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Nothing worse than seeing "TV: None Radio: None" for a Yankees game.


Peraza’s turn to impress today. I do truly think this is a competition. I also think it would be rude to Peraza to send him down if Volpe wins, cuz he’s clearly ready to be a big leaguer. I would trade him for an outfielder before the season starts.


I think ultimately they're gonna stick Peraza at SS and Volpe at 3B or 2B, organizational philosophy changes last season to put more emphasis on defense and that's the one area Peraza projects better than Volpe at the moment.


Yeah I think the Yankees have visions of a Peraza-Volpe middle infield combo for the next 6 years so they’re probably willing to have some awkwardness for half a season. But the outfield is such a mess.


What outfielder is currently available who is worth giving up a top-100 prospect for? Tanking teams have already shipped out their good players. With expanded playoffs, most teams think they have a shot at contending. You very rarely see major trades in the final week of Spring Training because teams are basically settled and ready to go into the season (excluding minor back-end of the 40-man roster moves). I think holding onto both young players is the best bet unless someone blows us away with an offer. Donaldson only has one year of control remaining, IKF only has one, Torres only two, and Volpe may be destined for second base eventually anyway. Just keep both kids and give the team depth and flexibility.


Yeah… I mean this is the realistic scenario. But dammit if I don’t hate how much of question mark the outfield is and what that means for the lineup. Bader’s injury is such a pain.


Send Jomboy with an iPhone to broadcast the game


Ill say it. I didnt care for the WBC, i dont give a fuck about the national aspect. Give me the World Series, give me the thing with over a century of history and prestige


Counter point: it ruled.


I thought the WBC was entertaining and great publicity for the game, and the Trout-Ohtani at-bat was the kind of spectacle the game has absolutely needed. But, to your point, I didn’t actually care who won. I can’t exactly explain it, but baseball just doesn’t generate any national pride for me. Maybe it’s cuz America is so unquestionably the center of the baseball universe, and there are like only 4 other countries that can field competitive teams (Japan, DR, Mexico, Venezuela). Like I’m not a serious soccer fan, by gosh darn if I don’t root like hell for the team USA at the World Cup. I it’s think cuz soccer is the world’s game and America is an underdog trying to prove itself on a truly world stage.


(Bob Sheppard voice) Now on the countdown to Opening Day for the Yankees: # Number 8, Bill Dickey, Number 8 # Number 8, Yogi Berra, Number 8


Lmao Jomboy did the profile and projection episode for IKF today, 5 minutes in they just stop, reset, and talk about Chad Green instead


Tough to project when he doesn’t have a position anymore right?


He’s such a dick to that kid


He seems genuinely upset that IKF is making 6 million to be a bench player, as if that’s an earth shattering amount of money for a team with a near 300 million payroll. If the Yankees had non-tendered him he would have gotten a similar contract.


He'll find any cudgel he can get his hands on to go after him. Now its his salary. It's obsessive.


6M for a utility player IS insane.


Not so insane when you consider he’s never injured so always available.


So are lots of players.


It is very annoying that they gave $6m to a utility player when in recent history they have passed on signing players for less and done stuff like traded Cessa when we had multiple injured/struggling bullpen arms at the same time to save less than a million, and traded an extra prospect to save $2m in the Rizzo trade, who is now a top 100 prospect. It's not IKF he's annoyed with for the money, it's Cashman


Yup....we're pretty much right up against the 293M threshold, and we've been given zero indication that they intend to go over it. Which means we'll again be pinching pennies at the deadline while replacing our oft-injured regulars and fixing the flaws left from the offseason (like not enough lefties or contact again).


The examples you just gave were because they were right up against the luxury tax that ownership did not want to go over but still needed to make moves to improve the team. Mind you after moving Cessa/Wilson, they acquired Clay Holmes and Joely Rodriguez to effectively take their roster spots at a cheaper cost, and both were much better.


Especially now that we have the perspective of knowing IKF was, as originally intended, a stopgap SS that is now going to be a utility bench piece. Idk how you could be mad about that, he's really not that bad


It's not that he's bad, it's that he's now being overpaid for his role, and him being overpaid prevents other players from playing because there are on the hook for money until they can move him.


They’ve stated many times that they’re fine with him being a bench player. They’re just not jazzed about him making $6 million for a role that could be filled by a guy making the minimum.


Shohei Ohtani is the greatest baseball player in the world Aaron Judge was still the MVP last year That is all.


$5 to anyone who sets up a twitch channel of themselves reenacting the game day feed using interpretive dance and their best Suzyn impersonation


It’s my birthday and I can’t watch, terrible


Happy Birthday!


Idk if its due to wbc or what it is but this has to be the least amount of televised ST in recent memory. If you want to grow the sport, you gotta show more of these games. Edit: btw, i saw that apple tv shows all MLS games. The key feature? There are zero blackouts. There is no reason that blackouts should still exist in a time of streaming. That is a big step to growing MLS (plus apple tv is only $7 a month and you get other shows as well), and leagues pushing for new fans like mlb and nhl ***need*** to do this


Other than the WBC, I’ve only caught one game so far this spring training. Looking forward to the season starting.


Yea it seems like they cut coverage down by half this year. Possibly because of the WBC im not sure.


Happy Schmidt Day!! # WE PLAY TODAY # WE WIN TODAY # DAS IT


I’m very curious about the starting SS today.


Peraza is getting the start today with Volpe available off the bench.


Ok so still no clear indication about the SS spot.


Could even be you!


Always ready to serve!