive again..


They need to get Franchy off their 40 man and bring up Florial. People won't like it but he killed it last year in AAA and has a 1.043 OPS over 200 PA this year. He looked horrible last year in the majors but he never got any run, he had 35 plate apperances all season. His most in a month was 13 plate appearances in September and that was actually his best month by far (2 singles and 2 walks so still not amazing but not far out of line with some other people we're putting out there).


Actual MLB front offices clearly see something bad with Florial that they are confident about. For Florial to still not have gotten a chance this year, and for every other team to have passed on claiming him from us off waivers recently, something isn’t right. All of MLB clearly has him labeled as a bust at this point, and as a guy who’s good AAA stats won’t ever translate to the majors. Remember when Hoy Jun Park was playing well at AAA for us, and trading him instead of giving him a chance upset many of us? The front office knew there was nothing there, which is likely the case with Florial.


I think the Yankees gamed the system with his DFA, they did it the day after season started meaning another team would have had to make a move after their roster was set and before injuries started. If they had done earlier in spring or a month into the season I don't think he'd have cleared waivers. Who knows though. Also with Judge going on the IL what's the risk? Franchy had one good season and that was years ago


Fully agree, he’s worth giving a shot to take that left field job.


he’s dead hicks is coming back. we trading rodon for him


He had a 4-6 week injury


I mean that’s not even remotely a fact, he’s already doing baseball activities


Baseball activities are so vague and could mean just playing catch


Someone with a 4-6 week injury is not doing “baseball activities” a week into their rehab. Stop making shit up.


Just making stuff up now hey?


Every hamstring injury with this team is 4-6 weeks


Oh ok so it’s a Yankee strain. They are all the same


Boone said it won't be a long stint. So expect to see him back in 2026.


Let's just say there won't be any fireworks on the 4th


That was a good one. You made me laugh when I'm so upset about 99


The Dodgers should be forced to loan us Mookie for the duration of Judge’s entire IL stint being that their shitty stadium construction is their fault


wow just read that Dodgers are reinforcing that fence and adding padding because of this. Which... i guess good for them for immediately addressing a problem? But how was that not fixed before


It will help when Judge makes another play there during the World Series


I'm so shocked they allowed 6 inches of concrete anywhere near Mookie's feet honestly


[When Darryl Strawberry played for the Dodgers back in 1991, he ran into that same right field wall and separated his shoulder because the wall was unpadded.](https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1991-06-21-sp-840-story.html) The team immediately padded it afterwards. There’s no way to foresee every single type of injury that could happen in every stadium. Be thankful for the teams that care and immediately take action to make stadiums safer for all players.


Everyone is talking about the gate causing the injury, but I’m actually more concerned with what would have happened if he gate didn’t give at all. He would have gone into basically a wall with no padding at full speed.


AFAIK it wasn’t the gate itself, it’s the fact that there was no padding on the concrete under the gate. If that area was padded I don’t think we’re having this conversation right now.


That could be true


Also the fact that he cracked the concrete with his foot is crazy!


Bump Bailey


Don’t go down the route. I said the same thing and got downvoted because apparently no one knows physics.


Because that's not the issue. You got downvoted because you're ignorant of what caused the injury, not because people are stupid. Yes, the wall giving is great. That's not the part that hurt him. The bottom of the wall is pure concrete with zero padding. The pure concreted id not give, and that is what broke his foot. The fact that there is a concrete wall with zero padding is disgusting.


Okay… and we should be happy the rest of the wall actually broke instead of standing firm. Otherwise his elbow, hand, or forearms would’ve also gotten hurt.


Not really, though? Most walls are just heavily padded, that's what provides the give. If there wasn't an entire portion of the wall that wasn't just pure concrete with zero padding he would be fine. That's not a thing most places.


I see plenty of stadiums with concrete(?) bases, including Yankee Stadium. It's usually a funny little thing where the ball caroms off it and confuses the OF allowing a double to turn into a triple.


It’s only fair!


This but unironically, like it should be a rule. Player gets injured due to a HBP? Now the team responsible for the HBP has to loan one of their players to the other players team. Or in cases like this, where a guy gets hurt due to a structural flaw in the park.


Test it in AAA Manfred!










Welp Donaldson better have something left in the tank, and G is gonna have to go insane over these next few weeks


Imagine relying on JD for anything besides mint skoal.


Donaldson is like the opposite of Judge when it comes to timing on his homers. I swear to god every Donaldson homer ends up not mattering. Either they are getting blown out, or they’re blowing the other team out. It’s unbelievable how bad he is when the pressure is there but how good he is when it literally doesn’t matter at all


People on Twitter saying 4-6 weeks for this type of injury, is that true Reddit doctors? If so, will be lucky to hang onto the 3rd wild card until then.


4-6 weeks was for a broken toe, no idea the severity of the sprain but it seems like less time on average


Jazz Chisolm turf toe 4-6 weeks


dead silence on broadcast after kay mentioned this


4-6 weeks? If that’s true I’m gonna chop my head off lol


Make sure you're signed up as a toe donor before you kill yourself.


This team is a very hard watch without judge. I barely watched when he was out earlier this year, but made time to watch when he was red hot


Nah, fam; just the toe


Depending on severity, it could be less or it could be more. Hard to say Edit: It's a ligament like any other. A minor sprain and he'll be back in a few weeks, a major tear and he'll be out for months. They aren't really saying, so it's impossible to know.


You're down voted but correct. It's likely 1st MPJ/sesamoid or 2nd MPJ plantar plate. Hopefully it's a mild to moderate injury and he's back in 2 mobths


Can you look at a Mole for me?


2 months??!!!!!


Based on what they're saying, I think at worst 2 months. I'm hoping it's muchhhh earlier than that


Appreciate the support. Don't know why you're getting downvoted now.


No worries just 1/3 of the season


Not a doctor, had a similar thing to Judge. Felt pretty normal about 3 weeks after treatment and rest. Obviously different ppl but yea lol


Jazz Chisolm is out for "turf toe" his timeline is 4-6 weeks. Might be similar


Also it’s his right toe which is going to hamper his hitting more than his left foot would. The right toe carried the weight and twists more during a swing.


I give facts and people downvote haha reddit be like that I guess


NGL I'd rather third wildcard (face twins or another ALC teams on wildcard series) than first or second wild card (face prob Astros/rangers/orioles/rays)


You guys are so over the place in regards to recovery. You can say you don’t know, but saying 2-4 weeks or 4-7 weeks just makes you look silly. None of us know, it’s okay


I know but I ain't telling


You little rascal


It’s not about the recovery, it’s about the baby gloves the organization uses once they are healthy to get them back on the field.


Honestly this is better than anything I expected, it ain't broke, just fix it.


I don't know, I read broken toes are only 4-6 weeks. Whatever DJ's toe issue was last year went on a lot longer than that.


He stubbed his toe. The sprained ligament is a concern but we have all stubbed our toes pretty bad at one point. It hurts like all hell for a few days and looks ugly, purple, and swollen. And then all of a sudden it just feels 100%. I would be surprised if Judge isn't swinging a bat in a week or so.




Boone said they just need swelling to go down


Yeah but that’s Boone never trust him


No that’s basically turf toe


I’m pretty sure turf toe is specifically the ligament that bends up. Judge’s toe definitely didn’t bend up on the crash into the wall


And here I thought all along turf toe was just a terrible blister. What is that called then...guessing just a bunion. Any foot docs?


Fucking sucks. All because the fucking Dodgers couldn’t cover their fucking cement in padding. Fuck.


Beyond infuriating. Now they fix it? Assholes.


F u dodgers fence


Well, it certainly could be worse. It could be better too, but it could be a lot worse. Dodgers absolutely need to be held accountable for their shitty stadium injuring players though, that much I do know.


It’s basically turf toe which has kept players out for a month before


It is worse. This injury is 3-6 weeks AT BEST. Broken toe is 4-6 weeks. There’s basically no difference.


Love how you added “AT BEST” to the max injury timeline in order to stay over dramatically pessimistic. Nice touch!


Perfect timing for that news. 20 mins after we lost. Wtf.


Why does it matter when they announce it to the public? You'd rather be despondent and distracted during the game? The outcome is the same.


Could’ve at least waited until tomorrow?


Idk I just don't see how it matters really. No one was gonna be happy with the news no matter what.


They said during the game that the update would be given during the post-game.


Are u surprised?


I wish I was


Dumb dumb dumb


Judge injury was a fluke, but yanks having zero depth is only cashman’s


Your 5th or 6th outfielder is most likely not an MLB bat


There’s absolutely nothing that any human could do to reasonable fill judges production.


Buddy, what kinda depth do you want to fill in for the best player in the MLB? Lmao. Get a fucking grip.


More games missed there goes the mvp. They will say he missed too many games


Very glad I’m flying out this weekend for my first Yankees Sox series as a life long Yankees fan :(


I feel your pain. I’m bringing my kids up for their first game this weekend. My son is obsessed with Judge…asks every morning if he can watch his highlights from the night before. Still excited to share the experience with them!


At the end of the day we get to go watch the greatest rivalry in sports so it’s not the end of the world. Maybe he’ll have some extra time pregame to sign some autographs for the kids


I've been there on his rest days and he always stands from a visible place in the dugout. I presumed it's on purpose so the kids who came out can see him


The season is long, my friends


It's a third over


Over a third and we are 7 behind a better team and our only great player is gone. WC is only option I can hope for. Without Judge this simply is not a competitive lineup




I fucking hate injuries


Season over.


And this is news how? I mean come on now.. We know the drill. Anytime Boone says “it’s nothing serious,” expect the opposite..


Based on the tone of the answers and the secrecy - I would think this is going to be a pretty long stint....Like mid July.....very bummed


I’m sure the 25% of Stanton’s body that still functions will save us. 🥴


Jazz Chisholm is out 4-6 weeks with turf toe (sprained toe ligament). Brandon Phillips in 2015 had a turf toe injury. He missed a few games, but didn't hit the IL. Jose Bautista in 2016 was out for 5 weeks with a turf toe injury. Chris Johnson of the Braves in 2013 missed 3 games with a turf toe injury. Alex Wood in 2017 missed 19 calendar days with turf toe, and he's a pitcher. Charlie Blackmon in 2016 was out 16 calendar days due to turf toe. Justin Upton in 2019 had a turf toe injury at the end of spring training, and missed 72 games.


Well he’s on the IL so minimum 2 weeks


We’re about to lose a shit ton of ground in the division


The division been over. I’m worried about the fucking WC spot.


7.5 games back and still a month before the all star break and it’s over? You are delusional


FYI, we rebuilt when we were 7.5 back in 2016. We honestly should consider it again.


Dude we’re not rebuilding when we’re on a 95 win pace. People need to stop this shit.


If you were a fan and had it your way in 2016, which you clearly weren't a fan, then this team never would have sniffed the ALCS or have Aaron Judge in the lineup. 7.5 back in July should be the barometer.


Been fan since the 90s my friend, this is just an unhinged take. We’re 7.5 back because the Rays are on a 113 win pace, which is absurd. You don’t tear down just because someone else in the division is having an insane year.


No idea the downvote


They hate to hear the truth


Sure do


I want to cry


☹️this guy was gone for a couple weeks and still led in HR If it weren’t for injuries he would’ve hit 60 again this year.


Lou Gherig would be ashamed of today's players


My theory: team looked absolutely lifeless because they all knew the bad news that was about to come. We are FUCKED.


Which is in a way worse than the injury itself. Can’t have 23 other players so defeated just because one player gets hurt, even if he is one of the best in the league. Mentality has to be stronger than that.


If only the rest of our extremely over fucking paid team would play well.


I don't trust a single thing this organization tells the public. I'd be shocked if he's back before August.


7 year career so far. This now is 4 years in which he will have missed substantial time. Had to pay him. Love the guy. That said I have no doubt that this will be what the next 8 years look like and the production will of course start declining in a few years


He ran into a concrete wall, the sprained toe could’ve been worse. He couldn’t exactly help the fact that the dodgers have shitty stadium safety.


Freak injury. I would bet that wall has been like that for many years and never has produced a busted up toe.


> He couldn’t exactly help the fact that the dodgers have shitty stadium safety. speaking of shitty stadium safety, I'm always shocked that the Wrigley Field still has a brick wall.


They had to sign him, but ya unfortunately it is likely Stanton 2.0 in the long run. Mid 2020s could play out similarly to mid 2010s where it's a rough few years with their big money guys on the shelf and/or underperforming.


So he'll be 4th in mvp. The Trout thing of dominate but not play enough


Not a terrible month to have him miss a couple of weeks (and hopefully that's it). Probably the easiest stretch of our schedule.


People keep saying easy sked. You do realize that teams look at us without Judge as easy




The one game I go to this year and the big man stubs his toe. I will never go to another game as long as I live


It’d have been cool if a timetable was brought up


Fuck this man..............


I would


They knew this hours ago. Doesn’t just perfectly time up with the post game.


Can Manfred fine the Dodgers for this


It's just a piece of concrete.


Was at the game on Saturday and Judge destroyed that fence. Hopefully he comes off the IL soon.




Yea, we could definitely use another guy hitting under .200 (.171 in his case) with the worst outfield defense in all of baseball


Literally the absolute last thing this lineup needs. Some people in this sub are oblivious


ah yes ofc what we need another high K power hitter


He's got 2.5 years left on his deal and the NL is still pretty wide open for them to get back in it like last year.


This is turf toe? Honestly don’t know if this or break would have been better but hopefully back before June is over.


Lol definitely not he’s out three to six weeks Truly love the people here look it up it’s three to six weeks


You know that the end of June is more than 3 weeks away, right?


Hello darkness my old friend


Hello darkness my old friend


i stubbed my toe mommy i cant play...BB players are such Pussies..


2-3 weeks recovery. Bummer. Team is pretty monkaS without Judge


Judge gonna crack his toe and be back by next week


At least I’m not taking my family to NYC this weekend so my girls can see their first Yankees game


It looks like it will be 10 days which isn’t super long in the grand scheme of June where we have a lot more off days. Don’t be all doom and gloom, people.


Aaron Judge is a generational talent, probably the best player in the sport right now. We are proud to have him as the captain. That said, some tough love for him and the org. He is being paid $40 million a year to lead this team. Hell, he IS the team. We cannot afford for him to be hurt. Aaron - If you’re a little banged up, can you try to suck it up and find away to play on? A little toughness goes a long way. Ask to DH for the night; If you’re not playing, lead the team from the bench. Don’t let them just wilt and get no-hit through 6. Yell at a few guys if you have to. The team simply has to play better than this. The absolute worst thing you could do is say that you don’t care if you go on the IL or not, like you did the other day. And for the org, what are you going to do to pick your franchise guy up when he goes down? The team cannot be in such a sorry state that it simply cannot perform if Judge in the lineup. That’s not fair to anyone. Are these replacement guys really the best you can do, and are those guys really doing their best? I live with chronic and recurring pain from years old toe injuries, and I’m about Judge’s height and weight (though of course I am not a superstar athlete). This is not something that a guy like him will heal easily or completely from. I’m worried that this news basically marks the end of the season.


Yes Aaron, please risk your health because this fan wants you to, please 🙄


Lmaoooooo please tell me you not serious


Shoulda let me suck dem toes Boone.


I think this is a way to get judge rest for like a week


Being right doesn't always feel good. Won the battle, lost the war.


C’mon. You really telling me he couldn’t DH through this? Yankees playing it too safe.


And risk making it worse and wind up missing more time? No thanks.


Can you actually make a bruise worse? Not like a bruise turns into a break.


It’s more than just a bruise, sprains are painful and for sure will reduce his effectiveness quite a bit.


Who said it’s a bruise?


Do you know what the definition of a contusion is?


Huh I guess I didn’t know they were the same thing. No need to downplay the injury regardless.


Fucking turf toe without saying turf toe


Goddamn it.


Superman felled by a toe. Not good.


The world is ending. I’m not ok


This sucks. Long long season. We ride tomorrow!


I have never seen a player like Judge since Trout.


Shades of Eli and his turf toe


Sue the Dodgers


Welp back to scoring 2-3 runs a game again. FUCK


If I was superstitious, I'd start to believe that the 2023 season is cursed.


Cut my lineup into pieces :(


Jays on our tail. We are so so so screwed :(


I have always believed I am not a doomer. But when I heard Judge had sprained the ligament supporting his big toe, and then I considered the fact that this big toe supports the weight of his 280 pound Hulkian frame, and then I considered the fact that when he swings a bat that force on his toe ligament is enough to turn coal into diamonds, I began to sob the tears of a defeated and destroyed doomer. I hope I am wrong, but the physics of this injury just sucks.