The answer seems simple to me, but I’m also an idiot. Let Gleyber play second and Volpe play SS. Send Peraza to AAA.


Exactly, what makes us the best team? It’s pretty clear Volpe at this moment at least is the better add.


Peraza was impressive in limited time last year and is an elite level defender. He started a playoff game for us. Volpe has had very little time in AAA. Are we really going to write off an impressive stint in meaningful action because of some spring training at bats? I’ll admit, at the beginning of the spring I thought there was very little chance Volpe was gonna be up this season. However, he’s getting me more and more excited everyday and im hopeful he’s a starter for us in the playoffs. But he’s still only 21 and he’s much better suited for second base. Plenty of scouts have said that Volpe isn’t a big league shortstop. If you break camp with Volpe instead of peraza, you’ve basically written peraza off. You’re saying, we choose him over you. And then what happens if Volpe isn’t actually ready yet and you have to send him down? In that scenario, you’ve taken all of the confidence out of both of these guys and confidence is immensely crucial for prospects. Then we’re stuck with IKF at short again


Oh my god. Reddit screams and cries for volpe to be the starting SS and now that it will happen everyone is getting cold feet. He’s been the best SS this spring, start him at the damn position. It’s a competition for a reason - Sorry Peraza. It’s also not gonna be the end of the world if he gets sent back down and peraza gets called up.


If Peraza is going to completely fold at the first sign of adversity, maybe the Yankees need to know that now before committing to him (I don’t think he will, just going with the idea that if you send him to AAA and give Volpe the job, then Peraza is done). Why would you assume that it wouldn’t also destroy Volpe permanently due to “losing confidence” if he enters camp being told he’s competing for a job, clearly outperforms the other two, and is then told “too bad, see ya in AAA”?


They brought peraza up last year and gave him the Jeter treatment. He played well in big league games that mattered down the stretch. Volpe played 20 games at AAA. If you keep peraza down you’re telling him that there’s no chance for you. We have our future SS in Volpe. If you send Volpe down you’re saying we like what’s happening here but you need a little more fine tuning and work at a different position.


Then what about taking Volpe's confidence and shooting it down the toilet by sending him back down? The kid has EARNED a spot on the Big League Roster. He's had the better bat, he's been a base stealing machine in a grapefruit league that is still going to be adapting to the new pitchclock and limited pick off attempts when the main season rolls around, *and* he's been a great defender!


Volpe hasn’t been up. Peraza was up and very good when he played. They gave him the Jeter treatment last year and now we want to rip it away from him for a kid who is a below average fielder? That’s Gleyber 2.0 You tell Volpe you want him to get some more AAA action specifically at 2nd or 3rd because according to a lot of scouts he’s not a big league shortstop


Gleyber Torres is not getting traded


Better not.


The Yankees probably aren’t going to give him an extension so your actually right, we’ll lose him in free agency though lol


Hopefully not


Not yet, our starting pitcher acquisition isn't hurt yet. Cash over there waiting for him to throw out his elbow first before pulling the trigger.


Forearm injuries usually lead to ucl tears


My boy Steve came in with the heat at the end.




I cracked up when I heard that. So good.


That is as anti yankee boy as ive ever heard kay. Good job.


He's been criticizing the trade and IKF since last season


I know he’s been criticizing that trade, but the if you dont play him because of the clock thing is what i was referring to.


Torres is a proven player and had a funk because of a mental boom last August. He needs to be a starter this year but I would say start Volpe